Out intrepid heroes, Luc, Bianca, and Gawain have all met and spent the night in Altamira. Their first morning introduces them to the ruling noble, the Marquise Sidonie du Carré and her lethal right-hand man, the Maréchal Laurent Pointu as he attempts a violent show of power in the town square. Does the Maréchal’s dastardly deed go as planned?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 0:05
Welcome to our episode that will one day start on time without trouble. This is dice ventures we are playing 7th Sea. And the name of this little mini campaign is the Way of Thorns. So, and have everybody three introduce themselves and their characters. I’m sorry. And

GAWAIN: Mason 0:25
Should we do physical descriptions this time?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 0:27
Do you want to do physical descriptions this time?

GAWAIN: Mason 0:29
I don’t know.

BIANCA: Chi 0:31
I’d be interested to do that when my character yours because it might change. Oh, yeah. Yeah, right. You might be on a horse. You know. I mean you may not be on a horse, but…


GAWAIN: Mason 0:44
This is my first RPG character who has a relative amount of wealth to Mason the person.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 0:51
Thanks, thanks, educations. Okay. So, let’s introduce ourselves, and then a little bit about your character. So, uh, let start with Chi and Bianca this time.

BIANCA: Chi 1:02
Okay, this time. Third time around, we’re gonna start with Mason. So, I’m Chi and Bianca is a tiny little Vodacce assassin/fate witch and she looks about 12. And, but she’s not. And she’s kind of a little knife person. So, looking forward to playing that.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:29
We could go with the #knifeperson.

BIANCA: Chi 1:31
Well, let’s see how it turns out.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:37
Zach and Luc, let’s hear about them again.

LUC: Zach 1:39
I’m Zach. My character is Luc Gerard de la Morte. He is a courtier for the King. But he also has super-secret rebel streak to take down the nobility. Plus, he likes puns.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:55
Gawain and Mason.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:58
I’m playing Gawain Culfairth, who is Inish like Druid-in-training like a like an Inish holy person in training. He is also a knight of glamour magic, and he is wandering trying to make his way (muffled) pretty young, fresh out of fresh out of adolescence.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:17
Just a cinnamon rolls waiting to be stepped on by the world.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:21
Naive boy hero.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:23
Those are my favorite.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:25
I kind of love them too. I’ve been watching a lot of Miyazaki movies.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:29
Oh, this is not going to end up like that.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:33
No, okay.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:35
You can’t just like you know, pack a piece of bread and run off into the forest and be fine.
So, just to cover my grounds again. Does anybody have any questions about the rules so far? Anything about the world that they want to clarify? Before we jump in?

LUC: Zach 2:52
I’ll learn as I go.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:54
learning as we go, yeah. Okay, so Gawain. You are coming to the city of Altamira. You we’ve established you’re very we’re not poor per se. We’re just wealthy in the ways of the world. So how are you arriving here in Altamira?

GAWAIN: Mason 3:16
I think I think um, well, it’s, it’s a pretty warm part of the year too.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 3:21
Yeah, we’re kind of coming up towards like the, let’s say like the end of spring kind of just a couple more weeks until summer will start.

GAWAIN: Mason 3:29
So I’m still like in travelers clothes and I’ll still have like a hood up and everything but it’s a very light cloak and I’m just kind of wandering in on foot. I think I’m very much meandering and kind of like, you know, I’ve only ever seen like sailings a big part of Inish culture and being from that small like, like like seaside town but this this is like on a scale I’ve never seen before I think I’m just taking that in

GAME MASTER: Desiree 3:53
Okay, so you’re you’re kind of coming in from the hills and the mountains and you see this tower…

GAWAIN: Mason 3:59
Over the hills and dales.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 4:04
You see like you know a bustling town lots of mostly like you know like pale stone that kind of like line the streets and have a sort of bridge over some rivers it is a port city but it’s not like open up into the ocean This is actually into a lake that has all of the rivers feeding into it and out of it. You see a lot of Castilians of course. Because that’s where you are, but you also see a fair amount of Eisen in much more Mon…Gods, can someone please pronounce the name of the country the French one (LUC and GAWAIN: Montaigne.) I’m gonna apologize right now I’m very bad with accents so I’m not even going to try lots more Montaigne citizens and military than you anticipated. How worldly is Gawain at the moment?

