With the appearance of a masked vigilante and the chaos in the town square, our heroes, Gawain, Bianca, and Luc rescue the two young boys and hide out in the medical clinic, where they meet the lovely doctor, Sophie Couvier. Now that our four heroes are together, Luc invites them all to the Marquise’s estate for dinner (and some secret recon) where they attempt to uncover if the torturous rumors surrounding the Marquise are true.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 0:05
Welcome back to this this this week’s DiceVentures. (Overlapping and sound issues) Let’s go around. just introduce yourself really quickly and the character that you’re playing will go with Bianca. Chi…

BIANCA: Chi 0:24
You want to introduce the characters again?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 0:26
I want you to introduce yourself and then the character that you play.

BIANCA: Chi 0:30
Okay, got it. I’m Chi. I play Bianca who is a little she is she’s physically a little. She’s uh, she appears to be about 12. She’s a little knife person. And she’s also a Fate Witch from Vodacce.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 0:49
Perfect. Gawain.

GAWAIN: Mason 0:51
I play Gawain Culfairth. He is a very young, wandering, kind of swordsman, spiritualist and training like his people have this tradition of druidic practice that he’s kind of pursuing and he’s kind of on this adventure seeing a far flung land right now.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:13
All right. Luc?

LUC: Zach 1:17
My character is Luc Gerard de la Morte. He is a courtier for the king and also a little hidden rebel.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:26
The best kind of rebel. And Sophie, introduce yourself.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:32
Hi, my name is Puja and I play Sophie and I don’t know , do you want me to give more details if you want to reveal in game?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:39
Just, you know, like your cocktail introduction speech. Hi, what do you do? What’s your name?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:44
Bonjour. Je m’apelle Sophie Couveir. And I’m not good enough anymore. Sophie is a Montaigne doctor. And she has found her way into basically a secret war…no not it’s not secret but like a war zone. She’s just out here trying to do good. And you’ll learn more details about her when you meet her.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:06
Excellent. Well, hopefully we’ll meet her soon. Just a quick recap of what happened last week. We had Bianca and Luc coming in from separate boats meeting for the first time. Not quite jiving shall we say? Bianca didn’t think much of him.

LUC: Zach 2:27
No, she stole my chocolate.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:30
She did steal your chocolate.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:31
Is that the worst thing she did to you?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:33
So far? (LUC: So far? Yeah.) Yes. Gawain was coming in from the road coming into the you all found your way to the city of Altamira.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:43
I walked with my feet like a poor.

BIANCA: Chi 2:50
Oh my

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:50
Yes. The night went pretty uneventful, although we heard some scuffling outside. Turns out that a couple of the young children were harassing and poking fun at the the military that was the Montaigne military that was in Altamira and so they were going to be made an example of in front of everybody. And then what happened. Gawain you have some…

GAWAIN: Mason 3:27
So, they were going to like, go capital punishment on 12 year olds, and this seemed unacceptable. So, I shoulder checked the guard that was doing the brutalizing and then the crowd reacted strongly. And there was a riot. I started a riot. I started as I started, I started a riot accidentally.

SOPHIE: Puja 3:58
I feel like there’s a song about that.

GAWAIN: Mason 4:03
I mean, I will probably start the fire later based on this pattern of events.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 4:10
We’ll have a whole song about Gawain by the end of this.

GAWAIN: Mason 4:13
just trying to do good just this by but yeah, um, so then I freed the kids and then things got really tense. I slipped into the crowd to try and not get arrested. I feel like something happened with fate magic, I believe.

BIANCA: Chi 4:32
Well, you don’t know that.

GAWAIN: Mason 4:34
I, Mason, the person knows that. (BIANCA: Mason the person knows.) (lots of overlapping) Gawain, the person, has no freakin clue. Gawain is hiding out. Yeah, Gawain is trying to do that Assassin’s Creed thing where I go into a group of people and

BIANCA: Chi 4:45
just pull your hood down completely fine. No, one, no one even knew. (GAWAIN: Yeah.) Yeah. Bianca did do some fate magic. She investigated her companions, and also the lead General, the Maréchal, if I have that, correct. And she also did a little bit of just woo-woo to see what was what.

LUC: Zach 5:14
Luc threw some coins of distraction.

BIANCA: Chi 5:16
Oh, yeah, that’s right. Luc threw some money around.

GAWAIN: Mason 5:19
(overlapping) Pretty much (BIANCA: Pretty much also from Assassin’s Creed) also from Assassin’s Creed, (BIANCA: Just money everywhere!)

LUC: Zach 5:24
Hey, also convinced the Maréchal to not attack the people.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 5:29
And you did a pretty decent job. He was like on, you know, you got him on your side, at least in this regard. Just to, to just to show a bit of mercy. And then a masked person came into the square: El Vagabundo, the crowd kind of whispered. And he was there. They were there declaring that the people did it. The people deserved better than this and that they would not tolerate this oppression any longer. And that’s where we left it. So we’re in the middle of a riot.

SOPHIE: Puja 6:06
(singing) I predict a riot. I predict a riot.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 6:12
Um, let’s do a little bit of housekeeping really quickly. Remember that you all at the start of your game, we all have one hero point to start unless you have a bonus that allows you to have extra hero points. (LUC: Does wealth restart to or reset?) Yes. So (LUC: Okay.) Even though you just threw what is probably like 10 years’ worth of like salary to some poor peasant that came up with…

LUC: Zach 6:43
Here’s your allowance.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 6:46
Um, You’ll…you’ll probably you’ll get all of your your money’s essentially back like you. You’re fine.

SOPHIE: Puja 6:57
Hey, rich people woohoo! I mean in the game, guys.

GAWAIN: Mason 7:01

(LUC: In the game.) I mean, Europe has a rich tradition of class equity, what are we talking about? (DES: All right.) Bad joke, but a joke.

BIANCA: Chi 7:12
Crickets. Okay. (SOPHIE: I know.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 7:17
Sophie, let’s shift to you for a second. (SOPHIE: Alrighty.) About how long have you been here in Altamira? And would you like to decide that now?

SOPHIE: Puja 7:26
Uh, I had notes on this, but I think it’s a couple of years. Like, I’ve been training as a as a medic. So I’ve been here. Let’s go with two years.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 7:38
Okay. Two years,

SOPHIE: Puja 7:39
I guess how long has the How long have the Montaigne been in?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 7:45
About four years, (SOPHIE: Four years. So yeah.) It’s five, now.

SOPHIE: Puja 7:47
She definitely she came over for medical training. And by that time, like things have kind of, “settled politically,” like there was at least a status quo. (DES: Okay.) And so she had expectations and she really wanted to train with one of the best medics in the world. So. (DES: Okay. Well, we gotta you know, the medics here will say your minor nobility, correct?) Mm hmm. Yeah. Her Her father was elevated to aristocracy. So not born into it.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 8:19
Okay. So in that case, let’s put you in the town itself. You know, you’re there. You’re still regarded as a nobility. But you know, just because this is a outpost and not like a proper Montaigne city, it’s not surprising that you don’t live in the nicest house in the city. (SOPHIE: Yeah.) So you’re so you’re there. You, unlike the rest of the party, what is happening? Well, what usually happens is nothing new. Every morning there’s a small procession where they raise the flag of Montaigne here in the city of Altamira, and every evening, they pull it down and both have a request or not request. But everybody’s supposed to come outside and view this as a sign of about who’s in charge. And last night, somebody stole the flag, before they could do the lowering of the flag. And that is what these two young boys have been charged with. So you’re in the middle of your, your morning routine, you’re you’re checking on your patients, and then you can hear something outside in the square. It’s just a lot of people gathered, which is not terribly surprising. You know, the Altamira is still a very bustling trade port. A lot of people come and come through. But now after a while you hear start getting very angry.

SOPHIE: Puja 9:50
Huh, I will go peek my head outside,

GAME MASTER: Desiree 9:54
You peak your head outside, you can see people fighting. You know, there’s more pushing, you don’t really see the source or why you just see a lot of people fighting against the military. They’re…they are visibly trying to…They’ve been ordered not to, to do anything, but they are trying to stand their ground.

SOPHIE: Puja 10:16
Well, as a untrained fighter, I will stand back and watch how this goes. (DES: Okay.) People aren’t getting hurt, Sophie’s gonna try to come in and help but like this isn’t. She’s not trained for that. She has no idea how to help in a riot.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 10:31
No, no worries. We’ll take a couple of seconds before then you’ll start to see that now we’re getting to a very violent, you know, moment. Three of you. You saw what sparked the fury of the of the be every day Castilian men? What are you guys doing?

BIANCA: Chi 10:53
I actually had a mechanic question. What what happens to my fate slash, I don’t know if I make them into wounds; when I make them into wounds. And if they stay per session, how does that work?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 11:04
They stay per scene. And we’re still kind of in the same sequence at the same day, same morning. I’ll double check on our next break. But it’ll you won’t be able to recover until you have some downtime between scenes.

BIANCA: Chi 11:21
Ok. Ok, so I still have if I took a lash last session, I still have it now.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 11:27
Yes, you still have your lashes and then whatever wounds from being in the riot are still fresh because we’re still the same.

BIANCA: Chi 11:33
Okay, I didn’t I don’t think I took any wounds. Just the lash. (DES: Cool.) But the lash translates into wounds if I do that. (DES: Yes.) Okay. Okay, so I mean, I’m still kind of reeling from basically looking at the crowd and all the the fate streams…(DES: Just fate streams everywhere.) There’s just like, I’m just like seeing the matrix right now. So I’m a little bit…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 12:00
Bianca’s a bit dazed, just staring into the matrix and its staring back at her. Luc, what are you doing?

LUC: Zach 12:10
I guess I’ll draw my rapier and like, take a defensive stance.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 12:15
Okay. Who are you…Are you trying to like intimidate people? Are you trying to specifically defend yourself against anybody?

LUC: Zach 12:23
Can I just like…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 12:24
Because I will say they’re not going after you particularly because of how you’re dressed? (LUC: Not me.) Not you’re not the problem here. It’s the it problems either depending on who you ask the Castilian peasants or the Montaignian military. You are neither of these things.

LUC: Zach 12:42
What did we leave with a El Vagabundo attacking like throwing something at the Maréchal?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 12:52
He had a…he threw a dagger. (muffled/overlapping) in that direction, but for the most part, he is El Vagabundo is just kind of standing tall and rallying people. (LUC: Okay.)

BIANCA: Chi 13:05
Sorry. (LUC: Go ahead.) Does my previous read still apply where I can see his…his…his fate cards? (DES: Yes.) The Vagabundo though because he’s new.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 13:19
He? Yes. Well, you’d have to do it. Yeah, you would have to do a new one. Another read (BIANCA: Another read? In order to see him? Curses! Sorry. Go ahead.) No, no.

LUC: Zach 13:31
Yeah, so I guess I’ll just draw my sword and be like, protect myself kind of thing for the moment okay.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 13:41
So, you’re specifically defending yourself. Okay, and Gawain what do you what do you doing there?

GAWAIN: Mason 13:44
I would like to try and slip away can like just through the crowd like a just slide into the alleys and they are focused on El Vagabundo. I don’t know know what that is, but it sounds like a distraction.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 14:04
All right, so so we’ve got Bianca standing still — Luc in the defensive and Gawain slipping away.

BIANCA: Chi 14:13
Actually, I’m sorry, real quick under the the read for the Arcana it says using read costs are raise during action sequences. If we’re still in the same scene, you can see all strands and Arcana for the rest of the scene. So if we’re still in the scene before which I don’t know maybe El Vagabundo’s a new scene? I don’t know. You tell me.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 14:31
I would kind of go Vagabundo new scene. (BIANCA: Okay, I’m okay.) Yeah, well, hold on. We’ll hold on to that. We’ll go Vagabundo new scene. (BIANCA: Okay.) So you see Vagabundo kind of disappear also into the crowd, you know kind of like jump down to the ground, and this the swell of people…He’s not necessarily protecting them. But definitely you can you can start to barely see where El Vagabundo is going now that they’re back on the ground, and there and more people are running around and doing things. Gawain, you’re able to just like slip away. Where are you? Where would you be headed? I

GAWAIN: Mason 15:17
I think I need to head because we’re kind of towards the town center, right? (DES: Yes.) I’m going to slip back towards the docks away from where I’m going to move towards the more rustic part of town away from the Montaigniens.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 15:29
Okay. Hey, heading towards the docks. And Luc? (GAWAIN: Yeah.) Because you’re, you know, you’re obviously not the enemy, you are able to deflect most things without issue. It’s just now that, you know, you’re the servants that you were with and the people that you were talking to are getting sort of lost in the crowd because of all this chaos. And now people are starting to really get hurt as they’re pushing back on the military’s regrouping and trying to cow this riot.

BIANCA: Chi 16:04
Okay, Bianca is going to kind of shake it. Shake it off a little bit. Her eyes are a little bit bloody. She’s got her eyes. It looks really it looks like she’s having like a major allergy attack her eyes get like really red. So hopefully it’s too crazy for anyone to notice. And she’s actually going to move forward instead of with Mason she’s going to move up to you know, the slight clearing to where, where the courtiers here is and move up to be kind of flank, flankenzie. Nobody kills this guy except me. Not that she says that aloud, but that’s what she’s doing. She’s gonna move up.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 16:48
That’s gonna be the name of my fic title. It (overlapping.)

SOPHIE: Puja 16:54
That sounds like the beginning of a shipping fic.

BIANCA: Chi 17:00
So she’s just gonna flank around the corner and she’s gonna pull one of her knives.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 17:04
Okay. I will say as you guys are staying in the riot. You’re gonna take about two wounds now because now we’re…everyone is getting jostled around.

GAWAIN: Mason 17:12
Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Ai yai yai! . I’m up to five. Does that do something? Do I take a dramatic wound yet?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 17:22
It should be at the fifth one.

GAWAIN: Mason 17:24
Yeah, I’m at five.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 17:26
Yeah. There you go! What is it your dramatic wound?

GAWAIN: Mason 17:28
Um…crap. Okay. (DES: It’s the first thing on the [unintelligible]). How would I get hurt in this situation? (DES: Trampled?) I could get trampled. Or I think I’m just trying to brush through the crowd and someone who’s bigger than me takes offense and just clocks me in the skull.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 17:49
Ooh! (GAWAIN: Yeah.) You just go down!

GAWAIN: Mason 17:52
Yeah, like I just get mosh pitted real bad.

