The spy has been caught and interrogated in the Vodacce style by our little murder child, Bianca as Luc, who was comfortably resting in his rooms at the Marquise’s estate also has a visitor, who brings him an important message to pass on to El Vagabundo himself. But who IS this mysterious El Vagabundo? Luc decides to visit a woman he met last night at the party, Lady Catalina, for brunch to plan his next move. Meanwhile, Sophie, Gawain, and Bianca argue about what to do with their sneaking spy, as they wait for Luc to join them to carry out their next step in rescuing the noble family of Altamira!

GAME MASTER: Desiree 0:05
Are we live? Yes! I think we’re live. Yes. Okay, we’re live. So, welcome everybody to DiceVentures where we are playing 7th Sea. We have our cast. Everybody, do you want to go around and say who you are and who are you playing? Let’s start with Puja today.

SOPHIE: Puja 0:26
Hi, my name is Puja and I am playing our lovely Dr. Sophie Couvier who is a doctor from Montaigne and in way over her head and if you ask her how it happened, she doesn’t really know.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 0:39
Oh, Sophie. Let’s go with Zach, next.

LUC: Zach 0:55
My character is Luc. He is also from Montaigne. He is also in over his head, but he was kind of expecting it. He may or may not now be a Vagabundo.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:02
Just imagining that face that you’re making right now is just so good with it with Luc’s face. Chi, do you want to go next? Oh, no, Chi we can’t hear you. Oh no, the mic!

SOPHIE: Puja 1:16
I don’t think you’re muted. You’re very very soft though. Oh wait, can I fix…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:22
We’ll go on to Mason while Chi it fixes that.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:29
I’m playing Gawain Culfairth. He’s a wandering Druid. He is a…he is a wanderer from Inismore in the Isles of Avalon. Trying to do some good and witnessing marathon man style torture scenes.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:43
You’re gettin’ there? And Chi.

BIANCA: Chi 1:59
Okay, I think I have a microphone now. (We can here you.) Right? Okay. Yeah. I’m Chi. And I’m playing Bianca who is currently moonlighting as B or calls herself B here. She is a very young looking 12, 13 looking at tiny murder child with knives.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:16
I mean, like there’s nothing that’s like literally just super accurate about B.

BIANCA: Chi 2:20
Yeah, I mean she’s got lots of other hidden layers but doesn’t everyone?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:26
Well, yes, we all do have layers. Who wants to give a rundown about what happened especially for Puja because she missed the last the last half of the last session.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:38
In my three-hour journey to the airport.

LUC: Zach 2:42
So, in short, we all rendez-voused back at, well, everyone besides Luc, rendez-voused back at the clinic, where they were having this big ol’ discussion on what should they should do next. And do with the prisoners that they rescued from the lil’ torture chamber. A little spy dude person came. Bianca beat him up, tied them to a chair and tortured him for information by cutting off his ear, like a little crazy person. And then I believe that Luc sent Gaston with a boatload of money to help Sophie get the rescued prisoners the heck out of dodge. From that point, Luc got a midnight visitor, who handed him a mysterious note to give to El Vagabundo. Then he went to speak with Lady Catalina and discovered that El Vagabundo is not just one person, but many people.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 4:06
Oop! We’ve lost Mason.

LUC: Zach 4:08
Oh, no. And now I’m the Game Master.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 4:17
Oh no! Zach’s in charge!!

SOPHIE: Puja 4:17
He said he had audio issues. I’m assuming he just dropped the call and is trying to rejoin it.

LUC: Zach 4:22
Hopefully so.

BIANCA: Chi 4:23
All right, we’re gonna go to a different background.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 4:26

LUC: Zach 4:27
Doo doo doo.

SOPHIE: Puja 4:29
Oh, he’s back.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 4:30
He’s back in.

GAWAIN: Mason 4:33
Hey! I’m back.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 4:35
Okay. Can you hear us?

GAWAIN: Mason 4:36
Yeah, I have no clue what that was. I think it’s the ghost that lives in my laptop. That was on my end. I’m just bad. I love you all.

SOPHIE: Puja 4:43
But when you when you dropped, Zach became the DM.

LUC: Zach 4:50
I’m no longer the Game Master.

SOPHIE: Puja 4:52
The videos moved. (DES: Alas, it was.) We need to figure out how you cannot make that happen on zoom like those people were saying. They’re liars.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 5:01
I hope Yeah, we’ll figure something out. Okay, so I think we left off with Zach, meeting lady Catalina with his letter. So, you got a letter.

LUC: Zach 5:17

GAME MASTER: Desiree 5:18
You go and meet Catalina. And then what happened?

LUC: Zach 5:22
And then I am technically a Vagabundo. Oh, because I did Vagabundo things. And Catalina is also a Vagabundo. But she is not the lady who was El Vagabundo in the square when we rescued the people. Which I thought she was Luc thought she was but it’s not. And I think that’s where we stopped. Sophie. Oh, not Sophie. Bianca ripped open the tortured prisoner man’s shirt and saw that he was wearing the color purple which is linked with El Vagabundo. And I think that’s everything

GAME MASTER: Desiree 6:11
I think that is everything.

SOPHIE: Puja 6:13
So, like are we all Vagabundos now or is it just Luc? How does this work?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 6:11
Are we Vagabundo or are we dancer, that is the question. Alright so let’s see we’ve got it so we have Sophie had taken off because things have got a little too hot. So, she’s by herself that’s okay no judgment. We’re just we’re just want to like re remember everybody is. (SOPHIE: She really has godly has a virtue that lets her do that.) Yeah, she’s like peace. We have Bianca and Gawain together at the clinic with the torturer. Correct?

GAWAIN: Mason 6:52
Yeah, no. That’s very true.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 6:55
And then (GAWAIN: I puked.)…and then we have…Oh, Gawain. And then we have Luc and Catalina at Lady Catalina’s residence having brunch. (LUC: We’re just having some brunch.) Yeah. Um, Puja let’s go to you for a second and let’s talk about what Sophie was doing. So, she peaced out and it’s been a couple of hours. Where did she go where what after this after this has just kind of blown her mind and what’s going on so far. Where did she leave?

SOPHIE: Puja 7:31
So, Zach mentioned that Luc gave Sophie money to help square these folks away?

LUC: Zach 7:34
Yeah Gaston is with you and the prisoner people and I sent him with two wealth’s worth of money which is a lot. I don’t know exactly how much.

(Everyone talking at once.)

SOPHIE: Puja 7:52
Sophie put in at least one wealth herself to cover the third person. So, each of the folks got a wealth.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 8:00
Got a wealth Yeah, they got a good like you know start a new life set of set of money.

SOPHIE: Puja 8:06
Yeah. Honestly it was help get them to the edge of town and Sophie isn’t really a sweet talker or anything but she was there just in case they were stopped or they came across any hitches, she’d be like, Oh no, they’re going on the (unintelligible) if anyone asks what you know what they would, she would she was going to say that it was for like they were going to go scout for medical supplies and go to the nearest town to bring back stuff for the clinic. And then once they were all in their respective modes of transport, hopefully heading in different directions.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 8:42
Yeah, we can do that. Yeah. So, everybody’s got a different place that no one every scattered is the best way to go about it.

SOPHIE: Puja 8:48
Yeah, and honestly, she was like, I don’t want to know where you’re going. So, I can never tell anybody if they ask.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 8:53
Good on the plausible deniability. (BIANCA There you go. There you go.)

SOPHIE: Puja 9:00
She picked up something since becoming noble. And so, then she and Gaston would have headed back to the clinic.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 9:05
Okay, so you’re heading back to the clinic we’ll say that (unintelligible) it took a couple of hours and right now it’s the next day. Or maybe next because you’re at brunch, right? So, (SOPHIE. I’m not a brunch.) No, no. Luc is at brunch. Yeah. So, so it’s been a very busy 12 hours. Let’s put it that way.

SOPHIE: Puja 9:31
Did she freeze?

LUC: Zach 9:32
I cannot I cannot hear you.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 9:38
Very, very, very Mother Mary

SOPHIE: Puja 9:42
Our DM is ruminating everybody.

LUC: Zach 9:46
Join us all in a second. Gonna join us all in a silent prayer at the moment.

SOPHIE: Puja 9:55
Well, like like she said, it’s been a very hectic 12 hours.

LUC: Zach 10:01
Well, while this happens. Luc did he got (talking over each other)

SOPHIE: Puja 10:06
Sophie probably went back to the clinic late at night and slept.

(Technical Difficulties)

LUC: Zach 10:12
One a little.

GAWAIN: Mason 10:13

BIANCA: Chi 10:17
Okay, hold on.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 10:20
Give us a second.

BIANCA: Chi 10:23
They can still hear you. It says I have to update the scene.

SOPHIE: Puja 10:26
Can you see your amazing frozen image? It looks a little bit like…

LUC: Zach 10:30
One of the rescued people did tell us that he was taking care of his 14-year-old sister. And so, we need to tell her what happened to him and watch over her and make sure nothing happens to her. (SOPHIE: Right. So,) I wasn’t…Luc wasn’t here to hear that, but I took notes on it. Okay, because y’all would have heard it. Right? (BIANCA Yes, but B doesn’t care.). No. B doesn’t care. But I imagined Gawain and Sophie would.

SOPHIE: Puja 11:00
Yes. So, so Des, I was saying I think I guess if Sophie returned in the middle of the night she probably just crash at the clinic.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 11:08
Okay, we’re gonna Yeah, let’s…

BIANCA: Chi 11:10
Video’s back.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 11:12
Video is up? Video is back, cool. And all the audio was heard, so we’re good.

(BIANCA Chi speaks but there is no sound.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 11:20
Perfect. Thank you. Okay. Oh, video looks not right. Does…Okay. All right, you came back we’ll say it’s early morning. So, by this time someone’s already missing an ear and let’s just, actually we’ll keep it fresh. We’ll just say the ears now freshly off this man. And B and Gawain, Gawain has now puked and the door opens

BIANCA: Chi 12:00
Oh no! Is it Mom? Cuz we’re in trouble.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 12:03
This is literally the community Troy coming back with pizza gif.

BIANCA: Chi 12:24
So, B doesn’t know what the purple means. So, she’s just gonna step back with her bloody knife and look confused.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 12:30
Okay, so Sophie, what you see is puking. Be with a knife and an ear and a man who under his like overcoat has what looks to be the like, outfit of El Vagabundo.

BIANCA: Chi 12:43
I mean, she’s, not holding the ear. She’s not like a creepy like, you know? Soldier guy. Yeah, it just kind of like she just. It’s just kind of fell off.

SOPHIE: Puja 12:52
the Sophie walks in, like Troy, freezes. Looks at the blood and the vomit and what might looks like a severed ear and purple. And after like a half seconds pause, she runs over and she tries to staunch the blood.

BIANCA: Chi 13:16
B just kind of surreptitiously steps out of the way…

GAWAIN: Mason 13:19
I do that thing where you like fall against the wall and hold yourself up. I’m trying to Homer Simpson through the wall out of this room. I…I’ve kind of gone into shock. I don’t get how this was a tactic that we should have been playing. I’m a little scared of B right now. (GAWAIN’s: mic cuts out)

SOPHIE: Puja 13:39
What? What happened? What is going on?

GAWAIN: Mason 13:44
Cut off her feckin’ ear!!!

SOPHIE: Puja 13:47
Uh, can I do any sort of medicinal thing to try to staunch the bleeding?

GAWAIN: Mason 13:56
I don’t (unintelligible) we cut off an ear!

BIANCA: Chi 14:00
Don’t be too kind to him. He’s a…he’s a sneaking spy.

SOPHIE: Puja 14:08
What? Sophie’s like not listening. You asked a question but she’s doctoring. But like once it looks like this person is no longer going to like you know, potentially bleed out out of their ear.

BIANCA: Chi 14:21
And I think no one’s going to bleed out of there ear. He’s got another one.

GAWAIN: Mason 14:26
There’s a lot of blood vessels of the head.

BIANCA: Chi 14:28
I mean it bleeds a lot but other than that…

SOPHIE: Puja 14:29
So, you know how it says my background says I earn HP when innocents are harmed by a villain?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 14:36
Yes… (BIANCA He’s not an innocent.) I mean like, for a minute I was like, are you calling be a villain? (BIANCA I think she did.)

SOPHIE: Puja 14:45
That was my question.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 14:48
Sadly, B is a hero.

BIANCA: Chi 14:53
B is acting for everyone’s best interests, Okay?

SOPHIE: Puja 14:58
Question mark, question mark, question mark? Okay, anyway, um, Where? Where is Luc?

GAWAIN: Mason 15:03
I think he had a meetin’ with (LUC: It’s nighttime?)

BIANCA: Chi 15:08
He’s probably having dinner in bed.

GAWAIN: Mason 15:10
Fancy folk. (LUC: Sleeping?) Something about fancy folk.

SOPHIE: Puja 15:15
Is there is the person with the blood alive? Awake?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 15:18
They had passed out I would say, uh, after the ear got removed just in pure pain. Don’t on it. Almost like see I wish I could make you roll to see if you throw up more.

BIANCA: Chi 15:33
We were interrogating him. He was sneaky and spying on us as we were talking.

SOPHIE: Puja 15:39
Gawain, could you please get the bandages from the other room I need to wrap the head of this person.

BIANCA: Chi 15:44
Why are you bandaging? Did you hear what I said?

SOPHIE: Puja 15:49
I am a doctor!

BIANCA: Chi 15:54
Well, can you not be for five minutes? At least until we find out why he’s a spy?

(GAWAIN: and Sophie both speak over Bianca but cannot be heard well.)

SOPHIE: Puja 15:55
We can ask questions, but he is not even awake.

BIANCA: Chi 16:00
He wasn’t answering the questions. Now he’s going to answer the questions.

SOPHIE: Puja 16:03
He is unconscious.

BIANCA: Chi 16:05
Okay, well when he wakes up…stop putting the cloth…stop it!

SOPHIE: Puja 16:08
He is of no use to you or to me if he is dead.

BIANCA: Chi 16:11
Okay, well he’s not gonna die. He’s fine. Look! I’m gonna like poke poke his arm.

SOPHIE: Puja 16:17
I am sorry bumble bee, but I am the doctor here. I must do what I must.

BIANCA: Chi 16:22
I mean, but don’t make him feel too comfortable or he’s not going to answer any questions.

SOPHIE: Puja 16:25
Oh, I do not think that is a question that he will not be comfortable here. You have turned my clinic into an interrogation room.

BIANCA: Chi 16:33
If he thinks that he’s to safe, he’s not going to answer the questions.

SOPHIE: Puja 16:36
Oh. No one can feel too safe with you standing there, can they?

BIANCA: Chi 16:41
Okay, listen, bandage hiss head but then like, go outside or something. You look too nice. He’s not gonna listen.

SOPHIE: Puja 16:48
Sophie just holds up her blood covered hands.

GAWAIN: Mason 16:52
I’ll volunteer to go outside.

SOPHIE: Puja 16:54
No, you bring me the bandages from the other room.

GAWAIN: Mason 16:58
I’ll go get the bandages from the other room.

SOPHIE: Puja 17:02
Sophie is, yeah, basically she’s like this, this child needs to be made…put to use or else he will throw up on more things. I mean, it’s not the first time she’s seen someone throw up at the sign of blood or violence.

GAWAIN: Mason 17:19
Okay, yeah, I’m gonna go find these bandages. I imagine they can’t be too hard to find.

(Sophie speaks but cannot be heard.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 17:24
Yeah, she just, she just like to go get the ones that are in the far corner.

GAWAIN: Mason 17:31
I get like the nice ones.

SOPHIE: Puja 17:34
So, when he brings it back, she’ll bandage him. And then after a bit, I guess, do they they’ll just stand around and see if this person comes to?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 17:44
I mean, he’ll like you know if you guys want to actually interrogate him now the three of you, again, now that you removed his ear, you know we can… you know let’s do a role for that. You know, we’ll talk about like the kind of approaches that you guys are doing and with interrogation and then also what you want to accomplish.

