The Way of Thorns

a swashbuckling adventure game focusing on playing larger than life heroes

7th Sea is set in the fictional world of Théah. It’s a swashbuckling adventure game focusing on playing larger than life heroes like Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride, or Alexandre Dumas’ Three Musketeers. Add a heavy dose of sorcery and you have 7th Sea.

Théah is an impressively realized fictional version of 17th century Europe. Every country in Théah can be compared to a region in Europe however the Théahean counterpart is a bit more melodramatic and theatrical for the purposes of fiction and role play. The campaigns in 7th Sea all deal with diplomacy, piracy, archæology and exploration. You will find stories of swashbuckling, sailing, sorcery, intrigue, secrets, adventure, romance and revenge!

Before the war, Altamira was once a popular Castillian port-city, a trading hub between Montaigne, Eisen and Castille, benefitting from the affluent lake, its connected rivers leading to the Doré Bay, as well as nearby connections to the Montaigne rivers that meet the sea at Crieux.

Now, it is a Castillian port-city long occupied by Montaigne forces. As one of the first conquests in the war between the two nations, Altamira quickly turned into the center of all Montaigne military operations in Castille, supplying troops and the goods necessary for a successful war. The Castillian nobility who once controlled Altamira have lost their power completely, yet the Montaigne Administration keeps them alive for the sake of keeping the Grandes of Castille guessing.

Despite several attempts by El Vagabundo to rescue them, the noble family of Altamira remains sequestered in their vast estate on the rocky hill overlooking the city and port. The Montaigne government still requisitions the estate with a young Marquise as its figurehead—Sidonie du Carré. She is a fierce and cruel woman obsessed with controlling everything within her grasp including all aspects of Altamira.

Episode 0: 

Episode 1: Our intrepid heroes, Luc, Bianca, and Gawain have all met and spent the night in Altamira. Their first morning introduces them to the ruling noble, the Marquise Sidonie du Carré and her lethal right-hand man, the Maréchal Laurent Pointu as he attempts a violent show of power in the town square. Does the Maréchal’s dastardly deed go as planned?

Episode 2: With the appearance of a masked vigilante and the chaos in the town square, our heroes, Gawain, Bianca, and Luc rescue the two young boys and hide out in the medical clinic, where they meet the lovely doctor, Sophie Couvier. Now that our four heroes are together, Luc invites them all to the Marquise’s estate for dinner (and some secret recon) where they attempt to uncover if the torturous rumors surrounding the Marquise are true.

Episode 3: When last we left our heroes, Sophie was dragging an “injured” Luc back to the Marquise’s estate while Bianca, and Gawain rescue three tortured servants and head to Sophie’s clinic. With Luc safely back at the estate, Sophie joins her new friends back at her clinic where she patches up the injured servants of the Marquise and tries to figure out what to do next. Join our heroes to find out what happens when they uncover the spy lurking outside Sophie’s medical clinic.

 Episode 4: The spy has been caught and interrogated in the Vodacce style by our little murder child, Bianca as Luc, who was comfortably resting in his rooms at the Marquise’s estate also has a visitor, who brings him an important message to pass on to El Vagabundo himself. But who IS this mysterious El Vagabundo? Luc decides to visit a woman he met last night at the party, Lady Catalina, for brunch to plan his next move. Meanwhile, Sophie, Gawain, and Bianca argue about what to do with their sneaking spy, as they wait for Luc to join them to carry out their next step in rescuing the noble family of Altamira!


Episode 5: Playing on Sunday, November 17, 2019!