When last we left our heroes, Sophie was dragging an “injured” Luc back to the Marquise’s estate while Bianca, and Gawain rescue three tortured servants and head to Sophie’s clinic. With Luc safely back at the estate, Sophie joins her new friends back at her clinic where she patches up the injured servants of the Marquise and tries to figure out what to do next. Join our heroes to find out what happens when they uncover the spy lurking outside Sophie’s medical clinic.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 0:05
We’re good. We’re good. Hi, everybody. Welcome to Diceventures. You’re here for our show The Way of Thorns. It’s a 7th Sea live stream. And we’re going to go around and everybody introduce themselves and a little bit about your characters. So let’s start with Mason. We’ll start with you.

GAWAIN: Mason 0:24
Oh, hi. I’m Mason. I’m playing Gawain Culfairth. He is Inish from an island on Avalon. He is kind of wandering, trying to know the world. He’s kind of like a knight errant in his own way. Um, he’s trying to gain experience and glory on his own personal quest and it is drawn him to the political turmoil and Altamira where his where his mentors have been like, you need to see what’s happening there and you need this experience.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:00
Hmm. Okay, and Luc, let’s go with you. Sorry, Zach, let’s go with you.

LUC: Zach 1:03
I can be Luc. So my character is Luc Gerard de la Morte. He is from Montaigne. He is a favorite courtier of the King. But he’s secretly trying to support a revolution.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:20
Viva la revolution!

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:22
And Chi and Bianca want to talk about it.

BIANCA: Chi 1:28
Hello, I’m Chi. Bianca is a Vodacce, former noble woman that escaped from Vodacce which is the Italian equivalent in 7th Sea and she has the physical appearance of a little girl maybe about 12 and she’s a tiny angry assassin.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:49
Also, my favorite kind of assassin (GAWAIN: Yes.) Alright, so where we last left our heroes. You guys were at the estate of the Marquise and you encountered her torture shed in her garden, where you decided to liberate some of the servants that were being held and beaten there. And after you released them, let’s go back and like let’s talk. Let’s Let’s rehash what happened. Luc, what was your plan of action?

LUC: Zach 2:24
Um, I stripped my cells, myself, not my cells, of my clothing. Quickly wrote a note in Castilian about how the Montaigne occupation must end. And then I had my, my little mates just tie me up and knock me out.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:47
I think it was like the highlight of Bianca’s day honestly. Oh no Chi, we can’t hear you!

BIANCA: Chi 2:50
You know, I felt needed sometimes.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:52
Yeah. So yeah, so you roughed him up? And what did you say? Like who came; What happened?

BIANCA: Chi 3:00
What me?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 3:01
Who did this to you? Oh no, I’m talking about everyone. (BIANCA: Oh yeah, okay)

GAWAIN: Mason 3:07
El Vagabundo!

LUC: Zach 3:11
So, I assume…is it just like am I like talking to the Marquise?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 3:!4
Yeah, so So yeah, so, you know when we saw it like, we were kind of like looking out, the guards were coming, people were…there was huge ruckus, and you’re immediately held helped up. Bianca and Gawain. Are you guys in the same room? Or are you are you still outside helping the escape servants?

GAWAIN: Mason 3:33
When we left off we, me and Bianca were well as I know, as I know her B are sneaking off with the servants just as like the Marquise was looking over a balcony menacingly at the at the scene in the courtyard, and I was being all like, Oh, we might have to fight B!

GAME MASTER: Desiree 4:00
B, how are you feeling?

BIANCA: Chi 4:02
Uh, B’s feeling pretty good. I mean, actually, that plan was like kind of genius. So and then she got to hit Luc. (DES: Best plan ever, honestly.) So, um, I think i think that Gawain was carrying (GAWAIN: carrying.) Who are you carrying?

GAWAIN: Mason 4:17
The one who was tied to the post I think.

BIANCA: Chi 4:24
Okay, and then the other one was running. (GAWAIN: Yeah.)

LUC: Zach 4:28
I think it was Gawain was carrying one and then the one that was like conscious and movable was helping the other one. (GAWAIN: Yes.) With y’all.

BIANCA: Chi 4:35
Okay. And and then we were all running off into the city, I think. Yeah, yeah. With the doctor toward the temple. Or no, the doctor took Luc.

LUC: Zach 4:42
Yeah. I was taken by Dr. Sophie.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 4:48
Dr. Sophie. So, Sophie is there and she’s with you and then you two have gone off into the city to help the escaped servants. (GAWAIN: Mm hmm.) All right. Okay. So, just a little housekeeping. I gave all of you your hero points because we start every session with the hero point. Okay, does anybody…Yeah, you got you automatically start with one every time that we do a new session. Then some of you have any. Do any of you have any powers? Or? Oh, we’re gonna pause this for a second. Oh. (Overlapping) It’s Puja! Alright, well, we’ll be back. We’ll be right back.

GAWAIN: Mason 5:27
Sorry, that was probably loud.

(TAKING A BREAK/Idle chit chat at the end)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 10:55
We’re here! We’re back! We have a new player, well, not a new player. We have somebody…we have Puja back. Puja! Introduce yourself, introduce your character while I add you to the thingy.

SOPHIE: Puja 11:14
Hello, my name is Puja I play Sophie Couvier who is a Montaigne doctor and has found herself on an adventure she was not expecting with a bunch of really strange people.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 11:30
They’re not that strange. I mean who’s the strange one really?

SOPHIE: Puja 11:34
Well they’re strange for like her life her life is very medicine and you know, like she had a very good thing going and insanity dropped onto her lap. So, this adventure is happening to her.

GAWAIN: Mason 11:52
You’re being subjected to the party. (SOPHIE: Basically.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 11:55
Sorry, you’re being punished. That’s really what this comes down to. (SOPHIE: She can see that). Yeah. That was Zach. I don’t think we can hear you. (LUC: Sorry.) There we go. Say again? (LUC: Sorry.)

LUC: Zach 12:08
You’re being punished for your past sins.

(LUC: Whatever they made…) But Sophie’s a good person.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 12:15
Look at that little snowflake. That little cinnamon roll. Okay, so we’re let’s go back to where Sophie was in this. Now I believe we determined that she was with Luc. (LUC: Yes.) Okay. So, we’ve got Bianca and Gawain with the servants fleeing, and we’ve got Sophie and Luc in the shed. And you guys are being helped with guards because you’re bound, you’re dirty. They rush up to you. They’re like, and they’re just kind of standing at attention because obviously, you came in yesterday and they know that you’re very, very important. So, they say: What is going on what has what has happened and they kind of help you up there obviously to take you know holding you very gingerly

LUC: Zach 13:09
Mmhm. Okay. Oh, I was taking a nice little walk through the garden I don’t know where I got British!

GAWAIN: Mason 13:21
It’s that BBC TV, where everyone’s British.

SOPHIE: Puja 13:27
But of course, I when I found him he was in the garden.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 13:29
In the garden in the garden so kind of like helping up and getting more servants to kind like hurry you up, can you walk do we should we get the stretcher.

LUC: Zach 13:39
I’m just gonna like wave them away: I can walk.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 13:43
They immediately turn to Sophie like because obviously you’re the doctor.

SOPHIE: Puja 13:48
I know it…he will be okay. He can move he must just be tender with his head.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 13:55
The guards sort of like look, look at their hands and then just kind of like signal over more servants to like help with your head. They’re not they’re not the brightest people, but they are trying (SOPHIE :No, no, no, do not touch…) but you said to be gentle with it… (SOPHIE: Yes. Do not smack him with your sword.) Oh, oh, and they just sheath their swords.

SOPHIE: Puja 14:22
And give him some support

GAME MASTER: Desiree 14:27
Uh, they’re kind of just looking at each other and they look at the they’re like so the stretcher?.

SOPHIE: Puja 14:22
No no no no and Sophie will step up and like put her arms gingerly around his shoulder like get his arm over her and like…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 14:42
their fault there they kind of like they’re the following you and then finally they get the idea and they put their they put the Marquise, no not the Marquise, they put Luc over their shoulders and (SOPHIE:There you go…) they’re kind of taking you back inside. Immediately everybody in the house is like just agog. You know you’re attracting all the attention of all the nobles all the servants the servants are both watching this but then also knowing that they need to be on deck so there’s a lot of scrambling inside the house as well. What would you guys continue like to do?

LUC: Zach 15:18
I guess I’m just gonna play the part of the injured person.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 15:24
You obviously have your rooms here and you can stay here all night. You know the Marquise is so apologetic and is immediately telling the guards to find who did you say this to do you remember when you fell in the garden?

LUC: Zach 15:43
I just remember going for a walk in the garden. You know I missed I missed our lavish gardens of Montaigne. Especially after that long, long boat ride. I just went for a walk. I heard a little noise in as I must say the curiosity got the better of me. So, I went to go check it out, I saw a dark shape on the ground and then I wake up to the physique Sophie, just over me with like with some smelling salts, waking me up. That’s all I know. Then there was this note on my person. (DES: Note?) It is in Castilian…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 16:20
And before she can before anybody else can she just snatches it from your hands so she can read it. And what does it say?

LUC: Zach 16:30
it simply says, the Montagnier occupation must cease. We shall be free soon.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 16:38
Is it signed by anybody?

LUC: Zach 16:44
It’s just signed with like a little E.V.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 16:48
An E.V. So, you have…let’s do something. So, you want to consider so you want obviously to frame El Vagabundo, who did this all right? (LUC: Oui.) Um, I’ll say obviously if you I want you to roll for it. (LUC: Uh huh?) I want you to with one raise…Obviously every she’ll make that connection. If you give me more than one raise, we’ll just start like a fucking rumor mill. (LUC: Okay.) If you wish.

LUC: Zach 17:20
Should I roll anything in particular, like…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 17:23
Role the trait and the skill that you’re going for.

LUC: Zach 17:26
I guess would be convince (DES: Mm Hm.) with wits?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 17:29
Yeah, let’s do it.

LUC: Zach 17:33
No penalties?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 17:34
No penalties. You get a bonus because it’s a new scene and it’s a new first time using your convince skill.

LUC: Zach 17:45
Okey dokey. Two 10s. (DES: Two 10s!). I have three raises and then a hanging four and a three.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 17:51
All right, for those two extra raises, how hard how far do you want this to go?