BIANCA: Chi 18:00
So, as I recall, I had already asked who sent this guy? Right. And he refused to answer. Hmm. I think that’s the only question I asked. (DES: Okay.) I just asked a couple times (SOPHIE. And he didn’t answer, and you cut his ear off!) (Unintelligible) …And it didn’t work. Just checking!

GAME MASTER: Desiree 18:22
I just want to make sure I didn’t blow it all. So, okay, so now when when he does wake up who wants to ask questions, what is what are all of you doing to ask him questions?

SOPHIE: Puja 18:37
So, Sophie is going to make sure that Bianca doesn’t murderrate him. Okay. (BIANCA She’s gonna try.) Yeah. And so, what Sophie’s gonna be…here’s the thing, they really need Luc here.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 18:54
I mean, you we will, you’ve talked about you talk amongst yourselves about that.

BIANCA: Chi 19:00
Well, the problem is, is that we don’t have a good cop. We got a bad cop. Sophie, just, just be the good guy.

SOPHIE: Puja 19:04
Sophie will automatically end up being the good cop. Just by virtue of being a good person.

GAWAIN: Mason 19:11
I could also ask questions.

SOPHIE: Puja 19:13
Okay, you’ve got two good cops and one tiny, ferocious murdering bad cop.

LUC: Zach 19:18
Serge is still there. He’s big (GAWAIN: Oh yeah.) and tough.

GAWAIN: Mason 19:23
Well, we have more bad cops now.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 19:25
Yeah, like 17 bad cops.

SOPHIE: Puja 19:27
But, but here’s the thing. We don’t need extra intimidation because a really intimidating thing just happened.

LUC: Zach 19:34
Maybe he can just be a big cuddly bear, you know?

SOPHIE: Puja 19:37
Yeah, (unintelligible) …murder child.

BIANCA: Chi 19:41
The murder child is is important factor.

SOPHIE: Puja 19:46
Yeah, murder child is plenty scary. She’s got the corner on bad cop.

BIANCA: Chi 19:49
Okay, so we got the bad cop. So what? What questions were you guys can ask?

GAWAIN: Mason 19:55
Why are you spying on us?

BIANCA: Chi 19:58
Well, I already asked that. I mean, okay.

GAWAIN: Mason 20:00
Well, he might answer this time.

BIANCA: Chi 20:02
Oh, well I mean, he better.

SOPHIE: Puja 20:05
Perhaps, perhaps it would be easier if I started the conversation. (GAWAIN: Absolutely.). I’m could apologize for things getting out of hand and…

GAWAIN: Mason 20:14
I was going to suggest we apologize. And maybe try to sew his ear back on if that’s the kind of thing that works.

BIANCA: Chi 20:22
You don’t need the outside for to work. He can still hear.

GAWAIN: Mason 20:25
I mean, you know, you kind of want your ear attached to your head.

BIANCA: Chi 20:30
I don’t know why even (taking over each other) …on that side, listen, he shouldn’t have been a spy if he was concerned about his parts.

GAWAIN: Mason 20:25
You shouldn’t be like a scary child covered in knives, but clearly you’ve made some decisions.

BIANCA: Chi 20:39
Oh, well, you know, one of them is not to be child. I just want to let you know that. (GAWAIN: All right.). Just because I look like one.

SOPHIE: Puja 20:50
Sophie looks at Bianca, perhaps we should revisit that after this (unintelligible). Okay well then yes so to to confirm after they wake up I shall ask politely perhaps and nonviolently if they would be willing to speak with us and I do not wish to threaten them but I believe your presence will be enough.

BIANCA: Chi 21:25
You’re probably right

SOPHIE: Puja 21:27
And but before we go Gawain, perhaps you would like to clean up the upchuck?

GAWAIN: Mason 21:35
I’ll do that, yeah. I’ve got my, my yellow bile all over your floor.

SOPHIE: Puja 21:39
But you know not not exactly intimidating.

GAWAIN: Mason 21:44
You know, like yeah, torture. Don’t got a stomach for it apparently.

BIANCA: Chi 21:51
I look over at Gawain. Have you never been anywhere?

GAWAIN: Mason 21:54
No, I grew up in the woods like quite literally grew up in a small island like woods, you know? Me and me Ma. Read books, went to the woods, hunted, fished.

BIANCA: Chi 22:05
Well, you’ve got a big sword now, so, you need to act like it.

GAWAIN: Mason 22:10
Aye, and the important thing about having a nice big sword is knowing when it’s important to use it when when not to. Not just, you know, flinging it out and saying might is right.

BIANCA: Chi 22:28
Well, that’s easy for someone with might to say.

GAWAIN: Mason 22:27
I have certain obligations. I start cleaning up the vomit.

SOPHIE: Puja 22:33
All right. And then I guess they just wait.

GAWAIN: Mason 22:36
Can I…can I…would it… You can always see my fate threads, right, B?

BIANCA: Chi 22:40
Ah, no, not always. (GAWAIN: Okay.) I had to cast it. (GAWAIN: Okay.) But she did cast it before. So, she does know that you’re important. Certain people have certain kind of threads. (GAWAIN: Okay.) Yeah. (GAWAIN: Cool.) Yeah.

GAWAIN: Mason 22:57
One day I’m gonna use magic. It’s gonna be so cool.

BIANCA: Chi 23:00

GAWAIN: Mason 23:04
All right, yeah, I’m cleaning up some vomit.

SOPHIE: Puja 23:07
And Sophie will wipe the blood off her hands.

BIANCA: Chi 23:11
B’s gonna use her apron to wipe her knife off.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 23:15
Okay. All right. So, for this let’s roll with your your skills and your traits that you want to use for this interrogation scene. And we’ll go with a raise for each for a question and a raise of if you want the answer to it.

SOPHIE: Puja 23:33
All right. All right, I’m going to do Wits/Convince.

BIANCA: Chi 23:37
It’s the first time you use it. Don’t forget to roll an extra or whatever. Do the bonus thing.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 23:44
You get one extra die, because it’s a new scene.

BIANCA: Chi 23:51
Yeah, I’m going to do Panache and Intimidate.

GAWAIN: Mason 23:54
I’m going to Panache/Empathy. (DES: Ooh.). Try and be the friendly guy sitting there like no we all are so terribly sorry about all this.

SOPHIE: Puja 24:06
Okay, so

BIANCA: Chi 24:09
9 and a 1 Nice. I got an even two guys. (DES: Two.) Perfect. Perfect two.

SOPHIE: Puja 24:16
I am mathing. Please hold.

GAWAIN: Mason 24:24
Ooh, I got a ten. I got three raises.

SOPHIE: Puja 24:25
Oh, poop. My…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 24:28
So, group we’re at five with two and a three.

SOPHIE: Puja 24:31
Sorry I my reroll didn’t work. So I’m working on that.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 24:34
How dare you.

SOPHIE: Puja 24:52
I got four.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 24:53
Four. All right. So, altogether you’ve got nine raises. So, questions. Who wants to ask them? What do you want to know?

SOPHIE: Puja 25:07
Who sent you?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 25:11
Okay, so this man, he’s kind of Yeah, he’s about average size average build. He might have been intimidating. But now he is just covered in sweat. There are tears. He is practically delirious now, just with just in so much pain now that he’s also kind of like woken up again. And you’ve asked him…right, so say the question again.

SOPHIE: Puja 25:39
Who sent you?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 25:42
And finally, he just kind of gives up in this like just tired voice and he says the Marquise sent to me.

SOPHIE: Puja 25:54
Do you work for El Vagabundo?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 26:00
El Vagabundo doesn’t exist.

SOPHIE: Puja 26:06
Anybody else?

GAWAIN: Mason 26:09
So, you’re wearing the outfit just to draw suspicion away.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 26:14
She wanted me to pretend to be him so that they would believe he’d come here.

GAWAIN: Mason 26:22
Why would El Vagabundo attack the…the ni…nice redhead who saved two precious boys.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 26:30
And he kind of just coughs up more…some bile and some snot and some tears again.

GAWAIN: Mason 26:22
Boy, I was on your side until I found out you worked for the Marquise there now. We’re very reasonable folk.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 26:30
I don’t know who you are, kid. (BIANCA: I told you so.) I’m here for the doctor.

BIANCA: Chi 26:46
Her? Why her?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 26:53
She’s a noble. El Vagabundo hates nobles.

BIANCA: Chi 27:00
What…What do you mean you’re pretending to be this Vagabundo guy so that you can kill her?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 27:05
That’s that’s the that’s what I was paid to do.

BIANCA: Chi 27:09
I’m gonna…I’m gonna point the knife…I’m gonna point the knife at him. Can I kill him now?

(SOPHIE and DES speak over BIANCA, but it is unintelligible)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 27:16
Fuck off! Just take off a fucking ear!

GAWAIN: Mason 27:20
Well, apparently you came here with murder in your heart so it’s kind of…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 27:23
Not you!!! It was just the doctor!!

GAWAIN: Mason 27:25
Murder means a grave sin…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 27:28
It’s nothing personal!

SOPHIE: Puja 27:29
Um, I must disagree if you try to murder me I would say those are very very personal intentions.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 27:37
Well, you weren’t supposed to know.

SOPHIE: Puja 27:41
And now I do.

GAWAIN: Mason 27:43
Morality’s rather relative for you isn’t it, friend.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 27:46
Kid now is not the time. You still have I think four questions left or four raises left?

SOPHIE: Puja 27:53
Why did the Marquise want me dead?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 27:59
I don’t ask those questions. She told me to wear the outfit and kill you. That’s it.

BIANCA: Chi 28:08
Sounds like he wants trouble.

SOPHIE: Puja 28:10
What happens if somebody fails to kill there target.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 28:19
That’s a good question.

GAWAIN: Mason 28:24
That was an intimidating laugh, Bianca…B.

SOPHIE: Puja 28:27
I think that was out of character.

BIANCA: Chi 28:38
Nope. Nope.

GAWAIN: Mason 28:36
Well that laugh was minutely sinister.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 28:41
Anything else?

SOPHIE: Puja 28:42
Wait, he didn’t answer.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 28:46
He doesn’t know. He’s just like, I don’t know.

GAWAIN: Mason 28:49
Best way to get this guy out of our hair.

SOPHIE: Puja 28:59
Am I still in danger?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 29:00
Someone’s gonna kill you because she wants you dead.

BIANCA: Chi 29:03
She wants the nobles dead, but she wants it to be like Vagabundo did it. And you’re saying there’s not a Vagabundo? Are you sh…? Like did he did she make him up?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 29:13
I mean people talk about it all the time. But I think…

SOPHIE: Puja 29:19
Someone saved those boys in the square right? Correct?

GAWAIN: Mason 29:23
I think the idea is that you’re well-liked by the people here and if the Vagabuno’s seen killing someone so beloved, it’ll lose Vagabundo the favor of the Castilians.

SOPHIE: Puja 29:36
that is very disturbing, but also

GAME MASTER: Desiree 29:44
Okay, I guess we’re back. Sorry about that. Everybody. Just technical difficulties. It’s fine. Alright, so we’re still back in the interrogation room, which is, is it the main room of the clinic or is like a side room in the clinic?

BIANCA: Chi 30:00
It was a side room as I recall. Okay, it was like down the hall we had to.

SOPHIE: Puja 30:05
We went to the back. She was not gonna let this person be anywhere close to the front where all the people are.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 30:11
Okay. Yeah, that’s what it is. Okay, well, we’re getting closer to morning time.

BIANCA: Chi 30:16
I have to rearrange everyone, but just keep going.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 30:18
Okay, well, just move ‘em around.

BIANCA: Chi 30:22
Yep. We’re gonna move around a minute. Keep going.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 30:24
Yep. Alright. Well, Gawain, Sophie, and B when you’re back. You have two more questions if you have any more questions about what this man knows. Or you could just kill him or not kill him.

SOPHIE: Puja 30:38
(Unintelligible) for a second. Do you have any additional questions for this man?

GAWAIN: Mason 30:50
I don’t really know. This kind of uncharted territory for me as well.

SOPHIE: Puja 31:01
I was thinking perhaps I do not know if…I wish Luc were here. But I believe that if Bianca kills this man then only another one will come. (GAWAIN: Aye.) But perhaps the way to stop this is to bring him out publicly to say that an attempt on my life was foiled?

BIANCA: Chi 31:30
Yeah, but they’re not gonna believe us. I mean, this guy looks like he’s got the Vagabundo like uniform on.

SOPHIE: Puja 31:36
No, we can take, make him change his clothes and say an unknown assassin tried to kill me and we have witnesses and perhaps the Marquise will then be forced to send protection. If somebody kills me after the public knows that people are trying to kill me. Then that will be a failure of the nobility to protect one of the own, perhaps. I’m not a politician I do not know if this works but I do not know.

GAWAIN: Mason 32:09
I understand your logic trying to think if there’s some way we could bring his evil you know, expose it to the light immediately be more helpful. I mean, God if it were just simply enough just hang a sign that says murder around his neck and parade him through the street while people throw fruit at him that’d be easy, but.

BIANCA: Chi 32:24
Why don’t you just bring him to court and say this guy tried to kill me.

SOPHIE: Puja 32:37
That was what I was saying. But, but we take off as the Vagabundo clothing first, and then just say this man, tried to infiltrate the clinic in the middle of the night and kill me.

BIANCA: Chi 32:39
Okay, so say we do that. So, my question is, whether or not there’s really a Vagabundo or whether or not she’s just doing it to like, stir up the crap. You know what I’m saying?

SOPHIE: Puja 32:49
Is that even relevant at this point? I would personally prefer just not to die.

BIANCA: Chi 32:56
I mean, sure. I was just thinking long term.

SOPHIE: Puja 33:00
Yes, but I would like to be here for the long term.

BIANCA: Chi 33:03
I’m here. We got you don’t worry.

SOPHIE: Puja 33:08
Perhaps first we…we tie this man up and do not do anything until we have Luc.

GAWAIN: Mason 33:18
Perhaps that is a good idea and until then I’ll be your bodyguard, Doctor.

BIANCA: Chi 33:22
Gawain, take his purple shirt off. Go on.

GAWAIN: Mason 33:24
All right.

SOPHIE: Puja 33:26
Also, no offense Gawain, but I also personally prefer Bianca as well?

GAWAIN: Mason 33:34
As a bodyguard?

BIANCA: Chi 33:37
Keep him away from…totally away.

SOPHIE: Puja 33:39
Um, well, no, no, I would like both of you. But perhaps it is no little comfort.

BIANCA: Chi 33:50
That’s the smart way to go. You have somebody real visible and then you have someone who does the actual work. And then I’m going to like elbow Gawain in the hip, I guess.

SOPHIE: Puja 34:00
I must admit I feel much more comfortable with both of you here (GAWAIN: Alright.) than alone. Shall we tie this man up until we have…

BIANCA: Chi 34:11
Yeah, let’s just bring him into the Marq… when does the Marquise have her like court day.

SOPHIE: Puja 34:15

GAME MASTER: Desiree 34:20
In two days okay.

SOPHIE: Puja 34:25
So, do we only have Gaston, or do we have anyone else? Who did Luc just leave Gaston here?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 34:32
You have Gaston and Serge.

LUC: Zach 34:34
You have Serge and then Gaston with you to do the rescued people.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 34:38
And then he came back with you.

SOPHIE: Puja 34:39
Which one is the brains and which one is the brawn?

LUC: Zach 34:42
Brawn is Serge. Gaston is my sneaky boy. Bastien is the book smart one.

SOPHIE: Puja 34:46
Okay, so we keep…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 34:52
Sneaky boy.

BIANCA: Chi 34:53
And what exactly does he do again?