GAWAIN: Mason 4:58
In what sense worldly?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 5:00
Like does…when he would he would be expecting the Montaigne occupation here?

GAWAIN: Mason 5:06
I think I know that this is occupied. (DESIREE: Okay.) I’m aware, I’m aware that much of it I think I have a very bare bones knowledge of the situation here.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 5:15
Okay, so you come in and you see you know, farmers coming in taking in their haul and you see soldiers marching up and down. Everybody’s kind of giving them a lot of wide berth. No one’s outright avoiding anybody but everybody’s kind of giving the soldiers preference on like what they want to do or what they where they need to go.

GAWAIN: Mason 5:39
Okay, I’m gonna I’m going to do the same. (DESIREE: Okay.) I’m going to give those soldiers a wide berth and just kind of engage in some people watching while I find like a good a good a good like inn or public house.(DESIREE: Okay.) I kind of just rest my feet and…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 5:56
There are a good amount of ins and taverns. So, it really depends on like what you’re looking for, either in terms of food, drink, or clientele I guess. It’s it is because there’s so much travel and business coming in and out the actually has a pretty good tourism, but like, you know, there’s, there’s a decent amount of choice for hotels right now.

GAWAIN: Mason 6:21
Okay, um, Hmm. Huh, I don’t know how to really pick in that case. I guess I probably want to go someplace that doesn’t look like it’s out of my budget. Something that looks like working people probably frequent there.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 6:37
Okay, so you go, are you avoiding any places are you looking because definitely, there are like shady, cheap taverns you could go to, or just cheap taverns.

GAWAIN: Mason 6:48
I think I want to go to a cheap tavern, I’m not interested in going on like something by the dock that doesn’t have a sign. You know, just just something a smaller.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 6:56
Okay, so you kind of head towards, you figure that you’ll kind of head towards the center of town, and then kind of move your way around to get to get both get a sense of the city and also figure out where the people are going.

GAWAIN: Mason 7:08
Yeah, exactly. I think I want to stay in something relatively, relatively low key. I definitely I understand that probably towards the center of town, or where I see the taller buildings is probably where the Montaigne establishment is all set up and everything. I don’t really need to go there.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 7:22
Okay. I’m we’ll…

GAWAIN: Mason 7:25
I don’t need to rub shoulders with the fancy folk.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 7:27
Are you sure?

GAWAIN: Mason 7:29
Not Not yet.Not right. Now. There’s a lot of soldiers here. I’m just saying. They have this look about them. And I’m just kind of trying to be respectful and not a big Inish thumb.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 7:40
Yeah, I guess the problem is, is that you’re trying not to be a big Inish thumb, but you are. So you’re definitely getting some attention from everybody that’s there, both from the soldiers and from just like the everyday people. All right. But we’ll pause on you for a second because you’re just coming into town.

GAWAIN: Mason 7:58
I just want lunch.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 7:59
You do want lunch. Well, it’s a little bit later in the day. We’re kind of like looking towards dinner.

GAWAIN: Mason 8:03
I want supper.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 8:06
You want your suppers. (GAWAIN: Yeah.) Um, but you don’t want to hobnob with all the rich fancy people. So, we’re going to go turn to the rich fancy people. Luc, tell us how do you enter Altamira?

LUC: Zach 8:18
Well, Luc’s got that kings money. So I imagine he’s gotten aboard some fancy, schmancy, luxurious cruise liner type situation thing. A big wooden boat. A big gilded wooden boat,

GAME MASTER: Desiree 8:36
Right, of course, yet…you can’t just have big boat you need all you needed to look pretty.

LUC: Zach 8:44
All the fancy trappings of nobility.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 8:46
Yeah! Alright, so you’re coming in on your boat. And you also kind of come in, you came in a little bit earlier. But everybody still has to kind of check who you are, who you say what’s on your ship, the usual things. So by the time that it’s all over, you kind of coming out. And it’s about like, same time, but kind of starting to the sun is starting to set; that people are coming in from the fields. People are kinda calling it a workday over. Where would you like to go?