SOPHIE: Puja 17:57
(In silly voice) Oh Boy!

GAME MASTER: Desiree 17:58

GAWAIN: Mason 17:59
Has to be dramatic wound, right?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 18:00

GAWAIN: Mason 18:01

GAME MASTER: Desiree 18:03
Sophie, you are watching as suddenly a…How old did we say Gawain was again?

GAWAIN: Mason 18:08
I’m like 18.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 18:15
(Overlapping and unintelligible) Inish boy down on the ground with a big concussion, right by your medical building.

SOPHIE: Puja 18:21
Yeah, I will immediately run forward and attempt to help.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 18:27
Okay. Yeah. Bring him on in. It’s no big deal.

SOPHIE: Puja 18:33
Oh, well, so I will, I will yell out to other folks who are working with me and my I’ll try…I’ll attempt to extricate him with some help. Obviously, I can’t carry him alone. (DES: No,no, no.He’s a he’s…)I’m a doctor not a not a strong person.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 18:49
Don’t worry, you’ve got, you know, you’ve got your lots of helpers. And they come out they drag Gawain, you know, bodily over into your clinic. Bianca, how are you two doing?

LUC: Zach 18:59
Well, would I have seen Gawain get dragged in or would that have been out of my vision.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 18:49
Him moving through the the riot? You didn’t see it. Because you know, he was he was doing well. But then once he goes down. You know that hood goes down that red hair that lanky skin…

SOPHIE: Puja 19:19
And you you would have heard Sophie yell out for help if you were paying attention. She wasn’t quiet. She wasn’t stealthy; she was like I need immediate help.

LUC: Zach 19:30
What did she yell? Does she just yell like “help” or like, what?

SOPHIE: Puja 19:34
Oh, yes, she says, or what does she yell out? Let’s see. She’s like, “we have injured. Please help me bring him inside.”

LUC: Zach 19:45
Okay. Okay. So, if I hear that, can I pick up Sophie? And like whisper to her “act injured?” Not Sophie, Bianca.

(Lots of overlap/mics going in and out)

SOPHIE: Puja 20:00
If you wanna pick me up you gotta buy me a drink first!

GAWAIN: Mason 20:01
That was such a record scratch moment for me.

LUC: Zach 20:04
Right. Can I pick up Bianca and like whispered her to like act injured and just yell like, “injured child move out of the way.”

BIANCA: Chi 20:14
Meanwhile, Bianca doesn’t have to act because somebody just like totally hip checked her. Because she’s like, you know, quite quite significantly smaller than everyone else and she’s trying to move then crowd and then the two wounds so she just felt like hip check with someone so she’s completely dazed, anyway.

LUC: Zach 20:30
Run to I heard that like medical attention.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 20:34
Yeah, absolutely. You grab Bianca. And you thought it’d be a lot harder than this. But she’s already just like, and you carry her over to where a doctor is, is in need of more assistance as well. And they’re bringing in people other people are also kind of coming in bringing in their wounded.

SOPHIE: Puja 20:55
Very convenient to have a riot right outside a medical building. (DES: I know. Right?)

BIANCA: Chi 20:59
Well mean, it’s kind of in the middle of town. So, it’s right in the middle of everything.

SOPHIE: Puja 21:03
Cause a ruckus get help.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 21:06
…restaurants, from church, from the church! Everybody, you should all be ashamed

GAWAIN: Mason 21:10
…in front of the Olive Garden. God!

GAME MASTER: Desiree 21:13
I know! We’re family there! Sorry. Olive Garden: Please sponsor us!

GAWAIN: Mason 21:20
The weirdest twitch sponsor, ever.

LUC: Zach 21:24
…eating breadsticks.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 21:30
God, now I just wanna put an Olive Garden in Théah. No. Okay, so you’re in the clinic now. You know…(SOPHIE: Sorry, I’m dreaming of carbs. You did this.) *softly* I miss carbs. Anyway, you’re in the clinic. You’re all together. Yeah. First time we see each other. I’m actually a prejudgment when I go through what everybody sees when they look at Sophie.

SOPHIE: Puja 21:57
Yes, I wrote this down and sent it to you.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 22:01
Is that it?
No, no, I need to, I need to remind myself what she looks like. (DES: Oh. Okay,) Where is it? Here we go. I just didn’t, I forgot how tall she was because I created like, four characters in less than a week and a half. So, Sophie is fairly unimposing. And, you know, one of her big qualities is that because she didn’t grow up as nobility, she doesn’t have that like immediate poise. And like ‘look at me” ness of the Montaigne but she’s, she’s about five, five. She’s got tan skin. And it’s unclear whether that’s from being in the sun a long time or whether that’s actually she’s just darker toned than her compatriots. But there’s and she has reddish brown hair that’s tied up in a very practical bun. And she’s dressed very simply, and things that make sense for somebody who is out in the middle of town, like a linen shirt pant. A long coat. She doesn’t have a doctor’s coat because that’s I don’t think that was the thing back then. But she has a coat with a lot of pockets that functions as her doctor’s coat and she’s got little, you know, gauze and other like salves and stuff all over her pockets. And you’ve heard her speak and even though it’ll take me a little bit to slip into the accent, it’s very obvious that she is Montaigne.

BIANCA: Chi 23:24
How old is she?

SOPHIE: Puja 23:26
She is she’s pretty young. I think she’s like, I would say somewhere in the 20. Like, early 20s. Probably like 21 something like that. 21 to 23 ish. (BIANCA: Okay.) Yes, she was she was they were elevated to nobility when she was 12. So less than half her life. Okay.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 23:47
Has she spent any time in Montaigne.

SOPHIE: Puja 23:52
Oh, yeah. She grew up in the countryside, though.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 23:54
Not in like Charouse or any of the like…

SOPHIE: Puja 23:57
No, no. It was. He was…um…in a in a small town by the coast. Her father was an architect. And so he was kind of really involved in helping put the city up and its most remarkable buildings. And so as as a thank you, they were elevated to nobility. (DES: Okay.) She has a lot of siblings. Oh, right. She grew up outside Muguet. Which if you look at the map of Théah there. So, they grew up kind of in the countryside, roaming, lots of fields, lots of siblings, you know, very outdoorsy, and then they got elevated mobility and everything all of that country life went away. And suddenly it was the proper being in the city.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 24:53
Okay, that makes sense. Okay, so you’re all together it looks like Bianca and Gawain are the ones who would be presented in as like patients (unintelligible) Luc, you’re just standing there with your just like a total like sore thumb in your nice Montaigne garb.

LUC: Zach 25:12
Well, I’m in (DES: Your morning garb?) my arms. My my travel leathers. (DES: Oh, your travel leathers.) I’m not super Montaigne.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 25:26
Okay. So you guys meet say anything to each other?

GAWAIN: Mason 25:31
No, I’m passed out. Or or am I dazed or am I passed out? I get the idea I’m probably kind of knocked out because I just got the concussion.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 25:42
Ah, we’ll go with dazed. (GAWAIN: Okay.) So you can still participate.

GAWAIN: Mason 25:45
Okay, cool. Cool.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 25:47
In the in the soap opera that is, you know, The Way of Thorns your dazed so you can participate.

SOPHIE: Puja 25:52
Okay, there you go. Um at first Sophie’s very no nonsense. She’s she’s got an injured patient and that is her priority. So, she’s going to take, attend with her. her coterie of helpers to his wounds and then I’m assuming she heard Luc bring in a child in distressed and she’ll make sure Gawain is stable and in good hands. She’s going to turn her attention to Bianca.

BIANCA: Chi 26:22
So I think that since we’re leaving the Vagabundo scene, the single lash will become a wound, too. 2, 3, 4…so I’m at six out of 20 which means I have to take a dramatic wound. So she’s got blood coming out of her eyes like it’s it looks she looks like a plague victim.


GAME MASTER: Desiree 26:45
Plague? Are we going with plague?!

BIANCA: Chi 26:47
I mean, she just looks I mean, she’s crying blood. Like…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 26:52
Do you wanna do a quarantine, Sophie? . (GAWAIN: She has the stigmata!)

BIANCA: Chi 26:57
Sorry, that’s just what happens when you do fate magic. But she’s completely conscious. Um, blinking. Like and then (overlapping) (SOPHIE: She doesn’t act like a plague victim.) a little bit figures out that she’s being held up and will actually attempt to to escape Luc’s grip it she will use her knife if she has to gonna be like a cat trying to…

SOPHIE: Puja 27:21
Well, so Sophie will try to (unintelligible) no, no, no. I guess are you rolling to escape or you just know. (with French accent) “It’s okay. Please allow me to help you.”

BIANCA: Chi 27:31
Then you get threatened with a knife. “Back off! Back off!”

SOPHIE: Puja 27:34
I’m a doctor. I’m only here to help I promise.

BIANCA: Chi 27:37
I don’t need a doctor.

SOPHIE: Puja 27:40
Child you are bleeding from your eyes.

BIANCA: Chi 27:41
It happens.

GAWAIN: Mason 27:42
Yeah. All four of ‘em.

SOPHIE: Puja 27:45
Um., DM, as a doctor would I have ever seen or heard of blood from eyes?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 27:55
As a doctor? No. Well, okay as Dr….On an actual factual basis. No. But you live in a world where magic is real. (SOPHIE: That’s what I mean.) So, it’s just kind of like, well, I don’t know how to medically fix that if that is your nations thing.

SOPHIE: Puja 28:16
Yeah, okay. Oh, it doesn’t seem like it’s a medical issue like up a wound I can gauze over.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 28:21
It’s definitely not a wound you can you know…tap…tap…


GAME MASTER: Desiree 28:26
You come from Montaigne, which has, which has the most bloody of the magics at the one where people you know, shed blood and then they can open up screaming hell portals to other places. Um, so it’s pretty…You don’t know this Bianca!

BIANCA: Chi 28:43
No, I’m really like Ahhhhhh! A hell portal!

GAME MASTER: Desiree 28:47
So, it actually is fairly common. So the idea of like magic and blood is not like you don’t have it. But you’ve heard of people who have it. It’s especially popular in like the courts so Luc definitely would hear about it and see it. But uh, so magic blood. Not surprising, you just aren’t aware.

SOPHIE: Puja 29:07
Okay, so then I will pull out some gauze and be like, okay, okay, I will not do anything but here and I will hand her the gauze so she can like wipe down her eyes if she chooses to. (unintelligible/overlapping) …by a child.

BIANCA: Chi 29:22
Yeah, she’s about a foot shorter than you are about four. She also doesn’t look like a she because she has kind of like a generic cabin boy blue coat on, like a red collared shirt. She’s kind of got like a shapeless hat. And like sailors, like waterproof leather shoes, so she also kind of looks like a boy like a young boy.

SOPHIE: Puja 29:43
Oh, okay.

BIANCA: Chi 29:45
Like a young sailor class average, you know, average average height young, young kid. And so with kind of a high voice but she gets away with it because of the (SOPHIE: people assume people assume pre-pubescent?) So, but this but the knife is like a stiletto, it doesn’t have too much of a handle. It’s, it’s rather elaborate. It’s a little bit. It’s a little bit tarnished, but it’s pretty good quality for somebody that’s dressed like her if you happen to notice that or anyone else. So she flips it around so that the blade is against her arm and not threatening you. And then with her other hand, she’ll take the gauze and just kind of casually just just smear smear it off. You know what I mean? Just like, which kind of joins the sweat and grime and maybe it doesn’t look quite so horrible. But she seems steady on her feet. She wasn’t now and kind of moving it back. So she has a little bit of space to breathe.

SOPHIE: Puja 30:51
And Sophie will be like, “Oh, there, it’s not so bad anymore.” And I’ll pull out like an apple or some random fruit that I have in my pocket and I will try to hold it out to the young angry child with the murder weapon.

BIANCA: Chi 30:59
She waves off Apple like nah…

LUC: Zach 31:03
She’s fond of chocolate,

BIANCA: Chi 31:05
not a horse,

LUC: Zach 31:06
or he. I don’t really know at this point.

SOPHIE: Puja 31:09
Um, no, but food is good for healing and your body. I’ll take a bite of my own apple, Jesus!

BIANCA: Chi 31:21
She’ll flip the knife back around and see if she can stab it to take it. She’s trying to make a point. (SOPHIE: Oh, okay.) Can she can she just like oh, if I just shish-kebab the apple?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 31:33

BIANCA: Chi 31:34
Yep. Apple shish kebab and then we’ll take a just to like I don’t need you, you know just your like typical like teenager like attitude. Just I don’t mean it. But…

SOPHIE: Puja 31:46
the teenagers who and then I will you know, turn to Luc. It’s like a teenagers who do not want to be helped. It is like any other day of the week.

GAWAIN: Mason 31:54
I on the other hand very much appreciate the help.

SOPHIE: Puja 32:00
Right! My other teenager.

GAWAIN: Mason 32:06
I’m not a child, I’m a man.

SOPHIE: Puja 32:09
Of course.

LUC: Zach 32:10

GAWAIN: Mason 32:12
Also, OW!

SOPHIE: Puja 32:14
What did you just get your head against?

GAWAIN: Mason 32:18
Another person’s fist? And then also yeah, I think the butt of a sword.

SOPHIE: Puja 32:26
What is happening outside? I could not understand fully

GAWAIN: Mason 32:30
A lot. I don’t know I’m just an out of town or with a concussion

BIANCA: Chi 32:34
Getting involved in things you shouldn’t.

GAWAIN: Mason 32:36
I don’t know what the strange bleeding child is talking about.

BIANCA: Chi 32:41
She’s like…

SOPHIE: Puja 32:43
Do you know each other?

GAWAIN: Mason 32:47
Vaguely. I mean, there are three of her.

SOPHIE: Puja 32:53
Oh, no. Mon Dieu! May I examine for concussion?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 32:56
Oh no. You don’t even have to roll for it.

(everyone talking at once)

SOPHIE: Puja 33:04
Okay, you must not fall asleep by any means. And then I’ll turn to Luc and like, if you know him, could you please make sure he stays awake?

LUC: Zach 33:14
Sure. I’ll try. I don’t really know this young lad. But

SOPHIE: Puja 33:20
Oh, I understood that all the three of you knew each other.

LUC: Zach 33:27
I met them yesterday. On the docks. (overlapping) I guess.

GAWAIN: Mason 33:33
And we were standing…(overlapping)

LUC: Zach 33:36
In Montaignien I like explain the situation like some hooligans have stolen our glorious flag and desecrated it. And so the Maréchal thought it fit to punish them in the square. And that’s when things got a little hectic.