LUC: Zach 34:55
But I don’t know if Gaston would have accompanied you back to the clinic or gone back.

SOPHIE: Puja 35:00
What did you tell him to follow me around and listen to everything I said?

LUC: Zach 35:05
That was Serge. (SOPHIE: That was Serge.) Gaston was still with me. Wait, no. Serge went back because I didn’t because I sent Gaston because Serge came back after the dude came in. So technically y’all have no one right now. (SOPHIE: Oh.) (BIANCA I got a great idea.) Gaston went with you, but I think he would have come…came back.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 35:28
Yeah, if, if he knew there was a threat there he would have just accompanied you home. Well, the threat here at that point was B. Well, when you came home, she was the biggest threat and he was just like, oh, that’s cool. She already got clearance. I’m gone.

SOPHIE: Puja 35:45
In the morning I guess Gawain should go to Luc?

BIANCA: Chi 35:52
Wait, Gawain…

LUC: Zach 35:55
In the morning, since this is all like in retrospect, I’ll be gone.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 35:57
Yeah. Gawain’s gonna miss Luc. Even if you do send him out. Like Luc will already left for brunch.

SOPHIE: Puja 36:00
But at least Gawain can deliver a message to the boys.

BIANCA: Chi 36:07
Let’s…let’s take this this spy guy right and let’s, let’s stick them in her garden hellhole place just leave them there.

SOPHIE: Puja 36:15
But, no we need to turn him in.

BIANCA: Chi 36:19
But we can’t because we got two days. What are we gonna do with the guy for two days?

SOPHIE: Puja 36:22
What is the queen kills him in the next two days? (BIANCA Oh well!) No but…

GAWAIN: Mason 36:30
Maybe, maybe, maybe we do need…

SOPHIE: Puja 36:22
How can we prove someone was trying to kill me if there’s no…

BIANCA: Chi 36:33
Yeah but if we wait two days

GAWAIN: Mason 36:35
Maybe we do need to keep him prisoner for two days because maybe maybe Luc’s smart and he can use this to I don’t know maybe this guy could be instrumental in making the Marquise lose the favor of L’Emporeur du Monde?

BIANCA: Chi 36:47
Ooh, what if we say that Sophie was sleeping with Luc and this guy tried to kill her while she was like getting it on right and then Luc is like this guy tried to kill my lover and then we like deal with it that way.

SOPHIE: Puja 37:00
Oh, perhaps we can just go to the Marquise’s house when she has people there and…

BIANCA: Chi 37:05
I mean I bet if it’s you know but if we do that then she we don’t have to wait two days Luc can be like…

SOPHIE: Puja 37:00
Well but also with what noble person would wait two days to bring their complaint to the Marquise.

BIANCA: Chi 37:05
Well yeah but it’s not so public if you if you can’t do it in front other people. If you just do it private, she’s going to be like, oh well and then murder us all.

SOPHIE: Puja 37:27
I am not comfortable with this but perhaps we should confer with Luc first. Let’s leave him here until…

BIANCA: Chi 37:33
Let’s go. I’ll talk to Sophie’s like yeah, okay, let’s go.

SOPHIE: Puja 37:37
So, we tied him up in the back room, and we I guess Gawain goes to deliver a message to the dudes that Luc needs to come to the clinic ASAP.

BIANCA: Chi 37:47
Nah. It’s okay. Let’s just take him with us. We can tie him up to one of your cots and make people think that he’s like an invalid with like something really horrible, right and put a bag over his head and then we’ll just carry him in a cot over to Luc’s house or wherever Luc’s staying.

SOPHIE: Puja 38:00
Luc’s staying at the Marquise’s house.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 38:02
Luc is staying at the Marquise’s house.

SOPHIE: Puja 38:05
That’s why we have to leave him here.

BIANCA: Chi 38:06
We could be like we’ve got a medical emergency for Luc to see.

SOPHIE: Puja 38:11
I do not think that’ll work.

(Sophie and Bianca talk at the same time. Unintelligible)

SOPHIE: Puja 38:16
…that Luc will join us here. I do not feel entirely safe in the Marquise’s house. (BIANCA Okay. But Luc has gotta come.)

GAWAIN: Mason 38:26
But it’s such a nice house.

SOPHIE: Puja 38:28
It is a nice house but it’s a murder house.

GAWAIN: Mason 38:31
American Horror Story Murder House.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 38:34
All right. You send a note to uh, to Luc’s servants. And they get it but Luc has already left. Let’s get to Luc and Catalina. So, you’re both staring at each other. Because you both thought the other one was El Vagabundo. (GAWAIN: Nice.) So you’re all just like, but you…you…What?

LUC: Zach 39:09
But you it’s a square…what?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 39:15
Okay…that…that was me the square, that’s fine. But…

LUC: Zach 39:19
I knew it!

GAME MASTER: Desiree 39:21
No, but like…you’re definitely not you’re not a Vagabundo, then. definitely not if you don’t know, like anybody could have anybody real could have recognized that I wasn’t…you know that I’m not like a Vagabundo or one of the one of the Los Vagabundos. I told you too much! So I’ve spoken much to much. What do you put what are you doing? Why are you Why did you think I…why?

LUC: Zach 39:55
Am I an El Vagabundo, or not? (DES: No!) Are you or not? I take the silence as a yes.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 40:02
I am, but I’m not. I’m not what you think of when people think of El Vagabundo.

LUC: Zach 40:09
That is okay, you do things and they do things okay whatever. Can I be an honorary Vagabundo?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 40:17
I, I mean honorary, I mean technically if it’s just honorary…they’re usually chosen…so

LUC: Zach 40:27
It’s just it’s the only reason is because they have this and I pull out the letter. It says someone accosted me in my bedroom they gave me this letter. And they said to give it to El Vagabundo. And I just want to know what’s in it. Or if I could just be like an honorary Vagabundo…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 40:53
No, No! This is not a game!

LUC: Zach 40:57
You know, and I progress my way up…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 40:59

LUC: Zach 41:06
To become like an official El Vagabundo. (BIANCA It’s a membership!) (GAWAIN: How many punches do I need?)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 41:10
This is a very serious. We take this very seriously.

LUC: Zach 41:13
I’m taking it very seriously.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 41:19
You don’t just get to choose that you want to join Los Vagabundos. You are chosen.

LUC: Zach 41:25
I saved some people…I did things.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 41:29
Congratulations! What do you care about Castile? What do you care about…about justice and…

LUC: Zach 41:38
I care that Montaigne is overstepping its boundaries and forcing tyranny upon all the other nations of the world.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 41:47
Well, I could send a letter and see if they would consider you.

LUC: Zach 41:58
But I also kind of need everybody knowing that the favorite person of the king is not really for the king. The less people who know this the better.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 42:12
We…no. This is different. You can trust us.

LUC: Zach 42:21
Okay, but if I put my trust in you then you have to put your trust in me and let me read the letter too.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 42:33
The reason…give me…No. The reason why I can’t say that I’m El Vagabundo is because I don’t wear the mask.

LUC: Zach 42:49
You don’t wear the mask, but it is one of the people trapped in their mansion who are Castilian, who finds…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 43:00
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. This is from the noble family?

LUC: Zach 43:02
I do not know. Some person came into my room. I do not know what he did with my servants because they were not there. And he handed me this letter. He asked me what side I am on. I was very politically on the fence. So, I did not tell her yes or no, but I knew that he does not speak, Montagnien, or Montaignese. He only speaks Castilian. So, I assume it is a Castilian person who came into my room and handed me this letter. And I’m also assuming that this is one of the noble families who is the official head Vagabundo organizing everything from their little mansion in a country where they are trapped. They are going through proxies to get things done so they can be freed and everything can be in its rightful place.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 44:03
You know, when you talk to conspiracy theorists and they start out pretty good and then they just make a turn and then your face just kind of crumbles at that point. That’s what Catalina is like, at some point. You don’t know when, but she was with you, and then you lost her.

LUC: Zach 44:23
I’ve only been here for like, two days. I do not know. I’m just trying to get to the bottom of things. And I’m making leaps in logic because…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 44:35
The person, the person that that person once that person whoever it is, wants this letter to go to El Vagabundo. Right?

LUC: Zach 44:46

GAME MASTER: Desiree 44:51
So, we have…what now we could wait for El Vagabundo, like we have been for this time. Or we could take things into our own hands and just be Vagabundo for like two seconds, right? Like that’s totally forgivable, right?

LUC: Zach 45:13
But what is the seal on? I’m assuming it’s a sealed letter.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 45:17
It is a sealed letter but then very carefully on the outside, there’s no mark like you other than like the seal itself, like a red wax.

LUC: Zach 45:31
So, it’s just a red wax. (DES: Yes.) So, like we could do it back?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 45:32
We could do it back.

LUC: Zach 45:35
Lady Catalina, do I have a red candle? Anywhere in this place that just so happens to match this wax seal?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 45:41
Yeah. All right. So she kind of immediately excuses herself and goes and has a servant come by and bring the red candle that you that you have asked for. Easily done.

LUC: Zach 45:57
Is it scented like cherries?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 46:04
This just does not make…

GAWAIN: Mason 46:10
*holding up a card* 10 out of 10 best scene.

LUC: Zach 46:13
You must find joy in the small things.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 46:17
Alright? The small things.

GAWAIN: Mason 46:19
And the Emmy does to…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 46:21
She, she has a letter opener of it for the wax and she kind of, you know hands it to you, you know, it’s just you, you should open it.

LUC: Zach 46:34
So, you can put the blame on to me when this all goes south?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 46:39
You didn’t know!

LUC: Zach 46:40

GAME MASTER: Desiree 46:41
And you’re the emperors favorite

LUC: Zach 46:40
I very, very carefully pop the wax off of the letter. (GAWAIN: Full of cocaine.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 46:51
It’s very…you unroll it and there’s a very simple script and it says in a slurred handwriting in Castilian: I think I have way out, but I need your help. And signed Gabriel.

LUC: Zach 47:12
I told you it was one of the noble families.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 47:16
And it is. He is the eldest son of the noble family that’s being held in the mansion…well the estate in Altamira. So, she kind of just like reads it over and over again, even though it was just like two sentences, and she’s just like nearly shaking.

LUC: Zach 47:36
So, do you know the people in this little organization who are Vagabundos?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 47:47
There might be one or two more here in Altamira. But I am the most experienced here.

LUC: Zach 47:58
The most experienced…Okay, so you are the head Vagabundo of Altamira.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 48:08
The Altamira chapter.

LUC: Zach 48:14
You are president of the El Vagabundo (unintelligible) in Altamira.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 48:19
All of us in Los Vagabundos, we have different roles to play, not everybody can storm the estate and go save the family.

LUC: Zach 48:29
Right. What I am asking is do I does this letter need to be sent to someone else, specifically.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 48:37
I mean, I know who to give it to to pass it along to actually go back to El Vagabundo or one of the El Vagabundos, I mean…

LUC: Zach 48:47
So, you’re not making this very easy.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 48:49
I don’t know what to do.

LUC: Zach 48:55
Tres difficile. Well, I have some acquaintances (DES: Okay?) who may be willing to help get back at the Marquise and aid in freeing the nobles and Castile.

LUC: Zach 49:19
(DES: Okay, I’m…) One of them seems very eager for bloodshed so I think she’ll be she will be down. The other is some like high and mighty like knight airhead dude. He has some weird like moral code thing I think he follows okay whatever we’ll get past it and says the other one she’ll probably just be roped along but I think she’ll be okay with it.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 49:48
So, (LUC: Perhaps…) Perhaps five people but

LUC: Zach 49:52
Oui! There would be me. We got Gaston…(DES: Maybe…) I’m not going to force Bastien…so you, me…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 50:01
Perhaps…we should ask these people that you are volunteering to storm the estate.

LUC: Zach 50:09
That would be for the best, yes. (DES: Yeah…) Democracy and all that, yes. And then you have some more Vagabundo those who could possibly…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 50:23
Let’s break for a bit and you call call upon your friends tell them to come here. We’ll have…

LUC: Zach 50:32
Come here? (DES: Yes.) I don’t know. It might be a little suspicious if they were to come here because they are not exactly uh, nobles. But I had a I have a good idea where they all probably are. (DES: Okay.) And I have an idea of how you get there without any suspicion.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 50:45
Where we going? Where am I going?

LUC: Zach 50:58
We’re going to the doctor!

GAME MASTER: Desiree 50:45
I am ill?

LUC: Zach 51:01
I’m going to need…No you’re not ill.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 51:03
I am ill. I am not…

LUC: Zach 51:08
No no, no, no, no. You’re just…my dashing good looks which is too much for you and you fainted and you accidentally rolled your ankle. Now I must accompany you, since it was my fault after all, to the doctor. We will wrap some bandages around your ankle, you’ll lean against me. We all be good to go to the doctor where I believe they all probably are.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 51:44
Montaigne men have a habit of making a very complicated plan. I feel a bit ill; I’m going down to the clinic.

LUC: Zach 51:55
Fake illness is far too easy to spot.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 52:04
I have rolled my ankle. I need to go to the clinic how terrible.

LUC: Zach 52:10
Quick, Bastien!

GAME MASTER: Desiree 52:12
Bastien just runs in.

LUC: Zach 52:16
Our Lady Catalina has fallen on to the floor

GAME MASTER: Desiree 52:18
It is terrible! Now Bastien has called over like all the other house servants and they’re just fussing over her. And like Lady Catalina. She looks like a cloud storm just like cross her face. She’s just so mad. She’s like, yes, my ankle is terrible. I must see the doctor instantly.

LUC: Zach 52:40
I shall accompany her to the doctor.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 52:44
Smash cut.

GAWAIN: Mason 52:47
Holy shit!

GAME MASTER: Desiree 52:49
It is now like mid-morning. Almost…almost noon. At the clinic. Are you guys just keeping this guy on ice until Luc gets there?

BIANCA: Chi 53:00

GAME MASTER: Desiree 53:03
Okay, so Luc is, you know, Luc’s entourage has arrived. Also, with the entourage of Lady Catalina.

LUC: Zach 53:12
I sent mine away.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 53:15
Yes. And they come into the clinic. See, Sophie, when your workers come in for the day, what are you doing with them?

SOPHIE: Puja 53:28
I tell them that there is a very sick man in the back room and they should not attend to him because he is very contagious.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 53:42
Okay. They give you wide berth while you are occasionally checking in on him. But through the day at some point one of your staff like knocks on the, you know like bothers you and she’s like: Lady Catalina has rolled her ankle and is in dire need of assistance. Immediately. And then you hear from the back there’s Luc. Just echoing…just causing up a storm.

SOPHIE: Puja 54:06
Oh, of course! (LUC: Quickly! Rapidement!). I shall move right away and I look at Gawain and Bianca and I say, I’m going to go…I check with Luc and if possible try to break him away from the Lady Catalina…

LUC: Zach 54:27
You simply cannot leave us out here with all of the riffraff. I demand a private room for myself and Lady Catalina.

GAWAIN: Mason 54:29
All right, I’m going to take this individual here and hide in the closet.

SOPHIE: Puja 54:34
You’re in the back room so you can stay there. I’m going to the front and I will give Luc a nice arched eyebrow for his demands.

LUC: Zach 54:42
We require a private room. We cannot have all this peasantry gazing upon the Lady Catalina while she must raise her skirt for you to observe her ankle. That would be highly inappropriate.

(SOPHIE and LUC talk over each other. Unintelligible.)

SOPHIE: Puja 55:00
…the ankle is but okay. But, first, Monsieur…

LUC: Zach 55:06
She’s wearing a long skirt dress right? (DES: Yeah, she is.)

(LUC, SOPHIE, and DES all speak over one another. Unintelligible.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 55:11
She’s just…she’s just so mad. She said yes to this. She’s like, I could have been coughing. We’re talking about my bare ankle.