LUC: Zach 9:14
I’m wondering, with all my formal attire and like I am because my like seal of the king or whatever. (Des: Yeah..) That I find lodgings with the Marquise.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 9:29
Ooooh! Now, okay, so that you you want to you send your valet over to the Marquise estate. And they are, of course, absolutely going to, to, to welcome you your, of course, of course. The servants are coming over and they’re taking your bags, they are making sure that you’re taking everything that you need is taken care of. And they’re going to send a coach that’s going to come down from the hill or the Marquise lives, of course, it’ll be fine. While this is happening, another smaller ship has come into port Bianca, you have left the Diamante, the pirate ship that you were working with the last time that we saw you, you have bid them adieu because they have to go do more boring whaling things.

GAWAIN: Mason 10:25
Also, Barnabas didn’t realize he couldn’t kill people in this game.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 10:29
So, he didn’t like it. So, he left. But they’ve dropped you off and uh, you know, and sent you with some traders that they know and a trader they trust trust to take care of you. And they’ve put you here in Altamira and the way that it’s situated from here, you could go off, you know, there’s an easy way to to stay in Castile, obviously, or to go off to Montaigne or to head off to Eisen. It was a strategic move for you, at least from their point of view. (BIANCA: Kind of like a central point yeah.) Yeah. So you’ve come in the dinghy has now led you off to the dock and you are trying to kind of get off the dock but all of these servants are just running up and down trying to get all of the all of this luggage for this guy that is next it was coming is standing there. Luc, do you want to describe how you look there on the dock?

LUC: Zach 11:25
Yes. So, Luc is like a average height man. He’s got longer dark hair. A nice well-kept like goatee and this swirly little mustache. He’d be he’s gonna be wearing his like fancy. I’m gonna I’m a member of the court to kind of clothes, so there’s all decked out like this sky blue outfit with a bunch of little swirly golden trim and poofy little hat thing. You know, he just sitting there kind of like tapping his foot a little bit playing with his beard just…

BIANCA: Chi 12:06
Is he armed?

LUC: Zach 12:08
I’m not and it’s I guess he has like a hidden he might have a hidden dagger in his formal attire.

BIANCA: Chi 12:15
Oh, okay. He’s not like a rapier, okay,

LUC: Zach 12:17
No, not at the moment. (BIANCA:Right.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 12:21
Now, while you kind of glance at him and you’re kind of getting out of the boat and minding your own business, you get knocked over by one of the servants that are scurrying by trying to pick up all the luggage. And as you’re righting yourself up, Luc, I think one of your servants this like scraggly looking small one has like dropped something into the ocean you

LUC: Zach 12:48
*shocked and surprised* GASTON!!!!!! You’ve knocked over this poor child! You dropped (mumbled) chocolate in the ocean! Gaston….Gaston, dive for it.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 13:07
Dives in leaving you, Chi to talk to Luc!

BIANCA: Chi 13:10
So I’m going to like roll over like climb to my feet and Bianca is very small…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 13:17
What does she look like?

BIANCA: Chi 13:18
Bianca is probably about four feet or so into her boots. Right now she’s dressed as a as like a cabin boy, she’s got kind of like a shapeless hat all her hair is tucked up in it so you kind of can’t tell that she’s female. She’s got like a colored red shirt on she’s got like a rough like sailors blue jacket. She does actually have like a little carpet bag kind of stuff like slung over her shoulder. If you know anything about material that is Vodacce material, but it’s kind of it’s all salt stained and stuff so maybe you wouldn’t be able to tell. She actually is considerably armed but you can’t see most of it. She’s got arms sheathed underneath her heavy, her sailors coat and then she actually she’s small enough where her equivalent of a rapier is like hidden in the back. But she does look about she does look like a cabin boy she probably likes about 12 or 13 and there’s nothing about her to suggest that she is either well born or anything more than then what she sees and so she’s going to kind of climb her feet glance, glance over the side where Gaston is hopefully knows how to swim down there. It’s just gonna like check her pockets to see what she dropped. And then kind of glance around at all of these servants. Is there a coat of arms or anything like that on your stuff? (Des: Luc, is there?)

LUC: Zach 15:07
I suppose there technically would be. It is a very stylized turtle.

GAWAIN: Mason 15:15
Nice. Are you wearing a powdered wig? I spaced out?

