We introduce our heroes as they arrive in Altamira, a Castilian port city currently under Montaigne control. Follow Luc Gerard de la Morte, a Montaigne courtier and favorite of the l’Emporeur du Monde who carries with him a rebellious secret; Bianca, the child-like, cursed fate-witch, Vodacce assassin who favors the blade; and Gawain Culfairth, a young Knight of the Graal from Inismore looking for adventure, as they meet up with Doctor Sophie Couvier, a lesser Montaigne noblewoman, who is doing all she can to help the people of Castile in her modest medical clinic. Join them as they embark on an adventure full of intrigue, secrets, magic, and swashbuckling as DiceVentures plays 7th Seas: The Way of Thorns!

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 0:04
Well, oh, we’re up. We are. We are here, everybody. Welcome to DICEVENTURES. Sorry.

GAWAIN (Mason) 0:11

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 0:13
Yes, everybody’s checking out their beautiful faces on Twitch. Making faces…

GAWAIN (Mason) 0:17
Basically, basically

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 0:19

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 0:21
But yeah, we’re here to play a somewhat short to medium sized campaign we, I felt, I, The Game Master, Des, Desiree. I didn’t feel like we could get a really good look at a system if you only just do one shots. So, wanted to do a short campaign and these are my players. I’d like to you all to introduce yourselves. We’ll start in alphabetical order. Sorry.

BIANCA (Chi) 0:50
Oh, I guess that’s me!

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 0:52
That is you?

Yeah, I’m a librarian and I know alphabet.

What’s your name?

BIANCA (Chi) 0:56
I’m Chi. We’re doing characters. No, we’re just doing

GAME MASTER (Desiree ) 1:00
A little bit about yourself and also your character.

BIANCA (Chi) 1:03
Okay, I’m Chi; game a little bit on Twitch, I do board games as well. I’m running Curse of Strahd right now for my brothers. And I love the tabletop adventures. I’ve known these two ladies for many, many years. And I’m looking forward to playing the game! I’m so excited. This is my second session with 7th Seas. So it should be exciting.

GAMEMASTER (Desiree) 1:30
Should be. Now tell us a bit about your character and who you’re bringing aboard.

BIANCA (Chi) 1:35
Ah, BIANCA is she looks about 12 she’s a tiny angry child. But in actuality, she’s a lot older and thanks to a curse on her family. So, she’s a little angry assassin fate witch, which I’m looking forward to playing. I don’t know what she’s going to do with all these pirates other than murder a lot of things that get in her way. So…

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 2:02
Okay, very cool. And then Mason, I’m going to go you next

GAWAIN (Mason) 2:08
Okay, so what, what are the criteria we’re giving our names and what?

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 2:11
And just a little bit about yourself.

GAWAIN (Mason) 2:13
Okay, cool. I’m Mason. I am a huge D&D nerd. I met Des through working on we ended up working on a campaign and working on, playing a campaign project working on with a friend of ours named Dennis and the Amber Diceless RPG which is actually really fun despite lacking the agony and the ecstasy of the lovely, lovely clickity clacks. I’m such a dice Goblin I don’t even. And you and I just kind of hit it off in RP and out of RP and then you said you had some ideas for doing stuff and you said we’re going to do 7th Sea or City of Mist, so I basically bought the City of Mist system taught myself and came up with a campaign and then you’re like so we’re playing 7th Sea…

Sorry! It’s on the list!

GAWAIN (Mason)
No it’s fine. I really liked City of Mist. I will say that shout out to City of Mist. I like what I read. But no I read this too and just like being the kind of nerd I

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 3:09
Oh…oh no! We might have lost him which means might my streams would be very strange. Oh yes it is very strange. We’re gonna have to pause this. Hang on guys.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 3:30
Want to take us back in?

GAWAIN (Mason) 3:31
Yeah, I was talking to you about playing Amber diceless. Yeah, it was fun, City of Mist, then we got to this I read through the books fell really in love with it because I’m like kind of really into anything. I really like mythology…I’m a big mythology nerd. I’m really into anything like even moderately like Fae or Celtic or anything and like I also [UNINTELLIGIBLE] so immediately and like and like are 30 and stuff so I immediately jumped on like Inismore and are we just gonna dive into characters how much can we give up about characters?

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 4:01
Give up as much as you want to at this point.

GAWAIN (Mason) 4:03
I just like I kept settling on names so I just picked the one that was true to my heart So yeah, I made a guy named to Gawain Culfairth [sp?]. And I kinda I kind of gave him the sort of like Hedge Knight Druid background. He’s from Inismore and I had this idea of him being this like, like he his his like adoptive mother character who’s kind of like a full on Inismore Druid kind of like took him from courtly life as a baby because he’s like a like a bastard like unwanted child and like raised him and taught him all these Druidly things and he’s like a young guy like I would even if if we want to I’d straight up be okay with playing him was like 17 or 18. But he’s like left because you know, he’s been living in seclusion. He’s going to go see the world and be like a druid proper. And like part of his motivation. Because I was reading the thing is like, I had this idea that his like, his like adoptive mother who taught them all this stuff is like slipping away like some sort of Fae or sorry, Sidhe or is it Sidhe or Sidhe?

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 5:09
I was going with “she” myself, but we can come to conclusion about how we pronounce that.

GAWAIN (Mason) 5:15
And so like some sort of a Sidhe-like effect, but she’s basically like a losing memory losing cognition and he’s going to like, if one he wants to, like live out his dreams, he also wants to see the world and see if he can cure that. So, that made him leave. So, like I have this idea. He’s very boyish. He’s trying to see the world. And like I like made him I made his virtue and hubris. I made him under confident and altruistic.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 5:43
Okay, I see it.

GAWAIN (Mason) 5:45
And he’s like, he’s also been like, called by the Graal and he’s like, “Aaaaahhhhh!” and immediately like fled because we’re not in Avalon.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 5:54
Oh, God. Poor Gawain.

BIANCA (Chi) 5:55
Like a big cinnamon roll in armor. Love it.

GAWAIN (Mason)
So, that was my idea.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 6:02
Very good. sounds really good. And we’re going to we will deep delve into a little bit more about all your arcana especially.

Puja, do you want to talk about yourself? and Sophie?

SOPHIE (Puja) 6:14
Yeah, Hi, my name is Puja. I have known Des and Chi, as Chi mentioned for a very long time. But it is my second session with Mason and my first session with Zach. So, it’s very exciting. And I love new games and getting to learn new playing styles and meshing together. I am relatively new to tabletop RPG. It’s not like probably three or four years. But I used to do writing-based role-playing games for a very long time. And I’m a theater nerd. And so, this kind of just was right up my alley. And I’m currently on a weekly stream for a Pathfinder game on every Tuesday. And so when Des was like hey, do you want to do more games? I was like, Yes, more games, always more games. And I am like I said, I’ve only done one 7th Sea session. And I did not understand half of it. So, I feel like as I learn the system, I can help our viewers learn the system. So I will ask lots of questions.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 7:17
I love lots of questions. That’s why I’m here.

SOPHIE (Puja) 7:20
All I know so far is that 7th Sea allows a lot of room.

So much room.

GAWAIN (Mason)
A lot of room.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 7:27
Yeah, but we can get into that as well.

SOPHIE (Puja) 7:30
It’s going to be very entertaining to see how that goes.

About Sophie, I have a lot of notes about her, but we will go over the high-level details. She is a young woman who works in the Royal Hospital and so she trains under like a big-name doctor. He’s not related to anyone and I wanted to write a character who whose motivation did not stem from tragedy. So, all her family’s alive and well. And she has great relationships with all of them. She is just motivated by wanting to do good. Cuz sometimes that should be enough.

GAWAIN (Mason) 8:12
I love that!

LUC (Zach)
So pure.

So sweet!

SOPHIE (Puja) 8:14
Well, you know you like no one related to you died but you’re treating other soldiers. And like I said, they’re dying, right?

GAWAIN (Mason) 8:22
I’m that guy and D&D always. Everyone’s just like, we could just do it because it’s the right thing. And Gawain’s like, “We need to get paid.!”