LUC: Zach 55:20
Listen, she knows I’m from Montaigne.

I know she’s like, fuck…

SOPHIE: Puja 55:23
Our back room is currently occupied, but I shall pull the curtains and I pull the curtains around the bed and I say Monsieur, if you do not mind, would you accompany me to the other room where we do some paperwork. We shall be back very, very shortly.

LUC: Zach 55:44

GAME MASTER: Desiree 55:45
Yes, please return quickly.

LUC: Zach 55:51
Madame Catalina, I believe I’ve read somewhere that you should have that ankle. Not elevated. You should be as vertical as possible to help with the swelling.

SOPHIE: Puja 56:03
That is entirely incorrect. But of course it is.

LUC: Zach 56:07
I have been taught wrong someone will have to pay for this back home.

SOPHIE: Puja 56:14
Sophie like I mean, Sophie’s not coy she very obviously rolls her eyes and like tugs on Luc’s sleeve.

LUC: Zach 56:24
We will return shortly! Fret not!

SOPHIE: Puja 56:26
For the love of Théus, please…stop…talking. And then she’ll bring him to the back room.

LUC: Zach 56:34
It is not in my blood to stop talking.

SOPHIE: Puja 56:37
I am learning that, yes. But we have a problem. Once we’re inside she’ll say we have a problem. And she will gesture to the bound and gagged man on the bed.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 56:46
He’s passed out again this point.

SOPHIE: Puja 56:48
Yeah, he’s nothing better to do. might as well take a nap.

LUC: Zach 56:55
Anytime I leave any of you alone…why do these happen?

BIANCA: Chi 57:02
By this time B is probably taking a nap like on a cot in the corner. And so, she like gets up. Hey Luc.

SOPHIE: Puja 57:04
(Unable to hear)…happened is the Marquise…this man was sent to kill me.

LUC: Zach 57:17
That is not surprising. What did I tell you? I warned you they would come for you first because you have the ability to heal people. Plus, you’re like a minor noble so there wouldn’t be like too much fuss. There’d be some fuss but like…

SOPHIE: Puja 57:33
Okay, okay. I do not need your “I told you so’s.” What I need is your help (unintelligible) not to die.

LUC: Zach 57:41
Okay. Well, you’ll see is this is quite a predicament because should you kill him? She, the Marquise, will be suspicious. Actually, she’s probably already suspicious as he has not already returned. When did this happen?

GAWAIN: Mason 57:57
Last night.

LUC: Zach 58:00
Yeah, she knows that something is up. That her assassin has been detained, detained? Perhaps murdered. So, I would not be surprised if there are 1 to 3 more on their way. She might not do it in daylight. Not sure. But tonight, there will probably be more. So, you can’t do anything at the moment right now. If you try and confront her, she probably already has a way to frame it back on you.

SOPHIE: Puja 58:34
What if I do not believe I have the ability to confront her, I am not a powerful noble, but perhaps if we say, this man was stopped in an assassination attempt, and we do not know who did it, but we bring him forward publicly, then she may not have a choice but to provide protection.

LUC: Zach 58:59
So, what I am hearing…

SOPHIE: Puja 59:00
(unintelligible)…assassinating nobles under her rule

LUC: Zach 59:05
And what do you hope will happen from this?

SOPHIE: Puja 59:08
It will be public that I am a target and she will not target me. I do not… This man is wearing the color

LUC: Zach 59:16
What would happen you see is that she will send you protection to be with you during all hours of the day, guard your door at night and then as soon as you’re alone your protection will murder you perhaps even murder commit suicide to make it seem like they were all murdered.

GAWAIN: Mason 59:35
If I may, it does seem like it might behoove us in this situation to consider how the game pieces on the board might allow us to shed light on the Marquise’s true nature. That might lose her the the favor of the emperor of the Montaigniens here and of the Castilians and she’d be a well as they say back in my village “right fucked.”

LUC: Zach 1:00:00
You see the problem is if this Marquise is disposed, another one will be here in a matter of weeks to replace her.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:00:09
Why not you?

LUC: Zach 1:00:11
The Maréchal. Because I am a courtier. I am not fit for military conquests and withholding this port city for Montaigne. That is not in my training to do so. So, the Maréchal would act in her position, perhaps even be promoted to Marquise and within a few weeks, there would just be another one. The situation might get even worse. You never know. The only thing I think that will work is we if we completely libertate the city.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:00:55

GAWAIN: Mason 1:00:57
Beg pardon?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:01:00
So, you say the only opportunity for me not to be murdered is liberation of the Castilians.

LUC: Zach 1:01:09
Of the entire city.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:01:11
I do not believe…I do not have much faith in our chances for that. Perhaps I should leave town.

LUC: Zach 1:01:20
I mean you could but (Luc and Sophie speak over each other and it is unintelligible.)

SOPHIE: Puja 1:01:28
It is a bit much to ask me to stay here and wait for someone to kill me. I am not a soldier. I am not.

LUC: Zach 1:01:36
You are not a soldier. But you could be.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:01:40
I am a noble of no importance you said so yourself.

LUC: Zach 1:01:45
That does not matter. We also have a Vodacce 12 year old girl.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:01:52
Apparently, she is older than that.

LUC: Zach 1:01:54
We have a Vodacce 13-year-old girl. We have some Knight from I forgot the place…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:02:06
I’m from the isle of Inismore.

LUC: Zach 1:02:08

GAWAIN: Mason 1:02:13
You know our whisky’s very popular.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:02:16
Sophie is very very visibly facepalming.

LUC: Zach 1:02:20
So, what I’m saying is, you already have the training to know how to staunch wounds, where areas of the body are vital. How one prick could just utterly kill a man?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:02:39
I don’t mean to talk myself up but I can be helpful in this endeavor. I’m a knight of the Graal. I do have certain abilities.

BIANCA: Chi 1:02:49
Sorry, you’re a knight of the what?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:02:50
The Graal.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:02:51
Sorry, what is that?

BIANCA: Chi 1:02:52
What’s that?

LUC: Zach 1:02:54
It is some mythical cup, I think? I don’t know.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:02:57
Exactly. It’s a mythical cup from the goodly folk. It’s how Queen Elaine maintains, you know, everything is what brought glamour back,

BIANCA: Chi 1:03:04
You’re a knight of a cup?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:03:05

BIANCA: Chi 1:03:09
Oh, well, I’m reassured.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:03:10
You guys always say, “some kind of knight,” so I’m just…well that’s what it is. I’m a knight of the Graal.

LUC: Zach 1:03:16
Anyway, ignoring this whole situation and I do have some information that I’m kinda…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:03:22
Gawain facepalms.

BIANCA: Chi 1:03:25
Even B is just like…

SOPHIE: Puja 1:03:26
So, what you are saying is, I should stay and trust you three to keep me alive.

LUC: Zach 1:03:37
What I’m saying is we team up with this corehrots, cohorts of Vagabundos here within the city…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:03:50
An abundance of Vagabundos.

BIANCA: Chi 1:03:51
Wait, you knew about that?

LUC: Zach 1:03:53
Oh yeah, well you see what happened. What I was coming to tell you all about before is there’s this man without the ear unconscious on the floor.

BIANCA: Chi 1:04:00
Oh yeah. He’s a Vagabundo.

LUC: Zach 1:04:03
He is not.

BIANCA: Chi 1:04:05
Yeah, look. He’s got…he had a purple shirt. It’s over there.

LUC: Zach 1:04:07
But, did he have a rose? (BIANCA A what?). Did he have a rose?

BIANCA: Chi 1:04:15
Gawain, did he have flowers on his underwear?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:04:20
Not that I noticed. I also didn’t check his underwear.

LUC: Zach 1:04:23
Okay, I do not think he is a real Vagabundo.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:04:28
No. He works for the Marquise.

LUC: Zach 1:04:29
He was sent by the Marquise?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:04:31

SOPHIE: Puja 1:04:31
And he said that…

BIANCA: Chi 1:04:31
So, you’re saying they’re a real Vagabundo now?

LUC: Zach 1:04:33
What I’m saying is there’s not just one Vagabundo. There are many.

BIANCA: Chi 1:04:39
Yeah, there’s one right here.

LUC: Zach 1:04:44
And what they are trying to do is get the Montaigne out of Altamira, and out of Castile.

BIANCA: Chi 1:04:52
And you’re saying that you can do that now? Because you’re a Vagabundo?

LUC: Zach 1:04:57
Yes. Oui. I am.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:05:01
Well, I’m all for doing that. That sounds…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:05:02
You’re getting a hero point for that one.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:05:07
Can the Vagabundos also help keep me alive?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:05:12
Probably. They’re beloved by the people. I think this is a good time…(is cut off)

LUC: Zach 1:05:17
We can’t…But we believe that it is time for action.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:05:22
I agree.

BIANCA: Chi 1:05:25
Action, huh? So, we’re gonna go kill the Marquise?

LUC: Zach 1:05:25
This has, this has gone on too long far too long…Non. We’re not…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:05:30
Expose her evil to the light of day.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:05:35
He…he just told us what was happening to this Marquise.

BIANCA: Chi 1:05:38
I don’t understand how we’re going to liberate anything if the Marquise is still alive.

LUC: Zach 1:05:41
If you could just let me talk for a moment

BIANCA: Chi 1:05:43
All you do is talk, Luc!

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:05:46
You hear a knock on the door and it’s just Lady Catalina like my ankle hurts

LUC: Zach 1:05:55
You’re not supposed to walk on it.
(talking over each other)

BIANCA: Chi 1:06:03
(unintelligible)….she’s just going to go open the door.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:06:06
There’s too many words in this room right now.

(talking over each other)

BIANCA: Chi 1:06:11
She’s gonna usher Catalina in with one of her knives. Get in.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:06:17
What, what, what is…

(Everyone talking at once.)

BIANCA: Chi :1:06:18
Just get in, just get in…and then she’ll shut the door.

LUC: Zach 1:06:20
That…that is the bloodthirsty one I told you about.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:06:24
A CHILD?!?!?!?

(Everyone yelling over one another, completely unintelligible.)

LUC: Zach 1:06:26
Apparently, she is much older. Perhaps even 13.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:06:36
And I don’t want to be creepy, but she is pretty good at what she does.

LUC: Zach 1:06:40
She did cut that man’s ear off.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:06:42
Oh god don’t remind me.

LUC: Zach 1:06:43
That man was sent by the Marquise…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:06:46
She immediately closes the door behind her

BIANCA: Chi 1:06:47
Oh no, no, no, B closed it behind her.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:06:51
What is going on in here?!?!

LUC: Zach 1:06:54
Okay, so long story short…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:06:55

SOPHIE: Puja 1:06:58
Sophie sits down.

LUC: Zach 1:07:01
Long story short, the Marquise sent this man as the guise of a Vagabundo to murder the doctor.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:07:08

LUC: Zach 1:07:09
And, so what we must do (DES: KILL HIM.) is (unintelligible) plans. Okay? Little B, kill him.

BIANCA: Chi 1:07:19
What? Okay, great, thanks. Okay. (SOPHIE. What???) I like her.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:07:22
I cover my eyes.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:07:23
Okay, okay, maybe. Okay, let’s maybe I spoke irrationally, let’s…can someone besides him give me a plan?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:07:34
Hi, my name is Gawain Culfairth. I believe we’re all supposed to be working together for the common good.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:07:40
Are you also a Vagabundo?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:07:42

(Laughing and everyone talking at once.)

LUC: Zach 1:07:47
How are we supposed to get support if they do not (unintelligible)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:07:50

LUC: Zach 1:07:55
I haven’t told everybody. I’m telling the peoples that we might need…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:07:58
I didn’t…(unintelligible)

(more laughing and talking at once)

SOPHIE: Puja 1:08:04
Okay, so there are two Vagabundos here but are we Vagabundos also by virtue…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:08:09
No, no, there’s a careful process (unintelligible)

(laughing and talking over each other)

LUC: Zach 1:08:17
(unintelligible)…Castile, then you will become Vagabundos.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:08:20
You need to stop talking.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:08:23
I am here to help.

LUC: Zach 1:08:27
That is the spirit.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:08:35
Okay. Alright so she’s a bloodthirsty one.

LUC: Zach 1:08:38
B. I’m sure she can be sneaky take out some guards so we can get an opening inside the nobles residence. (DES: Okay…and then…) take them someplace safe and then an all-out Révolution!

GAWAIN: Mason 1:08:54
Alright, that sounds like a storybook, right there.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:08:56
We’re gonna, we’re gonna hold off on that part. And let’s just focus on the actual important part right now.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:09:05
Which for me is staying alive.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:09:08
Okay? (GAWAIN: Yes.) What happened with you?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:09:10
This man… (LUC: I told you…) tried to murder me because I am a no…little noble of no importance.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:09:17
I think the idea was that if if El Vagabundo was was seen killing someone beloved by the Castilians, the Castilians might stop liking El Vagabundo.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:09:28
Oh, yes, that man was wearing the colors of the Vagabundo before we removed them. (DES: Okay…)

GAWAIN: Mason 1:09:34
But he works for the Marquise and I just I just don’t really see that. Yeah.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:09:38
He’s a dead man walking anyways, so we’ll have to deal with him ourselves or something.

BIANCA: Chi 1:09:46
I thought we could put him in the garden like, you know, the torture place that she has.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:09:50
Oh, yeah, the Marquise has a torture garden, if you didn’t know.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:09:52
That’s true??

BIANCA: Chi 1:09:52
Yeah, we just leave this guy there, right?

LUC: Zach 1:09:54
Where do you think I saved those people from?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:09:58
Listen, this man, we do not know if he is awake? But, if he is found in the torture shed, he will tell everything to the Marquise.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:10:07
Also, true.

LUC: Zach 1:10:08
Besides, it is far too risky to transport him into the garden unseen and tie him up into the torture shed. Far too risky.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:10:16
Can we set him out to sea?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:10:19
I mean, the only thing you really could do is kill him. But make sure that she does find him. Well, I’m already here now you’ve already spilled my secrets. I just don’t…

SOPHIE: Puja 1:10:32
So, are we Vagabundos now as well?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:10:36

(Everyone talking at once.)

BIANCA: Chi 1:10:38
It’s because we don’t have the flowers!

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:10:39
Your chosen. Oh god. You told them about the roses?!?!?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:10:43
I like flowers but I’m not (unintelligible)

LUC: Zach 1:10:45
That is how I had to ascertain whether this man was a real Vagabundo or a fake one.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:10:50
I might (mumbled) thing.

(Talking over each other again.)

SOPHIE: Puja 1:10:54
So, why does he get to be a Vagabundo?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:10:58
He doesn’t.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:10:56
I don’t need to be anything! I just want to help!

(Talking over each other again)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:10:58
Don’t listen to him.

BIANCA: Chi 1:11:00
He said he was…I want to be a Vagabundo…listen if there’s gonna be a revolution then we need the like, get up.

GAWAIN: Mason 11:11:07
Well, we don’t necessarily…(unintelligible)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:11:07
Okay, no one’s talking about revolution, right now.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:11:12
That’s all he’s talking about.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:11:14
You need to stop that! We need to rescue the nobles.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:11:19
The ruling family that’s kept in the estate? (DES: Right.)

LUC: Zach 1:11:20
But then what? After that they will be

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:11:23
They are the rightful rulers of Altamira.

LUC: Zach 1:11:28
And to get sent back on the throne.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:11:28
Yes, we’ll get them back on to the throne.

LUC: Zach 1:11:31
You have to have a Révolution.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:11:32
Luc only wants to say Vive La…La Révolution. That’s all he (unintelligible)

LUC: Zach 1:11:35
Vive La Révolution!

GAWAIN: Mason 1:11:40
I don’t have…alright let me try…Vive la Revolution.