LUC: Zach 15:23
Luc does not wear a powdered wig. His hair’s too nice for that.

BIANCA: Chi 15:27
Bianca is kind of going to stare at that. She forgets what she’s doing. She’s just gonna stare at the seal (DES: at the turtle). Yes, most (unintelligible) on the biggest bag in front of her. Is Gaston drowning?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 15:43
Yeah. So, as you stared at it you kind of like look at it that poignant moment, then the music just swells and all of a sudden Gaston just like, lands himself on top of that bag that you were looking at. Just coughing up water, but has the bag of chocolates.

LUC: Zach 15:57
Oh, good work, my dear boy. Thank you. Here, you may have one. Clean yourself up now.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 16:07
You’re the…the reverie and the, the, the moment between you and the seal that you’re staring at is unfortunately broken. As these things happen.

BIANCA: Chi 16:18
Bianca’s going to kind of sailor swagger which she learned how to do over the last like week and a half. Not great. But she’s kind of gonna sailor swagger over to Gaston. And she’s gonna take out she has like a little potato peeler. It’s actually like a potato peeler. She got it when she was doing cabin boy work on the ship. And she’s gonna poke Gaston the side of it and say, “Watch where you’re going!”

LUC: Zach 16:50
Oh, so hard to find good help these days.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 16:54
You’ve completely like, you know, surprised and scared Gaston like it feels not like a potato peeler. So he’s just like, “Oh!” And is like moving on to like, pick up more things.

BIANCA: Chi 17:04
And I’m going to look at Luc and and be like, “Who do you think you are?”

LUC: Zach 17:09
Who do you think you are? I don’t know why I’m British. When I’m French.

BIANCA: Chi 17:14
It’s, there’s only so much that I’m gonna be able to do. It’s fine!

LUC: Zach 17:20
“I apologize for my servant’s behavior. But you don’t gotta poke him with a potato peeler, paring knife, perhaps?”

BIANCA: Chi 17:30
I kind of wave it around a little bit. “As if you would know, you’ve probably never paired or potatoed anything in your life!”

LUC: Zach 17:42
“True. My education did not include the culinary arts.”

BIANCA: Chi 17:45
“You’re taking up too much room on this dock.”

LUC: Zach 17:47
“Pardon me? I have to have 17 different outfits. One for each 17th of the day, as dictated by Montaigne custom.”

BIANCA: Chi 18:02
(Muffled) And then I kind of roll my eyes a little bit.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 18:06
Do you push past him and go…

BIANCA: Chi 18:08
I’m going to kind of move around him. (DES: Okay.) Is one of his boxes kind of near the edge?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 18:17
Of course.

BIANCA: Chi 18:18
I’m gonna try to use the back of my heel a little bit as I move around him and kind of push it toward the, toward the edge. See what he does. He’s going to try to do anything about it.

LUC: Zach 18:30
Now is this like in plain sight? (BIANCA:Yeah.) “Watch where you’re going, young lad.”

BIANCA: Chi 18:36
I take a deliberate step and it slides kind of like half….(mumbles)

LUC: Zach 18:43
Rapscallion. “Gaston? Please pick up that bag.”

BIANCA: Chi 18:52
I push it. I push it off.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 18:52
I just imagine one of those cats just pushing something off the table.

BIANCA: Chi 18:55
Yep, yep. I’m just waited to see if you were watching it and I push it off.

LUC: Zach 19:01

GAME MASTER: Desiree 19:04
And he jumps back into the ocean after a sigh.

But, of course, now, this has alerted the uh, guards that Gawain found are all over the city, including the dock . And they’ve obviously have taken notice of the nobleman who’s come in, and they’re like okay, no big problems. But now some, some small urchin of a boy is causing trouble. So now they’re like, kind of marching down there to take care of you.