SOPHIE (Puja) 8:31
Well, I mean, normally you’re like, Oh, yeah, I hate this because my brother died of the war or whatever. Like, no, just other people are dying, and that’s shitty, too. Yay. Yes. Um, let’s see, she is from Montaigne. The important things about her is that she is now of noble lineage. But her her dad was given landholdings when she, she was 12. And so she grew up kind of running around on farms and stuff and kind of having having a very normal life and then is now a member of Montaigne society. So, she doesn’t quite have the smooth talking in circles and never say what you mean, down at all. And so, she’s just kind of fumbling her way. But being a doctor helps because she, she’s like, you do the political stuff. And I’m just going to sit here and fix people. And let’s see, there’s, there’s, there’s lots of information about what she’s got six siblings, big family, happy family. It’s she’s a squishy marshmallow. But, uh, you know, it’s gonna be interesting to throw her into the middle of bad stuff.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 9:37
All the bad stuff. Okay.

SOPHIE (Puja) 9:39
And I don’t know, are we going over virtues and whatever yet, or not?

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 9:42
We can. I want to get them down so that we we can make sure we got them. But we’ll think we’ll go through that after the last introduction.

Zach, you want to bring us your character?

LUC (Zach) 9:55
All right. I’m Zach. I have never played 7th Sea. I’ve only played little bit of D&D, but I know everything about it. I know nobody but Chi. I’ve played video games with Chi for like, a year, a year and a half now maybe. So yeah, I’m excited to learn a new system and do all sorts of things. My character is courtier Luc Gerard de la Morte. He is also from Montainge.

He is a favorite courtier of the king or the Emperor (l‘Empereur). His dad is a Marquis for one of the Dukes and his mom is just kind of, she kind of just does her own thing. You know. That’s about it. You know, he’s secretly in the revolution to help bridge the class divide. So, you know, he’s kind of like a double agent type of thing working for the king, but then subverting it from below.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 10:57
I love that that.

GAWAIN (Mason) 10:58
You know what my favorite kind of rain is, Zach?

LUC (Zach) 11:02
Reign of terror?

GAWAIN (Mason) 11:03

LUC (Zach) 11:07
Chocolate Rain?

GAWAIN (Mason) 11:09
No reign of terror, reign of terror. (unintelligible) Fun.

Purple Rain?

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 11:14
Okay! We’ve got a really good set of characters, got a wide range of backgrounds and things. Let’s talk a little bit about, I wanna say personalities, but we had brought it up with a couple of people their Arcana, so we want to know what people’s virtues are and what their hubris is, particularly because you’ve got a fate witch hanging out in your party, and she can use that sort of thing.

So, uh, Gawain, what is your Arcana?

GAWAIN (Mason) 11:46
My Arcana is the Hanged Man, which is the virtue altruism. My other Arcana, like the reverse Arcana. My hubris is the road under confident.

BIANCA (Chi) 11:57
Okay, can you describe what…

GAWAIN (Mason) 12:00
they do? Yeah. Um, as I recall, with with my altruism, I believe I simply gain I gain I need to pull it up on a different window. I believe I gained a different I gained an additional die or raise when I’m aiding someone. I could double check that I know my my under confident one I remember because I thought it was really cool is when I choose to when I choose that I am not capable of something and I think I need help I gain a hero point by hoping someone does something basically. By not being, not being confident basically. Yeah. My character does my character and I was like looking at the sheet my character could probably like really wreck shit in a duel but does not think they could.

SOPHIE (Puja) 12:55

GAWAIN (Mason) 12:56
like is a big thing. Like they are very much like that pure hearted boy here. I really wanted to play that kind of stereotype.

BIANCA (Chi) 13:05
Cinnamon rolls and ghosts (?) and gets stronger.

GAWAIN (Mason) 13:09
Yeah. Opposed to as opposed to last time, which was like way to shoot this man!

BIANCA (Chi) 13:13
I know!

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 13:18
All right, Sophie, how about you? Arcana?

SOPHIE (Puja) 13:20
I’m okay. So, her virtue is the devil which is trusting. Which means I receive a hero point when I accept someone’s lies or lopsided deal. And my hubris is the fool, which is wily, which means I can activate my virtue, to which I don’t know what that means. But I could activate my virtue to escape danger from the current scene. But I cannot rescue anyone but myself. Does that mean that if I activate the hubris, I have to trust someone’s lies to get out of the scene? Or?

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 13:54
Let me read that sentence again. So, it was for wily, you said?

(To herself) I can of course, now that I am…nothing? Could you read the begin…? Oh, here it is.

I can’t find it. Now. Can you read the beginning again?

SOPHIE (Puja) 14:17
Sure. Activate your virtue to escape danger from the current scene. You cannot rescue anyone but yourself.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 14:26
Yes. So that and then your virtue was?

SOPHIE (Puja) 14:31
I receive a hero point when I accept someone’s lopsided deal or lies.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 14:35
Yeah, so you will have to, you will have to end up believing someone’s lies.

SOPHIE (Puja) 14:42
Okay. Yeah, I just picture that as for her, and she’s like, she doesn’t really know what she’s doing. She’s just be like, um, yeah, I don’t need to be here. Okay, bye! Yeah, just go away. I’m not helpful. It’s okay. Oh,

GAWAIN (Mason) 14:57
okay. Well, mine does. Okay. Really kind of kind of messed up, but awesome. Now I remember why I picked it. I can activate my virtue and suffer someone else’s consequences.

LUC (Zach) 15:08

GAWAIN (Mason) 15:09

BIANCA (Chi) 15:10
Why would you do that? Oh, but you can hear.

GAWAIN (Mason) 15:13
It doesn’t even say that. It’s just so rich and narrative.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 15:17
You do for activating it yourself? Okay. Yes. Okay. I’ll get or no, actually you spend it to for your virtue and then you gain it for your hubris.

GAWAIN (Mason) 15:27
Ok. Ok. Ok, so I spend it and I could get someone out of hot water in a cool way.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 15:35
Yes, yes.

GAWAIN (Mason)
I love that.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 15:36
All right, Luc.

LUC (Zach) 15:40
Hold on. Let me try a thing. I can…Can I put it in? The?

No, I can’t. Okay, I was gonna try and stick it in the Roll 20. To see if people could read it. Anyway, my virtue is the moon this night, which is subtle. So, I can let me scroll. Activate your virtue when you act behind the scenes from the shadows or through a proxy for the next risk when you determine raises every die counts as a raise. Which I don’t know what that means. But it went with my narrative idea.

GAWAIN (Mason)
It’s there. It’s very good, and it’s very badass.

LUC (Zach) 16:22
Okay. My hubris is the war, and it is loyal. So you receive the hero point when your hero goes back for a fallen comrade or refuses to leave a wounded ally.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 16:34
I just see this chain reaction that’s going to that could happen with the group right now.

SOPHIE (Puja) 16:40
Everyone’s a hero, except the doctor is like, I don’t know what I’m doing here.

BIANCA (Chi) 16:43
Actually, Bianca is like, what are you doing? Okay.

GAWAIN (Mason) 16:47
Now, if we can turn Bianca to our side, can we all have a collective virtue called the power of friendship where we just win?

LUC (Zach) 16:22
(Sings) Go Friendship!

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 16:57
I will be I will say that right now, if you can get Bianca via power of friendship, that yes, game over.

SOPHIE (Puja) 17:07
I have camaraderie. Be my comrade!

BIANCA (Chi) 17:10
That’s if you’re not running away.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 17:12
But beyond that, tell us about your character, even though obviously, she would know her own Arcana.

BIANCA (Chi) 17:18
Let’s see. I’m flipping in notebook, back to my own page. So um, so Bianca, if you’re not super familiar with the way that that this particular kind of magic works in this system, great. I’m not either. I have a type of magic that’s called “sorte” which is a Vodacce, women’s magic specifically. And they’re called fate witches or in her language is “sorte strega,” and they basically can change the fate of the those around them. And sometimes they can see it and she has limited effect on herself. And it tends to be more on the people around her.