BIANCA: Chi 33:58
I do not speak that language. And so I’m going to be like speak in…speak so we can all understand you.

SOPHIE: Puja 34:03
Well, I guess what is a language we all understand

BIANCA: Chi 34:06
Common. (LUC: Théan)

SOPHIE: Puja 34:11
Alright, so there’s a Théan and there’s a language per country?

LUC: Zach 34:14
(BIANCA: Yes.) I think so. (BIANCA: Right?) There’s like Théan and then there’s French and

BIANCA: Chi 34:19
So be like…yeah, talk so we can all hear you.

LUC: Zach 34:24
Okay, so then I’ll say some boys got punished for dirtying up a flag

SOPHIE: Puja 34:31
Punished. (LUC: Much less descriptive.) Punished in the way I would expect?

LUC: Zach 34:40
Of you know like, were they about to get executed or just like I can’t remember.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 34:46
Um…they were probably gonna get some lashings like public lashings.

LUC: Zach 34:50
Public…public lashings.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 34:52
If remember correctly, someone give them a really high number but I don’t remember which one of you did. We’ll find out later. But yes, lashings.

SOPHIE: Puja 35:02
And uh the rest rioted to protect them?

LUC: Zach 35:11
Well, this lad over here kind of jumped in and that the concussed one freed them from their bonds, which kind of incited the onlookers to riot for their aid as well. And then El Vagabundo or I guess I don’t know his name. Some masked man came and threw a dagger at the Maréchal. It was quite a party.

SOPHIE: Puja 35:41
What an exciting day. And I’ll raise raise an eyebrow at Gawain and say Oh, so you did not just accidentally run into the sword?

GAWAIN: Mason 35:52
No, the fist now that was an accident.

SOPHIE: Puja 35:57
Oh, okay. Well, perhaps it’s okay. You’ll be okay. I think. (GAWAIN: Thank you.)

BIANCA: Chi 36:04
I will say to Gawain, it’s your fault for getting involved. Should have minded your own business.

GAWAIN: Mason 36:10
Military versus a child doesn’t seem very just.

BIANCA: Chi 36:14
Now. Its military versus you and the child dummy.

GAWAIN: Mason 36:17
That seemed like a bit more of a fair fight. They’re not very good with their swords.

SOPHIE: Puja 36:23
Oh, I assure you that they are. They did not take they did not come here accidentally or establish power by mistake.

LUC: Zach 36:35
They are trained military after all.

BIANCA: Chi 36:38
Well, you would know.

LUC: Zach 36:41
They might not be as good without their muskets.


LUC: Zach 36:46
…the sword.

SOPHIE: Puja 36:48
You’re fortunate

I’ll say to Gawain, I hope you think that you can stop a musket ball too.

GAWAIN: Mason 36:54
I might be able to.

SOPHIE: Puja 36:57
Just , uh, next time try not to do it with your head.

GAWAIN: Mason 37:00
That wouldn’t be my plan. (SOPHIE: Okay, good.)

GAWAIN: Mason 37:08
I earned that. I’ll take that.

SOPHIE: Puja 37:16
I just finished patching both…well patching him up and then ah Miss Bianca does not want to be…Oh, I will say oh, by the way, my My name is Dr. Sophie Cuvier. And who are all of you

LUC: Zach 37:34
Bonjour, Sophie, Je m’appelle Luc De La Morte. Luc Gerard de la Morte. Je suis le courtier pour l’Emporeur du Monde.

SOPHIE: Puja 37:46
Oh, oui. Do I know his name or who he is?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 37:53
Um, No…Luc…let’s say…how long have you been the favorite?

LUC: Zach 37:57
I would say he probably changes its whims pretty frequently. So it’s probably only been like, half a year

GAME MASTER: Desiree 38:03
Half a year… (LUC: Maybe?) So, You might have but it will be hard to you know it would just be in passing like, Oh, yeah, this is the new favorite currently. And then because you’re so far away from court, you, the next time you would hear about Luc would be “Oh, and then Luc fell out of favor?” Like that’s just how these kinds of things happen.

SOPHIE: Puja 38:24
Oh, I think I might have heard your name once or twice, but it is unexpected to be here.

BIANCA: Chi 38:33
And do you say that in Théan, that last bit?

SOPHIE: Puja 38:37

BIANCA: Chi 38:41
So, Bianca will say to you, what have you heard, what have you heard about him?

SOPHIE: Puja 38:45
Oh, just that’s like, wait who’s favorite? Are you the Emperor’s favorite or the Marquise?

GAME MASTER: Desiree and LUC: Zach 38:50
The Emperors.

SOPHIE: Puja 38:52
The, just that the Emporeur has a new favorite courtier named Luc Gerard.

BIANCA: Chi 39:02
What did you do to be the favorite?

LUC: Zach 39:06
I did to my job well.

BIANCA: Chi 39:08
What, professional boot licking? What did you do?

LUC: Zach 39:12
I take correspondences. I do not let them get stolen. I favor curry with foreign diplomats.

BIANCA: Chi 39:21
So, Professional bootlicker.

SOPHIE: Puja 39:24
Yeah, well you know in a country full of them it is not insubstantial to becomes the favorite.

BIANCA: Chi 39:32
*Scoffs* (unintelligible)

LUC: Zach 39:34
It takes some skill to dance across the courts

GAWAIN: Mason 39:38
Would you be here to ensure I get arrested after (Overlapping/unintelligible) I look at Luc: Are you here to ensure I get arrested then?

GAWAIN: Mason 39:50
I don’t know who you are. I saw nothing.

LUC: Zach 39:53
Oh, that’s right. That’s that’s incredibly refreshing. I was starting to get very panicked about that.

SOPHIE: Puja 39:56
And you, sir? Who are you after all? Besides an outsider?

GAWAIN: Mason 40:04
I just a traveler. I go by the name Gawain Culfairth.

Gawain. Where do you hail from?

GAWAIN: Mason 40:13
A very very deeply Inish part of Inismore.

SOPHIE: Puja 40:18
Ah, I’ve heard it is beautiful there.

GAWAIN: Mason 40:19
Inismore is, uh, nothing quite like it. Got the forest. You got the ocean. You got the goodly folk.

SOPHIE: Puja 40:31
Now, it sounds much like the countryside where I grew up. But I miss it very much. And I’m glad to have met you here. And you young sir? What is your name? I turned to you (BIANCA: B. B is fine.). B like as in the letter or the insect?

BIANCA: Chi 40:51
Either one. I don’t care.

LUC: Zach 40:55
Une abeille? (BIANCA: What?) Une abeille? A bumblebee? You do have a little stinger.

SOPHIE: Puja 41:01
Oh, yes, I did see that earlier.

BIANCA: Chi 41:04
Oh, ha ha, very clever. Ha ha.

LUC: Zach 41:11
Une petite abielle. That is your nickname.

BIANCA: Chi 41:12
What did you call me?

LUC: Zach 41:14
A little Bumblebee.

SOPHIE: Puja 41:16
That’s so cute. Oh my god.

GAWAIN: Mason 41:20
Aye, it fits though.

BIANCA: Chi 41:22
I look generally grumpy about the whole thing.

SOPHIE: Puja 41:25
You did this to yourself.

BIANCA: Chi 41:29
It’s so true. Backed into a corner.

LUC: Zach 41:33
(unintelligible) Corner.

BIANCA: Chi 41:34
So, what’s happening with the riot outside?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 41:36
The riot’s still going and it takes maybe like another 10, 15 minutes before it starts to really calm down. But now there’s a significant military presence outside into the courtyard or the square of the town.

GAWAIN: Mason 41:51
That’s that’s not good. That’s not good for me. Um, who’s this El Vagabundo guy? Il Vagabundo? What were they saying? My Castilian is terrible. I know.

SOPHIE: Puja 42:05
Have I heard of an El Vagabundo in my time?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 42:08
You have heard of rumors of one. All over, it’s been all over Castille. And so you might have heard it just people wishing that El Vagabundo would show up. It’s the El Vagabundo was definitely a sort of like folk hero who comes at times of need from the people. And, but, it’s not necessarily antiestablishment because they also actually Gawain you might have heard this to, El Vagabundo has been credited with stopping an assassination against Queen Elaine. So the the El Vagabundo has made waves, and you might have heard about like a hooded figure in black and purple with a white mask kind of going around and just doing good. But Sophie you’ve never as far as you’ve been in town, no one has ever showed up and you’ve never seen one.

SOPHIE: Puja 43:06
El Vagabundo? The folktale? What…is he rumored to be outside? What happened?

GAWAIN: Mason 43:16
I yeah, no, definitely, definitely just saw him!

(overlapping/all speaking at once)

BIANCA: Chi 43:22
Or she, you know, she could have been

SOPHIE: Puja 43:28
I have only ever heard of them as a as in a fairy tale, you know, that people wish for their hero or heroine to come save them. But I do not believe I’ve ever heard of anyone seeing the person.

GAWAIN: Mason 43:43
Well, fairy tales. Or fairies are as real as you or I, so stands to reason that they exist too.

GAWAIN: Mason 43:51
Fair enough.

BIANCA: Chi 43:52
Fairies aren’t real.

GAWAIN: Mason 43:53
They’re incredibly real.

SOPHIE: Puja 43:55
Have you met them?

GAWAIN: Mason 43:56

BIANCA: Chi 43:57
Oh, he hit his head too hard.

GAWAIN: Mason 43:59
No, I can call one if you want. Well, actually, I don’t know if they live as far far flung out here from…

SOPHIE: Puja 44:05
But perhaps not in the middle of a riot?

GAWAIN: Mason 44:13
Huh? Yeah. I don’t believe…I point over at B: You don’t believe me? Do you?

BIANCA: Chi 44:18
No, I don’t.

GAWAIN: Mason 44:21
All right. Takes seein’ it for believing I guess.

BIANCA: Chi 44:25
Yeah, does. I’ll see it when I believe it. Or the other way around.

GAWAIN: Mason 44:31
It’s fair. We’ve all taken a few a few today. You know. I’m just going to lean back and try not to move.

LUC: Zach 44:41
Don’t go to sleep. I will be forced to slap you

BIANCA: Chi 44:46
I’d pay to see that.

SOPHIE: Puja 44:47
And that’s it’s after all doctor’s orders.

LUC: Zach 44:51
Oui, I just take off my gloves.

GAWAIN: Mason 44:56
The dueling glove and the serious glove.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 45:01
Eventually, some time passes by, you know, the military presence hasn’t quite moved out. But there is a like a footman from the Marquise’s household looking at knocking the door for Sophie. And is pleased to see that Luc is there and says you are both invited to have dinner at the Marquise’s house and we will have an armed escort as today’s activities do not wish to be repeated today again. So we will see you tonight.

LUC: Zach 45:39
I’d be delighted

SOPHIE: Puja 45:42
and Sophie looks

GAME MASTER: Desiree 45:44
Sophie hasn’t been invited to the Marquise’s house since you got there. And then I just like so if this is also you’re invited for some kind of like you know, just for show I guess

SOPHIE: Puja 45:58
Yeah, this is weird, right?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 46:00
Weird. But you’ve done it once before when you arrived.

SOPHIE: Puja 46:03
Yeah. Sophie’s a little caught off guard and any people pay close attention would catch that but like she is not as sophisticated in the courtier ways as Luc is which is one of the reasons why she set herself so far away from the court. But, but of course I will be honored and delighted to be present tonight. Unless we are going now?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 46:27
No, we will I will return right at sunset and I will escort you and any of your guests up to the, the uh, the Manor.

SOPHIE: Puja 46:36
Oh, Merci beaucoup um…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 46:38
And that goes for you Luc as well or if you want to be escorted now they can take you up now whatever but they want to make sure that you two as nobles in the city at least to get a escort to the Marquise’s house.

SOPHIE: Puja 46:53
This is very much appreciated.

LUC: Zach 46:55
Oui, dangerous folks about.

BIANCA: Chi 46:59
I lean over and…

(overlapping/talking over each other)

GAWAIN: Mason 47:01
When this happens Can I be like hidden under an…(unintelligible)

BIANCA: Chi 47:05
I lean over to where Gawain is like: This is bad news.

GAWAIN: Mason 47:11
I agree.

SOPHIE: Puja 47:12
Are they like hiding off of this Well, I mean, I imagine that there’s

LUC: Zach 47:15
Behind like a little curtain.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 47:17
Yeah, just have something just pulled…(LUC: A privacy curtain?)

BIANCA: Chi 47:19
Just kind of slowly…

GAWAIN: Mason 47:25
I’m a curled up in the foot space under Dr. Sophie’s desk.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 47:30
Just like the camera will just like see you peek between people feet…

LUC: Zach 47:34

GAWAIN: Mason 47:38
I’m yeah, I’m hiding.

SOPHIE: Puja 47:41

GAME MASTER: Desiree 47:42
All right. They don’t notice they only see Sophie and Luc. But this is your clinic so it is expected they they didn’t look like they were trying to like surreptitiously do anything just like you’re invited for dinner. You know, it will pull an escort; they know that people could be watching

SOPHIE: Puja 48:00
okay. So, I you know, exchange pleasantries until they leave. (DES: Okay.) And then I will turn to Luc it says like: I have not been invited to a dinner in two years. This is interesting what what do you suppose is the reason for the sudden change?

LUC: Zach 48:20
It is probably to go over the events of today and possibly reinforce Montaigne moral and show us that we will be protected.

SOPHIE: Puja 48:33
But, uh, I am I am not nearly important enough to warrant such precautions.

LUC: Zach 48:41
Are you sure you are a trained medical professional? We are in a war time zone

SOPHIE: Puja 48:47
Ah, perhaps but, uh,

LUC: Zach 48:49
They know that El Vagabundo or other rebels may target you.

SOPHIE: Puja 48:56
Say what?

LUC: Zach 48:58
It is a dangerous time. If they want to cripple the military occupation they we’ll go for the people who can heal the soldiers. it is a common goal…

(overlapping/talking over)

SOPHIE: Puja 49:13
That is terrible and nobody should do that.

LUC: Zach 49:15
Shouldn’t but in desperate times…


GAME MASTER: Desiree 49:20
Sorry Chi?

(overlapping) (BIANCA: is the messenger still here?) (LUC: They are gone.) (DES: No, the messengers are…)

SOPHIE: Puja 49:22
No, we waited we waited till…

(everyone talking at once)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 49:26
You could talk freely.