BIANCA: Chi 19:35
I kind of give Luc like this, like, well, it’s basically the cat who just pushed your cup off the counter look like “eh, it fell.” And then I’m going to basically do my best to move off and disappear into the crowd. Um, there’s a lot of servants. But I would like to try to join the retinue. So I kind of want to disappear into the docks. But he’s got a lot of servants. And they’re all kind of stupid in Montaigne, hopefully, (DES: yes.) And so. And I’ve got a couple changes of clothing. So I want to try to like blend, blend into the retinue and go where he’s going.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 20:21
Okay, that’s, that’s definitely something you can do. Um, you know what, let’s make this little bit more interesting. We’re going to do a couple of roles. And I want you to roll like your best trait and skill for this. And then as well as you get your raises, we can start declaring things about how good you like, merge into this group.

BIANCA: Chi 20:46
Okay, okay. Um, I have discovered in Roll 20 that when I am logged in as a player, I cannot see my profile,

GAME MASTER: Desiree 20:57
What? You should. Gimme one second.

GAWAIN: Mason 20:59
Go to the journals section you just click your name.

BIANCA: Chi 21:02
Aha, and it only shows me my photo.

LUC: Zach 21:05
There’s no character sheet button?

BIANCA: Chi 21:08
No, I can see Gawain’s. I can see…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 21:11
Try it again?

BIANCA: Chi 21:15
Aha! Success! Thank you. (DES: No problem. Sorry about that. Must have unchecked something.) Alright, so what do I do again? I’m sorry, I was lost looking…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 21:23
…for your thing. Alright. So, I want you to pick a trait and a skill that you want to use to you because obviously you’re trying to like, you know, deceive everybody here into thinking that you actually belonged there. (BIANCA:Sure.) Okay. And then for every raise you get will start declaring like, Yeah, you do it, but then also these things kind of happen.

BIANCA: Chi 21:43
Okay, okay. Okay. Um, I want to use Can I use hide? To kind of like conceal myself within the retinue? Okay, until I need to, to roll that I assume. (DES: Yes.) Um, do I get any bonuses because it’s the first time I’ve used it or whatever that is. That’s only battle.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 22:08
No, no, that works here too. So, the first time you’re using your trait, you get an extra die.

BIANCA: Chi 22:13
Okay, so no penalty, but I get one bonus right?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 22:19

BIANCA: Chi 22:22
Whoo. Oh, that was a lot of ones. Oh, no.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 22:28
Oh, no.

BIANCA: Chi 22:33
Okay, so as I recall, I need to add up to try to get as many tens as possible right? (DES: Mhmm.). Okay, so three ones and a seven is 10. And then two fives as a 10. So, I have two 10s and a five.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 22:45
Okay, so we’ll do two things yeah, you can get to seamlessly get into that group you know, surprisingly it’s it’s not just his servants that were on the boat but also the servants from the Marquise home. They’re coming to take him up there. So, while you are you change and you you look fine enough in you, you have a decent amount of clothing for your disguises. And your everybody thinks that you’re Oh, you’re from the other groups retinue. So yeah, here grab his things. Just follow the caravan up into the hill.

BIANCA: Chi 23:21
Yep, I just get like a couple boxes of chocolates and start

GAME MASTER: Desiree 23:28
Sure! We’ll take that I’ll even use that for your for your last raise is that like you know, someone hands you something? And then you just kind of go in there a bag and find more chocolate then you start eating them. No one’s even bothering because like they’re so busy that no one notices except out of the corner of his eye Luc you are swear that somebody’s eating. You smell it — somebody besides yourself is eating those chocolates.

LUC: Zach 23:49

GAME MASTER: Desiree 23:56
Gaston is still wet. And he’s looking at the back of the retinue because he’s dripping so much.

LUC: Zach 24:04
Do I get a role?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 24:07
Do you want to find out who’s stealing your your chocolate?

LUC: Zach 24:11
My notice? My notice skills?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 24:12

LUC: Zach 24:16
Is that do I? What do I do? Do I just click notice?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 24:19
Yeah, we’ll do notice and then we’ll end the trait that you’re running it with.

BIANCA: Chi 24:24
Bianca’s like, “Stupid nobleman.”

LUC: Zach 24:28
Wits? Or panache?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 24:30
Whichever you want. Wits or Panache, whichever one is better for you. I suppose is the way to do it. (LUC: Panache is better.) Okay. Let’s do Panache. And then don’t forget you get an extra die because it’s the first time we’re using that trait.

LUC: Zach 24:42
Okay, someone walk me through, like.