And the other thing about sorte is it’s a kind of blood magic, she has to sacrifice. Usually it’s her own like she has to take a wound. So, that may not be readily apparent in the course of play, but basically she takes a wound and she can…or more. And she can do a series of things in the in the most simplistic sense. She has used it to pull pull enemies toward her or in other directions, like off balconies, or through windows, stuff like that. But she can also use it to activate the fate of those around her. And she could do that in your favor or or not. Depending on the situation. I will say that Bianca tends not to advertise that she is a fate which because in her culture, you don’t do that. However, she is not in her culture anymore, and she’s on a big pirate ship, so she doesn’t care as much. Also, she can’t ever go back to her country. So she really doesn’t care as much, but just kind of like a bitter little pill all in all, I wouldn’t say it’s a I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s tragedy.

But there’s a lot of well, uh, “Oh well!” and doing things. She doesn’t… She doesn’t have any built in allegiances yet, which I think will be very interesting. It means she’s pretty much in it for herself. Obviously, she could find any way to break her own curse. She’s ready to get some. But you know, other than that, we shall see it kind of a little agent of chaos. Really? It’ll be interesting.

SOPHIE (Puja) 20:07
Oh, I realized that I said my virtue and hubris backwards. My virtue is that I’m wily .

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 20:13
Oh, that’s probably why I couldn’t find it the first time.

SOPHIE (Puja) 20:15
And that’s why it’s like, I can activate my virtue, which just means that I can get out there. I can just escape danger from the scene by activating my virtue. But I cannot rescue anyone but myself. And the reason I picked that one now it makes sense is because when she’s in the awkward, like political situations, she just gets out of ‘em. My hubris is that I’m trusting that I will believe.

BIANCA (Chi) 20:40
Okay, so the fool is, is the is the good one.

SOPHIE (Puja) 20:45
Yes, that’s…That’s the good one.

BIANCA (Chi) 20:46
That makes a lot more sense.

SOPHIE (Puja) 20:47
Yeah, I had ‘em backwards on my character sheet for some reason.

BIANCA (Chi) 20:50
Okay, so she could activate that. And Sophie would run to save herself.

SOPHIE (Puja) 20:56

BIANCA (Chi) 20:57
Do I understand that correctly? Okay.

SOPHIE (Puja) 20:58
That is correct.

BIANCA (Chi) 21:01
Heh, heh. I mean, oh.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 21:02
good to know. It’s always good to know. But we didn’t get to hear Bianca’s Arcana.

BIANCA (Chi) 21:07
Oh, sorry. That was actually probably the question that you actually asked me.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 21:02
It’s ok…We wanna get to the other one anyways.

BIANCA (Chi) 21:14
Uh, okay. So, she has the glyph as her virtue, which is you activate that to prevent any magical effect from affecting you. Which should be in very specific situations. Like if we’re fighting evil Jafar, then I have as my hubris reunion and I get a hero point when I bring up an old grudge. Even if doing so will lead to trouble.
Now. Bianca doesn’t really have too many grudges. If you’re a Vodacce nobleman, she might prefer to knife you, but it’s not. But that means that she’s going to get some.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 21:57
That’ll be interesting All right. Okay. So now getting a better sense of you know who else is in the party I also the next step as to demonstrate was to talk about the magic that you guys have or at least what you’re particularly good at. So actually, let’s start with Luc this time we’ll go around the other way.

LUC (Zach) 22:19
Um, well, I have no sorcery?

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 22:21
No, but what else? What else can Luc do?

LUC (Zach) 22:23
My skizzills?

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 22:25
His skizzills.

LUC (Zach) 22:26
So, for my skills, I have three in convince, empathy, hide, notice, and weaponry. And then two in ride one in perform, tempt, and theft.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 22:38
Okay, so generally speaking, how do you see yourself using these skills?

LUC (Zach) 22:42
I see myself more as like I’m the charismatic one the one who’s going to be doing the like the political things that talking to the people’s, the okay I know my friends, Sophie over there, she’s been a little rude to you, but it’s just in Vodacce, they’re verb tenses are all different. So it seems a little more aggressive. That type of thing,

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 23:05

LUC (Zach) 23:04
Maybe the talker?

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 23:07
Right? You’re thinking talker so far? Okay.

BIANCA (Chi) 23:09
I love it. Cuz I don’t think any of the rest of us are really

SOPHIE (Puja) 23:12
Well, actually…

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 23:16
Alright, Sophie…Let’s hear it. Let’s talk about what Sophie could do.

SOPHIE (Puja) 23:18
Sophie, um, funnily enough, also has some of the high same high skills as Luc does which (unintelligible). So, she’s got three and convince and three and empathy. I think the empathy is the one that ties to healing. So, I definitely needed that one to be high. And convinced convinces because she’s not as skilled as like the political stuff, but she still like, knows how to talk people into doing stuff sometimes, like, you know, she she’s very her convincing is not underhanded. It’s more just genuinely meaning what she says. And it’s more of like that passionate, they like No, okay, go do good. So, it’s not it’s not…

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 24:00
It’s actually a pure charisma as opposed to like, any amount of deception.

SOPHIE (Puja) 24:04
Yeah, she’s on. I don’t see her being very good at the lies, but she’s just like…

LUC (Zach) 24:09
Mine’s more deception.

SOPHIE (Puja) 24:11
Yeah. Yeah.

BIANCA (Chi) 24:12
I love it.

SOPHIE (Puja) 24:13
So, you know, if you’re like, No, we need to convince these guys to do what it’s like to join this fight like that, when she’ll come up with real reasons why they should join them, like speak passionately.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 24:22
Does that mean you’re to get like passionate speeches?

SOPHIE (Puja) 24:25
I don’t know. Hopefully, that. Other than that, she is she’s got two in a couple of things. Notice just because she looks around and she’s been in a lot of different environments with the whole like, being raised on like a normal farmland and you know, being the daughter of an architect and an actor and then like, being nobility, like she spends a lot of time observing her environment, and trying to figure out the best way to get through it. She is she’s got two writing because French countryside what are you gonna do, two in scholarship, she is a doctor, and then two in weaponry, because she’s got like three brothers and they’re like, yeah, learn how to protect yourself, you’re going to be going out to the Castilian side by yourself. They insist that she learned how to protect yourself. And that she’s got like one and a couple of other things, but nothing to write home about.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 25:26
Okay, and how about Gawain?

GAWAIN (Mason) 25:30
Gawain? Let me pull up my handy dandy See I was preparing this, my character sheet. I have from my mother, she taught me most of my skills and then just kind of innately, so my highest skills are weaponry. I took to the the sword and the lessons very well. And I got a three in that in a three and a three in notice because I think ever since I began my life of being like a wondering Druid as an Inish, I’m actually considered a bard. That I’m like, very, I’m a high wits character, I have three in wits and four in finesse?
And I’m kind of

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 26:08
I’m gonna do a little pause for a second. Um, you know, the word Bard is kind of like, it just evokes a lot of things. But how is it in 7th Seas?

GAWAIN (Mason) 26:17
7th Seas, this really cool thing if anyone’s trying to be a Druid, which is basically some sort of holy person of the old ways, which is kind of a lot more like a Sage than anything among the Inish people in the really, truly, deeply un-Avalonioan parts of society. So, they’re expected to wander the world and they don’t have the only magic there is glamour and they believe in glamour, and they like glamour, but their secret ways are gained from observing the patterns of the world and seeing the world. So you’re expected to go out and be a bard in the most traditional non D&D sense, which is, go learn the stories, go tell the stories, find the patterns that govern humanity, figure out the secret knowledge of the Druids, like on your own and through meeting other Druids throughout the world, and I think it’s kind of a big step for my character, which is my thought is to (unintelligible) Graal, like awakening to magical powers and being a knightly environment, they’re like “Aaaahhh!” I’m gonna go really far. So that like, there’s a little bit of wanderlust a little bit of freaked out because do I bend my knee to Queen Elaine? Do I not like what’s going on? Oh my god, I can like I can like super sword people now.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 27:25
Tell us a little bit about the glamour itself.