LUC: Zach 17:55
We’re going…We’re doing all three raises in.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 18:00
Okay, so not only…So remember, like, you know, this is the Marquise, she’s from Montaigne. And so are you. And so, when you say it’s El Vagabundo, the nobles are all just tittering. They’re like oh this this you know this this like folk tale these people…it is it that El Vagabundo that you know supposedly the Castilians believe will come and save them? They scoff at how ridiculous it is even though you can tell some of them are very worried because you look very hurt. Someone obviously disliked you. But by the same token because they’re so indifferent or indignant depending on who in particular it is. The servants who are Castilian are just so emboldened and by this idea that like El Vagabundo was here. He sent a message and these nobles are just crushing it up. This is the greatest thing! El Vagabundo is going to show them. And this gets whispered all over the house and you have a feeling like they’re gonna tell everybody.

LUC: Zach 19:08

GAME MASTER: Desiree 19:13
Yes. So, um, Sophie, you know the Marquise turns to you and she’s like: Are you sure? Is there anything that we could do for him? You know he is his my most honored guest and so he cannot be languishing.

SOPHIE: Puja 19:26
No, it is okay. I shall accompany him to his rooms and I shall stay here tonight to monitor him, (DES: Of course.) and know he needs he needs rest and he needs not too many questions. I think maybe

GAME MASTER: Desiree 19:43
Of course. Of course. He was hit in the head. But we have this terrible note that we are going to take care of because this cannot stand.

SOPHIE: Puja 19:53
Of course, of course.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 20:00
This is terrible. But of course, and she gestures for the servants and they…they…they help Luc to his room. They also offer you Sophie your own quarters nearby so that you can stay the night and relax. So, you’re still in the Marquise’s house. And the the party, the dinner party that was that you were all attending is still technically going on. People are still lingering, gossiping, but for the most part, the it was a ghastly behavior to see Luc come back in that way so people are starting to mellow out and leave. Let’s switch gears over to Bianca and Gawain. What are you guys doing? You’ve got your you got the hurt servants.

GAWAIN: Mason 20:39
We got to get them somewhere safe where we can lie low. Is my thought.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 20:44
Okay. There’s a church near there is a church if you want to go to the church

GAWAIN: Mason 20:49
Church of Théus, right? In this world?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 21:06
Yes. I think we’re gonna go we’re gonna go with Théus. (GAWAIN: Yeah. All right.). No this is the church here is technically still Vaticine. (GAWAIN: Théus is the god. Yes.)

That’s okay. We could go We’ll…

Sophie’s got like…call it a medical clinic.

So her…I can’t I can’t remember the name of it right now. But yes, your that was actually closer to the center of town. And so church would be fairly nearby as well but not immediately center.

SOPHIE: Puja 21:50
And we had told you at the end, Sophie had told you to take them to the clinic.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 21:57
Alright, so (GAWAIN: Yeah.) So you

GAWAIN: Mason 22:00
Yeah, we got to make our way back to the town center then but we can’t be seen.

[ – NOTE: At this point in the stream, we lost Chi’s audio. It lasted for about 20 minutes before coming back for the rest of the stream. Though the viewers (and recording) couldn’t hear Chi, her audio was still good for the call and we kept playing on. The transcript has all of our reactions to her so hopefully it’s still okay to follow. -]


(BIANCA: Chi speaks and there is no sound.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 22:08
You can make it…I mean are you trying to hit it at a particular time or just trying to evade capture or what do you

(BIANCA: Chi speaks and there is no sound.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 22:17
Oh yeah, no…the the commotion that is that was happening in the house is centered in the house. So, at the moment, you guys had a good jump, and that even if people did come looking, you’d be long gone by now. Yeah, so you’re clear. You probably would you will have left the house even before like the rumors of El Vagabundo would have made it way to the streets. So, it’s, it’s still pretty early in the night for you guys.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks and there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 22:54
And that would be a trundling. (DES: You’re all a-trundling. No, no, no.) We all be a-trundling.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 23:01
You guys make it easy to the clinic um they the the few the few workers that Sophie has there are surprised to see you especially this late but then they immediately see like sick and injured people they’re just like oh bring them in bring them in. You know they’re not as skilled as Sophie but they can certainly stabilize people, you know, get everybody comfortable. You know what happened they asked him like what happened? Who are you? Who are these people? What happened to them?

(BIANCA: Chi speaks and there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 23:34
Yeah, they were roughed up in the streets. Nothin’ to worry about. They just need a little help.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 23:39
It’s a terrible business and so we, you know, they they just understand because you know, things happen. That’s no big deal. So, they immediately start stitching people up putting people back together. Did you guys have a plan for the other two or you guys guess we’re just going to do servants.

GAWAIN: Mason 24:00
I feel like this weird twinge because I’m not supposed to lie as a Graal Knight. I go they were hurting they were hurt at the at the at the estate. (DES: At the estate!)

(BIANCA: Chi speaks there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 24:23
I’m sorry I can’t lie.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 24:26
What’s great is that I imagine this person is just like sewing someone up nodding like okay now, the Marquise’s estate and all of a sudden just here’s someone get punched and they that’s what they look up. Are you okay?

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, there is no sound.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 25:02
I mean who wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t believe this face? Okay, the Marquise, the Marquise, and they kind of slow their hands and kind of like start and stop thing and says: you’re going to have to take them back if…she’ll we don’t…she’ll come if…if she…if…she just kind of stands there helplessly like as if…in fact she does say it: Why did you do this?

GAWAIN: Mason 25:46
‘Cause it’s the right thing to do. Patch him up and we’ll get ‘em some place to hid…to hide.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 25:48
but she’s going to look for them

GAWAIN: Mason 25:50
And she will find them. I won’t let them

GAME MASTER: Desiree 25:58
She kind of…the person just looks at you, and she’s like: We’re going to stitch them up. But you have to get them away from here. (GAWAIN: Aye.). We can’t help anybody if we’re closed down.

GAWAIN: Mason 26:11
Absolutely. I turned to B like: They trust me. I think I know what I’m doing. Slightly.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks but there is no sound.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 26:19
Alright, you know, she just like shakes her head at Gawain and kind of like goes to like keep working. Couple of people move the servants to a cots in the other room, for you know like further dressing that and you guys are kind of alone in this in the in the front area.

GAWAIN: Mason 26:37
It’s early in the night. And as nice as Dr. Couvier is to keep them here and let the ??? trick them. We can’t keep them here because she’s right the Marquise will look for ‘em. The church. The people here like their church, they like their church.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks but there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 26:58
Their church. There…there…from what I heard before I came here. The Vaticine church was a big part of the villagers lives here. I’m pretty sure that there’s no…there’s no good blood between the two of them. So, I think they’ll be sympathetic to our side if we tell them where these people came from.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 27:25
I’m not the follower of Theus, but they use those preach mercy and kindness to those who need it.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 27:36
I actually do.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 27:44
Where I’m from we owe a lot…we owe a lot to the Vaticine Church even though we like to keep the old ways.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 28:01
Oh, that’s completely true.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 28:10
We’re not here on behalf of God. We’re here on behalf of the Castilians.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 28:19
Yeah, the Vaticine church.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 28:25
I won’t!!

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 28:35
And I kind of like lower my head.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 28:39
Awww, you yelled at the puppy.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 28:43
We’ll be fine. As long as we’re not on the Montiagnien side they’ll probably side with us.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 28:57
Yeah, but you know, we just gotta be smart, right?

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 29:02
Smart. Well, you seem really sneaky, so we should be fine.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 29:18
Yeah, well, we’ll at least wait here till Sophie gets back.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 29:32
She’s, she’s definitely done as far as like the bare minimum goes she’s trying to do as best she can because she knows that this is like the last time she can take care of anybody before they leave and then she has like she can’t say that she ever saw them. (GAWAIN: Yeah.). So like if you needed to take people now you could.

GAWAIN: Mason 29:59
Well, I don’t want to veto the good doctor. But if you think it’s better to move them now we should move them now.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 30:09
It’s kinda…it’s like I said back at the garden; we might have to, you know, defend them.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 30:23
The guards?

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 30:29
They’re good people with no power being picked on by people with too much power.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 30:35
You’re very cynical for someone who’s like, not that old.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 30:41
No, and I admit that.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAWAIN: Mason 30:58
I look at one of the ones that is more coherent: What got you put in the shed?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 31:05
Horse. And then he kind of just like tries to lift up his his head from his cot but it’s just in too much pain and kind of lies back down. And he says: What? What…what do you need? What do you mean?

GAWAIN: Mason 31:23
Why was the Marquise punishing you?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 31:27
I…one of my horses is just reared up when she was riding him and it almost, you know she almost had an accident. She didn’t! She didn’t. But…but for that, I was beaten and the horse killed.

GAWAIN: Mason 31:51
Me ma always said the courtly folk have a funny…uh, have a strange idea of punishment, and then even stranger idea of pleasure. I say that…I say that to them and B.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 32:08
he just kind of shakes his head. She’s, there’s nothing. You shouldn’t have bought us out of here. Because now we have to, we have to go back. You should have just killed us in that shed.

GAWAIN: Mason 32:27
Maybe in time you’ll realize that that’s not true.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 32:32
He just kind of coughs more. And then as he lies back down, he kind of starts to fall asleep from the adrenaline leaving his body.

GAWAIN: Mason 32:43
I hope the doctor gets back soon.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 32:51
We’ll close on in this and then the next morning.

SOPHIE: Puja 32:55
Well, actually (DES: Oh, are you going to do something in the night?) Yes. Because a couple of hours in Sophie’s going to go talk to Luc and she’s gonna want to go talk to Luc. Luc, I do not believe we should leave them out side alone. If…if they come looking for injured persons they might go to the clinic, and I…I trust my people but I cannot put them at risk like this. (LUC: That is true. But I cannot…). but I…I can…I can leave. I can say I have to go get some more medicine for you. More bandages, (LUC: That would work.) and supplies if after all it is a party I did not bring my medical kit. But if we you could come with somehow it would be better. I don’t know how…

LUC: Zach 34:00
I do not know if I am able to slip away until the morning (SOPHIE:Okay, well…) But if you need, you can take one of my servants. If that is helpful, or no?

SOPHIE: Puja 34:12
Perhaps if you…

LUC: Zach 34:17
Bastien is good with books. You might need his knowledge for some reason (SOPHIE:I was…) you are teaching him how to take care of me.

SOPHIE: Puja 34:30
Yes. But what if maybe this will not work but if you took a turn for the for the worse and I have to take you with me what I worry that the Marquise will also send someone.

LUC: Zach 34:42
Oh, oui. She…she will…she will not let me out of her eye very soon, I’m afraid.

SOPHIE: Puja 34:48
Okay, well, who…which one should I take?

LUC: Zach 34:54
If you want muscles, you can take Serge. Mais, if you need someone with smarts, Bastien. If you want someone reliable, Gaston.