BIANCA: Chi 24:47
So, it assuming that you filled out your app your character sheet correctly. Under skills. All of the blue rectangles are buttons. So, you can click Notice. And then in the Roll 20 window, it comes up with penalty box. Yeah. And you don’t have any penalties right now. So, you just leave it to zero and hit submit. Okay, the next one that comes up is going to be bonus. And you do get one bonus die, then you hit submit and then it’ll just roll them for you.

LUC: Zach 25:15
Oh, ho ho.

BIANCA: Chi 25:19
So much better than me. I hate you!.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 25:22
So we’ve got how many how many raises? Do we have are making our groups of 10? (LUC: What does that mean?) Okay, so raise is a group of 10 from your dice. So that can be you have you know, two dice that rolled a ten perfectly. So those count as two raises, (LUC: two raises.) right? You have an eight and a three, which makes it 11. So that can count as a raise.

LUC: Zach 25:43
Three raises…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 25:44
You have (LUC: plus fives) was obviously (LUC: four raises) four raises My goodness. Okay. So, Luc, we’re going to spend one of your raises for the to declare the fact that you know who stole your chocolates. Now? Do you want (LUC: it is the cabin boy) It is the cabin boy, and unlike everybody else, your second raise says that you know that they’re not…they are not part of the retinue. They don’t like to know that. That’s not the exact sigil of the symbol of the Marquise. You have two more raises. Do you want to declare something about this…this young lad who is in the midst of all of your servants?

LUC: Zach 26:30
I would like to apprehend the lad.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 26:34
So, you will reach over and you and everybody everybody? Of course, parts before you and you reach over for the lad. Right.

LUC: Zach 26:45
“All you had to do is ask.”

BIANCA: Chi 26:48
Oh, yeah. I I’m just gonna say she didn’t notice and you go ahead and grab her by the collar. She’s got her hands full. She’s got her hands full of chocolate boxes anyway and she doesn’t have her potato peeler out at the moment. And then she will say you take her by surprise. So in Vodacce, she swears at you.

LUC: Zach 27:16
I know. I speak Vodacce. Technically, I know all languages.

BIANCA: Chi 27:21
Oh, okay. She calls you a stuffed turkey, in Vodacce. “Unhand me!”

LUC: Zach 27:31
I will. I guess like I had her by the color. I like release the collar but like keep an eye on her.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 27:39
Okay, so you actually just let it go. But as she in if if and when she tries to make her escape, you’ll be kind of keeping an eye on her (LUC: Yep. Yep.) Yeah, making a mental note.

BIANCA: Chi 27:50
I don’t try to I don’t try to escape. I like stand there and I and then I like tuck the boxes under one and like straighten my color out.

LUC: Zach 28:01
“They are very good chocolates, aren’t they?”

BIANCA: Chi 28:04
“They’re not bad, for Montaigne. What are you doing here?”

LUC: Zach 28:11
“Picking up on the Marquise for the king.”

BIANCA: Chi 28:14
“The Montaigne King…”

LUC: Zach 28:17
“Qui. L’emporeur du monde, as he calls himself.”

BIANCA: Chi 28:22
“Yeah, well, he doesn’t have any business out here and neither do you.”

LUC: Zach 28:28
“Well, I’m getting paid. So, I guess I do have business.”

BIANCA: Chi 28:32
I’m really close to him at this point. Can I tell that he has a hidden a weapon?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 28:39
Let’s roll for that one. Let’s see now that you’re he’s right in front of you. You’re giving it time. What do you notice?

LUC: Zach 28:45
Patting me down?

BIANCA: Chi 28:47
Well, I mean, I was hanging there. Yeah. I don’t have a lot in notice, but I will have to use that one because I feel like that’s the most appropriate.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 28:57
Okay, let’s roll in with your trait. Which one are you using?

BIANCA: Chi 29:01
Oh, I’m use…Notice I have Wits…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 29:06
Okay so let’s do Wits and Notice. And if you got if it’s the first time for your Wits you can use an extra die.

BIANCA: Chi 29:17
Okay, and 10, 10 and 6.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 29:22
All right. So, we’ll go with two. So you have two raises.(BIANCA:Okay) What do…let’s say…you get? What did what do you what do you say, you can only notice two things on him that he’s that he’s definitely trying to hide? I’m you. Like, what are you looking for?