GAWAIN (Mason) 27:27
Oh, so the glamour that’s kind of a neat thing. When I began questing I awoke to these powers when this artifact the Graal that Queen Elaine holds called out to me and it informed me in its own way through visions that I was the reincarnation of the King Eilaud’s knights Senhelm the Keen, who was quick of wit and even quicker of blade and it’s kind of interesting that the the wit part doesn’t overlap entirely like my character is not sarcastic and biting, he’s not that kind of personality Senhelm was famous for but the finesse part the major trait we line up on so from that I have the glamorous my major glamour is sure strike which I’m think think you know, like I always think to when I was a little kid when they killed us at the dragon they’re like blade fly straight and true. But yeah, like I can ensure one of my strikes I can add extra die to it based on my ranks in the glamour and basically hit really hard with I’m really good at weaponry to begin with. The dueling style I learned is kind of typical of Avalonians and Inish it’s based on Skatha not Scathog, but Skatha’s the warrior goddess this like Avalonian warrior Goddess’s teaching so I also know something called salmon leap, which can bypass guards, I loved reading these books, and my…

SOPHIE (Puja) 28:51
Can another hero roll over them?

GAWAIN (Mason) 28:53
I imagine it’s a lot like end of wind wicker (?) yet.

But uh, my other Arcana on…let me double check because I want to get it right because I I debated these for a little bit.

They are. I am new to Roll 20. But it’s actually not that bad. So, I’ve got your second my minor arcana or arrow catch, which is kind of just what it sounds like. And then there’s the kind of that’s when I also have to rank so on my glamour is my other glamour is I could summon a Sidhe, and I can make a deal with them to gain something I want. If if the GM I can summon a decently powerful one with two ranks. It’s kind of also affected by how like they mostly are an Avalon, but they exist throughout the world from what I’ve read. And also, if there’s a danger point spent an unsealy (????) fake creature can show up and then it can be less good.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 29:47
A little less good.

GAWAIN (Mason) 29:48
It can’t work out as well for me so I can basically make a magical deal which given my voyage, this is probably not the greatest idea.

SOPHIE (Puja) 29:54
I’m gonna mess up the Sealy Court? Oh god!

GAWAIN (Mason) 29:58
Yes! I can…I can mess with Seelie courts. I can do true strike and then I can basically catch any projectile that isn’t a bullet if it’s thrown at me, and at least reduce the damage.

SOPHIE (Puja) 30:10
That’s some monk shit.

GAWAIN (Mason) 30:12
Yeah, so uh, my character. Um, yeah, I almost took this one called vanished. But the arrow catch sounded cooler. Like the vanish was very specifically, I’ll probably take it later. But those are my glamours and they’re tied to me, upholding knightly ethics and upholding a bond to this source of glamour called the Graal. And there’s kind of a controversy because the original wielder of the Graal who brought the Sidhe and the goodly folk or the Sidhe and the mundane people of Avalon together was king Eilaud (?) and his famous Knights who are in charge of a round table. And the see back then they all got magic and everyone bowed to the king. Now there’s all these Avalonians with magic, and some of them have no interest in going to court and becoming Elaine’s Knight. And that’s something my character is kind of like rolling around too, because they were kind of purposely raised in seclusion. I don’t think I was ever told that. Oh, you’re a baby of Gentry. But I think my mom kind of part of the reason she did that is these people are so gross. And so motivated by manipulation and self-interest. Like I’m not going to let this kid just become some weird bastard pawn in this game. I’m going to teach him the old ways.

SOPHIE (Puja) 31:30
Don’t say that about Luc. That’s not nice.

LUC (Zach) 31:34
Well, Luc’s a revolutionary so he doesn’t really care about that. He knows the game and

GAWAIN (Mason) 31:39
I could see my character becoming a revolutionary though I could be very easily influenced. Because like, I think I have a strong sense of right and wrong from being raised this way. And I don’t know, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve heard I had one in scholarship. I’ve been taught what I need to know. And I’ve been taught a lot of King Eilaud’s shit and a lot of the Knights of the tales of my land, but there’s a lot of the world I do not now.
That was a lot,

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 32:04
No, I foresee lots of like long discussions, and just opening his eyes I think. This will be good or bad, right? It could go either way, really. Um, but let’s also talk about your advantages. It also kind of wrapped up with like, just general character stuff. Like I know, when we weren’t streaming, the subject of wealth had to come up. So, who’s wealthy? Who’s not? Does it matter? It’s up to you guys.

SOPHIE (Puja) 32:32
We don’t know Bianca’s skill set, yet.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 32:34
Oh, yeah, Bianca! Other than your, your Sorte!

BIANCA (Chi) 32:38
Um, okay. Let’s see. So that would be my skill.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 32:46
Yeah, just your skill. You know, you can give numbers you can just say generally speaking, what it is like what you’re like, but pictures painted when you look at her skills.

BIANCA (Chi) 32:55
Um, okay. Um, Bianca is a very physical, little, little child. And she does a lot of I have points in aim and weaponry. She has a duelist skill set. She has a again, female taught dueling strategy that has to do with what hands opposite hands. And, you know, I would say that even primarily, she is more comfortable with her little stilettos than she is with with magic. Definitely.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 33:31
So her go to you know in the instinctive fight or flight. What is she fighting with?

BIANCA (Chi) 33:36
She’ll stab it with a stiletto.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 33:37

BIANCA (Chi) 33:38
Yeah. Um, it is not instinctive to use sorte. Because you damage yourself while doing it. So it’s not like hey, the first thing I’m going to do is try to like magic this right? Because the high cost and it’s manipulative and it actually causes a lot of, like, anytime you’re, you’re, you know, it’s your Back to the Future paradigm where it causes a whole bunch of little changes. So yes, her instinct is going to be to stab it and then hide because she’s very small and dexterous and and wily. So I do have I have dead eye, I have small which is assists her in hiding, duelist as I mentioned, other than the sorte and then she also gets a small and called time sense where she always knows what time it is an interesting little bonus, but not really one that’s that she would advertise probably.

LUC (Zach) 34:34
She knows when it’s time to strike.

BIANCA (Chi) 34:36
Wow. A moment of silence for that.

GAWAIN (Mason) 34:42
You know, for the Cowboy Bebop fans, I get some heavy like the immortal child bad guy from from from Bianca and like I love it so much.


SOPHIE (Puja) 34:51
I (unintelligible) Stranger Things, and I’m just picturing Eleven,

BIANCA (Chi) 34:53
Mm hmm. Yeah, there’s a couple this this trope of always child can’t can’t ever grow up. But very dangerous. This is a fun one and you see, you find it in a few different fictions, so. I do find it interesting and so we’re going to give we’re gonna give that a go… other than that she does have some associations with some secret societies back in her country but again, she’s not there. And then I think we were going to talk about a story a little bit later. I will say she is not wealthy.

Though she was raised though, she was trained as as nobility that was you know 30 years ago, you know? So yeah, she does not carry around a whole lot of cash she…but she hasn’t been out of her country for very long so it’s kind of a new situation.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 35:41
Okay, how about the rest of you?

SOPHIE (Puja) 35:45
So funnily enough Sophie also has time sense which would be good if they’re trying to like time raids together or something I don’t know.

BIANCA (Chi) 35:52
Like sinking…sinking the watches…

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 35:55
I’m not even gonna lie. I’ve had a party actually do that I was trying to get them and I’m like oh, you couldn’t know under like, but we have time sense even over on the opposite sides of the building we’ll know…

SOPHIE (Puja) 36:07
Yeah. There you go.

GAWAIN (Mason) 36:11
Everyone is Caleb.

BIANCA (Chi) 36:14
Oh my god. That’s so annoying to the DM! You’re like great you know everything carry on.

LUC (Zach) 36:19
You remember all.

GAWAIN (Mason) 36:20
In a indirection sense? So yeah, we do know everything.

BIANCA (Chi) 36:23
We do know everything. That’s awesome.

SOPHIE (Puja) 36:25
Okay, so advantages Sophie has…she has camaraderie, which is whenever I spend a hero point to, aid and ally, they gain four dice instead of three. I have a disarming smile and I kind of cha…that. I tie that to the whole like just being earnest and like authentic.