SOPHIE: Puja 35:06
Perhaps Serge, to help carry people.

LUC: Zach 35:13
That will work. (SOPHIE:Okay.) I will tell Serge to go along with the doctor and help her with whatever she needs.

SOPHIE: Puja 35:22
All right, and then Sophie’s just gonna all business like, like, that’s no big deal. I attempt to leave.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 35:46
Oh, yeah, you’re, um, you know, you would say, well, who would you be looking for like to talk to about leaving, like the Marquise herself or (SOPHIE:She’s just gonna walk out.) Oh, she’s just gonna walk out then yeah, then you’re not impeded. A couple of servants ask if they should do anything in case Luc you know takes a turn for the worse or he needs anything, any sort of like standing medical instructions that they need to be aware of.

SOPHIE: Puja 36:00
And no, no, it’s okay. I have informed Gaston what must be done. (DES: Oh, Okay.) The…he is resting and is not to be disturbed until I return.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 36:17
Okay. So, you know, they they understand and you know the word goes around a little bit that you know that he’s not to be disturbed. Everything’s good; Doctor is coming back? Or just she’s coming be back at some point. (SOPHIE:Yes. Yeah. I have doctoring stuff to do.). You have doctor stuff. So, you’re good. It’s no It’s no trouble at all and then you also have Serge. So. (SOPHIE:And then we’re just gonna we’re going to tromp on down to the clinic because it’s what she would normally do and not weird at all. And it’s like it’s like two hours after. Already, Bianca and Gawain have gotten there. So where are you are you guys just like waiting in the the front for her or you guys sleeping?

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 37:09
(Unintelligible) like to essentially have like two rooms: a sort of like waiting or an entrance, and then a second room, it will lead into a second room that has a couple of cots for people. And Puja, do you have any other descriptions that you want to talk about?

SOPHIE: Puja 37:26
Uh, no. I mean, you’ve been there for most of the day, but I mean, earlier in the afternoon, but it’s, it’s really just a very functional clinic. It’s not like it’s not a hospital. It’s not it’s like you said, like waiting room…treatment room and then like, probably there’s another room to the side, which is just where like, if people just need to, that aren’t like walk ins, people who are there for a little bit longer time that they can be like, away from your cough and cold people’s. There’s like a back room that’s a little bit quieter that has more I don’t wanna say permanent but like a little bit longer term situation where like, you know, if you broken your leg and you just gotten set, you can go and like, hang out there for a couple of hours until you leave kind of a thing. So that’s probably the…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 38:11
Yeah, I would say it’s very close to, if not towards the center of the town.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 38:29
I would say that Sophie you might have at least had the income and the clout to get something better than just a wood building. (SOPHIE: Yeah.) But not necessarily the like, obviously, you’re still not the richest person in town. So, it’s definitely a sturdy, you know, with stone. Spot, you know…It’s a permanent structure and, like, it’s not difficult to I mean, I assume that there was probably something similar sitting in that building before when the Castilians had it. But so…

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 39:02
Uh huh. In this section Yes.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 39:32

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 39:38
Okay. And then Gawain, where are you waiting for Sophie? (GAWAIN: Uh, by the patients.) Okay, so you’re still in the building. (GAWAIN: I’m like kind of keeping a vigil by them.) Okay, B you will just notice that Sophie’s coming down with the tallest at the burliest of Luc’s entourage. It’s Serge, who might have talked to you a little bit, maybe not let’s say to you it’s up to you, but they’re coming down. Yeah, the big one.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 40:09

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 40:17
Okay she’s gonna go in. Sophie, you kept…your told immediately by your staff about what the state of people are in what they did but then also in a very kind of hushed tones like if they came from the Marquise’s house, we can’t house them here.

SOPHIE: Puja 40:35
I understand but our duty first is to make sure (DES: Of course, of course.) they are okay and I will speak with the companions who brought them here and we will we will take care of this. Trust me it is okay. And after checking on the wounds, just to make sure everyone did a good job. Sophie will essentially that back room that I mentioned where it was like a bit quieter, she will gesture to Gawain and B to come back there.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 41:10
Okay and Serge will stay outside of the door when you guys are speaking in there. (SOPHIE: Yes.)

GAWAIN: Mason 41:21
I’ll follow into there. I will go in there. Wow, that was a weird phrase. I will follow into to there?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 41:27
*sings* I will follow in…

GAWAIN: Mason 41:34
Great. So smart has college degree.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 41:41
Alright. Okay, all are all I assume at some point B comes in so you’re all in the room. Okay.

SOPHIE: Puja 41:48
So I will Sophie will give them a rundown of everything that happened and how Luc is stuck because the Marquise is Incredibly intent on protecting him and which is a good thing I believe because she’s very distracted (BIANCA: Ah, she bought it huh?) Oui, but (BIANCA: Aw yeah.) the problem is that she will be relentless in her search for the supposed attackers…

BIANCA: Chi 42:25
She’s looking for this vagabond guy right?

SOPHIE: Puja 42:28
I believe so. The rumors are strong and everyone in the house…I wish you had been there as more ears but you had the important things to do. However, we must, at some point the Marquise will remember these poor folk and come looking for them and they cannot be here. We cannot endanger my staff in that manner. We should…(GAWAIN: I agree.) get them away, but…what if you have any ideas or do you know, any people perhaps you Gawain you said that you came recently Do you know transport?

GAWAIN: Mason 43:15
I arrived in Castile by by ship but I came to Altamira by foot. I am kind of good at roughing it if you want me to take them outside of town.

(BIANCA: Chi speaks, but there is no sound.)

SOPHIE: Puja 43:27
But to where?

GAWAIN: Mason 43:29
I mean, that was literally, we can’t just hide in the woods?

SOPHIE: Puja 43:35
I do not know if you’re strong enough. They were tortured brutally.

GAWAIN: Mason 43:41
Perhaps we could hide them at the church?

SOPHIE: Puja 43:45

GAWAIN: Mason 43:49

BIANCA: Chi 43:50
He thinks that the church is going to side with these guys. Over like the ruler of the entire city.

GAWAIN: Mason 43:56
The ruler that’s suppressing the faith.

SOPHIE: Puja 44:01
I mean…GM like does how does sanctuary rules work in this world?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 44:08
I mean, well here’s here’s the the the core issue that you’ve got Montaigne, which has the Emperor and then you have Castile which they’re very well obviously they have they have their ruler, but they’re also very much backed by the Vatacine church. In Montaigne , the Emperor has you know told them to just like eff off and has declared that like, there is no god but him, really. (SOPHIE: Okay.) So Vaticine, like the the religion the prominent religion in Montaigne is no religion whatsoever, pretty much. So, it’s a touchy issue I would say since you’ve been here because obviously most of the population in Castile is still into the church. This church can stand. People there can worship what they like. Most Monatigne…the Montaigne do not go to Mass. But yeah, it should be okay. But if at some point, it’s an etiquette issue at this point, rather than a legal one, like, No, you should not be harboring criminals but at the same time we also don’t believe in your God so we’re gonna come in there.

SOPHIE: Puja 45:23
Yeah. Okay, you know make sense. Well, given my country’s feelings about the church which are indifferent if we are being polite and antagonistic, if we are being truthful, perhaps the church would not be a safe place for them, as all as always respected as a place for them.

GAWAIN: Mason 45:48
I was hoping to rely on the intago… the antagonism on both sides but I’ll defer to your judgment.

SOPHIE: Puja 46:00
Alas, the Castilians, they have tried to push the Montaigne out and they have failed. So, they may not try again. I don’t know. I don’t know we cannot expect the…

GAWAIN: Mason 46:12
Perhaps we just need to do need to send them back to the estates and simply say simply just make this and say this was El Vagabundo.

SOPHIE: Puja 46:19
But what if punishing them? (GAWAIN talks over Sophie) What does she punish them to teach El Vagabundo a lesson?

GAWAIN: Mason 46:28
I’m not comfortable with that idea either.

SOPHIE: Puja 46:32
B, what do you think?

BIANCA: Chi 46:36
Me? It’s not my problem.

GAWAIN: Mason 46:41
That’s a fine way to think of it! (BIANCA: It’s the right way.)

SOPHIE: Puja 46:46
It became your problem the same way it became my problem by appearing in front of us.

BIANCA: Chi 46:53
Why don’t you just ask these guys where they want to go?

GAWAIN: Mason 46:56
You know, a teacher mine once said, when you deny the cry of those in need, you deny your own humanity.

BIANCA: Chi 47:00
Okay, great I’m denying my humanity.

GAWAIN: Mason 47:04
Oh, that’s really dark.

BIANCA: Chi 47:07
I’m glad we’re on the same page.

SOPHIE: Puja 47:10
Well, B has a point perhaps we can ask them if they have family somewhere they can escape to to hide. Maybe some friends? (GAWAIN: Aye.) This is their home after all.

GAWAIN: Mason 47:23
Altamira doesn’t seem to like the Montaigne occupation, I’m sure that they someone should be able to hide ‘em.

SOPHIE: Puja 47:30
Okay, can we go on to talk to our injured folks, whoever are awake?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 47:39
Okay, let’s…let’s do this as a new scene and let’s go roll (unintelligible) whoever wants to talk to the patients right now.

SOPHIE: Puja 47:51
Okay, I will roll wits…empathy or convince? I think I’ll do empathy, because I’m trying to.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 48:07
Okay. With every raise, we can, you know, decide something you can ask a question, that sort of thing.

SOPHIE: Puja 48:22
Okay. And then there’s no penalty, right?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 48:26
No, there’s no penalties. Not right now.

SOPHIE: Puja 48:29
There’s no bonuses either?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 48:33
I would say, oh, there’s a bonus if you…I will say there’s a bonus if you can, if you use your skills the first time…automatically. And then actually, let’s do some, let’s make it a bit more difficult. So, you’re a lot of them will be very tight lipped. So, though, to kind of overcome that you’ll need a raise, just to kind of really, you know, convince them to speak to you. Honestly, and then after that, No that’s fine. Yeah, I think you know, honestly, so it’ll be one, one minimum raise. And after that, we’ll do…we’ll do questions and answers.

SOPHIE: Puja 49:10
Let’s see. So do you said one bonus?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 49:13
Yeah, one bonus die for your convince or empathy skill, whichever one you’re using.

SOPHIE: Puja 49:18
Okay. Let’s see. Um, is anyone else gonna do the talking with me Gawain? (GAWAIN: Yes.). Okay, sorry, I just need to count my raises.

GAWAIN: Mason 49:35
Um, do you want to just take my help on this one? I think there’s a way I can help you.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 49:43
Let’s check your stuff. What do you got?