SOPHIE: Puja 49:28
Sophie is…ooh…there was an…Is it just me or did the twitch stream go down?

LUC: Zach 49:34
Um I have it paused.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 49:35
No, it’s still going I think.

BIANCA: Chi 49:37
Seems to be okay.

SOPHIE: Puja 49:38
Oh, I got I gotta think that says there’s a network error but oh, I refreshed (LUC: I think it’s just you.) it’s all right. Um, Sophie is very, very visibly perturbed with the idea of healers being targeted. But you know, of course because I heal. I do not heal based on nationality. I heal everybody as is evident here.

LUC: Zach 50:04
They might not see that they see your Montagnier colors, they hear your accent, accent? And they will think…

GAWAIN: Mason 50:15
I think it’s more likely that they see a group of people telling them how to live their lives and lording over them.

LUC: Zach 50:24
*softly* It’s true. And then, I’m going to turn to Gawain and Bianca and say my offer to get you some sort of job at the Manor can still stand for you, ma petite abielle. I do not think, Gawain, I cannot pull the same strings.

GAWAIN: Mason 50:45
I prefer I prefer not to work at the place where they’ll probably arrest me on site.

LUC: Zach 50:52
A smart move one of the first today.

BIANCA: Chi 50:56
Money is money. I’ll take what I can get.

LUC: Zach 51:00
Not very…(BIANCA: [unintelligible]) Not very keen am I?

BIANCA: Chi 51:04
You could wear a hat. I have a hat and she takes off her like shapeless hat she has quite a lot of hair and you know and it’s all coiled in a bun. And her little round face is much more apparently feminine then it was before.

LUC: Zach 51:21
Weird hairstyle for a wee lad.


BIANCA: Chi 51:27
(unintelligible)…lady, thank you very much.

LUC: Zach 51:29
You told us you are a boy.

BIANCA: Chi 51:31
Say…I might have implied…

GAWAIN: Mason 51:34
You seem to pride yourself on a certain degree of shadiness.

BIANCA: Chi 51:38
Well, it pays to get along if you’re small enough.

GAWAIN: Mason 51:43
Hey, and in what line of work exactly?

BIANCA: Chi 51:45
Well, any that I can get to be honest.

LUC: Zach 51:50
I hope you know how to wash the dishes or garden that is all they will probably have for you if I can get you anything at all.

SOPHIE: Puja 52:00
(overlapping) perhaps feed the horses?

BIANCA: Chi 52:02
Well, I’m not I’m not great with horses. But as long as I’m not gardening bones. I hear they hang people out there.

LUC: Zach 52:11
I do not know. But it’s good fertilizer?

GAWAIN: Mason 52:13
And I like gardening. Now I’m a little disappointed.

BIANCA: Chi 52:17
Well, maybe we should go check out the garden.

LUC: Zach 52:18
Well, you shouldn’t have gone and freed prisoners.

GAWAIN: Mason 52:21
Well, maybe maybe maybe soldiers shouldn’t be beaten 12 year old boys to near death in front of an entire crowd.

SOPHIE: Puja 52:28
Well, he has a fair point, after all.

BIANCA: Chi 52:30
Maybe we can just change your hair color. Get some dirt, you know what I mean?

LUC: Zach 52:34
(overlapping) Dye it black?

GAWAIN: Mason 52:38
It’s a fine Auburn. I’m not even the usual red.

BIANCA: Chi 52:43
Just dye it black. You’ll fit right in. It’ll be fine.

GAWAIN: Mason 52:46
I don’t have dye on me.

BIANCA: Chi 52:47
Put some put some of this guy’s boot stuff on, (unintelligible) it’ll be all right.

SOPHIE: Puja 52:56
I’m assuming we are. I’m assuming we’re on the time.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 53:04
Sorry for the unexpected problems. But now we’re here. And we’re ready to go. So when we last left off, we were discussing dyeing Gawain’s hair and hoping that El Vagabundo is at the party. And then what else was we talking about planning?

SOPHIE: Puja 53:25
That that’s all we got to before the stream died? (DES: Yes. We did take a break.) And we took a break. So, continue to plan now again.

BIANCA: Chi 53:35
Okay, so Bianca is going to kind of shuffle through her sack. And hopefully Gawain is actually sitting so that she can reach: Sit down big guy. And she has basically the equivalent of she’s got like a little, a little makeup kit in there. And she’ll black she’ll Gawain’s hair As long as he lets it happen.

GAWAIN: Mason 54:02
Yeah, totally.

GAWAIN: Mason 54:03
Yeah, she’ll black Gawain’s hair. And then she’s got the equivalent of like bronzer, and she’ll kind of like, darken his complexion a little bit. And then she’ll wipe her hands on her. On her sailors, sailors, trousers. There you go. What do you think?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 54:24
You have never been tanner in your life. You don’t even know anybody this tan. My goodness. Who are you? Who is this person looking back at you?

GAWAIN: Mason 54:34
My skin feels so greasy.

SOPHIE: Puja 54:38
And I incorrect in assuming you normally burn and do not change color like this?

GAWAIN: Mason 54:44
You know, I don’t burn too bad. But also I live in a place where like gray describes like a good chunk of the year.

SOPHIE: Puja 54:52
Yeah. Yeah. Be careful in the sun here. It’s much harsher.

GAWAIN: Mason 55:00
I’ve actually rather liked it so far.

LUC: Zach 55:03
Well, covered in that…grease you may burn even faster.

GAWAIN: Mason 55:10
Oh, don’t Oh, come on.

SOPHIE: Puja 55:12
Perhaps make meat in the fire. (BIANCA: Ah, quit whining.)

GAWAIN: Mason 55:17
Right. So, you’re going to smuggle me and B in?

LUC: Zach 55:21
Yeah, I don’t. I don’t have to smuggle B. She can just come on with me as a guest. And then I will introduce her to head Butler Antione. And hopefully you can get a job.

BIANCA: Chi 55:39
Oh, wow. I might be able to go a little bit more high class if you want Mr. Diplomat. It depends. Do we want people down low? Or do we want people up high?

LUC: Zach 55:52
I think we have an up high as you say, with me. We have the medical area covered. But we do not have anyone who hears all the juicy gossip from the staff.

BIANCA: Chi 56:09
Kitchen gossip is pretty telling That’s true.

SOPHIE: Puja 56:12
Would you be able to fit in downstairs?

BIANCA: Chi 56:15
Sure. No problem.

GAWAIN: Mason 56:18
B, do you actually want to get involved though?

SOPHIE: Puja 56:20
As advice perhaps do not immediately try to stab anybody (unintelligible)

BIANCA: Chi 56:26
Eh, we’ll see. If they piss me off then they’re going to get stabbed.

LUC: Zach 56:29
Keep your stinger sheathed.

BIANCA: Chi 56:32
And then to Gawain: What’d you say?

GAWAIN: Mason 56:36
Do you really want to get involved though?

BIANCA: Chi 56:38
This isn’t involved. This is a this is finding out the lay of the land. You know what I mean?

GAWAIN: Mason 56:45
Really, because it sounds very deeply like you’re making common cause with all of us based on like a moral position.

BIANCA: Chi 56:51
Oh, no, he’s gonna pay me, right? Right.

LUC: Zach 56:55
You’ll get paid along with all the other staff, but it won’t be from my pocket. (GAWAIN: Dr. Cuvier,) It will be from the Marquise.

BIANCA: Chi 57:03
Oh, wait hold on I’m not working for him. You just say I’m part of your thing with that what’s his name chocolate guy?

SOPHIE: Puja 57:09
But perhaps, Monsieur, Luc (LUC: You mean Gaston?) has very specific dietary requirements and brought his assistant along to make sure there is no gluten in his food? (BIANCA: Hey, she’s pretty good.)

LUC: Zach 57:28
No, no. I need my bread. I cannot have this, this, farce..

SOPHIE: Puja 57:35
Aw, not even for one night?

LUC: Zach 57:39
Non, non, non. I already have Gaston, and Serge and Sebastienne. Those are my approved servants.

BIANCA: Chi 57:49
I think you’re being ridiculous about this.

GAWAIN: Mason 57:51
You get approval for each one? That’s insane!

LUC: Zach 57:55
They have to be approved by the king. He’s not going to pay 7000 gold for me to bring along all 23 household servants.

GAWAIN: Mason 58:06
I’m sorry. Repeat that number one more time. (LUC: 23.) No, the gold. How much gold?

LUC: Zach 58:14
Oh, the gold – it would not cost that much. It was simply a hyperbole.

GAWAIN: Mason 58:18
Fine Fine. I think my heart skipped a beat.

SOPHIE: Puja 58:21
Not for a moment do I believe him about his story about the hyperbole.

BIANCA: Chi 58:25
Yeah, but you’re gonna pay me for my information for my kitchen gossip as you said right?

LUC: Zach 58:33
Sure. I’ll pay you in chocolate, chocolat.

BIANCA: Chi 58:37
No, no. No, no. coin is what’s going to happen. Coin

SOPHIE: Puja 58:40
Monsieur Luc, how do you propose to get our bumblebee downstairs

LUC: Zach 58:50
Well, there was a dinner there last night in which I introduced myself to the head butler . I made myself (mic cut out) to his good (?) and typically the kitchen almost always needs new servants. They need hands especially with the arrival of myself. I eat a lot. I don’t know. The messenger says that we could bring along guests should we desire. This is my plus one I suppose.

SOPHIE: Puja 59:34
A child?

BIANCA: Chi 59:36
I like I like grin and my little like sailors suit.

LUC: Zach 59:41
I have to think of something.

SOPHIE: Puja 59:42
But perhaps B, you can dress as a boy again and you can be a Squire. You are training him.

LUC: Zach 59:55
I do not have the necess…I have my personal training but I did not have any…They know that I would not have a Squire.

BIANCA: Chi 1:00:06
I don’t see why I can’t be part of like this service retinue.

LUC: Zach 1:00:09
You could have…because you cannot. Simple as that.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:00:16

LUC: Zach 1:00:20
Why can’t you be a little doctor in training?

BIANCA: Chi 1:00:24
Listen, I’m gonna go clean up. I’ll show you what I mean. And she’s gonna like, go off. There’s got to be like those standing cloth things you know that block off the beds?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:00:34
Yeah, the divider?

BIANCA: Chi 1:00:36
Yeah, maybe there’s some knocked out person back there. She’ll just go back and behind one of those and she’s gonna clean up. There she is. So she’s just like back there.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:00:45
And well.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:00:50
Just like clothing flying?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:00:54
Well, not quite that dramatic. I mean I guess this is a soap opera so a little bit but she’s got a she’s got it different. couple different sets of clothes are on her. So when she comes back out again, she’s going to be she’s actually wearing a dress. It does. It fits her pretty well. It’s not fancy dress. I would say probably like, mid-level servant. We’re talking like we’re talking like personal maid status. (overlapping)

LUC: Zach 1:01:23
All you had to say was you didn’t want to be in the kitchen. (unintelligible)…cleaning the rooms.

BIANCA: Chi 1:01:31
Dressed like this I can go anywhere in the servants place. And then she’s got she’s braided her hair. So there’s a big long coil and then she’s like pinned a cloth over it which is very Vodacce. And for the first time she looks Vodacce. It has to do with the high collar. She’s got a high white collar. long sleeves that go down. And then she’s got servants can actually do like really fancy dress but they kind of imitate it a little bit. So she’s got that poof kind of like a poof sleeves that come to a better come to it kind of tight so that she can hide her knives in it. But she’s got all her other stuff in her like little sack that she’s carrying by her side. So I can go pretty much anywhere. As long as somebody’s pays me.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:02:15
Perhaps she can come as my guest? (LUC: (unintelligible) …of yours.)

LUC: Zach 1:02:21
Oh, oui.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:02:22
Yeah. As my personal maid.

BIANCA: Chi 1:02:26
Why not? Okay, let’s go.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:02:27
But wait, what’s about the young man with the concussion?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:02:35
Yeah, what do you want me to do?

LUC: Zach 1:02:40
Is he safe to travel?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:02:46
Ah, yes. Avoid more head wounds. Perhaps you shall…(LUC: I mean, he thinks there are three of us.)

GAWAIN: Mason 1:02:50
No, that that faded about 20 minutes ago.

LUC: Zach 1:02:53
Oh, okay. Good. How many now? I just hold up two fingers.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:02:59
One very rich man holding up two fingers. (LUC: Okay.) You met the Emperor! (LUC: Uh, oui.) What was that like?

LUC: Zach 1:03:13
He’s very formal. You agree with whatever he says so you do not get your head chopped off? (SOPHIE: Oui.) That is about it. Make sure there was no bad news to tell him.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:03:27
But, what if there is?

LUC: Zach 1:03:29
You fix it before it gets to him? (SOPHIE: Yeah.)

BIANCA: Chi 1:03:34
Oh, I’d do that.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:03:36
He sounds, um. magnificent and terrifying. Like really terrifying. From what I’ve heard. (multiple speakers at once.) Atheist philosopher that’s what he goes by Emperor de la monde? Sorry, my accents really bad.

LUC: Zach 1:03:53
L’Empereur du monde

GAWAIN: Mason 1:03:55
Yeah, I will never be able to pull that one off.

BIANCA: Chi 1:03:58
Anybody who thinks they’re king of the world is an idiot.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:04:00
Oh, is that what that means? (BIANCA: Yeah.) Oh, God, that’s really scary.

LUC: Zach 1:04:03
Emperor of the world.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:04:07
I met the emperor only once when I was 12. And he elevated my father to nobility. But as a child, maybe not very much older than our Bumblebee, I was quite scared.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:04:32
Alright, so what do you need me to do tonight?

LUC: Zach 1:04:34
Oh. Do not go punching any guards. Do not go unleashing the horses from the stables you know just kind of keep to yourself.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:04:48
Perhaps you can take him inside as your servant? Or the garden?

LUC: Zach 1:04:57
Perhaps. You could just hide away in the garden.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:05:00
I’ll hide in the garden!


LUC: Zach 1:05:05
El Vagabundo may come in through the garden. (overlapping/mic cuts out)

GAWAIN: Mason 1:05:10
we seem to we seem to share the like cloak and sword things so you know that could work out rather fine.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:05:17
Perhaps you may be friends.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:05:19
Yes, kindred spirits.

LUC: Zach 1:05:23
All right.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:05:25
Suit yourselves. I, I trust in all o’you. You seem to know better than I.