BIANCA (Chi) 36:45
Okay, let’s see the smile. Let’s see.

SOPHIE (Puja) 36:47
I don’t have it Sophie has it..

BIANCA (Chi) 36:48
Oh, come on.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 36:50
Oh, I’m disarmed! How ‘bout you?

SOPHIE (Puja) 36:54
Okay, charming smile says spend a hero point to keep another character from drawing a weapon, starting a fight, or resorting to violence. I also wanted that because a pacifist seems like something that a doctor would be. I have joie de vivre which means I get to spend a hero point to make a clever and make a clever comment. Which means Okay, then this is this gets a little technical. Each hero counts all dice that role equal to or under their skill on their next role as tens.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 37:24
Okay, so if their next role they had to roll five, like five dice, then at that point, you have activated that so that their next role on that link (???) is five tens.

SOPHIE (Puja) 37:33
Mm hmm.

GAWAIN (Mason) 37:34

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 37:35

SOPHIE (Puja) 37:36
Yep. And it’s all I have to do is make a clever comment. I’m like, Oh, it’s a little bit harkening back to my old Bard care.

LUC (Zach) 37:41
I have a question.

GAWAIN (Mason) 37:43
It’s called joie de vivre. I love it.

LUC (Zach) 37:45
Can puns count as a pithy or clever comment?

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 37:47
I knew I had a feeling and yes, they do. But like you have to make it like you just can’t just pump pun in like offhandedly. You have to make it so good. Well, I believe you will, but like you have do that.

SOPHIE (Puja) 38:00
Whether this is a good thing or not. I don’t think I’m particularly punny. So we might be okay.

LUC (Zach) 38:06
You can just be clever.

GAWAIN (Mason) 38:08
You can just be quippy.

SOPHIE (Puja) 38:11
Yeah. Mostly it’s gonna be that disarming smile. It’s something rolled on.

GAWAIN (Mason) 38:15
But if Dr. Cuvier’s family has been like, raised into some level of nobility like do you have any…are you wealthy?

SOPHIE (Puja) 38:23
Oh, I’m getting there. I’m not done yet.

GAWAIN (Mason)38:26
Okay. Oh,damn, I’m sorry. I’ll shut up.

SOPHIE (Puja) 38:28
So, I have the one that comes with being a doctor which is miracle worker. Which means I get to spend a hero point and one raise on my action to touch and heal another hero.

LUC (Zach) 38:40
I think that will come in handy.

GAWAIN (Mason) 38:42
That’s cool.

SOPHIE (Puja) 38:43
I am rich. So I begin each session with three wealth and then I had mentioned the time sense, and while I mentioned the doctor stuff, I’ll have my background that I have our aristocrat, a doctor.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 38:51

SOPHIE (Puja) 38:52
Aristocrat means earn a hero point when I prove that there is more to nobility than expensive clothes and attending court. And then doctor means I earn a hero point when I tend to the injuries of a villain or innocent harmed by a villain.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 39:08
So sweet.

SOPHIE (Puja) 39:09
Yes, she’s a she’s a little do gooder.


GAME MASTER (Desiree) 39:14
Next up another do gooder. How about Gawain?

GAWAIN (Mason) 39:18
Ah, I was raised in a forest somewhere in the fantasy equivalent of the (??) Islands so I don’t have a lot of money you know a lot of what I had I kind of I whatever I have I imagine I get from working as I travel um so yeah, I don’t have that but advantage wise I have by taking night air and I get to for sorcery that’s how I got my glamorous um, then I have do just want make sure I do this correctly. I didn’t actually buy the other ones because I was waiting to hear other people’s advantages before I said what they were because I could just change them. But my advantages are because now that I see there’s literally no overlap: sorcery…sorcery, direction sense, which I think is funny given the conversation, Duelist Academy the case of Skatha and then I have something which the Inish are very known for we’re very charming so I’m a barter I can spend a hero point and get a good deal and that’s been very helpful on the road. I have quick reflexes these specifically with my sword and I’m which is kind of like partly why I’m the knightly embodiment of Senholm, and then I have what is what is the other one there? I was going to take another 1.1 and there’s like able drinker which I’m like, it would be funny if this character who theoretically has probably never drank to access or really left or partied has just this godly constitution.

(Gamemaster mumbles)

Why is this teenager like drinking a whole cask? He’s going, “I’m fine.”

I mean, that’s that’s that’s that’s the advantage I’ve been debating I’m not sure how useful it is. Um…

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 41:08
I mean, there’s no shame in taking something just because it’s cool.

GAWAIN (Mason) 41:12
I mean, yeah, that’s kind of that’s kind of able drinker seemed fun if I’m looking at the book right now there’s a lot of one point advantages there’s a lot of advantages there’s a lot of customizing but ya know the ABLE the ABLE drinker that’s just a fun one for me. I’ll take more later. Quick reflexes is super cool. Because I can keep taking regs and it have even quicker reflexes.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 41:32
Yeah, very fab. And then Luc, how about you?

LUC (Zach) 41:36
Okay, so my backgrounds are (?) courtier. So I’m literally a favorite courtier of the king of Montaigne. Yeah. So, I can earn a hero point when I leverage the Kings favor to solve a problem.

GAWAIN (Mason) 41:51
Holy crap.

LUC (Zach) 41:53
I’m also a revolutionaire. So, I’ve pledged myself to seeing my country freed from the tyranny of the aristocracy. And a hero point when I make a personal sacrifice for the sake of liberty.

SOPHIE (Puja) 42:04

GAWAIN (Mason) 42:06
I love all that.

SOPHIE (Puja) 42:07
*sings* Do you hear the people sing?

GAWAIN (Mason) 42:09
*joins the singing* Singing the song of angry men…

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 42:14
Don’t go far…We can’t afford that.

SOPHIE (Puja) 42:15
Yeah, I know. That’s why I stopped.

LUC (Zach) 42:19
Connection. So, I have connections that can give me information or help me out when I need it. I imagine they be like politicians or other courtiers, in the courts of the other nations and things. I have friend at court. So, when I’m in a ball feast or similar high society function, I can spend a hero point to reveal that my close friend is in attendance. I’m a linguist, so I speak read and write all Théan languages, even the dead ones. I also have joie de vivre, which is the nice when I have slip free, which means I can spend a whole point to slip my hands free from manacles loosen that rope tied to a chair or similar. I have valiant spirit, I begin each game at 2 hero points instead of one. And I’m rich because I get that King’s money.

GAWAIN (Mason) 43:10

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 43:13
Perfect. Alright, so do you guys feel like you’re kind of set? Like are you all worried about having no money or having too much money?

LUC (Zach) 43:19
I think we’re us Montaigne people we’re kind of overlapping a bit but you know, we’re from the same nation. So I feel like it’s good.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 43:25
You’re good.

LUC (Zach) 43:26
Just our little, our background.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 43:28
Perfect. Okay.

GAWAIN (Mason) 43:30
I’m okay with I’m like, that’s part of my characters thing is I’m kind of kind of scruffy.

SOPHIE (Puja) 43:36
I do love that we don’t have a single Castilian person in our party despite the fact that that’s where we are?

GAWAIN (Mason) 43:43
I am not (?????) like at all. Like I don’t believe in Théus …I like warship, nature, spirits, and like

SOPHIE (Puja) 43:53
My character is not religious because the science.

(lots of overlapping and laughing)

GAWAIN (Mason) 44:01
to be fair from what I’ve read, my people have benefited a lot from science and should and are grateful for it should probably give it more credit.

BIANCA (Chi) 44:07
No…y’all need Jesus.

GAWAIN (Mason) 44:10
No, y’all need 16 different fae.

LUC (Zach) 44:15
We need nothing but ourselves

GAWAIN (Mason) 44:17
and a Mad King who goes away for hundreds of years.

BIANCA (Chi) 44:20
where I forget what that is eat. I forget it said Jesus. Look it up. And then they’ll be preaching (very hard to understand this)

LUC (Zach) 44:26
Like the Prophet.