SOPHIE: Puja 49:45
There’s a you know,

GAWAIN: Mason 49:48
Cuz, I don’t really have a, I only have one rank in convince but isn’t there a way I can like, give you an extra die?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 49:55
You can. You can give it extra die if you want to spend your hero point.

GAWAIN: Mason 50:00
Oh, okay. So, I think instead…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 50:04
But like if you spend your hero point for someone else other than you, then they get three extra die to roll. (GAWAIN: Oh.) If you spend a hero point for yourself to get an extra die, it’s only one.

SOPHIE: Puja 50:19
Well, I have three raises. I think we’re okay.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 50:21
You hit the minimum threshold. And then you had like two raises to ask questions or determine something about the scene.

GAWAIN: Mason 50:34
Can I roll Wits/Notice then? I’m just kind of to kind of like read the situation. See if I can

SOPHIE: Puja 50:43
In sight check basically?

GAWAIN: Mason 50:46
Yeah, I mean, is that allowed?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 50:49
You can be assisting in that like, yeah, you’re trying to like look for things that maybe Sophie wouldn’t notice because she’s so ingrained with like the conversation. So yeah. I will allow it.

GAWAIN: Mason 51:00
Um, sure, yeah. I’m just going to kind of keep watching for one thing, make sure that we’re not being spied on or anything.
(DES: Ooh, good point.) Yeah.

SOPHIE: Puja 51:12
And what’s Bianca doing?

BIANCA: Chi 51:16
Um, well, she’s not going to question them. But I mean, you know, she’s kind of watching and listening. (SOPHIE:I think she’s in the room.) Yeah. And I think she would definitely if anybody was trying to eavesdrop, she would. She would but on top of that, you want me to roll then? (GAWAIN: Two raises for me.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 51:34
Two raises for you. I think Chi, if you want to roll, you can roll if you want to assist them, but you’ll have to do something kind of like Mason, like even if it’s not directly talking to something. Something to help this set the scene. (BIANCA: Okay.). Or if you like you can hold off on that. We’ll just kind of do like a ripple effect. Maybe like you know, since since Puja’s rolled, Ma…Mason have rolled. If they get everything that you need, then we’ll kind of turn to you. If you need anything else, okay, time Okay. Okay. So, Sophie, you’re talking with the (SOPHIE: Who’s awake?) Who’s awake, you’ve got at least two awake. One of them is the one that was spoken to last night or earlier. It’s kind of the gone to sleep. He’s just completely passed out tired, you know, nothing you could do to rouse him. But the other two are awake. They, they had been, they were not the conscious ones at the shed. So he’s got like new faces with you guys.

SOPHIE: Puja 52:49
Okay. So, I will go up to them and say: I, I am Dr. Sophie Couvier. I…this is…I work at this medical practice and I am very sorry for what has occurred to you. But as you may imagine, you are not safe here. We, um, some kind spirits rescued you, but at this point we need us to tell us how to help you best.

GAWAIN: Mason 53:17
I’m sorry if my intervention is causing you undo distress.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 53:23
One of them is an older gentleman. He kind of just smiles. He’s like, you know: you were just trying to help and we under…and I know. I can try to hide. I can try to I can try to leave the city. I have a family out in the country that I was trying to help but I don’t think I can go back up to the estate now.

SOPHIE: Puja 53:52
No, no. It’s probably not safe. But no, yes. If you have friends, family in the country, I think the Marquise has other problems right now so she is distracted and perhaps if you disappeared quietly she will forget you existed and that would be for the best if…

GAWAIN: Mason 54:12
I can provide an escort if you need and a bodyguard.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 54:18
The one of the men who was talking kind of like waves you off: I don’t I think I’ll be fine the other one kind of looks ashamed that they have to admit this but like: Yes, I don’t want to leave everything here I love I used to love living here but

SOPHIE: Puja 54:38
perhaps in a few months maybe a year you can return and then the Marquise will have forgotten about you after all you did not personally…

GAWAIN: Mason 54:52
Or if you’re comfortable hiding hide with family in Altamira but you gotta hide.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 55:00
I can’t I can’t do that to my sister. Will you? Will you tell her that? Tell her that I’m gone. If she’s still there?

SOPHIE: Puja 55:04
Of course, if you need to hide notes for people, we can make sure they are delivered with some time. But you know, that is better than risking her at risk. Yes, of course.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 55:23
Thank you. Thank you. Was there anything that you wanted to ask them specifically?

SOPHIE: Puja 55:27
So, the horse situation story who did that come from?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 55:32
That was from the guy earlier, the one who’s currently asleep.

SOPHIE: Puja 55:35
Okay. And then, I mean, just because she has their attention and I guess they you know they’re like writing their letters and we’re all just kind of standing around. Sophie will ask it. So, what was the reason you were tortured so brutally?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 55:51
The older one who spoke to your first and he says I was a gardener and some of her favorite plants were not blooming as she would like them. So, it is my…it was my fault.

SOPHIE: Puja 56:09
And what about you my friend? The other one.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 56:13
He kind of just looks ashamed. And he says I was stealing from the kitchen. (SOPHIE:Food?) Food. Food. But I was stealing it for my sister back home just take some food from the Marquise and yet…she’s…but she caught me the second time that I did it. Oh, there I go.

BIANCA: Chi 56:39
B, in the back, is like twice? You got guts.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 56:43
She needs to eat so…

SOPHIE: Puja 56:45
How old is your sister? (DES: She’s 14 now. Practically a woman. Yes.) Is there anyone who will be able to help her when you are not here?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 56:58
No. Could you…Could you take…Could you just watch over her? She’s, she’s smart, and she can be fine. But just make sure that Marquise doesn’t do anything or hurt her or anything. (GAWAIN: I nod.)

SOPHIE: Puja 57:16
We will definitely…will certainly try our best. But in the meantime, as soon as you are the three of you feel capable you should head out.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 57:27
We will. We will. Mason, remind me again where you are.

GAWAIN: Mason 57:33
I’m in the room with her.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 57:34
You’re in the room with her. B you’re outside?

BIANCA: Chi 57:40
I mean, like right outside the room. (DES: Okay.). Like doorway. (DES: And you’re just kind of yeah, you’re just kind of keeping watch.) Yeah, I’m like listening, but I’m looking outside the room. Like down the hall. You know what I mean? (DES: Okay. Yes.) She doesn’t really want to be part of this situation, but she kind of can’t help it. So, she’s there but like, I’m not there. You know what I mean?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 58:00
And you’re kind of like listening in and you guys yeah, you’re just like all you know just kind of nodding nodding and from the window as a sun…as the sun starting to kind of like break it hasn’t hasn’t really risen but you can kind of see like the light through the clouds, you know, just kind of just little bit, bright? You can see like, a dark figure kind of like hovering by a window, like the clinic windows. So, kind of like if you’re looking out, you know, you’re looking at the window and then someone just slightly comes into frame realizes that they’ve been see like could be seen it kind of swishes back out. (BIANCA: B sees this?) B sees this because you’re just like staring straight kind of thing. You’re not quite paying attention, but just in that moment where you’re just distracted enough you see something move.

BIANCA: Chi 58:51
And this thing would be outside the clinic. (DES: It’s outside the clinic, Yes. Yes.) Okay, so they’re going to be like talking and stuff. And I’m just kind of gonna like casually like Roll, roll off my lean off the doorway and just kind of be like, you know, grab my hat and just like I’m on my way somewhere and then I’m going to go see if I can go outside and flank. (SOPHIE:And I think Serge was out there probably standing outside that door with you…) Oh, in the hallway, (SOPHIE:In the hallway, right? Because he was right outside that room.)


GAME MASTER: Desiree 59:24
Yeah, the way I kind of imagine it like, like, there’s B and then Gawain’s inside. So, yeah, it’s B and Serge, like outside. But Serge is kind of, he’s more concerned about like, as far as he’s concerned, he…the tension might come on from the door. Yeah, someone might try to bum rush the door. He’s not really paying attention (BIANCA: Right.) the way that you are. (SOPHIE:But he’s also there next to you in case…) Yes. (BIANCA: Right.) (SOPHIE:You need him?)

BIANCA: Chi 59:47
I think it would be good if Serge to stay to protect Sophie. But he probably watches me walk. Walk off, right?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 59:57
Yes, absolutely. And he kind of like looks like quite quizzically at you, he doesn’t say anything.

BIANCA: Chi 1:00:02
I’ll kind of roll an eye back at him like this and kind of be like, you know what I mean, but I want to I, if anybody is actually physically watching me, I don’t want to like, tip ‘em off. (DES: Tip them off.) So, super casual. And then I’m going to see if I can go around either the back or the front, whatever is easiest and least visual. (DES: Okay, we’ll go either side…) See if I can go see who’s watching.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:00:25
All right. So, let’s roll your approach for this one. Like what do you think? Like, it’s not a question of if you’ll find that guy. You’ll he’ll end up reaching him but what are you going to do when you reach him?

BIANCA: Chi 1:00:39
Are they alone?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:00:40
They are alone.

BIANCA: Chi 1:00:42
Oh, okay. In that case, we’re going to attack and detain.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:00:46
Okay, so you’re gonna try to attack and detain him?

BIANCA: Chi 1:00:49
Yeah. Disable and contain.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:00:51
Okay. (BIANCA: Like a cat…stalking a mouse.) Do you want to do it quietly? (BIANCA: Yeah.) Alright, so that’s gonna be one raise automatically to just do this quietly. Um, you’ll also see it’s…you can’t tell it’s a very tall figure, but everybody’s a bit taller than you it at this point (BIANCA: Everyone is taller than me.) Yeah, they’re darkly clothed so you can’t see their face or any discerning colors. But they are big. So, it’s going to be an extra raise just to take just to kind of like compensate for the the differences and then another raise to take them down.

BIANCA: Chi 1:01:33
Can I get along? Can I get around the side of the building and scale a roof and then drop down on top of them to try to cancel out the height difference?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:01:42
Yes, but…okay. Attacking and scaling the building will be two different actions. So, if you wanted to see if you wanted to do them, like very quickly in succession, you’ll need to scale a building. Quietly then change your intention essentially and then go drop down to hurt that guy.

BIANCA: Chi 1:02:11
Okay, I’m just going to move along and neighboring building then I just come up behind him. Ideally. Make it less complicated.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:02:20
Okay, so quiet, still big take him down. (BIANCA: Okay.) Three raises. Let’s roll it.