LUC: Zach 1:05:31
Trusting so easily.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:05:33
So, Dr. Cuvier. Are you sure you want to get involved?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:05:38
I was invited to this dinner. I didn’t get a choice. (LUC: She is obligated to attend.) SOPHIE & LUC: You do not turn down the invitation.

LUC: Zach 1:05:46
It’s more of an order. (SOPHIE: Oui. )

SOPHIE: Puja 1:05:51
It is how we survive. Allons-y! (LUC: D’accord. Bon chance.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:05:57
So, as we go on into the evening, everybody’s preparing to go in. Let’s talk about approaches. What how you guys are going into the Marquise home and what you’re hoping to find?

LUC: Zach 1:06:12
Okay. I…Okay, so go Gawain is going to be my guest. But it’s going to be the ruse that he was. Well, he was concussed during the riot. We’re going to say that I accidentally knocked him in the head to the ground, he went ????. And now I feel personally obligated to watch after him. He will simply be in the garden the entire night.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:06:45
So, you’re making up a story you’re going in little bit deceitful. Are you hoping to endear the Marquise to you? What do you try to hope that will happen as you break away and spin this story?

LUC: Zach 1:07:00
I guess my thing is I’m going to Okay, hold on. Is Bianca going to try and get work in the Marquise household or is she going to be Sophie’s little personal maid?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:07:16
I think we decided to use my personal maid.

LUC: Zach 1:07:19
Okay, so I don’t have to try and schmooze for you. Okay,

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:07:23
You just have Gawain and Bianca is going in as a guest of Sophie.

LUC: Zach 1:07:28
I am going to try…oooooooh…let me think a little bit. Other people go. I know what I’m doing with Gawain. But not what I’m doing for myself.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:07:42
If if you really need me to I can find a way to sneak myself into the garden. I can really try sir I swear.

LUC: Zach 1:07:49
Oh, I don’t know if we should risk that.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:07:55
A word from him would be would go much further than anything thing you might be able to accomplish alone.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:08:03
I I guess

SOPHIE: Puja 1:08:06
Um, with Sophie, it’s pretty easy. She is just trying to get through dinner. Like everything. Okay, (mic cut out) been through these folks. So, she’s not really like…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:08:18
So, Sophie’s not actively looking for anything?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:08:20
No, she is information gathering. And for the most part. This is like she’s very deeply uncomfortable with the Montaigne style of politics, King with all of the lying and the never saying anything you mean. And so her plan is in the beginning to just be like, this is my new Vodacce maid. She’s in training. It’s I brought her along so she can learn from a established household, how things should be done. But that’s really about it. And then she’s just going to speak when spoken to for the most part.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:08:56
Okay, so just you know, you’re listening your information gathering but you’re not know that you’re being as honest as possible. (SOPHIE: Oh, yeah.) Okay. Bianca, or B? What are we going by while you’re inside? The What is your name while you’re here in this scene.

BIANCA: Chi 1:09:12
Ah, I’ll use Bianca but I’ll use a different different last name. Okay, so I don’t have a whole bunch of Italian names in front of me right now. But I’ll (SOPHIE: be my maid Bianca.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:09:21
Yeah, you know…

BIANCA: Chi 1:09:23
Sure. She’ll pretend not to speak too much in anything but Vodacce. She’s got like a really strong accent and then just kind of speaks few words of Théan here and there like, like, just kind of so hopefully she’ll pick up more. But essentially, what she’s going to do is kind of hide in the background. She’s pretty good at it. She’s got like a buff color dress. She’s She’s very much trying to do the information gathering. (DES: Okay..) She’ll drift. Like when they first go in, she’s going to immediately move to the background drift down to the kitchen under the pretense of making sure everything is good for for her noble mistress; hang around there a little bit. And then when the feast really starts to kick off after the cocktail hour, she’ll come back and kind of hover on the background of the pretense of being there in case in case she’s needed. And during that whole time, try to pick up any gossip on the people who are in power here. If anybody knows anything about the Vagabundo guy, and also any rumors that that might be going around about if there’s you know, if there’s a manhunt going on, just kind of like politically the situation What’s going on?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:10:40
Okay. So Gawain. You are you staying in? in the dining room? Are you heading out to the garden?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:10:48
I’m very much going to act like I’m a servant. And I’m heading to the servants quarters, because I kind of want to have like a pack that looks like it has my things in it. And really, it’s got my sword bundled up and my cloak in it. And I’m very much just like: Oh, it like I might even I don’t know if this character could fake accents that Yeah. But I think that character is going to actually just very servile: head down and just follow instructions until I could peel off.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:11:11
Okay. All right. So let’s, let’s roll our approaches. Think about like what you wanted to do, even if it’s just as even as simple as just listening. Pick your attributes and pick your pick your skills and pick your traits. And what you want to roll here. And then for for this kind of like scene, we’re going to say that for every raise, we can start, you can either ask me a point blank question, I will answer truthfully, or you can start declaring things about the scene.

BIANCA: Chi 1:11:44
Okay, so we’re going to roll and then this is the first time we get the trait; then there’s a bonus right?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:11:50
It’s actually the skill. I double checked it. So it is the first time you use the skill. So, you’ll get the bonus for that.

BIANCA: Chi 1:11:58

GAWAIN: Mason 1:12:00
All Righty.

LUC: Zach 1:12:00
Can my approach be like talking to the Marquise and the Maréchal and just kind of like, trying to, like in insinuate that they need to smooth things over before I head back to Montaigne? (DES: Absolutely. Absolutely.) Like, implying that, like the king would not like to hear about this?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:12:19
Oh, yeah. No, that is definitely a very good approach and think about to think about what you use for doing that convincing.

LUC: Zach 1:12:27
I guess, convince.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:12:29
Okay. (LUC: That’s a skill.) That is a skill.

BIANCA: Chi 1:12:33
Ah, look at those 10s. Mhm Hm! (GAWAIN: OOOOH!)

SOPHIE: Puja 1:12:39
What is the D10 SD? what’s what’s the what’s the macros thingy there?

BIANCA: Chi 1:12:46
So Jump, jump into your character sheets. And you probably have all your skills there. (SOPHIE: I do.) And they’re appropriate ranks. If you pick the trait that you’re going to use with your skill, it’s in the drop down next to the skill. (SOPHIE: Okay, okay.) And accurate. (SOPHIE: Yep.) And then you’re going to click the button, the blue button for your skill. And then it’s going to pop up and it’s going to ask you if you have a penalty, the DM hasn’t given you a penalty. So you just leave it at zero and then hit submit. This is the first time you’ve used a skill so she’s giving us a one bonus for that. So you put in one for that bonus, hit Submit again and it’s going to roll for you. There you go. (SOPHIE: Alrighty.)

LUC: Zach 1:13:24
And since I have a three and convince I can reroll one die one die, right? (DES: Correct. Yes.) Okay, so I can reroll my one. How do I reroll again? I did this last time but I forgot.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:13:41
Right forward slash role space one D10.

BIANCA: Chi 1:13:46
Performance I profession, but I don’t know if that makes…

LUC: Zach 1:13:49
That doesn’t make it much better.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:13:52
Performance is still what you’re doing so it’s not too…

BIANCA: Chi 1:13:55
So I think that’s just how I got it.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:14:08
All right, who has their raises, how many raises have they got…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:14:14
I was gonna say my approach everything I’m going to do Wits/Notice. (DES: Okay.) Because I think my character rather than feeling confident enough to pretend a lot and an alternate persona is letting Luc do the talking. And it’s just being super servile. Like, I wouldn’t even talk without permission. And I’m waiting for that moment he dismisses me and the reason I’m doing Notice is because I’m trying to slip off and find this garden while all this is happening.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:14:41
Okay, go ahead. Alright, cool.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:14:43
So, Wits/Notice. (DES: Wits/Notice.) To kind of like play my part and notice my opportunity to slip out without like, not like Bianca’s like full on like playing a part.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:14:53
I also did Wits/Notice, by the way.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:14:55
Sounds good. All right. Sophie, how many raises did you get?

BIANCA: Chi 1:15:00
(mic drops out) And then there’s a an extra die that’s got a three on it.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:15:04
Okay, hold on to that one. Sophie?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:15:06
Three with a hanging two.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:15:08
Luc, how many you got?

LUC: Zach 1:15:11
Three with a hanging six? Ooh,

GAWAIN: Mason 1:15:15
I’m gonna reroll the one because I have a ?. That’s a 4. Alright, so I’ve got one, two…

BIANCA: Chi 1:15:34
Can I get? Damn, can I get a hero point for committing to a dangerous course of action, I believe is destiny.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:15:41
Do you believe it’s destiny? What do you hope you what would what is pulling you to be this house?

BIANCA: Chi 1:15:47
Oh, well, I mean, I saw all of these people with my read. And they all have. They all have the important solid gold strings of faith included in Maréchal. And I’m like, Okay, and then I also saw these two and their Arcana, particularly the courtier Luc over there. So, you know, he’s, you know, obviously important and also doing something that is not apparent and so even though I’m inclined to say leave it alone. We’re definitely going all in. But we’re also going all in.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:16:26
All right. I’ll buy that. You get an extra hero point.

BIANCA: Chi 1:16:29

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:16:30
All right. So, Bianca’s got two. So, Bianca, you, you have the most raises for this scene. So we’ll say that everything goes smoothly. You…you…the dinner has come out. Let’s talk about the Marquise for a second. The Marquise enters, and she sits at the head of the table. To her right is the Maréchal. The one that you saw the square the one that was was about to lash the boys for desecrating the flag, but Luc convinced him not to. He’s got the kind of like severe look kind of thin , gaunt, but a man of the military. The mar…the Marquise herself, is average looking late, early 40s. Too late, you know, maybe even late late 30s if we’re being nice. She has dark hair, gray eyes. She’s dressed just slightly out of fashion, Luc, as if she just missed the new the newest fashion that you had left at the court. So she’s pretty well situated not too far out. But not immediately in the inner circle. She welcomes all of you coming and particularly Luc, because you are the neighboring noble and she has invited other nobles from the city. Sophie would have recognized other lower, mostly Castile has lower nobles from Montagne or coming by people who either came by choice because they wanted to leave court or people who are just not high ranking enough to stay closer to the court. Unless they’re all just a noble to like you probably haven’t visited the Marquise and some time. (SOPHIE: Yeah.) So, this is mostly for show for Luc, because he’s the Emperor’s favorite. And also, she does apologize for that messy business in the town square. That never happens. But it’s all taken care of I’ve been assured and she looks at the Maréchal who nods that the the riots have been quelled, and that everybody is a remembers who was in charge. Yes. So, the dinner goes with some small chit chat people are talking, obviously. And then the servants who are there are just kind of standing the side, as is their station. Bianca, you have the most raises. So let’s talk about you can ask me for information that you’re looking for. Or you can maybe declare something particularly good. So like, while you were assuming that you’re not going to get caught unless it’s really intricate. But what are you looking for? What are you hoping to find this house?

BIANCA: Chi 1:19:30
I want to know if the Marquise is actually a bad ruler, or just unpopular.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:19:42
That’s a little too vague. I can tell you what the people in this room think about the Marquise.

BIANCA: Chi 1:19:50
Well, the people who work in this is the kitchen. So I’m going to say beginning of the evening. So in the kitchen, do people who work here think the Marquise is evil or not.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:20:04
It’s split, I’ll take I’ll take one raise from you, so you now have three. We’ll say it’s split the people. The peep, the Marquise, the kitchen staff, the ones who were cooking for the Marquise, they’re her own staff. They’re not Castilian. They’re all Montaigne. So, you get the sense that they pride themselves the fact that they’re favored in the Marquise house because they’re Montaigne. They’re not any of the Castilian staff. But they’re also afraid of the Marquise herself. (BIANCA: They are?) Yes. She has been the they allude to the fact that she might have that she has a temper. That she likes things done a very certain way. And that she gets incredibly irate when they’re not done to her standards.

BIANCA: Chi 1:20:49
And what happens when they don’t happen right? Do I hear anything about that?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:20:56
You hear it veiled that like at least like if someone makes a mistake, it’s a travesty. But at least they’re not Castilian. Her her true tempers…

GAME MASTER: Desiree(cont.) 1:21:11
So we’ll wait for it to kind of stabilize a little bit. Okay, we’re

GAWAIN: Mason 1:21:20

BIANCA: Chi. 1:21:22
Okay, so it’s great to be involved in, in this household. And if you’ve not, what happens to you if you make a mistake? Do I hear anything about that?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:21:31
Uh, you haven’t heard anything about it, but you you hear it as a threat like people, it’s a warning. So you can but you haven’t heard anything very specific. Okay. That’s just for your one raise.

BIANCA: Chi 1:21:43
Okay, from my one. Okay.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:21:45
Okay, uh, we’ll go Gawain. Did you tell me how many raises you got?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:21:50
Uh, yeah. So I have. Let me let me scroll up really quick. I got to that add up to exactly 10. And then I was able to reroll a one and get a four and at one that adds up to 12. So, is that three raises or two with a hang with hanging stuff?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:22:04
It’s just the three raises.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:22:05
So three raises, right nothing hanging.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:22:07
So everybody here as the same amount of raises. Does anybody want to ask a question about what they’re doing? Or get some truth from somebody in particular?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:22:16
Um, I will, I can go. I would like to just since I’m doing noticing and using my wits, just trying to gather if this is really about just showing off to Luc about how excellent everything is here. Or if there is something more sinister. That the Marquise is trying to up to with all of us here.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:22:44
Yeah. I’ll say for like one raise you can get the the, the vibe, which is that? Yes, it is a big show for Luc. Yeah, he was invited yesterday for just a dinner because he had come in. But now this is the big to do where they’re parading him around round all the other nobles in town. The Marquise is very shall we say eager to to cuddle up to Luc. Not in any sort of untoward way just like you’re the favorite. So, we obviously want to show, you know, the most hospitality so that when the Emperor hears about what’s happening in Altamira, you know, say like, Oh, well, I was treated really nicely by everybody. That’s the for one raise. That’s what (SOPHIE: Okay.) Anybody else want to ask questions about what’s happening in this in this situation?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:23:34
Am I able to locate the garden once I peel off?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:23:40
Yeah, absolutely. You go off into the garden. And it is gorgeous. A very big, kind of the villa itself kind of wraps around it. So, you have a very expensive garden, filled with lots of fruit trees, and a fountain in the center. Absolutely gorgeous. It’s probably one of the most not that you are a particular garden connoisseur unless you are and then tell me, but this is one of the nicest, neatest, most well maintained places you’ve seen in all of your travels.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:24:15
I mean, I I made the decision randomly last session that my character really does like gardening, so I’m just kind of like, like, just completely agog at this place. (DES: This is like next level shit, man.) Like, I’m blown away. But I’ve heard terrible things about this garden and I’m looking for its secrets.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:24:33
Alright you’re gonna look through the secrets of the garden. We’ll hold off on that for a second. But you are in the garden with your one raise. Luc, do you have any questions? Bianca any questions?