GAWAIN (Mason) 44:27
No, literally. And it’s more ruled by Mad King Jack O’Bannon. And he’s the coolest.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 44:31
He is. He is pretty sweet.
Question, we’re going to go into stories because I know that’s the part that everybody was,

GAWAIN (Mason) 44:39
I have no idea what I’m doing.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 44:41
No one knows what they’re doing. But part of that I do want to touch upon something that I feel the book doesn’t give too much leeway will frame it very well. I wanted to talk about the tone. Now. We know there’s a lot of things that kind of come up with this like, fantastical sword and sorcery. But a lot of parties I find a take, they’re not really sure what to do with because the rules as is specifically say that you guys are heroes. And so, you can’t kill anyone. Yeah. And you know, it’s like, obviously murder’s bad. We all know this. But like sometimes in our, you know, fantasy, you know, playing with characters, something’s happened. So, do we want to deal with I guess what, my… my question is, what is the villainous tipping point? Where do we cross from heroes to villains?

GAWAIN (Mason) 45:33
Well, I mean, is it saying that we literally cannot kill a bad guy?

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 45:36

GAWAIN (Mason) 45:39
I didn‘t even notice that.

SOPHIE (Puja) 45:41
how does Bianca feel about that?

GAWAIN (Mason) 45:42
I mean, I see I like my character, especially having like, several knightly gates I have to follow. Unless I’m forced to do it, you know, or unless it’s like, literally the Dark Lord, you know, I see myself as being that, you know, like the you’ve lost, and like, I level the blade at the chin and, you know, standing over them. And saying, like, I’m okay with that, I will

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 46:09
I will say, but like it says, When you kill people, you start getting like, essentially, you start getting corruption rules.

GAWAIN (Mason) 46:14
Oh, I see.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 46:16
A lot of people, it’s like, well, if this is bad guy, you know, thinking it’s better to like, kill him before let him out. Like, then they get into that weird area where they’re not sure what to do. So here I just kind of want establish, like what we feel is like to like the turning point, unless you all want to get corruption. I mean, that’s cool, too.

LUC (Zach) 46:35
I feel like if we’re just killing willy nilly, then that’s obviously bad. But like, killing this person who’s like, enslaving people, for whatever, I feel like that’s not a corrupt thing to do. You know, as much as Luc believes in diplomacy, and like convincing people to do things. I don’t know how he feels, especially being a revolutionary, like slavery, somewhere doing that. He’s like, No, just gotta nip it in the bud.

SOPHIE (Puja) 47:03
See, I can see Sophie, Sophie might be okay with killing only if there’s literally no other choice. Right? I can see her if you’re like, Okay, but I think she would have issues if you know, the person who’s the villain is like a super rich guy. And it’s like, oh, we can’t really turn him in because the system just gonna let him loose. And he’s just going to do this again. Like, I don’t necessarily think that other characters need to suffer corruption for it. But I do think that she will end up killing him because that’s like, really the only way to make sense. Let’s just take the slavery example stop, because they’re just gonna let him out and do what he wants anyway, right? Like I can, she will still have a lot of personal issues with that. But I don’t necessarily think that as a game mechanic that should automatically lead to corruption, because it’s still like, right, one of those things where there’s not really that many other choices now, if a character is just like “I’m angry! Grr,” stab, that’s different. Yeah. Looking at you, Bianca.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 47:59
Bianca, how do you feel?

BIANCA (Chi) 48:01
Um, can you explain to me how the corruption points work?

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 48:04
The game kind of, kind of glosses over not death, per se, but like, heroes are not supposed to murder anybody, under any circumstances. And so, it gets to a point where, like, you know, a lot of times, not a lot of times, but like, sometimes characters will feel like, well, maybe this situation we’re killing him is better than bringing him in. Then it’s like, do you feel like that’s the rules as written is to doesn’t allow for that kind of gray area? Or are you fine with taking that kind of corruption?

BIANCA (Chi) 48:36
Well, what does corruption do?

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 48:38
That you start going down a villainous path. And that’s just…I take your character sheet away.

BIANCA (Chi) 48:42
Wait, what then?

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 48:45
I think I think your character sheet away at some point.

SOPHIE (Puja) 48:49
Oh my God! And then you become an NPC villain, right?

BIANCA (Chi) 48:55
Yeah. I’m not talking about like, psychopathic, like murder. Everything. I was wondering like, okay, so

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 48:58
Well, it’s more just like into it also kind of helps me set my tone about what violence and bad stuff is going to happen throughout the…for the villains. Yeah, for you guys.

GAWAIN (Mason) 49:09
I mean, I’m okay with killing our villains. But I mean, I’m also okay with only doing it when it is narratively appropriate, because it’s interesting that you pointed out that the rules say murder, because we kind of have a connotation on murder. Um, so like, I like to think of like famously, both in the movie and the comic book, Norman Osborn gets killed on his own glider. Because Hey, because Peter dodges out of the way. So did he murder Norman? No. So sometimes villains die as a result of their last stand and Gaston fires a gun and he destroys what he, the force of the recoil kills him. Um, and then there’s the other end to where it’s just like, sometimes you are like, does this does does John Wick does John Wick think it’s murder if you know, I’m defending my life against, you know, my this nemesis, and we’re crossing blades and like all and we’re all having this grand delay, and we end up taking these. And like, you know, I didn’t read too much on the death spiral. But if I hit him hard enough that it’s going to send him into into the afterlife. It wasn’t necessarily my intention, but I’m also trying to stay alive.

BIANCA (Chi) 50:20
Right? Well, that I mean, then we get into the legal definition of manslaughter versus, you know, versus

GAWAIN (Mason) 50:27
I’m the son of a lawyer. I can’t help but…
(Overlapping conversation. Unintelligible)
What is the spirit of the word murder? And as…

BIANCA (Chi) 50:32
Well, okay, well, I would say, All right, I’m just going to answer from Bianca standpoint, I will say in her history, Bianca has been associated with an with an underground, relatively revolutionary counter culture in her country, like society. And this society is focused on the liberation of women who practice women’s magic in her society. I will also say that she is she, she’s a knife master by trade, has she murdered people in this for this cause? 100%. Now, I would say in this party, she definitely doesn’t have the kind of morals where it’s like, I don’t kill people. Like, because killing people is bad. And you can go from the Batman standpoint, where it’s like, because if I kill someone, it’s final. They can never do anything good ever again. And it affects people who are not them. Okay. She doesn’t have that she doesn’t have that, like, overarching sort of sense of responsibility that I take a life and then, but she does have an understanding that if you take a life it is it does affect fate, right? If you cut a strand and it can never be rewoven. So is she going to murder someone unless someone stops her? If she thinks that it is the right maybe not right? If it’s the best thing for the party? Okay, so she would do it if she thought it was the best thing for the party. 100% Unless someone stops her. Would she cry about it? No. So, but she doesn’t just murder people for the sake of it or because she gets mad, or because they irritate her. Like, she’s not that kind of psychopath. Right. But I do think that she’s used to people dying, because it’s a, you know, kind of like in medieval society, it’s like people didn’t even live past 30. Right? Yeah, you see death a lot. So it’s kind of a, like, a comfort level with her. But she’s not just gonna go randomly murdering people. We could do like an arc and everything, but I would not if you do the corruption thing. I would not be surprised if she ends up getting one of those at some point. But she hasn’t. I mean, she has a lot. There’s there’s two people in this party who are very moral. So, I don’t know, I did I answer the question? Um…

LUC (Zach) 52:50
It’s a tough question.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 52:51
It’s a question and I think we kind of circle around it. So, let me let me pose it a different way. about as far as not, not in terms of like how graphically getting disrupted by like in terms of violence? Are we thinking PG 13 heroes? We thinking rated R heroes? PG 13. Heroes, you take your you take your villains, how do you put them in? You put them in chains? You send them to the authorities? Or are you in? Are you justified in killing them?