BIANCA: Chi 1:02:35
Oh, let’s see what am I going to use for that…I get…would that be Brawn?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:02:43
I can do Brawn or we can do i mean if you want to bank on your I mean which one’s better because you can do either Brawn or gosh now I need your sheet up…we can do either Brawn or Finesse because you are scaling that building or…


Forget the scale. So yeah, it would be Brawn because you want to take him down fast and hard.

BIANCA: Chi 1:03:09
Okay. And then what am I going to use for the skill?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:03:12
That is up to you.

BIANCA: Chi 1:03:17
Oh, well, I want to smash their head. Well, I mean, non-lethal.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:03:23
No, no, no, obviously non-lethal, but like what skill do we want to use? Blah blah blah blah you could do Athletics or Brawl?
(GAWAIN: Broke stab.)

BIANCA: Chi 1:03:32
All right, I’ll do Athletics. (DES: Okay.) I’m not great in either of those things, but it’s the first time I’ve used it right so that’s so plus one. (DES: You get an extra die. Yes.) Okay, so I’ll I’ll use Athletics and Brawn. Even though she’s not real brawny, but I’m gonna, well, I’m using a weapon. That’s a good point.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:03:57
Yeah, you are. And you are like an expert with your knives including bashing people with the back of them.

BIANCA: Chi 1:04:04
Yeah! Okay all right I’ll use brawn and weaponry and that (overlapping/dog barking)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:04:07
Sorry sorry about that.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:04:08
Is that a pupper?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:04:10
It is a pupper. Hold on. I’m so sorry. (GAWAIN: Is pupper!). (BIANCA: Is pupper.). Pupper is very curious about the outcome of this. Okay, so what did you decide?

BIANCA: Chi 1:04:21
So, Braun and and Weaponry is what I’m going to do. (DES: Alright, let’s do it.) Okay and no penalty and one bonus. Okay, enh. Just enh. (DES: So, what is it, we have two?) I have one, yeah, two.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:04:40
Two. You’re not gonna be quiet. (BIANCA: Okay.) So I’ll let or maybe you can…Yeah, you’re not gonna be quiet. (BIANCA: All right.). Unfortunately, your first approach is very stealthy you you are small you are fast. However, with that, because he’s still big and bra brawny the minute that you try to get him he he senses you you and just start like what, you know, starts to you the two of you tussling starts making a lot of noise. But it’s not very long you do manage to get him down and knocked out, but not before he you know, kind of loudly started and then also fell to the ground.

BIANCA: Chi 1:05:27
Okay, so I mean I’ll ninja run at him from behind and then jump on his back like a monkey and then there’s probably and then he can’t he sees me comin’ so then we swing around a couple times and then he’ll slam into the window so probably all you guys can hear me…hear that inside. (DES: Oooh! That clinic window just shattered it all of you talking or just like: What?) Yeah, right. And I’m and I (GAWAIN: What the shite?) call him names in…in Vodacce. But then I eventually get get into the right position and hit him. Hit him with the flat of my, the hilts of my stiletto, and then hopefully he’ll collapse is the plan.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:06:00
He does..he does immediately collapse. (BIANCA: Okay.) So, that’s good. Um, Gawain and Sophie you heard…you heard the window. Are you doing anything? (BIANCA: How big is the window?)

GAWAIN: Mason 1:06:17
Oh, crap I was supposed (unintelligible).

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:06:19
Two panels. (mumbled) Two side panels?

BIANCA: Chi 1:06:24
Okay, so I’m not gonna be able to fit them into it.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:06:27
No. (SOPHIE:Well, Sophie…) Like not without like turning him slightly and then just (SOPHIE:She’s a tiny person.) Yeah, it’s not going to be a very fluid motion.

BIANCA: Chi 1:06:36
I was thinking maybe Serge and we could just kind of Winnie the Pooh with the honey…Okay, all right fine.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:06:39
Well what Sophie will do is she would rush out because it’s outside her clinic and (Drowned out by GAWAIN: I’ll rush out behind her.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:06:45
Yeah and then ahead of you Serge is moving very quickly.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:06:49
Once they find the passed out person and Bianca I guess is standing over him, so Sophie will be like, would ask: Serge could you please bring him inside we should check…We should get him out of this (assuming it’s a him) get them out of the street. (BIANCA: He’s a sneak thief spy.)

(Everyone speaks at once and is unintelligible.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:07:11
…and um, kind of pulls someone you know, he manages to turn them appropriately and move him through the window. Sorry Bianca you’re just too small for this one. (GAWAIN: Shite.)

SOPHIE: Puja 1:07:25
How…How bad condition is he in? How much damage did Bianca do?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:07:31
Definitely a lot of scratches a lot of bruises but you know just uh. But there’s that one like lump on the noggin and that was it. (SOPHIE: Okay.) And there’s no bleeding. Then also well, there might be a little bleeding now that Serge’s pulled him through broken window. So, you know.

(LUC, SOPHIE, & BIANCA all speak at once.)

BIANCA: Chi 1:07:49
Meanwhile B’s just looking around (LUC: Serge isn’t the brightest.) (SOPHIE:unintelligible.) for her hat.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:07:53
Sophie will ask Serge to put him in a different in the not the room that are injured folk are in. (DES: Hmm.) And then Bianca will kind of just like…if it’s all surface level damage then she’s not gonna bother but she’ll like try to like you know there’s like something deep cuts or something she’ll like to bandage the person and turn to the other two and be like (stutters). Did you think this was a spy? Or…(GAWAIN: It seems like a spy.)

BIANCA: Chi 1:08:26
I am (unintelligible) windows.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:08:29
I am not equipped to interrogate the person.

BIANCA: Chi 1:08:34
Ah, you’re doing good. Just wake him up.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:08:38
Perhaps Serge…(stutters) Could you tie him up first? I did not feel comfortable.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:08:45
Sir just nods. And kind of like lumbers over to get some ropes somewhere. (SOPHIE:I love how there’s like ropes and bandages everywhere.) Yeah, and you just say tie somebody up to a chair. (SOPHIE: Yep.) Just like you told them too. (SOPHIE: Oh dear.)

BIANCA: Chi 1:09:00
And B is like: Get it around his elbows good job.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:09:03
It’s…it’s quite comical this very large man taking directions about how to kidnap someone from a small girl or small child at this point who’s got a page boy hat. Who knows.

BIANCA: Chi :1:09:14
I lost my hat and I don’t know where it went.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:09:16
You lost your hat in the scuffle!

BIANCA: Chi 1:09:18
Yeah, in the scuffle! I couldn’t find it out there. I couldn’t find it.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:09:21
Just blew away the wind like oh no!

SOPHIE: Puja 1:09:28
Um, B perhaps you should interrogate?

BIANCA: Chi 1:09:29
Sure, no problem! I’ll take…(SOPHIE: Alright.) I’ll reach into into my like sailor coat and I have to kind of like lift it up and then I’ve got like, leather sheaths that kind of go around my waist and stomach. It has to be both because I’m tiny and my waist in my stomach is kind of the same thing. Uh, but and then she’s got a bunch of very finely made stilettos (SOPHIE: No, no, no, not torture.) as she takes, she’s just ignoring you this point, she takes one out: Alright, Serge, wake him up.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:10:00
Gawain is like…(shocked face)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:10:03
Alright, we’re gonna hold on this for a second. And then I want to ask Luc you’re in bed. What do you think your…your friends are doing?

LUC: Zach 1:10:13
I honestly, I have like no clue… (Interrupting DES: It’s not quite morning yet, dawn is…) I’m probably like sleeping at this point honestly. (DES: You just have a fun nice dream…) I’m just sleepin’ occasionally like, Gaston will occasionally wake me up to make me drink some water and then I’m just back to sleep.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:10:31
You know, it’s been a bit but like, you know what you will kind of like start a little bit because like Gaston should be waking up for water by now, but you’re really thirsty. Um, and so you kind of just like open up and you think you see Gaston until you see a knife in someone’s hand. And we’re going to pause this and we’ll take a small break. We’ll come back here in about five minutes, everybody. So, we’re gonna pause here you know five-minute break. We’ll come back, everybody.


GAWAIN: Mason 1:18:39
So, we’re getting into Monster Hunter world.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:18:42
Here we go. We are back. Yay! Welcome back everybody. So, we’re back here at “The way of Thorns,” ah, let’s go with Luc. You’ve just woken up. And there’s somebody in your room with a knife. Now they’re not, they’re not hovering over you. But they are in your room as if kind of like checking the window for a second. There is a knife in their hand.

LUC: Zach 1:19:14
Can I recognize this person at all?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:19:17
It’s very dark and they are…they’re probably dressed in dark clothes. (LUC: Gotcha.) You can’t tell it’s just so dark.

LUC: Zach 1:19:27
I see. I see. Um, in Castilian I would like to say, “Is there something you would like?” or “What are you here for?” I’m gonna remain calm.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:19:44
In Castilian, (LUC: In Castilian.) Castilian. Yes. We never…I never did double check. I apologize. It is gentlemen. And he says, “Is it true that you freed those people?”

LUC: Zach 1:20:04
I’m going to ask: “Who is asking?”

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:20:09
Someone in the house was asking.

LUC: Zach 1:20:11
Someone in the house was asking. Okay, I’m gonna go back to Mon…Montainge, Montaingenese? I don’t know. (SOPHIE: Montaigney?) Montiagney and say: What have you done with Gaston?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:20:29
He, he, it kind of takes him a second but he looks shocked and then kind of frowns and he kind of like approaches you and you realize…

LUC: Zach 1:20:40
He doesn’t speak Montaigne. Okay, so I go back to Castilian (DES: He’s kind of approaching you.)

LUC: Zach 1:20:47
I say, “I did not directly free the prisoners. No.” (DES: But you freed them.) Not directly.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:20:59
You in… You didn’t intend to free them.

LUC: Zach 1:21:00
Is…that that’s not what I’m saying.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:21:07
Did you or did you not intend to free them?

LUC: Zach 1:21:13
I did not have the intent to let them stay where they were at.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:21:20
Luc, I didn’t know you were a lawyer.

LUC: Zach 1:21:24
I’m from Montaigne.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:21:29
Reinvented equivocator.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:21:34
Did…and he kind of like, pauses from it because he’s obviously can’t sidestep, you. So, he simply asks: “Do you support El Vagabundo?

LUC: Zach 1:21:48
I support freedom.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:21:54
He puts the knife away and he hands you a letter.

LUC: Zach 1:22:00

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:22:04
It’s a sealed letter you’re…you’re not familiar with this seal unfortunately. But it is it is it is a letter in an envelope and it’s sealed with wax and he says: “give this to El Vagabundo when you can.” And then he kind of just like steps back and then slips out the window. Now going back to you guys at the clinic. What are you guys doing? You’ve got a dude that you beat up…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:22:50
So, my mind is so blown as B just…just reveals like I actually have an assassin mode. (mumbles) Stilettos just strapped all over her.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:23:04
We’ve unlocked her alternate costumes.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:23:08
This, uh, you are certainly full of surprises.