BIANCA: Chi 29:38
I would look for a weapon. If he’s got a hidden weapon on him.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 29:45
Are you just looking for weapons?

BIANCA: Chi 29:47
No, um, I want to kind of take his measure. So if he’s in like, maybe good, like athletic shape, I would notice that too. (DES: Okay.) I’m like I’m sizing him up like an opponent. In a fight.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 30:02
All right, Luc. What weapon? What is the second most obvious weapon that she can see? On you?

LUC: Zach 30:07
Second? Most? (DES: Yeah.) I probably only have one.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 30:12
Alright, so you definitely see there’s no other weapon but I assume a sword at your side.

LUC: Zach 30:17
I guess I could have like, a very (unintelligible) like ornamental like short sword. And then like a hidden dagger.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 30:25
Okay. So, you don’t notice anything other than what you would expect from a nobleman, Bianca. Which is the hidden dagger. Okay. And then as far as, as you know, taking your measure physique wise, skill wise, what do you…Luc? What would you portray to Bianca?

LUC: Zach 30:43
He is relatively in shape, not like a big burly strong man, but more like a like toned, more like a like a gymnast sort of thing. One who’s been fencing all his life, you know, can like dance around and

BIANCA: Chi 30:57
Did he have any difficulty lifting her up?.

LUC: Zach 30:59
No, not Oh, you’re like four foot in size? Like a child? No.

BIANCA: Chi 31:09
Okay. All right. Um, okay, I’m just gonna stand there and kind of like, look him over and it’s kind of, it’s kind of obvious when, when someone that young pays any attention to anything for it for a length of time and is still, like, you know, not moving around or fidgeting or running away. It’s kind of like, top to bottom, like, Huh, it’s kind of weird. She’s kind of creepy.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 31:41
All right, as this is happening, you kind of just staring at each other and kind of getting the measure of both both ways. Um, you everybody actually hears a bunch of trumpets kind of announcing, and everybody who was kind of coming in there, you know, standing towards the side, even the servants from the Marquise household have paused in their in their work and they’re kind of shuffling, kind of towards, people are starting to gather towards the center of town, where you have this big pole up that is, has erected a flag. Gawain, as you kind of come in, you’ve stopped near your pre nearby this group, probably from this nobleman from the way that the servants around him are, are dressed. So you’re standing near a nobleman, a young boy and a bunch of servants who suddenly all stopped what they were doing, to kind of look at what’s happening, all of the sounds, the songs, the noises are all coming from the center as soldiers march in. They formed their lines. And eventually, as everybody watches, they take down the flag for the day. And it is the Montaigne flag that is currently hanging in Altamira and you can see all the Montaigne people are looking very, I guess civically proud, very polite. They know what they’re doing. They’re just there to watch it come down. And all this all the Span… oh sorry, the Castilians, who are there, they all are very grumpy about it. They’re mad that they can’t even you know, they’re not allowed to be in their homes while this is happening, they have to sit/stand here at the end of the day and watch as the Montaigne flag is pulled down for the day. And once it is done, and it is carried away by the soldiers, only then is everybody allowed to leave.

LUC: Zach 33:43
Luc just stands there was like, just a wall face.

GAWAIN: Mason 33:48
As that starts, I think that like for a moment, I don’t pick up on it. And when I realized like, no one’s letting me move from my spot in the crowd. I’m like, Well, okay, and I watch all this happening. (mumble) That’s a wee bit odd.

BIANCA: Chi 34:05
Oh, what does he look like? He’s right next to me.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 34:09
Yes. Gawain’s right next to Bianca. So what would she see when she looks at you?

GAWAIN: Mason 34:15
Uh, there’s a average height. Um, somewhat ropey…looks in his early 20s. You especially with your height and just kind of look up into especially your height. (Mic reverb) He’s got shaggy auburn hair, fairly pale skin, kind of just staring at the scene wide eyed with kind of deep blue eyes. red hair and blue eyes are kind of the stereotype and I mean, mine’s more of an Auburn, but those are kind of like the Inish stereotype for appearance. You probably might even get that idea to there is a I am wearing traveling boots, trousers, a fairly decent shirt and unbuttoned vest, dark green cloak with a hood that’s currently up and not hidden at my hip is my long sword which when I was a kid, I whittled the hilts to look like antlers on either side.