GAWAIN (Mason) 53:14
Can we marry the two? And


And what I’m saying is like there is going to be a case where a lot of us could say Bianca No, this isn’t the right way. Especially like I had to look this up as she was talking. I just feel like I want to lay these out there because these are how I lose my powers. On top of as I get more powerful with glamour, I’m going to get more of these. Um, I am to never raise my sword against a countryman, which isn’t going to be an issue. Never been in the fight before it is through could be an issue. never break your word or help someone else break, there’s could be an issue, never be idle when there is work to be done unlikely to be an issue. Never let your passions rule you really narratively rich, and I hope it becomes an issue. Never take something for yourself that becomes the belongs to another, probably not going to be something I struggle with too much always serve the Graal. Also, something interesting. So those are things I have to do. So I can’t be really party to dishonesty, those kind of things at the same time, so that I think I at least I’m going to lean towards the not murder route. But I also think part of what’s really interesting about heroism as a concept across RPG systems, is there will occasionally be a bad guy were like the audience at home, whether that is you and your friends or your literally streaming is like this bad guy should be killed in their threat removed from this paradigm. And that is a kind of like a justified feeling. If players are going to act on that. It’s really does the narrative support that? And do they accomplish it in a way that causes corruption. And then when I say R rated also, at least for me, and I don’t want to center on myself because we’re a we’re comrades. But at least from what the way I understand it from my character. Um, I think something that’s kind of cool is if you have the pure hearted hero boy, the reality of sword combat is hacking off limbs and people bleeding out. And the fact that he sometimes has to inflict rated R stuff on people maintaining knightly, maintaining knightly ideals and a sense of right and wrong, when occasionally we flip into that paradigm is kind of an interesting challenge. So that’s why I said marrying the two is kind of interesting. If there’s some some level of rated R,

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 55:23
We can do something in the middle if you guys if that’s where you’re leading.

SOPHIE (Puja) 55:27
I vote for rated R. And despite even though my characters politics not being that, and then that’s because she’s a doctor, and we are in the situation where there was this essentially cruel overtaking of another country, and they are not gentle and they’re not kind. And I think that one of the reasons why she is out there going to be doing her here things is because she has seen violence. And this violence has driven her to do good. And so, if, if if so they could just given the setting and this like cruel. Is it the Marquis the cruel Marquis? I think it makes sense for if this Marquis is to be all powerful that the things they do are violent, okay. And because given that, that’s a character motivation. Now, that being said, if I think also, in terms of character dynamics, it will be very interesting, if, you know, there is a situation and Bianca makes a call to save the party, and she doesn’t care whether she’s doing non-lethal or legal damage, because that’s not in her character to do like, I think that’s going to make for an interesting character moment after the fact between the doctor ahead the little girl who was like, whatever, I saved your lives, why are you crying about this? And so but that being said, like I think in the for the background, the story and the kind of, because you’re striving these people to revolt, I think that has to be pressure and real violence to to drive people to that to risk their own lives to make things better.

BIANCA (Chi) 56:56
So, question for Des, then. I mean, I think we all watch critical roll. So, for example, you know, I think that critical roll is extremely rated R. And it’s not just language, it’s just, it’s, it’s there. It’s the content, the thematic content. I think that I mean, everyone watched the

GAWAIN (Mason) 57:15
(overlapping unintelligible) infanticide!

BIANCA (Chi) 57:16
…the white stone arch. Yeah, it’s like they walk into this tree. And I guess like, for me, I was like, that’s as dark as it gets. So, I think that I guess it’s my question for you Des, would be what kind of story do you want to tell? Because I’m also okay with doing you know, Saturday morning cartoons, Spider Man kicks the guy and he’s knocked out we win, you know, it’s like, if that’s the kind of game that we want to play that swashbuckling like that sounds like fun we can totally do that.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 57:47
And we can do the honestly, I can do I can run the full gamut I can do you know, absolutely. Like you know, a job done is taking the villain and putting them away. And you know, we’ve walked it we’ve wiped clean our hands clean, no big deal. I can do something in the middle or we can go full rated R. I am you know, the the story is, it can go the full gamut as long and even if we want to start not like that’s a PG but like they’ll just start softer, especially as characters, certain characters, Gawain, will get their eyes opened by the Absolute Truth of the war.

GAWAIN (Mason) 58:20
Yeah, but also certain old certain old like, like, Castilians are gonna be like, Why can I not sword at you better? Yeah, that’s gonna be very satisfying to me.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 58:31
So, true. I mean, that that will never go away the kind of like, there will be comical moments and and fun, kitschy sort of moments still regardless. But, Zach, it looked like you were gonna say something at some point.

LUC (Zach) 58:41
I feel like being a revolutionary, Luc knows that. Like, if I were to just turn someone in. I don’t know if I can trust the nobles and the aristocracy to like, put them away properly. And then we’re just going to go free in like a week, you know, whatever. Yeah. And he knows that sometimes it’s do some, like raids here in there, some guerrilla war fair and like lives might have to happen, but it’s for the greater good to, like, free the people.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 59:05
Okay. All right. So, it sounds like we definitely are leaning towards at least ending, well, not ending, but like we’re leaning toward something more R rated or at least more mature in terms of of all the themes, so that’s good. We’re all on the same page. So, with that said, we can now move on to the big question, which is stories, stories, they help you tell like your actual narration, your your character narration, but also mechanically, the completion of stories or what level you up. So, if you wanted to raise any of your traits, or gain advantages, or if you even wanted to, like change your Arcana, you could do that as the reward for finishing your story. Okay. Now, each character has their story.

Essentially, you as a player will have to decide the bookends the start and the finish, you can be as nebulous as you want. And then, depending on your reward, or your your end reward, it will determine how long your story is because certain things will require certain steps. So I believe if you want to do the trait, it’ll be some certain amount of steps gain advantage a certain amount. If you wanted magical items, or even just items of note, those would cost a certain amount of story steps. So when I say your goal should be kind of nebulous. Um, Chi, if you wanted to make your goal, Bianca’s end goal is that she wants to find she wants to she wants to lift the curse, then we would determine how what would that would what would that mean? Is it will it will it take away from will we be getting any kind of advantage or skill for that? And then how many steps it would take for you to get up to that thing?

I’m sure I have questions.

LUC (Zach) 1:01:03
Okay. Just a real quick question. Where are we starting? What are we starting? We’re starting on a boat in a town.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:01:10
We’re probably going to start in Altamira itself. We’ll go into like how you guys met it will need a will together need to come up with an idea.

GAWAIN (Mason) 1:01:20
I can’t wait for that part. That’s gonna be fun.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:01:22
Yes, but you are in the port city of Altamira. It is a Castilian. It’s in technically Castilian, but is now currently under Montaigne occupation, military occupation. And remembering is that the the noble family, the Castilian noble family that was in charge is currently under house arrest. And the only person who is in charge is the Marquis, and she is from Montaigne.

SOPHIE (Puja) 1:01:51
Okay, so here’s, here’s a question. The the, I don’t know, you can tell me how, whether this is too nebulous or not. So, I want I’m Sophie starting out as this like pacifist who doesn’t want to get involved in stuff and it’s just trying to like to make the place better. But I, as her player want to take her on a journey that forces her to take action. Like I want her to experience circumstances where like, standing idly by is not an option. And so like, as a potential end goal or whatever she wants to I want her to help put in, like whether it’s help with the end put an end to the Marquis’s tyranny.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:02:29
Okay. So she definitely wants to end the Marquis’s tyranny.

SOPHIE (Puja) 1:02:32
Yes. Because she definitely makes a mark uses for radical and it’s causing a lot of death and does not like it,

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:02:37
right. So, yes, I find that it’s a good, good example. And probably an endless like you have what you want to do and who we don’t know how yet. We don’t know when or what manner. But you want to end the Marquis’s tyranny. So, okay, how about I mean, it would be helpful if everybody has the same goal, but like, a goals that will kind of keep them together. Or at least kind of cross each other. Preferably, no one has a goal. We’re like, well, I want to go to do I want to travel, I want to travel to the Caribbean and like, not here today, buddy.

GAWAIN (Mason) 1:03:13
Three, that’s three archs from now.

SOPHIE (Puja) 1:03:15
Yes. Well, and we are just to be clear, our goal is to do this in like five to six sessions?