BIANCA: Chi 1:23:12
Yep, that’s me surprises. Okay. Wake him up.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:23:15
Also do not torture this man.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:23:17
What the feck is your childhood?

BIANCA: Chi 1:23:19
He was spying on us! Don’t call me “child.”

SOPHIE: Puja 1:23:26
B, how old are you? (DES: Rude.). You are not a lady. You’re not a lady.

BIANCA: Chi 1:23:35
Yes, I actually…

SOPHIE: Puja 1:23:37
You look…were you a boy or lady or a child? What are you?

BIANCA: Chi 1:23:42
Never mind. We don’t have time for all these questions. Wake him up!

GAWAIN: Mason 1:23:45
This is horrifying.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:23:48
How are you waking him up?

(everyone speaking at once.)

BIANCA: Chi 1:23:53
I’m asking. I’m asking. Serge? Ser…What is it? How do you pronounce it?


GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:24:03
Sorry to anybody who actually speaks French here on our channel.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:24:08
I speak, excuse me, we only speak Montaigney.

BIANCA: Chi 1:24:12
We don’t do French and I don’t have a Vodacce accent in my retinue. So sorry. Okay. (SOPHIE:You just gesture a lot.) I just sound like a little kid naturally so we’re just going to go with that. Okay, so no. I’m going to ask him to I’m going to tell him to wake him up and see what he does.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:24:35
Serge just slaps him across the face.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:24:38
My fucking god.

(all speaking at once. Unintelligible)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:24:43
I’m here with assassin Barbie of course he’s gonna…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:24:47
Let’s conduct ourselves a little bit honorably.
(speaking over each other. Unintelligible.)

GAWAIN: Mason 1:24:55
You got to make sure you always say feck instead of fuck.

BIANCA: Chi 1:24:58
Good, you gotta make sure ya, alright. Okay, does the guy wake up?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:25:00
He does. He just kind of (DES makes noises and gestures)…coughing it up. But he’s now he realizes he’s like tied up?

BIANCA: Chi 1:25:11
Does he? Does he look Castilian?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:25:15
You can’t tell. I mean he’s he’s kind of like he’s got that like really shadowed stubble he’s got you know dark hair. He could be Castilan and he could be he could also be Montaignien, you can’t really see.

BIANCA: Chi 1:25:35
How is he dressed? Does he look poor? Or healthy or?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:25:39
He looks poor. But also, that like, you know, but this is not like what he would wear normal…every day.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:25:46
Oy. Did we just feck up?

BIANCA: Chi 1:25:48
Shh! Quiet! And then I will I’ll put my knife under his chin. (SOPHIE:Oh dear. Oh dear.) And then say in like, you know, it’s common, right? The one everyone speaks? Cuz, I don’t know Castilian. And I’ll be like: “Who sent you?”

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:26:07
And he just spits.

BIANCA: Chi 1:26:09
I’ll poke him a little bit harder get some blood.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:26:13
He he spits on your shoe. OK, now let’s roll things (BIANCA: This going to get ugly.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:26:22
It’s gonna get bad. Or good…depending. So, let’s see you…You have three chances to get information out of him. Cuz like his because he is very determined not to give you anything. (BIANCA: Okay.) So, to get you to get honesty will be a raise. And then and then you’ll be your three questions, but you can’t get any more than that. Even if you had X raises you couldn’t get anything more than three pieces of information from him

GAWAIN: Mason 1:27:01
Can try and be good cop and roll like an empathy. (DES: Absolutely. Yes. I will take that.) Empathy, empathy convince…

BIANCA: Chi 1:27:15
I’m gonna do intimidation…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:27:17
And I’m just gonna be like: “Listen friend. We’re…we’re no friends of the Marquise. Could be a misunderstanding. Maybe we don’t need this many knives.”

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:27:26
Now since B and Gawain are working together I’m going to allow you guys to like you obviously will roll separately but if you have any hanging ones you can combine those together. (BIANCA: Alright.) (Unintelligible) Yeah, so you guys are working in tandem, okay there’s anything else you want to do and spend any hero points or anything like that. (BIANCA: Um I don’t think I get anything.) If you spend if you spend a hero point just in general you can get a die for yourself. Or if you want to spend it towards Gawain, he’ll get three die.

BIANCA: Chi 1:27:59
Um, no. I don’t want to help him I’m helping out myself.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:28:03
I’ll go ahead and use a hero point to help….

GAWAIN: Mason 1:28:07
You’re a good friend and I appreciate you.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:28:09
And I have the camaraderie so you get four die.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:28:10
Four die! And you’re using your hero point for it?

BIANCA: Chi 1:28:18
Who gets the four die?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:28:16
Um, who needs it more?

LUC: Zach 1:28:21
Do you support the torturer or the…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:28:25
Do you like good cops or bad cops.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:28:31
I weirdly have more faith in Bianca because she terrifies me

GAWAIN: Mason 1:28:39
I’m proud of my two raises and you can have my hanging for Bianca.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:28:44
And you get four extra die from me.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:28:47
It makes sense that she gets the four extra die and I’m just like, no Listen, we’re just trying to do the right thing.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:28:54
I’ll do one more thing. And if you want to do this pretty easily, you’ll want to do it with a, you’ll need another raise because the sun’s coming up you have a broken window and some and he did shout. So, if you want to do this quickly and that nobody will know something’s up then that will take an extra raise. So, raise for being sneaky about it; raise for him being honest; and then three questions. If that. So, we need like a minimum five raises for best case scenario.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:29:28
Okay, you got two for me.

BIANCA: Chi 1:29:29
So, I got a seven and a three. So, that’s one raise. And I got a six and a four. So that’s another raise. And I got we’ll use the I can use his stuff. (DES: You can use his hanging.) His hanging four? (DES: Yes.) Uh, What do I…what do I have left? I have a five a four, a four, okay, so then I could just use my five and five and that’s another one. Gosh, this is real hard. (SOPHIE:And the six and the four.) Another six and four… (DES: Another six and four? How’d you get another six and four? From the 4d10 at the bottom. (SOPHIE:She got to roll twice.) (DES: Only saw…yeah, I only saw the bottom one. Okay.) I don’t think I can use Mason’s hanging 4, unfortunately. So, then he’s got two and I’ve got four.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:30:29
Yeah, so you did it so you get everything. What do you want to ask him? What do you want to know about this assassin guy?

BIANCA: Chi 1:30:37
Okay, so, alright. So, B is going to yank a bunch of the bandage that was being used to hold like hold his arms down there’s like some extra bandage, and then she’s going to back slice so that she gets a chunk of the bandage off, then she’s gonna shove it into this guy’s mouth to reverse the knife and then she’ll cut his right ear off. (EVERYONE FREAKS OUT) Right, so, we’re gonna stand a little bit and let him get the screaming off then she’s gonna wipe the knife off. (GAWAIN: I’m gonna vomit. Immediately.) She’s gonna wipe the knife off. Wait for him to get the screaming off and then she’ll take the the bandage out and be like, “Who sent you?”

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:31:31
He spits at you. Definitely. But now like he’s tried doing it because he’s a thing on it. It just kind of like (????) even further. And he’s just screaming; blood is pouring out of his ear.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:31:45
Sophie will say (BIANCA interrupts: she’s gonna shove the bandage in his mouth again.) And Sophie will say, “Please answer her question so I can help you.”

GAWAIN: Mason 1:31:53
Oh, good fuck of the forest, I can’t look.

BIANCA: Chi 1:32:00
Gawain is so gold; he’s so gold. It’s so good. Okay. She’s like, Listen, pal, you’ve got another ear, your tongue. A nose. So, you know I can keep slicing bits off or you could just kind of cut us cut to the end because we don’t want to have to clean up all the blood. Here we go. She’ll take the bandage out of his mouth again.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:32:23
Oh, yes. So, you take it out? He spits and you ask him he spits kind of on the ground is he kind of just drooling he’s in so much pain. (BIANCA: Yeah, that’s good.) (SOPHIE:Oh, God. Oh, Théus.)

BIANCA: Chi 1:32:36
Who sent you?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:32:51
Maréchal. The Maréchal sent me.

BIANCA: Chi 1:32:56
That’s right. Very good. And how did you find us?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:33:01
It was…the doctor left the house, so we followed I followed her there.

BIANCA: Chi 1:33:15
B’s gonna glance sideways at the doctor.) What does she look like? Does she look concerned surprised? (DES: Doctor?)

SOPHIE: Puja 1:33:19
Confused. This is not her wheelhouse at all. She’s a doctor!

BIANCA: Chi 1:33:22
She just wanted to know if maybe that was a setup but it looks like Sophie looks confused. Okay. So, she’ll look back at the guy.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:33:29
Oh, if you look at Serge, he also looks confused because he like you were waiting. Like no one was following them as far as he knew.

BIANCA: Chi 1:33:38
Oh shit, and I didn’t see anyone following them either. How did you follow the doctor without being detected?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:33:52
We know where the doctor lives. We knew that we just needed to get we just needed to get her away from the noblemen.

BIANCA: Chi 1:34:02

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:34:06
I don’t know why. I was supposed to follow her. And when she was when the nobleman wasn’t around her I could we could take care of all of you.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:34:24
You were sent to kill me?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:34:30
I don’t know why I was just I don’t know why. We were supposed to wait for the doctor when she came home and then take care of everybody here.

BIANCA: Chi 1:34:43
In the clinic? In the whole clinic?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:34:46
If there were people here sure.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:34:48
Wait, so just to refresh my memory…memory who is the Maréchal again?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:34:55
The Maréchal. The Maréchal Laurent Pointu. He is the right hand of the Marquise. He’s from Montaigne as well. He was the guy that when he was the he was supposed to be overseeing the whipping of the boys. But Luc had convinced him that we will let everybody.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:35:14
Sophie takes a seat. She is not coping with this.

BIANCA: Chi 1:35:20
B turns around and she’s like: “What did you do to piss off the Maréchal?”

SOPHIE: Puja 1:35:26
I do not know. I truly don’t know.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:35:28
We need to incapacitate this man and leave him somewhere to report back to his employers and then we need to…

BIANCA: Chi 1:35:33
No. We need something more permanent. So, she’s gonna flip the knife around again and

GAWAIN: Mason 1:35:38
B! Don’t do that!