BIANCA: Chi 1:11:42
Vive La Revolution.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:11:48
That’s a very big step. Let’s focus on the smaller step which is saving…

LUC: Zach 1:11:56
storming the mansion.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:11:57
Somehow. Yes. There is a villa that they are currently being captive in? We think someone has a way out, but they were looking for some help. (GAWAIN: We could do that.) And they asked them to have us to help. So here we are.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:12:16
Would “storming” be the correct way? Or sneaking…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:12:19
I think sneaking to be quite honest, but we haven’t really we haven’t really made a plan yet. Because he said that he had a crack team of associates.

(Everyone talks at the same time, again.)

SOPHIE: Puja 1:12:41
I am a doctor. Not a spy. (GAWAIN: starts to speak and is drowned out/cut off)

LUC: Zach 1:12:48
No but if you have very valuable knowledge.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:12:50
I’m decently competent.

LUC: Zach 1:12:54
And he is decently competent. A cup gives him magical powers.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:12:58
I can help keep people alive.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:13:00
Okay, let’s…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:13:04
Hey, Luc knows what I’m talking about.

LUC: Zach 1:13:07
We have not heard the fabulous stories of the knights of Inismore and the mystical feats they can do is thanks to the cup. It gives them such abilities to leap like salmon

SOPHIE: Puja 1:13:23
The cup of life.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:13:25
Actually, that’s just one of (????). The Graal. It’s the source of glamour.

LUC: Zach 1:13:30
And see, they know how to get very pretty

GAWAIN: Mason 1:13:34
Darn right we do.

LUC: Zach 1:13:37
It’s quite a distraction.

BIANCA: Chi 1:13:37
Wait you can be really pretty so you look like (????)

SOPHIE: Puja 1:13:39
Is Luc flirting with Gawain?

(Everyone talking at once, again.)

GAWAIN: Mason 1:13:49
I know how to use the sword real well, I could sneak a little bit I could ride a horse. I always know which way is north.

BIANCA: Chi 1:13:55
Why don’t you just point us which were this mansion thing. I always know what time it is. I could just…
(Laughing and talking over each other.)

SOPHIE: Puja 1:14:01
I also know what time it is at all times.

(Speaking over one another again.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:14:07
Why don’t you guys tell me

BIANCA: Chi 1:14:17
You know it to?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:14:19
I don’t wanna talk about it.

(Bianca and Gawain talking at the same time.)

BIANCA: Chi 1:14:25
…then we’ll go get your Castilian people, right? And then we’ll just kill anybody who comes for Sophie and it’ll be fine. Two birds one stone.

LUC: Zach 1:14:35
First things first. How far away is the villa?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:14:39
The villa is on…she kind of like points outside of the window here in the clinic, it’s actually one of the more upper most villas so it’s on the top of the hill, kind of looking at probably the nicest place to be.

LUC: Zach 1:14:54
That is not good. It is on top of the hill to make it very hard to sneak up in the middle of the day. How well guarded is the villa?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:15:06
Incredibly. There…the ruling family is really kept only just to keep the peace. So, it is it is the Marquises in her best interest not to show them too often they don’t really come out. They haven’t really been seen in years. But they are as far as we know…(stutters) they’re fine. No one’s hurt. No one’s harmed. They’re just under house arrest.

BIANCA: Chi 1:15:32
And where are they going to go after we get them out?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:15:36
I say we hide ‘em at the church.

LUC: Zach 1:15:40
Is this true?

BIANCA: Chi 1:15:40
He always wants to go to the church.

(Talking over each other, mics fade in and out)

LUC: Zach 1:15:44
The Montaigne do not really care for the church. We don’t really have it in our minds at all.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:15:51
…just go inside anyway. Yeah.

LUC: Zach 1:15:53
If Well, if they even think to check the church has the church shown to favor the Castile?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:16:04
Right now because the the church was there to begin with before the Monatigne invasion. So yeah, it’s very pro-Castile, but like the Montaignese know that if they, you know, this this place is religious so they cut down on the religion, it can get them more riled up than they otherwise would need to. So, they let it stay.

(All speaking at once, again.)

LUC: Zach 1:16:27
Do you attend attend church?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:16:29
Of course.

LUC: Zach 1:16:31
Have you…Do you know the floor plan of the church?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:16:38
Of… yes…of the…of the first floor if there are any other areas….

LUC: Zach 1:16:44
Are there other floors?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:16:45
I don’t know I have not. I have never bothered to learn but I can.

LUC: Zach 1:16:51
Is there some sort of wine cellar…(DES: Most likely.)…with wine barrels big enough to hold people inside?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:16:59
Oh no, but there’s probably a crypt big enough to hold people.

(Bianca speaks but is drowned out by Sophie.)

GAWAIN: Mason 1:17:106
There’s old Castilian crypts you could hide people in.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:17:08
Luc, Luc, we are getting ahead of ourselves. The first question is how to get them out of the villa? Not what to do once they are out.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:17:17
Well, if we can create…(drops out)

LUC: Zach 1:17:18
We’ve always got to have a plan for once they are out,

(Talking over each other, again.)

SOPHIE: Puja 1:17:21
How do we get into the garage (????)

(Talking at once, again.)

LUC: Zach 1:17:26
Is the church a very old building? (DES: Yes.) Is the villa also a very old building? (DES: Yes.) And has the villa always been held in the family of the nobles?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:17:43
Absolutely. It has never it’s never not been in the nobles…

LUC: Zach 1:17:47
Do you know if they were built around the same time?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:17:51
They don’t know we’d have to look around and check.

LUC: Zach 1:17:54
Do you think that perhaps, as all noble families are want to do, they have made a secret hidden passageway connecting the church to the villa as an escape route in emergencies?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:18:12
That they did not use when they…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:18:14
That’s the thing…if they might…if there was one, how come they haven’t escaped yet we know that…

LUC: Zach 1:18:21
They are being watched.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:18:25
But before…

(All talking at once.)

LUC: Zach 1:18:29
I think is the might be a way to get into the villa. Should it should it exist, it could be a way to get in, we will have less guards to deal with and then we can smuggle them out perhaps manage to block the tunnel behind us, hide them in some wine barrels. Somehow gets the Marquise or get the public to know that’s the nobles are missing. And then say it with me: Vive la Révolution.

BIANCA: Chi 1:19:11
Listen, a Vodacce Prince once had to get someone out of like their like secret little hole and a great way to get people out of a places where you know there’s like a bunch of other people is to set fire to one side and then everyone comes running out of other side.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:19:31
Hey. Des?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:19:33

SOPHIE: Puja 1:19:34
Would this be a good time to take a break because Mason lost audio? Oh, you’re back. You’re back.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:19:41
Yeah, I was I didn’t know what you meant. I’ve heard everything.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:19:46
Oh, I got m…I got a message from you that you dropped.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:19:46
That was…Oh, that was earlier.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:19:47
That was ages ago.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:19:48
Sorry. I was like worried. I was like Oh No!

GAWAIN: Mason 1:19:51
I thought you saw me yawning and I’m like, I just work a lot. That’s fine.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:19:55
So, I thought you lost audio.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:19:57
No, no. I’m good. I’m enjoying myself.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:20:00
So, B has suggested lighting something on fire

GAWAIN: Mason 1:20:05
The greatest player strategy.

LUC: Zach 1:20:10
Do not set the villa on fire but set…

BIANCA: Chi 1:20:12
I’m sure it’s a big villa.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:20:13
It’s probably made of stone.

BIANCA: Chi 1:20:17
You can set phone on stone on fire.

LUC: Zach 1:20:22
Do you know a way to set stone on fire?

BIANCA: Chi 1:20:23
Yeah, you know that the roof they have? Is not made of stone.

LUC: Zach 1:20:26
OK, so the roof is on fire as they go down into the basement.

BIANCA: Chi 1:20:31
No, no, no. You don’t set the whole villa roof on fire. You set one side on fire. Okay,

GAWAIN: Mason 1:20:39
Or like their stables?

BIANCA: Chi 1:20:40
And it’s burning, right? And then you know kind of like rats leaving a ship they’ll run out the other way.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:20:48
And then we kidnap the nobles?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:20:50
They’ll probably take the nobles with them if they think they gotta flee the estate.

BIANCA: Chi 1:20:54
But half of them are going to be dealing with the fire.

LUC: Zach 1:20:57
I am concerned how you know people’s behaviors in buildings on fire.

BIANCA: Chi 1:21:05
I’m Vodacce.

LUC: Zach 1:21:08
The Vodacce people often sets rooves on fire.

BIANCA: Chi 1:21:14
Oh, the Vodacce princes do much worse than that my friend.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:21:17
I am very terrified of your country.

LUC: Zach 1:21:20
Is it’s like I’ve heard of this thing in Inismore called the burning peasant. Is it similar to that?

BIANCA: Chi 1:21:32
No, this is a way to murder people, Luc.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:21:33
Are you talking about the party in the desert?

LUC: Zach 1:21:37
No, no, no, no. That is the Burning Man. The Burning Peasant is something completely different.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:21:46
The head canon for this world is getting real weird, guys.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:21:51
Maybe burning the estate isn’t so much of an issue as you know, moving in quickly, fending off guards as we move out, you know…pure stealth.

BIANCA: Chi 1:22:00
A distraction is very good though I’m tellin ya.

(Talking over each other again.)

LUC: Zach 1:22:03
If we set anything on fire, it should be the Marquise’s house.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:22:08
There’s only five of us. Perhaps a fire or other distraction is a good idea. We cannot (???) on by ourselves…

(Talking over each other. Again.)

GAWAIN: Mason 1:22:20
or perhaps some sort of pincer maneuver where the Vagabundos are causing the distraction while we get the nobles out or vice versa.

BIANCA: Chi 1:22:25
Oh, yeah. How about that Vagabundo and I’m gonna nudge Catalina.

(All talking at once again.)

SOPHIE: Puja 1:22:31
…assist us in this or is this only left to us?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:22:36
No, I can…I’ll help. I don’t…Depending on how what we need. We may not be able to ask for other help outside of me, but I will help.

LUC: Zach 1:22:53
I have une question. (DES: Yes.) Is there a Vagabundo who is very familiar with the inner workings of the church?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:23:05
Luc is obsessed with the church.

BIANCA: Chi 1:23:06
They’re both obsessed with churches. Why don’t you just focus on the villa?

LUC: Zach 1:23:08
I want to know if there is a hidden passage way!

BIANCA: Chi 1:23:11
But…but then you know to know about the villain not the church you don’t know it goes to the church you couldn’t go to a crypt or graveyard or it could be like somebody’s house…

(Talking all at once, again.)

LUC: Zach 1:23:21
…reconnaissance anyway.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:23:23
Even I don’t, I’ll have to check I don’t know offhand but perhaps we could send one of your servants to even just inquire or look around. And I can send some of mine as well.

BIANCA: Chi 1:23:35
Can we talk to this guy that wrote the letter?

LUC: Zach 1:23:37
Bastien is obsessed with architecture. It is a good cover.

BIANCA: Chi 1:23:40
Okay, that’s like away from the table because B doesn’t know about that. But is there you know, the guy that wrote the letter, he’s one of the people in the, in the in the villa, right?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:23:48
Yes, uh, his name is Gabriel, and he is the eldest son.

BIANCA: Chi 1:23:54
And what’s the name of the of the noble family?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:23:57
I had it and then my word document scrolled down. So, you have to give me one second.

(Talking over each other.)

BIANCA: Chi 1:24:04
Gabriel is there right?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:24:05

BIANCA: Chi 1:24:05
He was saying in his letter…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:24:07
He says that he thinks he found a way out. But, he needs some help.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:24:11
Um, is there a way to get into communication…well out of character, so who knows about this letter? And what that said?

BIANCA: Chi 1:24:19

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:24:20
It was it was just opened by Luc and Catalina.

LUC: Zach 1:24:26
Also, I would like…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:24:35
Sorry about that. Okay. So, the letter was just opened up by Catalina and Luc, no one else. Okay. And as far as Catalina knows, you know, she hasn’t showed the letter to anybody else. I think Luc still has it. So. (LUC: I would have given it to her.) Okay, so she has it. No one else has seen it.

LUC: Zach 1:24:53
As the president of the Vagabundo club.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:24:58
I am the local chapter. Thank you.

LUC: Zach 1:25:01
Also just as a small side note, I would have asked Mademoiselle Catalina while we were walking to the clinic (DES: That she was being carried to.)…like under my breath, so only she could hear…(DES: Of course.)…I would have asked how attractive Gabriel is.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:25:25
She hasn’t seen Gabriel in about a decade.

LUC: Zach 1:25:28
Oh, that this unfortunate.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:25:30
Yes, but she’s like, because she was actually raised (LUC: In Montaigne.)…in Montaigne for like her teenage years, while she’s going to court and things like that, and then so she hasn’t really seen him in a while but she says, I believe he was attractive.

LUC: Zach 1:25:47
Okay. (Mic issue)…mission my friends.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:25:55
So, um, yeah, she can, you know, we can either send one of your servants to scope out the church or she can have send one of hers.

LUC: Zach 1:26:07
I will. I’m going to send Bastien because as we all know, Bastien is just obsessed with architecture. He is attempting to write a book on various architectures. His grammar is so poor, so I do not know if it’ll work. However, that is what happens whenever you are not nobly educated.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:26:34
Well, we’ll hold on that thought. Good chance to take a break, and also come up with some more ideas. So, we’ll come back in like five minutes or so. Alright. Alright. We’ll see you soon, everybody.


GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:32:59
Hey! We are back everybody. We got dog. So now our stream is infinitely better. Yeah. Alright. Alright. Planning.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:33:14
Go to your toys.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:33:16
So, to recap we (unintelligible) no plans.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:33:18
No but you’re exploring options and I like this.

LUC: Zach 1:33:23
Okay, so Luc is going to give Bastien one wealth worth of money. Also, just as like a background how much is one wealth of money? Because like the guidebook said that to buy like a whole ship would cost five wealth, I think? So, like if I could buy a whole ship with five…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:33:54
Like definitely one wealth is going to grease a lot of palms pretty well.

LUC: Zach 1:34:00
(unintelligible) one wealth.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:34:02
And we start with three per session.

LUC: Zach 1:34:03
We start with three per session. (DES: Three per fucking session, I know.).

SOPHIE: Puja 1:34:07
We rich, bitch!

LUC: Zach 1:34:08
That’s why I’ve been spending a lot of it. He’s going to go with one. I’m going to say he’s going to tell him to like, use half of that as like a tithe to get on the church’s good side. Cuz I’ve heard that they do that (mumbles). (DES: Yeah.) And then after that, he, he’s just he’s going to have the leftovers to grease some palms if he needs to, to get to get where he needs to go and to figure out what…I’m also going to give him a letter. No, I’m not. Well, everyone knows. He’s mine. Except the church might not know so I will give them a letter with my seal on it, just describing like, Hey, this is my servant. This is who I am. This is my servant. (DES: Be nice.) Yeah, be nice. He’s really into architecture. And he’s trying to write a book. So, please just let him see everything he wants to see. Kthnxbyeee! And it will be written in Castilian. Castilian. Just as a nice little gesture. (DES: Right?). With yeah, yeah. There you go. And spritzed with a little rose fragrance.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:35:35
Cuz you gotta have style, man. Okay, your sending…your sending Bastien with his money and his letter? Right? What else you guys want to do?

LUC: Zach 1:35:44
Well, I kind of fig. I think that a lot of it kind of hinges on whether or not there’s a passage, right.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:35:50
Okay, so you’re hinging the entire…

(DES and LUC talking over each other.)

LUC: Zach 1:35:58
I would like to know if there is one.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:36:02
Okay, so you’re so you’re so you’re, you’re suggestions for the plans would hinge upon knowing this. Okay. Is there any other recon anybody wants to do while Bastien’s going out and getting all this stuff.

BIANCA: Chi 1:36:12
Luc, are you going to tell everybody else about what’s in the letter?