LUC: Zach 1:24:51
Can I see? Or ask how the Marquise and Maréchal, the Maréchal intend go forward after the events of today?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:25:03
Oh, it’s gonna be a very good question. The Maréchal is the one that you are deep in conversation with particularly because you spoke to him earlier. The Marquise is sort of like you’re talking to other people, but you can tell that she’s paying attention to this conversation. And the Maréchal says that with with today’s events behind us I’m sure that we have stricter viewings of the flag in the morning and the evening we have more armed patrols in the evening as well that we will get the city back into Tip Top order. Everybody will be will be back knowing their place. (LUC: So, they intend to be more more more strict.) Yes, more strict. At least that more (overlapping). Yes.

LUC: Zach 1:26:01
Can I as a part of it suggest or like say an old proverb like what is like if the donkey won’t go for the lash they might go for the carrot.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:26:21
That’s a pretty good proverb. I would say you spend another raise to kind of convince them that that and I…but these Castilians…This city is ours because of the war. We can’t go soft on them now because we’ve won. We have to show our military strength.

LUC: Zach 1:26:46
It is ours. I’m just afraid of more of events like these occurring in the future. You have done a very fine job up into this point. (overlapping/mic drops out) You’ve done a most amazing job I’ve just heard the king lavish upon how good you are doing here the Maréchal and the Marquise and you Maréchal but I’m worried that

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:27:16
Now you’ve mentioned the king and the Marquise is paying attention to you. She said tell us what has the has said.

LUC: Zach 1:27:23
Oh, he’s heard that there have been very few disturbances the old ruling class has kept have been kept completely separated and they have not had any contact with the people. He’s he thinks it’s been going wonderfully here. However, I I am afraid it I’ve seen this in other locations whenever I went to Vodacce they had a small uprising in their war against whatever it was, I don’t know. And I fear that with the sighting of this El Vagabundo, that people may be inspired and becoming more aggressive against them will give them more reason to rise up against us.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:28:22
When you say the name El Vagabundo you can see his eyes sort of narrow as if it is a very easy sore spot with him. But he nods like (LUC: This charlatan!) With his mask and his cape but you’re getting through to him but you know you he just kind of like nodded takes it in and you know, drinks his fine wine it says perhaps it is time that we show a different side and that will keep the people in line. I’ll try your way and he says it in a way that like he’s being he’s kind of poking fun but very gentle. Like he doesn’t he definitely does not expect it to work, but he does it because you have convinced to at least tone it down a bit. So, keep that one. Bianca How about you?

BIANCA: Chi 1:29:20
Um, we last session in the tavern we heard rumors of of torture in the gardens. And I’m going to use under the cover of my Vodacce ignorance my foreigner ignorance that you know, oh, you know, in in my country we know how to handle these things, you know kind of type thing to see if I can get any information on those rumors like whether the rumors are justified about the extreme measures like if the Marquise takes extreme measures.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:29:59
Yeah. You definitely hear people are very hard to admit it but you know, it takes a little bit and you’ve endeared yourself to the kitchen staff a little bit that eventually one of the younger scullery maids she she’s whispering she’s she’s the the Marquise likes…likes to take a whip to some people she finds it funny? But kind of like looks around that she’s embarrassed even say something like that. But they kind of keeps it quiet and then she’s cleaning and then finally she can tell us she tells you this sometimes with the Marquise some of her whim is to go and whip people in the garden but I don’t think she’ll do it with people here tonight.

BIANCA: Chi 1:30:55
Oh. I see.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:30:58
Doesn’t sound terribly convinced that that this is enough to curb the Marquise.

BIANCA: Chi 1:31:05
I see. Yeah, she does seem worried about how you say her reputation.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:31:14
So you get that. Gawain in the garden.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:31:18
I’m gonna get whipped in a garden tonight.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:31:22
This is different kind of show.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:31:24
It’s not your head.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:31:25
Excuse me as I mute my mic. So, I could just yell the F word.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:31:29
All right, so you’re going through this garden, right? What are you hoping for? Like, you’re going to find something terrible if you want to be able to stop it. Do you want to have proof? What do you want? What do you what do you looking for?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:31:43
I think that if I’m really keeping my wits about me, it would be great to to I mean, if I see victims, I think I’m going to be moved to try and save them. But right now, I am definitely just looking for proof.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:31:56
Okay, you go to the far end, you’ll pass multiple pass bushes and trees that would that are kind of like darkening this path through the garden and in the very far corner you find a small building kind of like a shed. But with some fire light from inside the can see through the small shuttered windows. (GAWAIN: Mm hmm.) And if you’re kind of creeping around, you’ll see that there you don’t even see it you hear muffled kind of like whimpering

GAWAIN: Mason 1:32:29
Oh, shit!

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:32:30
Yes. But that’s all you hear for now. Okay, okay, that’s where you are…you’re there. Yeah. Alright, take raise everybody’s got to raises who wants to move next. It can be me so, you really want to go right now…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:32:47
I will creep forward I’m not going to get involved like as directly as last time but I’ll creep forward to like peer through dramatically through some cracking the wood.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:32:56
All right, here’s this little crack in the wood you see someone kind of like with their hands tied. And they’re kind of tied this way with the with a rope to a stake behind them. You can see like old whip marks all over their arms and across their chest. There’s kind of dripped and sweat and blood and you can see what looks to be shadows some kind of a dark figure on to the side of this person. You can’t tell because the the keyhole isn’t big enough. But you have a feeling it’s another person who’s just like lying down. Maybe like this is just where they keep people.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:33:37
Oh, okay. I want to I think like very cinema…cinematically, it’s like that look through realize what I’m seeing? Like, fall back on my butt. Like puke in my mouth a little bit.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:33:49

GAWAIN: Mason 1:33:51
And ya I’ll think what to do next.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:33:53
Okay. We’ll hold on for you. Who wants to go next?

LUC: Zach 1:34:00
I only have one left, right? Because I used two.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:34:03
Oh, you used two. Yeah. So you are one. So you don’t get to go right now. All right. Yeah. Bianca, and Sophie.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:34:10
Sophie is, I mean, she’s still on information gathering mode. And I think she wants to kind of listen to the other. I’m assuming she’s seated, kind of with other minor nobility at the dinner table. And what she wants to do and if they don’t bring it up themselves, she will try to bring up just like the the events of this afternoon in the city. They were quite something and she’s just kind of trying to get a temperature on how these minor courtiers feel about the events with the riot and the, the, you know, everything from like the how they felt about like those kids being punished to people stepping in and just yeah, just generally say like, do the courtiers feel one way or another?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:35:02
Okay? A lot of the courtiers are horrified that it was children that were being lashed but at the same time, they are like, well, the Montaigne is in charge and the Marquise is in charge. And you know, you’re talking to an older an older gentleman who just kind of defers to the Marquise so the she’s the one in charge of the and the Emperor has, you know, put her has instituted her for years now we don’t have a problem. And, you know, his wife and his, whereas the other mark of the other minor nobles, that kind of grumbling though, like the Marquise is a little too far in her reach, but at the same time there they kind of like they, they know and the Marquise know that, other than their current visitor, the Emperor doesn’t really pay attention to what happens here and Altamira. (SOPHIE: Makes sense.) Yeah, they’re kind of their their their opinion is that the Marquise in charge, because nobody else wants to rule this. And the other thing is that the Marquise, the other the other general thought from these nobles is that the Marquise really enjoys being in charge of Altamira is they can’t This is the place that she feels most powerful that they can tell. Okay, yeah, and that’s what you get for that raise. Bianca.

BIANCA: Chi 1:36:37
So think I have one left?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:36:39
You have one or you have two

BIANCA: Chi 1:36:40
I think I have one because the first one the first one was whether or not she was evil, and the next one was about the garden.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:36:44
Yes, but… (SOPHIE: you have four total.) (BIANCA: Oh, 4 Oh, sorry. Okay. Yes.) Okay. So what do you wanna do?

BIANCA: Chi 1:36:53
Okay, so for my last two, I’m going to go back up to to where my mistress is extensively. (DES: Okay.) And also Luc. And for my third one, I’m going to see if there’s anyone in particular in the room that shows either one of them any more than normal animosity. And I do have a little bit of of experience in in in wealth you know, from from my youth 20 something.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:37:28
I’m sorry, you said showed them animosity. Who are we talking about? (BIANCA: Luc and Sophie.) Okay, so any of the noble they’re showing Sophie…

BIANCA: Chi 1:37:37
Yeah, just anyone that’s attending the party that she’s looking for danger so like anyone that shows them any any animosity whatsoever? Whether hidden or otherwise if there’s if there if either of them are in any danger.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:37:59
There is normal woman who she is about early 20s she’s there alone. Sophie, you will know her as not not quite lower noble next is not as poor as say like you. And I don’t mean that disparagingly, but like she’s, she shouldn’t be about like mid-tier courtier level, which is here in Altamira. And she looks she looks at Sophie fine. But Bianca knows that she does is not pleased with Luc or at least Luc’s presence. So, you get a sense. She is a mini mid-tier noble. Her name is Catalina she’s lived in Altamira for a while. She’s also half Montaigne and half Castilian. And she’s kind of looking Luc disparagingly not of course when he’s looking at her direction. She’s nothing but politeness and sweetness when people are looking and in her direction, but for Luc kind of like rolls her eyes and scoffing in his direction whenever he speaks about like, how great court life is back in Montaigne.

BIANCA: Chi 1:39:26
Okay, after observing that, at Bianca is going to drift, you know, unassumingly through the crowd to her mistresses’ side. And under the pretense of like fixing her skirt or something will kind of hiss you know, find out what her deal is.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:39:50
And then in response Sophie will, just to kind of like Pat her shoulder under the table and acknowledgement like message received but no verbal indication.

BIANCA: Chi 1:40:00
And then she’ll stand back.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:40:04
Sophie, you’ve been given indication, you’ve been given a clue from Bianca, what would you like to do?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:40:12
All right, well, with my next raise, I would like to initiate conversation with Catalina and kind of just suss out at one point you’d be like Oh, so what was all your thoughts on Luc Gerard de la Morte? And like very exaggeratedly use all of his name.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:40:38
She you know when you’re with your raise your and your reputation you know Sophie you’re well liked in the town. So this noble woman she knows who you are. And as you draw out Luc’s name with every word she just takes another sip and just eye roles like you guys are like I assume you guys are like, a little far away maybe on the balcony just quietly gossiping. (SOPHIE: Drinking wine…) He’s one of those nobles who comes to these far off Montaigne outposts for adventure. He’s grown tired of sitting on those little pillows in court, and wants to rough it out in the harshest cities in the Empire.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:41:24
But we we are nothing but a circe to him, of course. (DES: Of course.) Bring out the elephants, eh?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:41:33
These people that you know, these people are are under occupation. We are still feeling the effects of the war and he wants a vacation. Or course.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:41:44
Of course, he he gets to come and then leave and tell tales without having to live the reality of these riots and the war.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:41:58
Ugh. May he leave soon. I don’t want to see him or perhaps he’ll at least he’ll get to know what it’s like here in Altamira and just go running home. Back to back into the lap of the Emperor. All right. And go. Luc, I think you have a last one last one.

LUC: Zach 1:42:20
For one, one last raise. Okay. I would like to peel off from the Marquise and the Maréchal. And I would like to try and I would like to like just like walk around the room like chit like idle chit chatting with people but like keeping my eyes out for anyone who has like a slightly similar stature to El Vagabuno. Can I do that?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:43:01
Yeah, you can do that. Um, you do this you know you’re looking and you kind of like okay, I I saw a good glimpse of El Vagabundo out in the in the square. I know the height, I know the build, and you know the mask but maybe with the  flourish with their with their hands. And so, you kind of like going around you very surreptitiously eyeing people. And you know, you’ve almost given up until you until Sophie comes back into the room with the lady Catalina and you go that’s about the same height that I’m looking for. Like the way that the lady Catalina like moves her hand a little bit. See it throwing a dagger, but that’s the only thought that you have. Maybe I will take that raise. (LUC: Okay. I’ll keep that in mind.) Gawain. (GAWAIN: Yes!) You got your two raises. (GAWAIN: All right.) What are you doing? You know somebody’s behind this closed door, this gardening shed in this dark ass garden…(SOPHIE: Dun dun dun!)

GAWAIN: Mason 1:44:22
Sacre bleu, indeed. I man oh man. My hero sense is very much like you should save the man tied to the post. Ungh…I’m gonna open the door.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:44:34
You’re gonna open the door. You open the door and there are you see the man that was tied to the post his hands have clasped and rope tied. You see two figures beside him like kind of prone. Also men with their shirts off but they could see just like lashes all over their back and of their arms and shoulders. They’re not tied because they probably still just passed out a couple of the lashes look fresh and the other guy he’s can barely open his eyes between all of the sweat and the blood. Just adrenaline kind of like just finally escaping him. And he’s got some cloth between his teeth. So he can’t really speak just kind of just like (Des whimpers).

GAWAIN: Mason 1:45:21
Okay, gonna just extricate that cloth.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:45:25
You’re not you’re not with the Marquise are you?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:45:29

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:45:32
Are you gonna kill me?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:45:35
No, I’d like to help you. Do you know a way outta here?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:45:39
No. (mumbles) you? But just points the guys down.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:45:48
All right.

GAMEMASTER: Desiree  1:45:49
If you can’t you can’t free me, can you just kill me?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:45:54
I can’t do that. Listen, I got some friends that might be able to help. I’ll be back and I’m going to slip out.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:46:02
Okay, you slip out. I’ll give you…I’ll give you…I’ll let…keep I’ll let you keep this one last raise. So what do you wanna do? Where’re you going?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:46:08
I am going to…do I think if I called out to one of the Sidhe they would be here because we’re very far from Avalon.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:46:20
You’re very far from Avalon. It would take I would I would say like point blank it would take more than one raise to call one.