BIANCA: Chi 1:35:43
What are you kidding me? He’s just gonna go back and report and now you can tell…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:35:48
Haven’t you blackened your soul enough for one day?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:35:49
Can I get my ear back??

BIANCA: Chi 1:35:51
I’m going to shove…I’m gonna shove the bandage back in his face.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:35:56
You haven’t blackened your soul enough for the night?

BIANCA: Chi 1:36:00
What what…So, what are you gonna do? Have him run back home?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:36:06
Let’s…he’s tied up for now and perhaps Luc will join us in the morning. It’s not long. I do not know I do not

BIANCA: Chi 1:36:14
Yeah, if Luc’s still alive…I do not do this political intrigue perhaps he has suggestions. I don’t know if we…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:36:26
I say we send Serge back to Luc and the rest of us need to hide.

BIANCA: Chi 1:36:28
Yeah…I think we better go check on Luc. If they wanted to separate you maybe then he’s gonna get off to. And then I’m gonna look at Serge and say and give him a (gestures with head.)

GAWAIN: Mason 1:36:36
I keep picturing Serge as an incredibly buff Mark Strong. (BIANCA: Me too! Me too!)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:36:44
I’m into it.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:36:46
Incredibly buff Lord Blackwood.

BIANCA: Chi 1:36:50
Yeah, yeah, yeah! I’m here for it. I’m here for it.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:36:54
And then…yeah, Sophie is well she just wants to say like, but if this man is killed then the Maréchal shall have every reason to kill us.

BIANCA: Chi 1:37:00
He’s gonna come and kill you…(GAWAIN: Another reason…) In fact, he’s gonna come kill everybody at this freaking clinic if we’re still here. We better leave.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:37:10
We…we need to leave, but we cannot go to my house.

BIANCA: Chi 1:37:13
I say we uh, salt this guy’s bones with some lye first?

(DES mimics having a rag in her mouth.)

SOPHIE: Puja 1:37:18
We do not have time.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:37:24
What is wrong with you?! What is wrong with you, seriously?

BIANCA: Chi 1:37:26
You don’t want him to tell the Maréchal then how’re you gonna shut him up you’re just gonna ask him nicely with your old god shit?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:37:32
I’m not…first of all my religion doesn’t really factor into it. It’s just my perspective on the world. Second of all doesn’t morality factor into anything for you?

BIANCA: Chi 1:37:39
I mean not really if you want to survive.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:37:41
Horrifying, horrifying! (SOPHIE:But, B…) I’ve got a code I have stick to. You might have noticed I don’t lie. I don’t turn my blade on countrymen and I go to help those in need.

BIANCA: Chi 1:37:54
That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Listen, if we want to live

GAWAIN: Mason 1:37:59
And you’re insane and covered in knives!

BIANCA: Chi 1:38:03
I don’t see what’s insane about that.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:38:06
In the meantime, Sophie gets up and like because the only thing she knows how to do is use her hands. She’s going to go ahead and try to salvage this ear bleedy situation.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:38:18
I don’t I can’t look at you do that.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:38:23
Are you just gonna start hurling again? (GAWAIN: Probably.)

BIANCA: Chi 1:38:25
Dry heave.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:38:28
Can I get a hero point for healing the (unintelligible)?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:38:31
I will give you a hero point for doing that, So you’re back to one.

BIANCA: Chi 1:38:37
Did Serge go back to check on Luc?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:38:40
That’s a very good question. Luc, you told Serge to go with Bianca and keep everybody over here safe. So, would you say that Serge would take this opportunity to disregard that order and go back for you or what?

LUC: Zach 1:38:55
Hmm? Well, I told him to do whatever Sophie says. So, but Sophie didn’t tell them to go back right?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:39:00
Right, the murder child told him to go back.

LUC: Zach 1:39:05
Right, but he also heard that I might be in danger.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:39:07
In danger, yes. But, he also he knows that Gaston and the other gentleman whose name I can never remember (LUC: Bastien. But (overlapping and unintelligible) nothing yeah but.) Yeah, Bastien’s (unintelligible) Gaston, Gaston’s all wily. So, either way, what do you think Serge…What would Serge do?

LUC: Zach 1:39:33
He’s conflicted…he’s not smart enough to do this.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:39:37
Definitely not. (SOPHIE:Intelligence of six…)

LUC: Zach 1:39:40
He’d go back, I think.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:39:45
Alright. You’d go back. By the time that he gets back to you Luc, in the morning, Gaston is there, Bastien is there, all your servants are fine. No one has mentioned anything about seeing some…somebody in your room or seeing somebody go into your room. Okay. And then eventually Serge is brought up because he came home…he came back.

LUC: Zach 1:40:12
Where is the doctor?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:40:15
He just gestures to outside indicating they’re back at her clinic.

LUC: Zach 1:40:20
Bastien, give him some paper please. You know the drill.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:40:23
And Serge now rights down like everything (LUC: with bad handwriting and terrible grammar.) Terrible grammar but lovely penmanship because like the one thing that he’s really into. (LUC: He’s proud.) (BIANCA: Oh my God, that’s the cutest thing.) He’s not the smartest man, but he’s definitely the most fastidious.

(Everyone talking and cooing over Serge.)

LUC: Zach 1:40:49
So, I’ll read it and then like, throw it in the fireplace. (DES: Of course.) The just keep digging more holes for me to fill.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:41:04
Excuse me for existing!

GAWAIN: Mason 1:41:08
Excuse me for not being subtle.

LUC: Zach 1:41:13
I will tell Gaston to go to the clinic and give him like two wealth’s worth of money. (DES: Yeah.) And I’ll be like, get (DES: That’s a lot of money.) Yes. Get everyone involved out of that clinic. Find some way to do it. Hire someone, pay them to keep their mouth shut, do what you need to do.

BIANCA: Chi 1:41:48
Just throw some money at it to make it go away.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:41:53
Money! Why didn’t Sophie think of money?

LUC: Zach 1:41:56
Sophie has money.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:41:53
Sophie has money.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:41:59
(unintelligible)…sword fight. I’m gonna be a lot less of a boob.

LUC: Zach 1:42:00
And then I’ll tell Serge to come along with me because we have to go find…we have an appointment with a certain Lady of the Court.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:42:11
Oh, you do, you do. Well, you know, Bastien takes the money goes off. Pays off who needs to…

LUC: Zach 1:42:22
Gaston. If I said Bastien, I meant Gaston.

BIANCA: Chi 1:42:26
He’s just got this whole legion…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:42:29
Clown car! Just throw them at your…(unintelligible)

BIANCA: Chi 1:42:35
A clown car of people!

LUC: Zach 1:42:38
Clown carriage.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:42:41
Yes. It’s morning and you are preparing for your breakfast I assume with the Marquise.

LUC: Zach 1:42:48
Not with the Marquise. We’re going out. Well, I don’t with I know where Lady Catalina resides?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:42:53
Oh! You’re looking for lady Catalina. You’re looking for Lady Catalina. You don’t know specifically, you might have to ask you know or have your servants send out calling cards.

LUC: Zach 1:43:04
That’s what Bastien is going to do. He’s going to try and find out where she lives so he can send out the formal: It was so nice to meet you last night and I would be delighted to have you for dinner or something.

BIANCA: Chi 1:43:21
Send her flowers. (Makes cooing bird sounds) (DES: has disgraced my stream!)

GAWAIN: Mason 1:43:27
Wait wait wait wait send her swans. That’d be the most extra Montaignien thing. I have sent you 11 swans.

LUC: Zach 1:43:41
It’s only a cover to find out where she is.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:43:44
It would be the worst gift. I just had all these swans now they’re all wild.

LUC: Zach 1:43:48
Okay, so that’s what’s Bastien can do.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:43:51
All right. So, you guys, you prepare. And we’ll cut Sophie. You This day has just you just saw some crazy shit.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:44:04
What…what she’s going to do actually, she’s going to activate her virtue, which allows her to escape danger from the current scene. (DES: Perfect.) And get the fuck out of dodge.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:44:16
Right? Of course, you’re gonna take the, you tend to the guy’s ear, but you know that there’s still things to do and so, you know, you’re just like, I’ll, I’ll be back when you need me.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:44:30
And, and basically like, she’s going to help those other three people get on the road and then like, that’s what she’s gonna kind of busy herself with. Perfect.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:44:39
All right, we’re gonna take a quick quick break. We’d like a couple minutes to three minutes and then we’ll come back and pick up right where we left off.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:48:34
Too busy being enthusiastic instead of on task.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:48:45
That’s okay. All right, we are back. I hopefully that will be our last break. Maybe we’ll see. All right. So. We’re going to shift to Luc, Luc for a moment. You are going to go it doesn’t take long, obviously to track down Lady Catalina because you are the you’re the new person in town. So obviously everybody wants to meet you anyways, all the servants are very excited. And after last night’s performance, everybody was secretly hoping that you’d come visit them. Yes, but you chose Lady Catalina.

LUC: Zach 1:49:15
How lucky for Lady Catalina.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:49:18
Lady Catalina.

LUC: Zach 1:49:21
I know she’ll be so pleased to see me.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:49:18
She’s…the servants return and they say that you can meet her for a very late lunch oh, sorry, a very very late breakfast if you wish.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:49:32

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:49:35
Brunch. We’re inventing brunch here.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:49:35
We’ve invented brunch!

BIANCA: Chi 1:49:37
Visiting before noon is very avant garde. (DES: I know.)

LUC: Zach 1:49:39
It’s the newest craze in Montaigne.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:49:42
That’s why the King fucking loves Luc.

LUC: Zach 1:49:48
You can break your fast much later.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:49:47
So, you’re brought in…you’re escorted in with you know, with your servants. Bastien is the one with you as Gaston and Serge do their duty.

LUC: Zach 1:50:02
No, Serge is with me.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:50:02
Serge is with you. You know he’s your bodyguard. But Bastien is making all of the calls and and doing all these things. And so, you sit down for breakfast and what are you wearing?

LUC: Zach 1:50:15
I’ll be wearing formal clothes in mostly the colors of Montaigne, but I’ll have a little like brooch that just so happens to have the colors of Castile. (BIANCA: Subtle fashion statements.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:50:35
Yes. Well very, very nice. I love it. Lady Catalina she’s wearing a lovely blue gown and the color very reminiscent of the colors of Montaigne, but she keeps a red rose over her ear. (LUC: Is it the left ot the right ear?) Left ear. (LUC: That means she’s single.). So, she said she welcomes you to her home and you’re you’re sitting down for for brunch, essentially, delightful food, delightful drink, and you’re just kind of making small talk. She wants to know everything about what Court is like, you know, just just schmoozing.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:51:23
Go ahead, ask your question. (LUC: Are we in a private chamber?) You’re in her her dining room, so it’s private in that the doors are closed. And it’s you two plus Serge and her own standing servant. (LUC: Gotcha, gotcha.) Yeah. So, well, when you’re here, we’re going to treat this as a scene. What are you hoping to get and what are you trying to do?