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:03:22
Kinda? We’re looking for a five, you know, but if something really kind of like, you know, if you guys all decide to like, Okay, well, you know, Altamira is the first step and then Montaigne, and I’m like, okay, well, we’re gonna tack on four more.

SOPHIE (Puja) 1:03:34
Okay, okay. All right, you know, but in that case, you probably want a new goal.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:03:39
Yes. But so, this is your goal, you definitely want to end their tyranny does anybody? How about you guys? Anybody thinking about something similar or different? Or completely out there? Because it because this also helps me like, even if it’s slightly, far from everything else, I can find ways to weave them together.

BIANCA (Chi) 1:03:58
Is this is this something that like, I can write up in the profile and then share with you?

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:04:05
Yes, if you can’t if you if you don’t have any right now, don’t feel pressured.

BIANCA (Chi) 1:04:09
Okay, I mean, I just think it might be interesting if other players didn’t know. Oh,

LUC (Zach) 1:04:15
Well, we can’t see each other’s character sheets. Can we?

BIANCA (Chi) 1:04:19
Yeah, that’s what I mean.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:04:21
Yeah, we right now you don’t so yes, I can set it so that like everybody can only see their sheet and I can see what your steps are.

Alrighty. You all want secrets.

GAWAIN (Mason) 1:04:36
I’m a good boy. I don’t have secrets.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:04:39
You’re gonna get some.

Okay. Um, but are we all at least clear on how how we would structure stories?

GAWAIN (Mason) 1:04:52
Yes, I’ve got some ideas. I’m rolling around. like you, you determine the rewards, though, right?

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:04:59
Not necessarily. Like, if you tell me like, yo, you told me like, well, this is that was my goal. And then I asked you, if there’s any, like reward, you want to say, Well, I wanted like, a trait increase and all that. Okay. Well, I think that’s two? Three? Something like that.

LUC (Zach) 1:05:15
And that That said, if you wanted to, like, make your skill rank four whatever, then you have to have a fourth step story,

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:05:23
Right. So, it’s things like that, that will help us determine like, just kind of like me, like things that you need to do.

SOPHIE (Puja) 1:05:31
So, it was a mechanic in terms of like, just helping the DM with.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:05:36
Uh, yeah, it really is. It’s kind of nice. I just want to tell, right? Like, I mean, you can sit and listen to my story all you want, but like, I want your guys input. So, we’ll keep this to each get to each person will make them all secretive. Let’s Yeah. And then we’ll go with your goal. If you have any rewards that you want, you know, just let me know something from your story. And then also, what you feel is your first step to this goal.

GAWAIN (Mason) 1:06:09

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:06:10
I will fill in the other milestones at, you know, at some point through the story, but like, you know, that way, okay, so Sophie, you want to end the Marquis’s tyranny. So even if it’s as simple as like, well, I came to Altamira because I you know, I just I was I was tired of sitting at home. You know, that least brings you in, and at least can kind of lead us that way. Okay

GAWAIN (Mason) 1:06:34
Um, I can kind of see it too for like, especially with with my character, you know, the idea is like, there’d be other Druids giving me guidance. If before I left my country, and maybe even before I met some of these people, or maybe before I even even after me this I could have been told, like, you need to see what’s happening in Altamira to learn, like, what actually happens to people caught in the middle of all of this. Like to see to to you have to see the actuality of conflict. And and I don’t know how many stories has been like some of the things I’ve liked, like the things I like, I don’t have to get into it. But like, there are several things I want for the character. But that probably ties more into learning than gaining anything Marshall. Well, may not.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:07:23
Well, definitely…definitely put it in there. They did, I’d like to do it’s, definitely tell me your stories. If you have any additional notes that you feel just want to pass to me, let me know. Okay. Are there any other questions about like gameplay, or parts of your character that you want to round out?

LUC (Zach) 1:07:41
I mean, I just don’t, I don’t know anything about like, encounters and being in like, I don’t know, it raises are…

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:07:49
Okay, Does anybody want to pipe in what raises are show that you know, by teaching? Okay. That’s okay, I can it. So basically, 7th Sea is a D10 system, all your roll are D10s. When you approach a scene, whether it’s combat or social, or something like that, you will roll whatever traits and skills you will be utilizing in that scene. Okay. Now, when you roll these things, so say it’s like, you know, you really a three and a two, for for, because you have three in panache, and two in whatever the Christmas skill is that then, from your dice rolls, you want to make 10s. So if you have a die that has rolled a 10, that counts as one, if you have two dies, six and a four, that counts as one 10 or a 10, rather, you have a a one, a two, and a seven, those three count as a raise, the these 10s are raises. Alright, so after that, then we go around talking about it can you can describe this initiative, whoever has the most raises, and depending on how things are, you will say what you want to do. And I will tell you how many raises you’ll need for that. So say you want to and honestly, this is a system that really rewards you being super over the top, you want to like, you know, like I know you’re you’re down and you’re you’re in a hallway, and there’s a bunch of guards hanging to you, but there’s also a chandelier above. So, you want to cut the rope so it goes down, it scatters all the things so that you can jump up and then run across their heads. You know, so Okay.

LUC (Zach) 1:09:51
Gotcha. Creativity. Gotcha, gotcha.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:09:53
Creativity is the big thing.

SOPHIE (Puja) 1:09:55
Basically, in your head have the Pirates of the Caribbean like theme song going and let that guide you..

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:10:05
Absolutely. Now, I also give like extra points for like, you know, really elaborate and interesting things that people do. You know, there’s going to be puns, you’ll probably get some stuff for that too. So yeah, so those so that’s what raises are so when a lot of the skills and advantages are about getting additional raises or at some point to do list, I think it’s like with your level 10 your 10s become 15z so it’s just like, you’re just gross.

LUC (Zach) 1:10:35

GAWAIN (Mason) 1:10:39
That that that sounds very fun.
Do we want to tackle how we know each other I know that’s something I want to do get hashed out in the session zero because one of the things I noticed to me at least we were rattling off names was like two of those some very Montagnian and I think I’m the only Avalonian and I’ve met Bianca so this is kind of a this is kind of a you know, you always been that’s the glory of the RPG is you want a ragtag bunch

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:11:06
Yes. Well, how would you guys like to know what do you guys want to have any ties beforehand? Or do you just want to be brought here?

SOPHIE (Puja) 1:11:16
I’m down with either one. I don’t know. Okay, I would know the non-Montaigne people. My girl when we start off is pretty much like she’s here she’s training under a doctor and she’s really just mostly doing the medical ward stuff and like that’s kind of her experience of Altamira, like she hears stories where her patients and that’s why she knows things are bad and that like hopefully I’m getting a my goal of stuff is to get her geared up to actually take action rather than just like hear these horrible things that are going on, but like maybe she probably knows a Luc by name if he’s like you know the favor favorite of the of the Emperor but as someone who’s not involved in that circle herself like I don’t think she like knows him.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:11:57
Right, right. Okay. So how about this is that will still also work with you about your individual stories but will say at the very moment all of you had been specifically summoned to Altamira by somebody, someone someone either that you know or that you tru…generally trust,

GAWAIN (Mason) 1:12:15
I was gonna say I feel comfortable enough with us us meeting in this in this over this first arc. Being like I was sent here and this these are the people I met.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:12:25
Altamira is unfortunately is a situation that’s a little bit too hard to pull off. He Well, I was just stuck in town and then I’m going to people, okay, but for the purpose of…

GAWAIN (Mason) 1:12:33
However it works.

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:12:35
Yeah. Well, that purpose of getting you here. We’ll talk about who specifically but a new probably have different ones but someone has has asked you to come to Altamira. Cool. Any other questions? I think we’ve got we’ve got all the basics sorted out and now we have secrets to start drumming up. And thank you for joining us, everybody. We will see you in two weeks, two weeks when we actually do our first actual session. See you in two weeks!

GAWAIN (Mason) 1:13:08
Look at all these D10s I have in my hand!

GAME MASTER (Desiree) 1:13:12
Heck yeah! All right.