LUC: Zach 1:36:18
Oh, um…so

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:36:22
Did I drop, damn it? (LUC: No, you’re good. Oh, I can still see you moving.) Okay, it was like two seconds.

LUC: Zach 1:36:30
Let’s just like rewind a little bit before all the planning. When lady Catalina comes in and all that stuff. I will tell you about the letter and has there’s a very dashing young man in there who needs help.

BIANCA: Chi 1:36:47
Okay, so then we would be like is somebody gonna go talk this guy?

LUC: Zach 1:36:49
A hostage people? Well, he’s currently held hostage so he cannot really talk to him.

BIANCA: Chi 1:36:56
I mean somebody’s gotta be able to see the guy sometime.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:36:57
If we could get him a note perhaps…

LUC: Zach 1:37:01
Perhaps, if you little girl dress up as a maid again maybe…

BIANCA: Chi 1:37:08
You shouldn’t call Lady Catalina that. It’s really rude.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:37:15
Or, Lady Catalina do you know do you know which physicians attend to the Nobles?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:37:20
I believe they’ve all been cleared by the Marquise herself. The entire staff, all the military guards that are there anybody who would go in there has to be cleared by the Marquise.

BIANCA: Chi 1:37:36
Eh, I can go sneak in there if you want. And this is not somebody you want dead, right? This is somebody we want out?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:37:41
No Never Never. He needs everybody the entire noble family needs to be alive. Yes needs to be alive,

BIANCA: Chi 1:37:50
Fine. Alright, so a note then.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:37:52
Telling them what? A note saying what? That we are…

BIANCA: Chi 1:37:56
Like what’s your way out Mr. Guy?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:37:59
I actually really like the phrasing on that one. What’s your way out Mr. Guy?

BIANCA: Chi 1:38:07
He can translate it into Castilian.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:38 11
Signed? I don’t know what we call ourselves. Concerned citizens.

LUC: Zach 1:38:13
The mighty five. The mighty cinq.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:38:24
I don’t need another group, thank you.

LUC: Zach 1:38:31
I don’t think we have a name. I don’t think we’re gonna…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:38:35
The order of the head wound.

(Everyone talking at once, again.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:38:38
It…it kind of leans over to Luc and she’s like, we can’t really tell him that we’re not El Vagabundo.

LUC: Zach 1:38:48
We are all Vagabundos.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:38:35
That’s not…what he… no! Stop it!

(Everyone yelling over each other again.)

LUC: Zach 1:39:00
When we rescue the nobles from the villa, should they ask, we are all Vagabundos.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:39:08
This is not going to be great. (BIANCA For who? Not me. I’m fine.) Okay. Yeah, that’s great. However, I have to deal with no, we’re not …

BIANCA: Chi 1:39:20
Hey, Luc. You know how we’re all gonna be Vagabundos, you know that hat that he has? (LUC:A mask?) I mean, but does he doesn’t have a hat.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:39:30
He does have…they do have a hat as well but mostly just a mask.

BIANCA: Chi 1:39:36
I feel. I feel like if I’m going to be sneaking into this guy’s house with a letter. I should I should have that hat. (DES: No. No.)

LUC: Zach 1:39:42
I think that it would be great.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:39:45
The hat is sacred.

(Mics cut out, people talking at once.)

LUC: Zach 1:39:47
…just go buy out go buy or commission people to make five Vagabundo hats. That’d be a little suspicious.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:39:55
You do not have time.

LUC: Zach 1:39:55
Also, yes, it would take time. But it would be suspicious even though it would be…

BIANCA: Chi 1:40.05
…hard to get into character when you don’t have the right attire.

(More talking over each other.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:40:09
I think, I…

LUC: Zach 1:40:10
I have an idea. I have an idea. (DES: Okay.) We can be Vagabundo B team and we have our own hat.

(Everyone talking over each other, again.)

LUC: Zach 1:40:25
El VagaBeendo.

BIANCA: Chi 1:40:28
Yeah Bee. The team of bee. Great

SOPHIE: Puja 1:40:29
Are you saying we are the bumblebees?

LUC: Zach 1:40:31
We are the bumblebees, we go in we do we do sting operations.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:40:41
I actually really enjoy this.

BIANCA: Chi 1:40:46
Sounds good to me. Alright, get a letter thing for the guy.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:40:48
Fucking Luc gets another hero point. (BIANCA Oh, God!). You’re stacking them up now.

LUC: Zach 1:40:55
I’m up to four!

BIANCA: Chi 1:40:57
If I’m the one that’s going to be doing the stinging, why don’t I get the hero point?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:41:00
Because you’re not being pithy.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:41:04
I do stuff with the sword. I do want to say that. I haven’t yet, but I do.

(Talking over each other.)

LUC: Zach 1:41:12
Okay, so

GAWAIN: Mason 1:41:15
I feel inadequate but I want to point that out.

BIANCA: Chi 1:41:17
Gawain, you want to come with me and go deliver a letter.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:40:20
No, you cannot both go! Who will keep me alive?

BIANCA: Chi 1:41:21
Yes, we can! we just we just need to get him a hat so it covers his hair.

(Talking over each other, again.)

LUC: Zach 1:41:27
Okay, fine, I’m chopped liver over here. It’s not like I can’t keep you alive.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:41:31
Luc cannot keep me alive.

BIANCA: Chi 1:41:31
We can’t have Luc be there.

LUC: Zach 1:41:31
Hey. I have very formal weapony training.

BIANCA: Chi 1:41:38
All right, fine. Let’s all go deliver a letter. I have a three in rapid,

LUC: Zach 1:41:41
I have a three in reaponry. (DES: Reaponry??).

BIANCA: Chi 1:41:44
I mean, you were really helpful the last time I got to knock you out.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:41:49
I will go wherever I’m most needed. (SOPHIE:…assassins?)

LUC: Zach 1:41:53
Um, also would they dare attack you when I’m around?

BIANCA: Chi 1:41:57
I think that they would considering that we’re there to break out their land not landlocked…

(Everyone talking over each other, again.)

SOPHIE: Puja 1:42:03
No, no, we’re talking about assassins coming and murdering Sophie while you’re out.

BIANCA: Chi 1:42:07
Oh, I forgot about that. Okay Sophie you can come with.

LUC: Zach 1:42:10
So, just everyone’s going to deliver a letter

BIANCA: Chi 1:42:15
I mean, I offered to do it and then Gawain got sad cuz he’s being left and

GAWAIN: Mason 1:42:20
I’m not sad at all! Stop putting like emotions in my head I decided…

(More talking over each other.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:42:22
Okay, I’m gonna I’m gonna throw this out here. I think that if you’re going to go through the trouble of breaking in, it should be for the thing. Like, you shouldn’t even waste time to do a note. (LUC: We’ll be back later.) Yeah, we should just go.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:42:39
We could go at night fall and just storm on in there and wiggle them out.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:42:43
in there we go in there and…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:42:45
We could do more recon, but going in at that point. Just hope that he has a way out actually. Do we take it on faith that he will be able to get us out if we can get ourselves in.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:42:59
I don’t believe he would risk it if he didn’t actually have a way out.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:43:00
He’s been a prisoner for years. He’s probably been very thorough with his planning.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:43:02
That is fair.

LUC: Zach 1:43:03
You know what I want to know? How come this man gave me the letter for El Vagabundo of all people?

BIANCA: Chi 1:43:16
Because you throw money around.

LUC: Zach 1:43:18
The foreign diplomat…

SOPHIE: Puja 1:43:21
The Montaigne…

(Talking over each other.)

SOPHIE: Puja 1:43:24
…the favorite of the Emperor…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:43:28
And you don’t exactly where your political bent on your sleeve.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:43:33
So, he’s a very interesting…are you sure it is not a trap.

LUC: Zach 1:43:38
Well, the man did not speak Montaignese.

BIANCA: Chi 1:43:40
I think that you’re all overthinking this. I think we should just go…

SOPHIE: Puja 1:43:44
But it does bear the question. Why would he think that Luc would be sympathetic?

BIANCA: Chi 1:43:47
Yeah, let’s go do something.

(Luc and Gawain speak over each other.)

LUC: Zach 1:43:52
Catalina did say that she thought I was El Vagabundo because of my charade.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:43:58
Yeah, you said that El Vagabundo had captured you but I was the El Vagabundo earlier. So obviously, (LUC: So, you would know.) Yes, yes.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:44:09
So perhaps somebody is telling tales to Gabriel?

BIANCA: Chi 1:44:19
Well, he obviously heard that somebody who wasn’t El Vagabundo pretended to be captured. Luc.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:44:23
How maybe he thinks you know El Vagabundo? I don’t know.

BIANCA: Chi 1:44:26
Or you are El Vagabundo.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:44:27
Or you actually are El Vagabundo yourself?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:44:32
Perhaps he just thinks you are not an asshole. And that is good enough.

(Luc and Gawain talk at the same time.)

LUC: Zach 1:44:37
I am a very upstanding individual. I gave B…excuse me, Excusez-moi, what when you stole my chocolat, did I make a fuss? No. I gave it to you.

BIANCA: Chi 1:44:51
And that that makes you an upstanding citizen?

LUC: Zach 1:44:56
Do you know how expensive those chocolates were?

BIANCA: Chi 1:44:59
No and I don’t care. Because no one else knows either.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:45:03
Lady Catalina?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:45:04
Yes, yes.

LUC: Zach 1:45:06
Three hundred gold pieces.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:45:08
Lady Catalina Should we do something tonight?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:45:15
I think you’re gonna have to do something because you had an assassin who was here to kill you. So, we can either…what is that noise?

LUC: Zach 1:45:26
I don’t know. Oh sorry…

SOPHIE: Puja 1:45:33
Are you stroking the springs on your mic? Okay cool.

(Out of character – talking over each other.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:45:38
I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:45:41
That was like some Dark Crystal ass drumming. I literally was like sound effects.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:45:52
I don’t necessarily think that we did we have to do it tonight but something what are the other things going to happen tonight that will get us that will get you in trouble the next morning.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:46:00
We do something sooner rather than later. So, this threat on my life

BIANCA: Chi 1:46:06
Let’s just go get the guy.

LUC: Zach 1:46:09
I am going to send Gaston to buy out an entire inn. (DES: Okay.) For our base of operation.

LUC: Zach 1:46:19
A very Castile centric aligned dirt inn, so that we can have a place.

BIANCA: Chi 1:46:35
See if you can get the plans to the villa.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:46:38
Now, I’m confused!

LUC: Zach 1:46:41
It has to be dirty because they would never expect you to be in a dirty establishment. Yes. Okay. All right. So then we can kind of tidy it up a little bit because I don’t really like being dirty.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:46:54
So, you are sending your men to various operations which may not be useful and we are losing manpower

LUC: Zach 1:47:02
Listen, they will be well, I cannot in good in conscience send Bastien or Serge on the mission with us. Because they are not really…they are part of my retinue, but they don’t really knows the underlying causes. As far as Bastien knows. I’m just helping him out with his book. I’m going to hear all about what he has discovered. Because I’m such a nice person and I listened to that. And if he happens to mention or I can ask if there any, like, super old cool tunnels under the church. Whoa,

BIANCA: Chi 1:47:49
What about the villa?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:47:50
Yeah, so I did not think the church is a Plan A?

LUC: Zach 1:47:58
If it connects to the villa, then we have a way in and out. (BIANCA That’s a big if.)

SOPHIE: Puja 1:48:00
But Gabriel has a way out already.

LUC: Zach 1:48:02
I know. What if the secret passage way is his way out?

BIANCA: Chi 1:48:07
We have no reason to think there is one.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:48:12
In that case…

(Everyone talking at once, again.)

GAWAIN: Mason 1:48:12
…it would be great if there were this secret passage. We can’t just assume there is.

LUC: Zach 1:48:18
Well listen. We all know that novels are founded on truth and lots of novels…

BIANCA: Chi 1:48:24
Oh my God. We need to just not listen to this guy anymore.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:48:29
Moving on.

LUC: Zach 1:48:28
we’ll just see what Bastien discovers…

Why don’t you send him to get the plans for this villa instead?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:48:36
No one would give it to him?

LUC: Zach 1:48:39
I don’t think there are…okay. Yeah, first of all, I’d be very suspicious and like we’re not in the 21st century where they just have plans for everything being around the library for everyone to check out.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:48:49
That’s impressive, man. Wow. I’m a God. That is not possible.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:48:53
I don’t even know what was just said.

LUC: Zach 1:48:58
I think a spirit just took over my body.

BIANCA: Chi 1:49:03
Alright, let’s just go and see them.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:49:06
Okay, well, how about this? Let’s take the next couple of hours in game to

LUC: Zach 1:49:11
Eat lunch, be fueled up.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:49:14
Yeah. And also explore any ideas that you want. Yeah. Just do some recon and we’ll roll your approaches for that and see what you guys end up coming up with. Okay. Okay.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:49:26
So like recon into how many guards there are what time there’s like a shift change.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:49:29
Exactly when with your with the raises, you get to declare or you can ask questions about the thing and we’ll, we’ll start then we can start to having a really good plan. Okay. Okay. So, uh, you know, as Zach you want Oh, sorry, Luc. You want to send Bastien in where to? Which way? You had a couple of ideas where you going to send him right now?

LUC: Zach 1:49:52
To the church.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:49:54
To the church. And what what traits and skills do you want to use? Well, best, the end is you know, learning everything?

LUC: Zach 1:50:05
I guess would it be Notice?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:50:09
Notice is good. Notice is good. (LUC: Noticing things?). Yeah and then think about like maybe Wits.

LUC: Zach 1:50:17

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:50:19
yeah that’s good we can always change it right before but I want to go around the room. B, what do you want to do on your downtime real quick.

BIANCA: Chi 1:50:28
Um, she wants to go check out the villa she doesn’t have to go inside but, she’ll have her kitchen maid outfit and she will do kind of one walk down see see if there any roads what the walls look like. If there any businesses nearby any buildings that have high enough rooves that maybe they could do the building and then jump over… (DES: You’re just focusing on building recon.) …physical recon in two different disguises: one sailor, one the maid.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:51:00
Do we get one plus one raise on the scene. Sorry.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:51:04
This will be a new scene so you do get your your additional die if you need to. Or if you if you’re doing something that you haven’t done before. Okay, so we’ll do so you got a good plan B as well. Gawain, what about you? What do you want to do for your downtime right now?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:51:21
So, there’s no one reconing the villa.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:51:23
B is reconing the villa. She’s doing physical reconing outside.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:51:28
What’s what’s Sophie doing then?

SOPHIE: Puja 1:51:32
I’m not leaving. I’m not gonna be alone because I don’t wanna die.

BIANCA: Chi 1:51:38
Maybe she should look into getting us the hats.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:51:40
Um, no. Sophie’s going to go and try to see if she can just talk to people and figure out like, more on the guard situation. Like, if she knows any guards, and you know, if any of them are her patients or something just to kind of like suddenly get information as to like how many there are. If there’s any way she can figure out how many people are there? And then also, if there’s like a shift change kind of a thing.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:52:10
Okay, shift changes as well.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:52:11
Just to kind of get like it’s more of the human intelligence of the villa.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:52:13
Yeah. Okay, cool. How about you Gawain?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:52:17
Can I do…this is kind of weird but can I do a Wits/Empathy to try and just go kind around town to the various taverns kind of spinin’ tales, like I was a servant. And or in Well, I was a servant damnit. But yeah. Just say like, spread more rumors about the torture garden. Try and invent some more unrest.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:52:42
Okay, so you’re going to do…That’s cool. Doing unrest. All right, everybody. Let’s do some roles. Let’s see how many raises you got?

LUC: Zach 1:52:47
Question? (DES: Yes.) Since I am acting behind the scenes from the shadows or through a proxy, I can activate my virtue?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:52:56
Yes, I would allow this one.