LUC: Zach 1:51:58
I’m hoping to figure out whether or not she is El Vagabundo. And if she is, I want to deliver the letter.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:52:07
The letter. Okay, so. Okay, we’re gonna have a lot of big, like a lot of consequences in your way because obviously, if she isn’t, you need to speak in a way that like it can’t be construed that you’re looking for El Vagabundo. So. we’ll just go with like some kind of double talk. (LUC: I’m very good at that.). Yes, exactly. I’ll still need you to use one. Obviously, any kind of like honesty raise and then after that um, depending on your questions of the conversation will start using up raises that way.

LUC: Zach 1:52:44
Okay. I’m assuming I can’t use my Arcana. When I act behind the scenes or from the shadows or through a proxy, every risk, every die counts as a raise?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:52:50
I would not necessarily count this moment is that like that, like this is a bit more direct than that. If we were rolling for what, like Gaston is doing? Yeah, that would definitely be like that’s a that’s a more that’s a distant more distant touch than what your doing (BIANCA: Nice try James Bond.)

LUC: Zach 1:53:16
Just trying. I’m assuming she also doesn’t count as a villain.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:53:23
You don’t know for sure. But she is definitely someone important.

LUC: Zach 1:53:35
Okay then I don’t think I can you see any of my thingamadoodles. Okay. So, I guess maybe notice? (DES: Notice was good. Yeah.) And panache because it’s like a socially thing.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:53:56
Okay. Let’s see. Did you use your extra die for…

LUC: Zach 1:54:04
I didn’t. I didn’t reroll.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:54:13
Go ahead. Reroll.

LUC: Zach 1:54:16
Seven. Okay, so that one is now a seven. Okay. So combined combined, combined, so I have three with a hang…with a hanging two.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:54:29
Okay. So, what kind of what

LUC: Zach 1:54:34
Can I also spend a hero point to get one extra?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:54:37
Absolutely. If anybody wants to spend their hero point to help you can get three. We’re not using Sophie’s.

LUC: Zach 1:54:42
They’re not here though. So, does that count?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:54:46
We’ll, if you can come up with a good way that like Oh, I remember Sophie wanted me to ask this or something like that. I can try to incorporate it but like, they definitely cannot physically help you.

LUC: Zach 1:55:00
I don’t think you…I don’t think Gaston, uh, not Gaston, Gawain even knows who this person is. I don’t think they I don’t think they can. But I will spend a hero point to get one extra. (DES: Extra let’s do it.)

LUC: Zach 1:55:16
I have two hanging twos.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:55:27
You have two hanging twos. And you only have three raises? (LUC: Three raises.) Okay, so you have a choice, I’m going to say like the most important one would be like do the doublespeak like you don’t want to tip your hand too often. So, with your last two raises you have a choice. You can ask it you’ll definitely ask probably one question that you want to know the answer of. Then you can choose whether or not we actually don’t screw the honesty bit. will say you have two questions, too. Yeah. Hmm.

LUC: Zach 1:55:58
I guess I’ll just like begin talking about like, “I cannot believe I hadn’t heard anything about this El Vagabundo before my trip here. Oh, now I’ve encountered him twice. It would seem like once once for certain in the town square and then I assume he’s the one who knocked me out last night but the note was signed, E.V. I just kind of assumed for El Vagabundo.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:56:30
Lady Catalina just kind of just shakes her head. And she’s like, “It’s so…it’s very strange, this El Vagabundo coming up. I mean, they love whoever they are. They love Castile just as much as anybody else. But to, to attack. To attack somebody is is is is unheard of. And to leave a note is so strange.

LUC: Zach 1:57:01
Did I catch on that twice thing? Cuz I mean,

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:57:07
Okay. So you caught on the twice.

LUC: Zach 1:57:12
Because technically I met him once. And she seemed surprised that it was twice. And then my second question.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:57:27
Like, obviously you can keep asking her questions after this but like these are the

LUC: Zach 1:57:32
But these are the ones where I get like real…Can I just like the conversation…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:57:27
from a meta…from a meta point of view, these are the ones that you know are going to be true. (LUC: Okay, gotcha, gotcha.) Everything else if we just keep rping we’ll have to suss it out. But like, you know, she can she can obfuscate, she can a lie, but these questions that you’re asking will be true. (LUC: So, was that one technically a question or just role…role play?). That was just role play, we’ll go with as it role play.

LUC: Zach 1:58:00
So, for one of my questions that I know could be true…Can I…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:58:06
If you can’t…if you can’t come up a way to like, slide it into like an RP conversation? Just like point blank ask me and we’ll just say that it happened.

LUC: Zach 1:58:19
It is a such wonder that like a folk hero, is is in the flesh. It would be pretty a pretty amazing to meet this Vagabundo. You wouldn’t happen to have any inkling of who it could be. I know that you are…you are one foot in each door so to speak. You are half Montaigne and half Castilian.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:58:47
She looked like she was about to say something but then as you explain like you know, she’s from Montaigne. She’s from Castile. And she’s like, yes, yes. That is a…I do. I do have both bloods in me and it is…it is strange to see the folk hero in the flesh if if it is the folk hero. You know we don’t we don’t we just we have the note that but but we don’t know for sure

LUC: Zach 1:59:26
Okay, I’m just gonna get. Whenever I saw this El Vagabundo in the town square, I couldn’t help but notice that they seem to have a quite feminine form. One they might have been trying to hide but I’m assuming that everyone thinks they might be male, but I wouldn’t count against its being a very brave and boisterous young lady.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:00:05
You know, I wasn’t aware that you would be paying attention to people’s figures so much.

LUC: Zach 2:00:12
Well, I noticed lots of things.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:00:18
I have a question for you.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:00:24
We actually have a question for you, Zach. Okay. Yes. The clothing that Luc is wearing (LUC: Right now.) Yes, you know you it was you have that you have the brooch and you have the Montaigne clothing is there any flowers on it?

LUC: Zach 2:00:46
Flowers okay is the would I know that like flowers are important to like the Castilian culture thing. (DES: Not that you know of.) Not that I know of. No, not that you’ve seen this is like it.) Yeah. I can’t say

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:01:04
Like everybody likes flowers but like you know nothing as lilke as far as is like

LUC: Zach 2:01:13
I can’t say like if anything is like they might have like decorative vines on the thing. I can’t say I specifically picked out a brooch with like a rose on it or something.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:01:21
Do you want to use…Do you want to use your raise to say that you did?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:01:24
(LUC: Sure.) Okay, so no question. And she’s and she smiles and says maybe maybe a feminine figure but took a different figure when Vagabundo saved you or approached you.

LUC: Zach 2:01:42
Wait. What?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:01:45
She said that she said, looking at your brooch she said perhaps they did take a feminine figure in the town square but they took a different figure when they approached you.

LUC: Zach 2:01:57
That is true. So, perhaps there are multiple individuals acting as one.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:02:13
Of course. I mean, that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

LUC: Zach 2:02:07
That is smart, I suppose. That way if one gets caught the…I can’t think of the word does it organization type of thing can still live.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:02:30
She kind of looks around and sees that you have Serge and she sees her guard. And she says, Do you mind if we have a private conversation?

LUC: Zach 2:02:46
Serge, go get some fresh flowers for the lady.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:02:55
Serge just kinda nods and he leaves and Lady Catalina, she gestures to her servant and he leaves the room and once the doors are closed, she kind of looks at you and she leans back a little with a much warmer smile than she had given you earlier. Not that she was impolite, but now she feels very comfortable. Yes. And she says, so, when did you first wear the mask?

LUC: Zach 2:03:22
I cannot say I’ve worn any mask here per se. Mais, perhaps back home. (DES: But you wrote the note.) (unintelligible) under certain scenes. Oh, that is true. (DES: And you wear the rose.)

LUC: Zach 2:03:39
I must admit that was pure coincidence.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:03:44
So, you’re not a Vagabundo.

LUC: Zach 2:03:49
I’m afraid that I am not. Wait did she say A? (DES: A Vagabundo.) I’m afraid I’m not formally a Vagabundo, mais, I stand for freedom and justice (DES: She totally deflates as you say you’re not a formal vagabundo.). Do you know one who is?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:04:17
I thought…

LUC: Zach 2:04:20
Are you?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:04:21
I thought that the Vagabundo…I knew the Vagabundo at the town wasn’t real…wasn’t the right one. Didn’t feel right. But I thought it was you.

LUC: Zach 2:04:34
No. I admit that I was forced to frame El Vagabundo for releasing the prisoners.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:04:45
You used the name? And she kind of like reaches over to you and kind of thumbs your brooch like this. You’re not one of us.

LUC: Zach 2:05:02
I have only been here for two days.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:05:05
So has El Vagabundo! That’s why I…(Exasperated sigh)

LUC: Zach 2:05:09
You mean El Vagabundo has never appeared before I arrived?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:05:14
We’re gonna smash cut to you guys. Sophie has left and you have the prisoner. He’s like kind of lulling and passing out because of the pain. And so, he’s kind of like moving it his bonds a little bit. Um, do you guys want to search him or anything like that?

BIANCA: Chi 2:05:38
Sure. Yep. (DES: Okay, who’s going in? Knives?) Yeah, Knives. And then I’ll check to make sure to see if he has any money or anything to I’ll take that.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:05:51
Yeah, sure. How close are you looking? We’ll roll for it. We’ll see all the fun things you can find on his person.

BIANCA: Chi 2:05:56
I’ll check his pockets and I’ll cut his shirt but, I don’t want to see anything gross.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:06:04
Oh, of course. You’re going for the money. He’s got some he’s got some coin you take his coin purse, you cut open his shirt just to check for anything. And he’s wearing like dark clothing and a dark cloak but like now that you could open his shirt, you see a flash of something underneath and he’s wearing purple. Not unlike the vagabundo. The colors. So, we’re going to cut there because that’s our two-hour mark. Oh.

LUC: Zach 2:06:42
Oh man. I’m gonna have to remember what’s happening.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:06:45
We’ve got a lot of Vagabundos. It’s a Vagabundo for everybody. Thank you for joining us. Sorry about all the the technical difficulties and we’ll see you in two weeks. Sophie and Puja will not be here but the four of us. We’re going to figure out what’s going on with everybody and then their mother in Altamira, knowing or being a vagabundo. We’ll see you guys later.