GAWAIN: Mason 1:46:30
I don’t think I’m ready to try I don’t think the character is ready to try that yet. (DES: Okay.) I think I’m going to try and find I think I’m going to try to find Luc.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:46:39
Alright you’re going back into (mumbles). You come in and he has this like face on his his expression on his face as he realized that you know just passing thought that he had is now connected to somebody in this room.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:46:54
I just as…if I can catch his eye, I’m just going to make my eyes (talks too fast) just like dinner plates. Just like I found a thing. I’m going to try to communicate that I found something with my eyes. (DES: Alright.) I mean, so like I found a thing, but I do not know what to do. So I’m going to stand against the wall like I’m waiting for orbs.

LUC: Zach 1:47:22
Can I do anything since I have no raises?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:47:24
You have no raises, so we’re gonna have (BIANCA: Fail? I need an adult. ) We’ll have to…We’re gonna take a small break.
Now between these things will take like five minute break. And then we’ll we’ll reroll to do your next round of actions. Okay, all right. All right.


GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:53:46
Alright, we’re back. Yay. All right, so you’re all out of raises. So, let’s start rolling, again Think about your approaches what you want to accomplish and then roll that number. So, we learned a lot of stuff and everybody’s back in the same room again ish.

BIANCA: Chi 1:54:08
I’m not gonna I don’t know what I want to do until I find out what if they’re going to do anything because I don’t even know there’s problem yet. You know what I mean? Can I roll later?

LUC: Zach 1:54:22
Well, let’s say it look right now let’s let’s just do like a general like RP scene. You know, Gawain’s back making eyeball saucers.

LUC: Zach 1:54:33
I will…slowly but like slowly making my way across to kinda like where he is. But not like just mad dash not drawing any attention. Okay, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo is that you already look like a rat out of water don’t draw attention by glaring at me please.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:55:01
Oh, sorry, but sorry me Lord, but it seems that there’s a torture shed in the garden.

LUC: Zach 1:55:10
A torture said shed in the garden? Are you sure or is it one of those concussion things?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:55:21
I I’m sure (LUC: You’re sure?) I am very sure. Like multiple people. Yeah, I’m going to continue to pretend to be whatever this character is and not talk. And just like leans against the wall

LUC: Zach 1:55:37
Because you are a concussed victim who needs to stop snooping.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:55:49
And in that vein, I’m going to be rolling Panache/Perform.

LUC: Zach 1:55:55
I guess since I know that sneaky things are going to happen I’m going to be doing um, Resolve. Because you said torture and like I don’t know would Hide be like the most accurate for sneaky things?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:56:14

LUC: Zach 1:56:17
We’ll just…I’ll do Resolve/Hide. (DES: Okay.) And then …Should I let everyone else know about this thing? I guess…is Sophie or Sophie still talking to Cat..no they came in with Catalina is Bianca Bianca is separated from…no she’s with Sophie.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:56:44
She’s come back, yeah.

LUC: Zach 1:56:46

GAWAIN: Mason 1:56:51
All right. I’m gonna roll that Perform/Risk if it’s cool.

LUC: Zach 1:56:56
I guess I will walk on over to Bianca, Sophie and Catalina, and I’ll be like, oh, Bon soir, madame. I don’t think we’ve had a pleasure to acquaint ourselves yet. To Catalina.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:57:13
She’s just like smiling through clinched teeth. And she’s Hello. I am the lady Catalina.

LUC: Zach 1:57:23
A pleasure.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:57:25
But I do believe I somebody else is calling me. So I will. Sure I will see you around. And then she says good-bye to Sophie and it just swans off just like she does this. (gestures and overlapping) (SOPHIE: …as she’s walking away.)

LUC: Zach 1:57:56
Okay, and then I like whisper in Vodacce: I’ve heard the garden is quite beautiful. Perhaps you and your Dr. friend should check it out.

BIANCA: Chi 1:58:19
You say this in Vodacce???

LUC: Zach 1:58:22
In Vodacce.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:58:22
Je ne parle pas l’Italian.

LUC: Zach 1:58:36
L’abeille comprends.

BIANCA: Chi 1:58:19
And then I’ll kind of like curtsy and I’m very good at it trained trained curtsy. Si, signore. And hopefully you swan off too.

LUC: Zach 1:58:52
And then I guess I will make my well…are Gaston, Bastien, or Serge here? Or at least one of them?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:59:04
Gaston is definitely there. No, no Serge, Serge. We’ll go Serge…(overlapping)

LUC: Zach 1:59:10
Serge is the strong one. Yep.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:59:17
(unintelligible)…the retinue

LUC: Zach 1:59:19
Yes, I have three.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:59:22
Must be nice.

LUC: Zach 1:59:27
I will go to Serge. And I will ask him to get Gaston to bring me my evening hankies.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:59:41
Because of course the bows and is off to find Gaston and your evening hankies.

BIANCA: Chi 1:59:48
Meanwhile, I will kind of like put my arm through Sophie’s arm kind of like, I don’t know, Regency lady style, you know? Like, we’re gossiping (SOPHIE: Shall we take a turn around the room?) And I’ll be like garden garden garden garden garden garden. But then I’m going to make it seem like she’s leading

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:00:19
And you go off to the garden. (SOPHIE: Oui.) All right.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:00:21
And then under my breath as we’re walking and I’d be like, what is an evening hanky?

BIANCA: Chi 2:00:29
Some stupid rich boy thing. (LUC: I’m not following you.)

SOPHIE: Puja 2:00:31
No, no, no, I’m asking Bianca if she has any idea what the heck an evening hanky is.

BIANCA: Chi 2:00:36
Stupid, rich guy thing that they use a night? I don’t know. Maybe he’s got one. Do you know what I mean?

SOPHIE: Puja 2:00:43

BIANCA: Chi 2:00:42
Aren’t you a doctor?


SOPHIE: Puja 2:00:49
I am not an expert in men’s evening hankies.

BIANCA: Chi 2:00:53
Mm hmm, you don’t know what they use them for a night?

LUC: Zach 2:00:55
Gaston will know what it means.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:00:57
No concussions. But that’s it. I would prefer not to think about it.

BIANCA: Chi 2:01:08
You go ahead and do that. Meanwhile, garden.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:01:13
We’re walking and talking. Are we gonna roll stuff?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:01:16
Yes. Let’s put your approaches in the garden for those who are the garden and then Luc, what are you doing when you’re not in the garden?

LUC: Zach 2:01:23
Well, I feel like (DES: Are you still waiting for your evening hankies?) I think what I’m going to do with Gaston counts as a raise. (DES: It does. Technically) So I think I need to roll. So I have I have three raises and then an extra four and an extra five. (DES: Okay.) Oh, wait, I can reroll one of them. (DES: Yep.) Cuz Hide is a three. Okay. Four raises, and a hanging four?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:02:00
Alright. Well, I didn’t Gawain. How about you, what’s your raises like?

GAWAIN: Mason 2:02:04
Two…it looks like two raises and a hanging six.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:02:08
All right, Bianca.

BIANCA: Chi 2:02:13
I don’t know what I’m trying to do. Uh, okay. Some swashbuckling? I guess.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:02:20
I mean, like, a meta sense. (LUC: Alright? Does this count as a risk?) Yes.

LUC: Zach 2:02:26
Okay, I plan on activating my virtue.

BIANCA: Chi 2:02:32
Oh shoot. I forgot we can do that.

LUC: Zach 2:02:36
To get your virtue and act behind the scenes from the shadows with your proxy for the next risk, you determine raises every die counts as a raise.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:02:42
Oh, geezus. Alright. So how many raises do you have?

LUC: Zach 2:02:46
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…so 6? Seven raises. Wow.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:02:51
All right. Good, cuz you’re all gonna collectively need a lot of raises I can tell you this right now. All right. Bianca, from a meta sense, you know, what’s there. So like, what would be able to do? What would you use to have Bianca do something in that scene?

BIANCA: Chi 2:03:19
I don’t know what she’s gonna do yet. I don’t know. Um, like, they’re just gonna go look. And hopefully, (SOPHIE/b>: but you know, there’s something bad.) I know, there’s something bad.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:03:33
Um, I mean, like, how, like, let’s be real. Are you guys just gonna look at that bad thing that’s in there?

SOPHIE: Puja 2:03:39
I mean, her I feel like (mic cuts out) her to stab, right?

LUC: Zach 2:03:42
Well, they don’t even know that.

BIANCA: Chi 2:03:45
They don’t even know what there’s hanging people there. She’s going to assume that there are bodies is what she’s going to assume. Because yeah, because Gawain come in, he talked to Luc. Luc came and told us to go check out the garden, we’re going to go check out the garden. She’s heard rumors, she’s going to assume that there are bodies. So she doesn’t know that anybody needs rescuing. So I will say that she’s just going to go and check it out. Um, so gosh I don’t really have a lot in anything else. Um, what did everybody else use? (SOPHIE: I haven’t gone yet.)

LUC: Zach 2:04:33
I used hide…

SOPHIE: Puja 2:04:37
Because the empathy

BIANCA: Chi 2:03:45
is you’re doing you’re being sneaky. And you’re going to do an empathy thing to try to do doctor stuff. I’m

SOPHIE: Puja 2:04:43
I’m gonna assume someone needs help. Always Yeah.

BIANCA: Chi 2:04:45
Okay. I’m going to do some, some. Some Notice. I’ll just notice because it will see like, you know, if, if there’s anything to see and you know, who’s there if there are guards coming in and whatnot. So she’s basically body guarding Sophie. So what she’s doing. Okay. I will. Yeah, so I will use I will use notice, that’s what I’ll do.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:05:09
How much do you have in notice?

BIANCA: Chi 2:05:11
I only have one.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:05:13
All right. Well, then DM? Can I use it hero to point to help her? (DES: Yeah, yeah.) And then what I when I do that, because of camaraderie, you gain four dice instead of three.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:05:26
So spending, you’re spending your hero point to help another player gives that other player three extra dice to roll.

BIANCA: Chi 2:05:34
Okay, and this is first time I use notice. So that’s four total bonus

(All speaking at once) 2:05:36
you should be getting but yeah. Four bonus. Yeah. 4. 5 bonus because you get five extra day.

Yes. Wow. Okay, do you think

Yeah, okay. And I points in my come oddly.

BIANCA: Chi 2:05:49
Okay. So no penalty and five bonus?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:05:53

SOPHIE: Puja 2:05:56
Oh, she’s gonna need a minute.

BIANCA: Chi 2:05:56
That’s real good.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:06:00
And does anyone know what happens when you put the little star in the reroll? And in the character sheet? I’ll find out.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:06:09
We’re gonna find out guys.

LUC: Zach 2:04:33
Does that automatically reroll the lowest or?

SOPHIE: Puja 2:06:10
I’m gonna like let’s find out. And then I get one extra. Oh, yeah. Like it has the four the four is separate. So I can use that to reroll.

LUC: Zach 2:06:28
In the two Yeah.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:06:30
Yeah. Okay, so

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:06:35
Very nice rolling.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:06:38
Alright, so Who’s going first? All right.

LUC: Zach 2:06:41
Well, I have seven raises.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:06:43
Oh, yeah. Sophie, you didn’t tell me how many raises you get.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:06:46
Oh, I’m working on it. Sorry.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:06:47
Bianca. How many raises you got?

BIANCA: Chi 2:06:48
I’m working on it too. Because we have to match up the dice right? It’s not just adding.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:06:52
Correct yes. You have to make the pairs okay. Groups rather.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:06:57
I have four.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:06:58
Four, Mkay. (BIANCA: have for as well.) Alright. Luc, you have a million raises? (LUC: Yes.) And you’re very far ahead of everybody. So, I’m gonna give you the option, you can either start going now or if you want to wait hold on to them until people start making moves. You can do that.

LUC: Zach 2:07:21
Um, so Gaston comes. (DES: Yes.) With my evening hanky.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:07:26
Of course. You sent him off (mumbled/unintelligible) You sent him off for one of your raises.

LUC: Zach 2:07:31
And he knows Yes, he knows that evening. hankies means some certain types of dealings.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:07:40
Absolutely. He’s very aware.

LUC: Zach 2:07:42
I will ask him to go fetch one of the…oh no. I will ask him to go fetch. No, no, I won’t have no. Okay. I’m going to have Gaston. He’s gonna go and get one of the Butler’s he’s gonna grease some palms, right. And he’s gonna have them cause a large distraction, either a butler or like a serving staff. One of the it’s going to get someone who’s carrying a large tray of food. Okay, and it’s gonna, it’s going to grease some palms to cause a very large distraction.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:08:33
So we’ll use a raise to get Gaston to bring you what you need. Operation evening hankies. And then you’re second raise to convince some servants to cause a distraction for you. I’ll make that two raises. Because you want like a you you want to (LUC: A large distraction.) Yeah, you want exactly what, so we’ll say. We’ll knock it down to four raises. Now at four raises we’ve got Bianca and Sophie. So, you got your guys are on par. So you head into the garden? What are you guys doing? With your Regency arm link?

SOPHIE: Puja 2:09:11
A looking for any sign of what may have caused the comot… like, Gawain to freak out? Honestly. I guess we’re…Gawain’s not out here, right?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:09:23
Gawain is… (GAWAIN: Yes.) He is technically out there. But he can’t technically Well, I guess you could move if you like so Gawain, I wouldn’t say like you showed them the the torture shed that you found.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:09:35
Okay. Okay.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:09:37
Describe the scene for us.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:09:39
All right. So um, I guess acting still like I am just a servant, I just kind of lead you. And people don’t seem to question it. I kind of take you down, like a sudden turn a sudden turn. And then we’re all of a sudden out of the estate proper and on the grounds and in this massive garden. And kind of winding through these like really enchanting, like a really obscenely detailed topiaries, we eventually come to this kind of tucked back area where if you weren’t paying attention, you wouldn’t notice the shed is behind these hedges or whatever. And I kind of point out the shed, and immediately we kind of hear the whimpering again, because that other guy doesn’t have a gag in his mouth anymore. So it’s not even muffled anymore. And I just kind of stopped but I get one of these towards it.

BIANCA: Chi 2:10:31
Okay, okay, so Bianca is gonna, like, pulled out her hand, which her being like,

LUC: Zach 2:10:38
Am I with them?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:09:37
Would you like to be with them? You weren’t originally? I mean, right now, you like the money is changing hands. So do you want to be with them? You can catch them up? Yes. catch up with them. All right.

BIANCA: Chi 2:10:51
Ooh! Direct involvement? Yes. Go ahead.