LUC: Zach 1:52:57
So, every die is a raise for me.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:53:02

LUC: Zach 1:53:15
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 7 raises.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:53:20
Seven raises dude.

LUC: Zach 1:53:25
Guess what guys with seven raises there’s for sure a passage, no I’m kidding.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:53:33
Three raises and a hanging four.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:53:39
Three raises and a hanging five.

LUC: Zach 1:53:41
So, can you only activate your virtue once per session. (DES: Yes.) what are the rules with that? (DES: Once per session.)

SOPHIE: Puja 1:53:48
Sophie how many raises again I’m sorry.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:53:50
Three with a hanging five.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:53:53
Three raises Sophie. And Gawain?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:53:56
Three with a hanging four.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:54:03
Luc, how many do you have again? Seven?

LUC: Zach 1:54:04

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:54:05
Seven raises. And B…

BIANCA: Chi 1:54:14
I have two. I was trying to see if I could…I think I’m committing to a dangerous destiny but I think that just gets me hero point.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:54:21
Okay well you know you can spend your hero points to gain more die or if you want you can give your hero you spend them in favor of somebody else and they can get more die to roll themselves

BIANCA: Chi 1:54:35
What do I What does it do for me?

If you spend your hero point then you can get an extra bonus die. Technically supposed to do before rolling but I’ll allow it this time. You get one extra die if you decide to spend it to say like Sophie. Then Sophie can get three extra die.

BIANCA: Chi 1:54:53
Holy cow. Okay, I guess we all rolled already. Okay. All right next time. Okay. Two then. For me

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:55:00
For two. Okay. B, you’re actually…let’s group Sophie and B, because you’re kind of doing it not necessarily together, but you are in the same sort of area. So, you’ll definitely need to spend one raise to really avoid suspicion, Automatically, everybody the this villa is the most guarded place you’ve ever seen. Everybody’s screened; everybody is suspect. So even just to avoid suspicion of just even being there because you’re obviously neither of you are obviously supposed to be there. And you don’t look the part necessarily. Then you’ll spend one raise just to kind of avoid blanket suspicion.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:55:54
Okay, I’ll spend a raise on that.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:55:57
Now for the two raises you each have, we can you can either ask me something that you’re specifically looking for you can declare something about what your character has seen while scoping out.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:56:10
Like I said, my plans were to scope out the number of guards that are working in and outside the villa.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:56:19
At any given time there is at least 12 guards. Just about go around and about that’s not counting the guards who are standing in front of certain doors, usually bed chambers, and not counting anybody…Well, yeah, that’s so you know, about 12 at all times, you don’t know anything currently about any guard changes. You just know that each…At any given time, there’s about 12 people about and about

SOPHIE: Puja 1:56:47
Yes. And then the second raise I would want to spend to find out if there is any time where the guards are distracted whether it’s like mealtimes or shift change or something like there’s any sort of a gap in protection or a little even a little bit of a dip? That might be a good time to strike.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:57:07
I would say that you through your gleaning, you felt like the best time where there’s a guard change but everybody’s guard itself is down would be a little bit after dinner. There’s a change for the dinner for the for the night watch and then, but everybody’s kind of winding down from the day. So, it’s a bit if there is a guard change, that’s pretty Lucy goosey if that it would be this one.

SOPHIE: Puja 1:57:33
But that’s like a prime what she’s looking for like what seems like the prime.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:57:36
Yeah, that’s the most ideal but even then it’s not ideal. Okay. B, How about you? You’ve got two raises questions or declarations.

BIANCA: Chi 1:57:45
I assume that maybe, in general, you could just give us like what the villa looks like without a raise. I imagine that anyone in the city would know what the villa looks looks looks like. Is it like many buildings, one building like big, small…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:57:58
It is many buildings that are circling around like a, an in..inside garden, but there are wall the villa walls itself kind of go like around all of the structures that are there.

BIANCA: Chi 1:58:12
Okay, so it’s walled on the outside.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:58:14
Yes, um, the tallest building is maybe two stories with like a…a like a one extra sequel or something at the very top. So, tops it would be three stories. But otherwise it’s a relatively low it’s not very tall, it’s more wide. You have a lot of grounds to cover.

BIANCA: Chi 1:58:36
Okay, so like a so like traditional Spanish villa? Squarish, rectangular.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:58:44
Yeah, more rectangle but you know then there’s smaller buildings inside round with the wall.

BIANCA: Chi 1:58:49
Is the wall two stories or one?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:58:51
The wall’s two stories. There are there are areas actually I will say that like the villa itself…It’s kind of like a two section like there’s an inner garden where all the buildings in the family do reside. And there’s kind of an outer area where there are a couple of small one-story buildings and then the outside wall is a one story. So, you have two walls to get through: a one story on the outside, some one-story buildings, and then a two story wall with two story buildings.

BIANCA: Chi 1:59:22
Okay, so then number one, B is looking for an interest, an entrance. So, a way to get into the villa. You just told me there’s two walls, though, so.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:59:34
Yeah, there’s two immediate checkpoints. And those are the ones the obvious ones like coming in from the main road, essentially. There is a…there might be there might be smaller entrances, like on the sides for staff or for guards, but you know, that’s just like little one door, whereas the main gate can accommodate like carriages, horses, that sort of thing.

BIANCA: Chi 1:59:58
Sorry, I meant entrances and like…like I was saying in the beginning, like a neighboring building, like a way to get over the wall.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:00:06
No. Anything…it I… the villa itself kind of stands apart from most of the buildings in the town or any in a way that it’s by itself. So, there isn’t really anything that you can jump into maybe some trees.

BIANCA: Chi 2:00:25
Okay, in that case, then she would just choose the one gate that seems best probably a servant gate.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:00:32
So, you go in through a side gate for the servants to kind of come in through that they can just hurry in pretty easily. You, someone is bringing in some daily supplies, and you kind of managed to kind of hide amongst all the people kind of moving in and get inside too. So you’ve already bypassed like the first gate. Ok. So, you know that this one, at least in the daytime does allow certain movement. But you are disguised as a servant, you are moving with servants. You’re lucky that you didn’t get…the raise is already spent. You’re kind of using that good grace to kind of go through. Okay. Okay, and the second one is even given where I am in the outer circle, I’m just looking for a good place for my distraction. Because B is completely planning on setting something on fire.

LUC: Zach 2:01:26
Let’s see…

LUC: Zach 2:01:29
You mean in the future, not right now. Yeah.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:01:31
No, right now. (Unintelligible) Burn it down!

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:01:35
For B it would depend on which direction she wants the momentum to go to. So, if…

BIANCA: Chi 2:01:41
She wants it to go away from where she’s actually going to be, so.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:01:45
Okay, you say so she has a feeling that she’ll be in towards like the two-story buildings. So, then she would want to such as she’ll see a thatched roof like on of the one-story buildings outside on the outer rim that you can easily set on fire. It will…you can kind of tell that there’s a threat that it could go farther. But if they contain it quick enough, then it’ll be fine. So, there’ll be a sense of urgency when people are just like “Oh shit! There’s a fire” Oh shit there’s a fire RIGHT THERE. If we don’t put it out now, everything will catch on fire.

BIANCA: Chi 2:02:19
Okay, it’s a thatched…it’s a one of the one-story thatched buildings. Do I know what it’s for?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:02:24
Let’s say grain?

BIANCA: Chi 2:02:25
Storage? (DES: Storage.) Oh, great milled flower, maybe get some real explosions going? (DES: Sure. Why not?) Okay, great.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:02:35
You did what you have now declared it so…

BIANCA: Chi 2:02:38
That’s what she wants to know, mission accomplished.

(Softly talking over each other.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:02:57
You’re not getting out of hero point for that one. And Gawain, you’re going around you’re talking you’re talking smack about ???

GAWAIN: Mason 2:03:07
I’m an able drinker and I’m talking mad shit about what’s really going on at that estate.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:03:12
Oh, like at the estate or at the Marquise?

GAWAIN: Mason 2:03:15
At the Marquise’s estate.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:03:16
The Marquise’s estate. Okay, so you’re sowing a lot of discord.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:03:20
A lot of like the Montaigniens are like, not the Montaigniens, is like the Marquise, like has like a superiority complex and Castilians are like play things and like she’s waiting for a servant to mess up just so she can torture them. And of course, you know, she doesn’t behind closed doors because she knows even her fellow nobles would like, think she’s a freak.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:03:43
Yep. Okay. I would say that you have a choice. Either, you can spend two raises to go to like say two taverns. Yeah, and get your message spent and send the one raise to avoid suspicion
because you are bad mouthing the Marquise in the middle of the day. Or you can go to three taverns and really get everybody going but you have now painted a target on your back.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:04:08
I’m going to do the first one.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:04:10

GAWAIN: Mason 2:04:12
Whisper campaign. Whisper campaign.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:04:14
All right, you are being very stealthy about this and you talk a little bit but you give fake names, you know you will you’ll hide your hair a bit more so that no one can really spot you because let’s be real you kind of stand out. But you do manage it. People are just at first very hesitant because no one really wants to talk about the Marquise, obviously, but like the things that you’re saying, like we knew there was a fucking torture shed. What? Like who was there and describing like, I know him, he’s a good man, and you’re just getting people riled the fuck up. So people are so mad, you know, like, like, you know, people just they see the Montaigne soldiers like walking by and they’re just like they’re, you know, you have to advise them not to spit on the ground there so mad. But you’re getting you’re definitely getting a lot of like fury going in the town. Luc, and Bastien. What do you wish to know about the church?

LUC: Zach 2:05:10
I really just want to know if there’s a passageway leaking to the villa.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:05:16
You spend three raises, I will put one there.

LUC: Zach 2:05:20
Three raise is gone. There’s a passageway leaking to the villa. Did you know look at this, in historical is at all times, there used to be a hall like a like a like an emergency route from the noble villa to the church

LUC: Zach 2:05:38
Bastien, that is so interesting! And then under my breath, I gonna say, I told them so.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:05:45
But, unfortunately, it was cut off when the Montaigne came in. So as far as anybody knows it’s no good.

LUC: Zach 2:05:55
That is shame.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:05:56
It is a terrible shame.

LUC: Zach 2:06:00
Would you happen to know how it was cut off Bastien?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:06:04
Well would you have spent raises for him to find out exactly where the blockage is?

LUC: Zach 2:06:08
How many raises would that be?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:06:12
We’ll go an extra two…Well, one we’ll go for one for right now. So, you’re down to three raises, you do find out that it was a fairly, they basically just walled it in. Like it’s a couple of feet from the church entrance, but they’ve walled that part in and the implications that they’ve also done the same to the other way. So, theoretically, if you could just get these walls down, nothing inside has been blocked.

LUC: Zach 2:06:41
Some Cask of Amontillado type of thing.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:06:46
You have three rages left, what else would you like to learn about the church and its history? Or declare about the church and it’s history?

GAWAIN: Mason 2:06:57
I just go church on time and I don’t know why I can’t stop myself.

LUC: Zach 2:07:03
Would he have been like chatting with some members of the church

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:07:08
Yeah like you know you you have your letter you paid your money but also like Bastien has been told like that he needs to find out as much information as possible and…

LUC: Zach 2:07:18
For his for his books.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:07:20
His investigative art…his investigative heart would have would have wanted to know too.

LUC: Zach 2:07:25
Can I spend a raise to determine if the church would be willing to harbor some fugitives in they’re wine cellar?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:07:39
What kind of fugitives? Are you telling them?

LUC: Zach 2:07:43
No, no. Just like the impression if they are like, pro, Castile or not.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:07:51
Oh, they’re very pro Castile.

LUC: Zach 2:07:57
They’re very pro Castile. (DES: But they’re not dumb.). But they’re not dumb. Right? Right, right. They’re not dumb.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:07:58
So, you’ll have to spend raises to get them to really put their neck out for you for for Bastien.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:08:05
Are they pro sanctuary?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:08:08
Mostly but like not like there’s a difference between like, you know, helping someone and then helping the Royal the noble family who will be Yeah. But if you wanna spend all three raises…

LUC: Zach 2:08:23
Will three raises be enough for them to be willing to help the cause?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:08:28
I would say with three raises you kind of surreptitiously after Bastien has come back with all this information, send word and ask obliquely and have said that in…for the honor of Castile and for the honor of Altamira, they will help you know. So, you all reconvene back I would say like it’s the afternoon now maybe…For those, for those who have time sense is about four o’clock in the afternoon. Yes. Where do you guys want to reconvene?

LUC: Zach 2:09:13
Are we in our safe staked out dirty tavern?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:09:15
Sure. You have enough money for that. So, you’ve managed to get procure a room or two at a dirty tavern that no one’s going to question.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:09:25
Alrighty. I’ll go to the dirty tavern.

LUC: Zach 2:09:30
What’s the dirty tavern called?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:09:35
The Black Bear. (SOPHIE. The what?) The Black Bear. (LUC: Black Bear?) Yes. But in Castilian because I, I don’t know Spanish very well. I faked it.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:09:48
Okay, so…

SOPHIE: Puja 2:09:51
Do any of our viewers speak Spanish? Well, Homerro, are you still here?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:09:55
Can you help us out? Anyway, so you’re at The Black Bear

LUC: Zach 2:10:00
We’re at The Black Bear.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:10:03
I think Bear in German is just bear.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:10:04
But it’s Castilian.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:10:06
Well, I only speak German.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:10:09
Did I read somewhere that like bear is just a word for that thing we can’t talk about.
LUC: Zach 2:10:15
Isn’t it Orso?

GAWAIN: Mason 2:10:16
Oso in Spanish, yeah.

LUC: Zach 2:10:20
And then I don’t know.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:10:22
Thanks Kevin. (LUC: Oh, oso. Boom.)

SOPHIE: Puja 2:10:27
Oso Negro?

LUC: Zach 2:10:30
So, I did not want to say the words “I told you so” but they’re just happens to be a tunnel underneath the church that connects the villa to the church.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:10:40
And it is functional?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:10:44
I feel like B would have spent raises just so that would not have happened.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:10:47
But also, we told you that if there is a tunnel it is blockaded, so perhaps we deserve credit also? Yes, but I just want to say there is one. And it is…it is blocked off as a side of just church and maybe on the side of the villa. But, we know that if it was done by Montaigniens it is very shoddy. (SOPHIE: Is that true?). I don’t know. I don’t know anything about Montaignese architecture like exactly.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:11:25
Are you going off of French stereotypes. They did build the Notre Dame just saying.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:11:33
And like the Arc de Triomphe. And Versailles.

(Talking over each other about French architecture.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:11:42
Hundreds of years later.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:11:46
It didn’t fall in on itself.

LUC: Zach 2:11:55
We do not know if house how thick it is. It could just be like a singular brick layer

SOPHIE: Puja 2:12:00
Would you put the fate of the noble family and everyone in this room in on the chance that there is the wall is penetrable?

LUC: Zach 2:12:12
I’m hoping it is penetrable, especially since I convinced the church to harbor the nobles.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:12:20
Oh, you should have led with that.

LUC: Zach 2:12:23
I’m hoping that we can just go like…

SOPHIE: Puja 2:12:24
Oh, you muted yourself.

LUC: Zach 2:12:27
I pressed the spacebar accidentally. I do not like that feature. I’m hoping that just like it goes through the church lickety split, go in and out rescue the nobles, they will be harbored by the church and it’ll all be hunky dory.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:12:54
He fell off a wall that one time.

LUC: Zach 2:13:00
It is a phrase I picked up on my trip to what’s the Russian one? What is what are they called? I don’t remember the Russian equivalent.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:!1:12
Yeah, Ussura.

LUC: Zach 2:13:17
They say that all the time which means like “bien.” (SOPHIE. Oui.) Yeah good. Oh, it all works out in the end all nice. Hunky Dory

SOPHIE: Puja 2:13:33
Allors, what are we doing now?

LUC: Zach 2:13:36
But what did y’all find out?

SOPHIE: Puja 2:13:38
There are at anytime at least 12 guards at at the villa ,so we will have 12 people to…

GAWAIN: Mason 2:13:47
How are they armed?

SOPHIE: Puja 2:13:50
As guards tend to be? I dunno we visually saw them I would…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:13:55
Yeah, they they all have a saber and who knows other weapons but like the visible one is that they have a sword on their side.

LUC: Zach
So, what I’m hearing is a sea of 16 sailors…Fighters with sabers that have a plus four to hit.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:14:17
Also, yes, this is the best time to strike if any, would be after dinner like immediately after dinner but even then it would be it will be very risky.

LUC: Zach 2:14:33
What time do they have dinner at this place?

SOPHIE: Puja 2:14:38
It’s Castile, so late.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:14:38
Yeah, it was like 9:30?

LUC: Zach 2:14:40
Okay, so it’s already dark.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:14:42
Yeah super dark.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:14:44
So that with that information perhaps we should call, see if Lady Catalina can get more people. We are not enough bodies

GAWAIN: Mason 2:14:56
That’s what I was trying to say.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:14:57
No, she didn’t do any recon. She went home. I should have said that but…

(Talking over each other.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:15:04
Yes, she went to go into do inquire about like, you know the team her chapter.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:15:11
Yeah if she’d get more Vagabundos because four people it’s not enough.

LUC: Zach 2:15:14
We should have asked how much the dues are to be an El Vagabundo.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:15:19
I don’t know if it’s like a dues thing. It sounds okay you know what?

(Talking over each other.)

LUC: Zach 2:15:29
You have to do something for the benefit of Castile.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:15:31
Perhaps then you can be a Vagabundo.

LUC: Zach 2:!5:33
I am a Vagabundo. No matter what she says.

(Mumbled talking, etc.)

LUC: Zach 2:15:41
Okay, so lots of guards, it must be around dinner time when they are most lax. Okay. Little idea. First off. Did you murder anyone…(BIANCA No.)…while you were there? Continue. What did you learn?

SOPHIE: Puja 2:16:03
Any any guards missing any ears?

BIANCA: Chi 2:16:07
I mean it not that they weren’t missing before I got there.

SOPHIE: Puja. 2:16:11
Okay, fair enough.

BIANCA: Chi 2:16:12
Anyway, you’re so prissy.

LUC: Zach. 2:16:18
You held up your restraint.

BIANCA: Chi 2:16:22
There’s two walls, there’s a one on the outside and there’s one on the inside. The one on the outside isn’t too bad, but the one on the inside is going to be rough two stories. All of the buildings are inside there. They don’t let anybody in. This might be one of those times where you just bludgeon things until they let you in. I don’t know. But they do have a really nice storage building with a shoddy looking thatched roof so it’ll be a good distraction when we do decide that we need to get in. Okay, so I want to get in there with afternoon delivery and go at it from there.

LUC: Zach 2:17:12
You may have been able to get in much easier as one person who looks like a servant girl. I do not know if we would all be able to go in.

BIANCA: Chi 2:17:24
Once they’re all busy fighting the fire you guys won’t have as much trouble getting inside.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:17:28
Should we wait until this post-dinner lull to start the fire?

BIANCA: Chi 2:17:37
Yeah, I think so maybe right around that time. Yeah.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:17:41
And then we need to worm in as they’re putting it out. Get in and get out. Don’t know if we’re going to be,,,

SOPHIE: Puja 2:17:46
DM. Is there fire brigade in town? Or is it just people?

It’s just people who are on hand to help there’s no fire station.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:17:57
Okay. We must be on hands to hell. Yes.

LUC: Zach 2:17:59
And we’re also there in the summer,when all the wells are dry, right? (DES: Yeah, of course.)

SOPHIE: Puja. 2:18:09
So when I can take a stroll by the villa and they cries for fire

BIANCA: Chi 2:18:13
Well it’ll get us in. And that’s the important part because we’re not gonna really know how difficult it is to get out until we figure out if all of these people who are in there are mobile and everything would have to wing it anyway once we get in there so.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:18:26
Yes, and if if we cannot save them we can get out by saying that we went to see if there was fire inside and the royal family was in danger and seeing that they are not we will get out.

LUC: Zach 2:18:40
Probably not say the Royal family is in danger. Probably more say that the guards were in danger of being burned in their hot and heavy armor.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:18:49
Because that is the last resort of course, ideally, this noble son will have a way out and we will go with them. (BIANCA: Just run in there.)

GAWAIN: Mason 2:19:00
Why would he lie about having a way out?

BIANCA: Chi 2:19:01

(Bianca and Gawain speaking at the same time.)…your way and then we’ll head into the villa.

LUC: Zach 2:19:02
I know what it is, is they have secretly gotten a wall down on the villa side. And we just have to deal with the one on the church side, right? That is his way out!

SOPHIE: Puja 2:19:18
Are you capable with dealing with underground stone walls?

LUC: Zach 2:19:21
I mean,

SOPHIE: Puja 2:19:23
It will not end in a collapse of the whole tunnel?

BIANCA: Chi 2:19:28
Why don’t we just wait and see what this guy says when we go talk to him this Gabriel guy? He seems nice,

LUC: Zach 2:19:30
We’re not talking to him before we rescue him.

BIANCA: Chi 2:19:36
I know, that’s what I mean.

(GAWAIN: and Bianca talk at the same time.)

BIANCA: Chi 2:19:38
Where’s your way out? Let’s go.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:19:41
Perhaps run and talk. You know in some people walk and talk, we will run and talk.

BIANCA: Chi 2:19:44
Yeah, we get him and his mom or whoever and we’re like, let’s go.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:19:50
Where we going? Okay, it sounds like we have a plan. Should we convene with Mademoiselle Catalina to see what she has aquired?

BIANCA: Chi 2:20:00
Just send her one of your little note things with the with the red thing with the seal on it. Notes things with a seal on it. Yeah just send her one of your Vagabundo notes. Okay. And we’re also gonna need one of your money some some of that money back so I can go get us some some fire starter kits.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:20:22
I will give Bianca the money.

LUC: Zach 2:20:25
Yeah, I’m not the only one with money here.

BIANCA: Chi 2:20:27
Thanks Sophie.

LUC: Zach 2:20:30
Sophie is also rolling as they go.

BIANCA: Chi 2:20:30
Great. Then I’ll ask her so you could stop talking.

LUC: Zach 2:20:36
I spent a lot of my money today just making sure that…

(Talking over each other.)

SOPHIE: Puja 2:20:40
…I understand.

BIANCA: Chi 2:20:42
I’m just gonna walk away.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:20:45
I give me the money and then I say Luc, perhaps you can invite. Did you guys have enough to do you know perhaps I can invite Lady Catalina to dinner.

BIANCA: Chi 2:20:55
Alright, so I’m going to take the money. You write me a note to get to Catalina? (SOPHIE. Yes.) Okay.

LUC: Zach 2:21:04
Are you going there? Well, if you’re going there you can just invite her to dinner.

BIANCA: Chi 2:21:09
Yeah, I’ll just maid outfit or whatever, deliver the note. And then you’re going around on us. Yeah, I’ll pick up some lamp oil and etc on the way back.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:21:16
Also, some rope.

BIANCA: Chi 2:21:19
Sorry I have a list here. Climbing gear.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:21:30
We are only I am only funding for the best so yeah,

BIANCA: Chi 2:21:30
Climbing climbing year. (SOPHIE: A grappling hook?) medieval explosives, ninja outfits.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:21:38
I mean, it would probably mean just like gray/black clothing, yeah. Dark gray clothing that’s kind of average middle class Yeah.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:21:49
Does it hurt Luc’s soul to have to wear dark, boring clothing?

LUC: Zach 2:21:52
Oh, little bit, but he knows it is for the greater good so he gets over it.

BIANCA: Chi 2:21:57
Well, you didn’t want her to have a hat. So, he can deal with it. Okay, so I go and get all the stuff I let Catalina know what’s going on with the note hopefully she doesn’t have to do a lot of talking and then comes back.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:22:10
Yes. And the note just told her to go to the the tavern or the inn? Okay.

(Talking over each other.)

LUC: Zach 2:22:19
…tell her to be disguised? (DES: Yes.) So that she’s not just in full regalia… out yeah going to the shady tavern.

BIANCA: Chi 2:22:30
It maybe I don’t know someone else is gonna write it B can’t write. came right so yeah, you guys yeah, it’s in Castilian that says please come to Le ????

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:22:43
Okay so B goes off and gets the the her starter her starter kit or fire starting kit with all the money and you’re coming in and I will assume that like some and all you guys when you would be kind of comes in…Who’s by a window?

LUC: Zach 2:23:03
I don’t know.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:23:05
Not me. I don’t wanna get murdered. B is coming in.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:23:09
I’m watching for Assassins, so I guess me.

LUC: Zach 2:23:11
Gawain is by the window?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:23:11
The second that you look away from the window you feel like this tap on your shoulder and a hooded figure kind of like swoops in as I assume…I imagine you guys are on the second floor so a hooded figure just kind of swoops in, you know like a cloaked in black and pulls out her hood and it is Lady Catalina and underneath it she’s wearing her El Vagabundo outfit. And she’s like we’re doing this?

LUC: Zach 2:23:39
Yes, mademoiselle Catalina? (DES: Yes…)

GAWAIN: Mason 2:23:44
Maybe not use real names anymore tonight. Mademoiselle

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:23:47
She covers your mouth. What is? What is your question?

SOPHIE: Puja 2:23:53
For tonight’s she is B.

LUC: Zach 2:23:57
What help can the other Vagabundos give us tonight?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:24:03
They’re peasants. They can’t help us.

LUC: Zach 2:24:05
Oh, are we doing this tonight?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:24:07
We’re doing something tonight.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:24:11
Tonight? There are 12 guards, madame.

LUC: Zach 2:24:14
Because guess what I found out?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:24:17
Oh, no, he didn’t he didn’t they don’t
(Talking over each other again.)

GAWAIN: Mason 2:24:24
Gabriel has his own way out.

LUC: Zach 2:24:26
There is a small wall on the church side…

GAWAIN: Mason 2:24:31
You say small, but I feel like it’s just a wall.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:24:33
It’s a wall blocking a tunnel that could fit a human being. It’s not that small.

LUC: Zach 2:24:41
Yeah, I also we just have to knock out which is make an arch ways that we can fit through. I also convinced the church to harbor some certain fugitives.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:24:25
Oh, good. So there.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:24:50
They can take them there. Yes. Okay. So, we’ll be rescuing the whole family tonight.

LUC: Zach 2:24:58
We’re doing it tonight?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:25:00
We’re doing it tonight!

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:25:02
(MASON: after dinner) After dinner. what is the plan?

LUC: Zach 2:25:05
There’s lots of time to break down a wall in the passage after dinner

Dinner is the after dinner is the best time but there are still at will be at least 12 guards, but they will be at at ease at that time and our little B here has discovered that there is a shed nearby with a flammable roof. So, they’ll use that as a distraction, and we were hoping perhaps to be random folk in the area who the fire and coming rushing to help. Okay.

LUC: Zach 2:25:44
Are there any restaurants close to…

GAWAIN: Mason 2:25:46
My plan was to just kind of sneak in there as everyone’s putting in a fire, so I go with you and help put out the fire.

No, putting out the fire is it what we will say we are doing if anybody asks.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:25:58
Should I even be with you

LUC: Zach 2:26:00
We are not actually putting out the fire.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:26:02
No, I get that I’m saying (Talking over each other.)

SOPHIE: Puja. 2:26:02

GAWAIN: Mason 2:26:04
All right let me…I’m asking should I be with B or should I be with you with with you, Luc and Sophie, running to everyone’s aid setup… running to everyone’s aid?

LUC: Zach 2:26:18
Here’s an idea if there is a restaurant close by, we shall dine there tonight, and we shall also set a few buckets in the alleyway by the restaurant that just so happened to be filled with lantern oil. And when we go to put out the fire our buckets of water whoopsy!

BIANCA: Chi 2:26:47
I think Gawain should be with me to answer your actual question.

(GAWAIN: speaks but is drowned out.)

SOPHIE: Puja 2:26:52
Yeah, my question for you Gawain was are you sneaky like our friend B?

BIANCA: Chi 2:27:00
No. But he looks like a servant so we’ll just hide his hair and he could come in as a servant.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:27:05
Also, I can be sneaky when I need to and you know, she might need backup. (BIANCA Yeah. Exactly.)

LUC: Zach 2:27:12
Plus, we have the magic of the cup.

(SOPHIE speaks but is drowned out.)

LUC: Zach 2:27:23
We have gone over this. I have been trained in the way of the blade.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:27:26
I have also been formally trained in the way of the blade by me ma.

LUC: Zach 2:27:28
Okay, mine was by elite sportsmen of Montaigne.

(GAWAIN: and Luc speak over each other.)

GAWAIN: Mason 2:27:35
I’ll tell you that.

BIANCA: Chi 2:27:37
DM can I um. Can I say that I bought a very simple small dagger? And now I give it to to Sophie. (DES: Yes, absolutely.) When I was getting all the climbing gear and stuff, (DES and BIANCA. Talk over each other.) This is better than a kitchen knife. Okay. It’s got two sides. Alright, it’s not a throwing knife because it doesn’t have any balance. It’s but it’s got enough room for her to grab it in her hands. And it’s got a little sheath so she can put it in like it’s like a lady’s right so that she can hide it. So while that while Luc is going on about how, you know, you know how educated he is, and blah, blah, blah, his church wall, blah, blah, blah, I’ll go over to Sophie and I’ll turn her around and I’ll start buckling this, the little knife on us and here, here you go. If you get into trouble, you take this and you stick it in the man. Ideally where his soft parts are around the front of the tummy or behind his spine. You just stick it in the middle

LUC: Zach 2:28:52
Not near the tummy that will make his die of septic which is too slow.

BIANCA: Chi 2:28:55

BIANCA: Chi 2:29:00
Just stick it in him and then run away You got it.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:29:03
I can do the running part for sure. Good. I hope I cannot I do not have to.

BIANCA: Chi 2:29:10
There you go and then I’ll pat her hips

SOPHIE: Puja 2:29:13
I’m a doctor. I do not like hurting people.

LUC: Zach 2:29:17
Sometimes you must hurt to make it better. And we are talking about the patient of Altamira. We must cut out the ulcer.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:29:32
No, I would have called it the cancer

(Talking over each other, again.).

BIANCA: Chi 2:29:38
Very inspiring. Can we goooo. No.

GAWAIN: Mason 2: 29:40
It’s not dinner yet.

LUC: Zach 2:29:43
Okay, let’s go to the restaurant.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:29:45
We’ll have a snack and then go to dinner.

LUC: Zach 2:29:58
I’m just gonna roll a single D10 for a snack.

SOPHIE: Puja 2:30:00
Well we’re in Castile so I assume it is hamon and cheese.

LUC: Zach 2:30:02
I got to a five.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:30:03
That sounds so good

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:30:07
Alright. Here’s your plan. You have us we have a pair of Luc and Sophie and a pair of B and Gawain.

LUC: Zach 2:30:16
Is Catalina just doing things on her own?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:30:21
Catalina says she you know I can move with the crowd really gets moving. Okay, I’ll meet you inside.

LUC: Zach 2:30:30
Can I…Is it too late to have like Gaston start chipping away at that wall?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:30:34
Yes. A lot. So, we’ll call it here. And then the next session we’ll breakin’ into a villa, everybody! Thank you for…

SOPHIE: Puja 2:30:49

BIANCA: Chi 2:30:52
We’ll actually do things in the next episode.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:30:56
It’s gonna be nothing but murder at this point. Thank you everybody for coming and we will see you in two weeks at 12 p.m. Pacific. Bye!!