LUC: Zach 2:10:55
I’ll let them go on a little bit. Just and then like, I’m looking at the topiaries and like stargazing but like following them. Okay.

BIANCA: Chi 2:11:06
Okay. Right, I showed up at the end, and then sneak ahead to just to make sure that, like nobody’s like, like, there aren’t any guards that have come or it’s not a trap or anything like that. So, she’s gonna sneak ahead first.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:11:21
You’re definitely sticking ahead and you don’t see any traps or anything like that. But you, when you kind of turn to kind of look back at your companions, you can kind of see a window into the house, how you can see that, like, the guards are changing. So, you know, where Gawain had seen this torture shed was kind of between the shifts. So now you know that you’ve got a good time. You’ve got a clock going.

BIANCA: Chi 2:11:46
Okay. Okay. Okay. Is there such thing as watches in this world? I don’t know.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:11:51
I don’t believe so. (SOPHIE: Not even a pocket watch?)

BIANCA: Chi 2:11:56
How do people tell time?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:11:58
I don’t know. To be quite honest, we’re gonna have to look…(LUC: That’s an advantage to know the time.)
(Everyone overlapping) 2:12:01

BIANCA: Chi 2:12:02
I mean, she knows time, but she’s supposed tell them that we’re almost out of time. She doesn’t know.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:12:09
You don’t know the schedule, but you will be able to tell like, you know, it’s been like what time is it? It’s like, it’s like 8pm

SOPHIE: Puja 2:12:17
I have here…

BIANCA: Chi 2:12:21
Yeah but she doesn’t know that. So yeah, I mean, okay. All right. So she’s going to like, lurk in there. She’s going to see what Gawain saw. How many guys are in there?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:12:31
Three. Two passed out. One not passed out.

BIANCA: Chi 2:12:33
Okay. Yikes. Okay. And then are they all Castilian? (DES: Yes.) All right.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:12:41
At least as far as you can tell.

BIANCA: Chi 2:12:42
Yeah. All right. I mean, she’s good. All right, she doesn’t see any guards. But then she’s going to come back out and she looks really grim. And she’s going to be like, you know, she’ll give the all clear signal. But she looks like oh shit. She doesn’t look happy. Okay.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:13:00
Sophie is going to go in and immediately try to help the awake person first.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:13:08
Okay, you know, you have to like your bandage like you can see some makeshift supplies that they have just to kind of keep people from absolutely bleeding out. You’re able to kind of like tend to the wounds of…(drifts off)

SOPHIE: Puja 2:13:22
Do I do I earn a hero point like because I’m tending to the injury of an innocent harmed by a villain

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:13:28
You are you You are so you get a hero but you’re now back to one hero point Yay. All right. But we’ll also take a raise for that one for this action because you helping dress these wounds. Alright. Luc, you are outside as Sophie, you know is tending to this man.

LUC: Zach 2:13:51
Okay. And I’m at kind of at a distance, (DES: A little bit of a distance. Yes.) Would I notice that there’s like a guard towery-thing?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:14:09
Are you looking for one? Are you looking for dangers? I guess the question is, are you spending your raise to look for danger?

LUC: Zach 2:14:16
I don’t think he would. Luc is going to first of all, disguise himself in some way shape or form. Okay. Maybe like, he sheds his like formal attire and underneath he has like some bland ish. Kind of like similar, not like undergarments, but like, simpler clothes that aren’t like blatantly Montagnier. Okay. And he’ll just like, fold those up. A little bit. hide them in a bush.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:15:01
Just Luc’s just stripping in the garden?

GAME MASTER: Desiree & SOPHIE: Puja 2:15:02
Yes. Cool.

LUC: Zach 2:15:06
I guess I should. Can I before I do that, can I look to make sure there’s like no one watching.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:15:11
Okay. Okay. Yeah. So, you’re spending your raise to make sure that no one’s looking. No one is looking. I’m

LUC: Zach 2:15:20
(muffled) Spending a raise to make sure no one is looking at the thing.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:15:21
Yes. So, you’re you can disrobe in secret, if you wish.

LUC: Zach 2:15:30
Okay. And that would be another raise.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:15:31
Yes. So now you’re down to two. Okay. Bianca, and Sophie…Bianca, do you are you keeping are still keeping watch? are you what are you doing?

BIANCA: Chi 2:15:43
Yeah, um, once she goes past me, I’ll be like, we don’t have a lot of time. Hurry up. And then I’m going to stay outside the shed. And watch for anyone coming.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:15:56
Okay. No one’s coming quite yet. You do see Luc, like duck behind like a grove reemerge with like his you know, blander clothing. It’s confusing. It’s weird, but it happened and you saw it.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:16:14
I love that description.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:16:16
Um, but you see, you see one of the the guards getting closer, though. It’s about, like you know, kind of know taking shift to like, check in somewhere near you.

BIANCA: Chi 2:16:32
All right, I’m gonna go disable the guard.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:16:35
All right, you’ve disabled guard. Tell me how you do it for me. I want to say like one raise to disable the guard one raise do it quietly? (BIANCA: Both.) Okay, so your takeaways. only do one raise. Alright, so tell us set the scene.

BIANCA: Chi 2:16:53
So Bianca is waiting, arms, arms folded, kind of trying to blend into the wood and shadow as much as possible. Where’s Gawain?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:17:08
Gawain, where are you at this moment?

GAWAIN: Mason 2:17:09
I mean, where we left off? I just lead them to the shed. So I’m not too far from the shed.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:17:13
(Talking to fast) At the doorway.

BIANCA: Chi 2:17:15
(GAWAIN: Yeah.) Are you in the doorway too are you are looking out or looking in?

GAWAIN: Mason 2:17:18
I’m probably looking out at this point.

BIANCA: Chi 2:17:23
Okay All right. So, I see the guard it’s it’s and he’s moving our way. Can you describe what the guard looks like and what he’s wearing in terms of armor.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:17:33
The guard is wearing. It’s not like the military that were like, you know, fully that are you know, full with armor. He’s a for the house. And so, he’s wearing the Marquise’s colors. No helmet, maybe with a sword. That got you know that is currently sheathed not expecting much. Because anybody who…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:18:04
Go technical problems.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:18:05
*sings* One day…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:18:07
Okay, so where were we?

BIANCA: Chi 2:18:11
(LUC: Chi…) Okay. Alright, so let’s take a look. There, you had just described the guards to me, no helmet, that’s an important point that I wanted to know. So, she’s gonna kind of like, whack with her left hand because into the doorway, so that she kind of wakes up Gawain a little bit. And then she’s going to like, draw his attention, like, eyes up and draw his attention to the guard approaching, and then she’s going to be like, take him from the front. And then she’s gonna like, I don’t know, Batman shadow into the background. So she’s gonna take him from behind. Well, he goes to the front.
So , can I spend a raise to sneak around behind him. (DES: Yep. Okay, sounds like you’re ready to go do it?) Yep. She just kind of vanishes into the shadow there. And then we’ll see what Gawain does. And what Luc does. Luc might have heard.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:19:16

GAWAIN: Mason 2:19:17
Um, as soon as she slips off, I guess I’ll just kind of like step into his path. Just so he immediately like, stop is preoccupied in the forward facing direction. And I’ll make like a big show of like, like, I have the hood up at this point, cuz I grabbed my stuff from the hedge, when just make a big show, like a dramatic sword draw. So he’s like, busy like, thinking I’m sizing him up.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:19:42
Yep. And then all of a sudden? Bianca? (GAWAIN: Yeah.)

BIANCA: Chi 2:19:48
Yeah, she’s gonna, like, come out of it, like, Gawain would see. Yeah, this tiny little like Gremlin like Shadow kind of, like just like, move up like this. And then there’s the kind of the glint of the stiletto and the kind of, like light from behind her from the mansion. And she’ll monkey crawl like she’ll put like a, like a foot on the guy’s hip, grab his shoulder, and then she’ll stiletto. But the stiletto is reversed and she hits him on the temple with her stiletto. And then he hopefully will just drops.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:20:22
Drops. Absolutely just falls to the ground. Very soft thud. You know, you made sure that he wouldn’t make too much noise. All right, the guard is taken what are you guys doing next?

SOPHIE: Puja 2:20:35
So while I’m in the in the shed, yeah. Can I quickly check the two unconscious people to see what their medical status is?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:20:46
They’re barely stable. I would say that, like, you know, with your help, you can get them to more like stable, movable, sort of level.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:20:56
So would that be two raises this to stabilize each one?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:20:59
I would just go with one raise for now. You’re just…just keeping them stable. You’re not like, you’re not trying to like wake him up to question them or anything. Like you’re like, I want to make sure these guys don’t die. I’ll give it to you. I’ll give you two of them for one.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:21:11
Okay, so I will stabilize them and then I’ll peek outside and be like what, what is the plan here?

LUC: Zach 2:21:21
Okay. Okay, so Luc’s can come strolling up. I’m going to use my last two raises. Hopefully I can do this. Okay, so give them my clothes, they’re in that little hedge. Someone tie me up and I’m going to write a note that says: The Montaignien’s cannot be here any longer. Signed, El Vagabondo. And then I’m going to pretend to have been knocked out by EL Vagabundo and the prisoners were freed and they knocked out the guard and that is what’s happened. Okay, yes?

BIANCA: Chi 2:22:05
That’s fucking brilliant.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:22:07
That’s an incredibly good plan.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:22:14
But, how would we take out the three injured prisoners?

BIANCA: Chi 2:22:22
This guy’s really big right?
(overlapping and talking over each other) I do not know. You must have like time you think…

BIANCA: Chi 2:22:25
Yep, I’m gonna go I’m gonna I’m gonna grab those…

LUC: Zach 2:22:27
I would also strip the guard if possible.

BIANCA: Chi 2:22:31
Good idea. She goes back to the to the guard. She looks for money or anything like that she takes anything that the guy had on him.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:22:38
You like strip him clean of all of us of all of his belongings. (BIANCA: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.)

LUC: Zach 2:22:43
(overlapping) yeah stuff. Is it not in my mouth?

BIANCA: Chi 2:22:46
Oh, yeah. She takes the guards still and she shoves it into Luc’s and she’s not gentle about it. (SOPHIE: What about the note?) Right.

LUC: Zach 2:22:57
The note is going to be like tucked into my like shirt or something.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:23:01
Gawain..is Gawain with us?

GAWAIN: Mason 2:23:03

SOPHIE: Puja 2:23:04
All right. I will Gawain, could you please write the note while I prepare the…

LUC: Zach 2:23:09
Oh, I already wrote it.  I wrote it in Castilian.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:23:15
Oh, nice.

BIANCA: Chi 2:23:15
Oh my God, what a genius.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:23:18
That’s (muffled) because my Castilian is really bad.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:23:22
So mine is very good. But I will ask Gawain to help me with the prisoners. Yeah, because they’re injured as heck, so we have to be careful with them.

BIANCA: Chi 2:23:38
She’s having a great time tidy up by the way she’s…

SOPHIE: Puja 2:23:45
Would it be better if Gawain and Bianca take or B take the prisoners and I find find you out here? (BIANCA: Good idea. Get him Gawain. Pull him out.)

GAWAIN: Mason 2:23:59
All right.

BIANCA: Chi 2:24:02
Wait, hold on. Where are we supposed to take these guys?

GAWAIN: Mason 2:24:04
You just got to get them off the ground.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:24:07
Can you get them to the hospital?

BIANCA: Chi 2:24:12
Oh, okay. Yeah, we can do that we can do that.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:24:13
We can do the hospital.

BIANCA: Chi 2:24:15
I’m going to mush Luc’s gag just a little bit more just to make sure he’s okay.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:24:22
As I’m like place hoist…I’m like hoisting up one of the victims I go Oy, look alive. I’m so sorry for saying that.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:24:30
Wait, has anybody hit Luc in the head?

BIANCA: Chi 2:24:33
Oh yeah. No problem. No hesitation just gonna flip my knife around and WHAP…(mic drops out)

SOPHIE: Puja 2:24:41
And I’m gonna catch him as he collapses

BIANCA: Chi 2:24:43
just right on the top I’m not going to temple this time. Yeah. So that he gets a nice little cut there and I’ll go like it’ll get bloody over his eye.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:24:51
Oh, very good. Very good. And then I’ll put his arm around my and DM you can tell us how many raises this stuff takes and I will start like…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:24:59
I’m..I’m…eating up all of your all your ending raises This is beautiful.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:25:03
Okay well as they run away I will once they are clear with the prisoners I will I’m sure she’ll and try and slow slowly slowly drag Luc back to the castle and call for help. I won’t do it until our friends are gone.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:25:28
Oh yeah, you know you’re in it this is the show we kind of get a long look of you calling for help the guard is kind of coming in from spilling out from the house lights are kind of coming on as people try to help you guys. B and Gawain you’ve managed to kind of get you I imagine you both kind of like care help carrying like one of the the unconscious people will the other one is going to be getting you out of the city or out of the manor, right?

SOPHIE: Puja 2:25:58
But one of the guys the one of the guys was awake.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:26:00
Yeah, so he’s like kind of helping out you know and also kind of direct you heading towards a hospital. So all attention is down on you two, Sophie and Luc, kind of getting everybody’s attention and then from ????. You can see the Marquise just kind of like looking down very pensively as all this commotion is in her garden.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:26:18
I’m going to turn to to B and and I’m gonna and being being my under confident self I’m gonna be like if we run into more guards on the way back to the hospital we’re probably going to have to fight. Do you know how to fight?

BIANCA: Chi 2:26:33
Buddy you’re not even going to see me fight, Don’t worry about it.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:26:36
I Alright, that’s good. I I generally know what I’m doing like regardless of the fact that yesterday you saw me disarmed two guys with like one maneuver

BIANCA: Chi 2:26:45
Just make sure that you drop the bodies before you do the fighting.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:26:48
I’m was going to say the same to you. All right, let’s just get the hell out of here. There’s gotta to be a gate.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:26:56
And as I as I’m dragging Luc inwards, I say like, let’s see how the Marquies likes it when her guest of honor is pummeled in the head El Vagabond. Yeah.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:27:10
With that we’ll kind of close the episode and we will pick up…

SOPHIE: Puja 2:27:12
I will I will take the thingy out of his mouth. I’m not dragging him.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:27:21
Come on! It’s fun! I will. Thank you, everybody for joining us. I’m so sorry for all of the troubles. We’ll get this sorted out one day but thank you for joining us, and we’ll see you in another two weeks. All right, everyone.