BIANCA: Chi 35:13
Is it has it been used? Well used, the sword?

GAWAIN: Mason 35:16
Yeah, yeah. I mean, I it looks like it’s taken well care of. But it was not fancy when it was purchased. And it has been continually used.

BIANCA: Chi 35:28

GAWAIN: Mason 35:29
Yeah. But I’m just kind of like, okay, that’s weird. And then I was like everyone kind of shuffles around me. It was like, oh, now they’re moving.

BIANCA: Chi 35:39
She’s like, “That’s military occupation.” You’re like, there’s a little voice.

LUC: Zach 35:50
*In tiny voice* Military occupation.

BIANCA: Chi 35:52
Not that little.

GAWAIN: Mason 35:53
That’s a keen observation that involves a lot of costume work.

BIANCA: Chi 36:00
“Show in tell. Yeah.” And then I look pointedly to my other side at Luc.

LUC: Zach 36:08
“Showing and telling is all about (trips over words) Montaigne is all about show and tell.”

BIANCA: Chi 36:17
“Not much inside.”

LUC: Zach 36:21
“For some.”

BIANCA: Chi 36:23

GAWAIN: Mason 36:25
“I feel like I’ve walked into like a heated moment.”

LUC: Zach 36:29
“She’s pilfering my things.”

BIANCA: Chi 36:32
“You don’t need them. You have lots of things.”

LUC: Zach 36:36
“But I enjoy my chocolate.”

BIANCA: Chi 36:39
So, I’m going…while looking at Luc, I’m going to take one of the boxes. And then I’m going to hand it over on the other side to Gawain and offer him one of Luc’s chocolate bars.

LUC: Zach 36:52
“Just hand it out to everyone. You’ve already stolen it.”

BIANCA: Chi 36:57
I hold the chocolate box out to Gawain.

GAWAIN: Mason 37:00
He seems fairly amenable. I’ll try one

LUC: Zach 37:02
“Gaston!! (BIANCA:*overlapping* I give me the whole box) Bring me more chocolate.”

GAME MASTER: Desiree 37:07
“Sir,” Gaston is just still drenched with water. Kind of like heaving a little bit but he says, “Perhaps we should arrest her.”

LUC: Zach 37:17
“Have…have Serge do it.”

GAME MASTER: Desiree 37:21
Serge, of course, is a very big man who comes over and he just looms over Bianca. And says, “You’re coming with me.” And you are taken away?

GAWAIN: Mason 37:36
Can I say something as he walks over like? (DES: Yes!) “Seems it seems a bit out of line to ask a frankly huge individual to loom over a child and arrested for stealing chocolate. It’s like It’s like a arresting a cow for mooin’.”

BIANCA: Chi 37:49
Yeah, I’m gonna I’m gonna yell at Gawain: “HELP!”

LUC: Zach 37:55
Release the girl boy. Just take the chocolate back.”

BIANCA: Chi 38:00
And I like try to hold the chocolate.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 38:02
Okay. Now Serge is like holding them both, like his hands are huge. Like they’re bigger. They’re much bigger than Bianca’s face. And so, he is just holding the chocolates while you just kind of like kind of pull it as hard as you can. (BIANCA:*unintelligible*) Yeah.

BIANCA: Chi 38:16
He does eventually win and I’ve decided not to stab him with the potato peeler because I don’t want to show my hands too quickly.

GAWAIN: Mason 38:22
I’ll hand…I’ll hand Luc his chocolates.

LUC: Zach 38:26
“No, just keep them.”

GAWAIN: Mason 38:29
“Oh, win for me.”

BIANCA: Chi 38:31
I call Sam “the ass of the quail” in Vodacce.

LUC: Zach 38:35
What you call Who?

BIANCA: Chi 38:37
The big guy Sam? (GAME MASTER & LUC: Serge.) Oh, whatever.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 38:44
He’s unimportant. He only has a name.

LUC: Zach 38:48
He’s more like a like an elephant than a quail Don’t you think?

BIANCA: Chi 38:53
Okay. And then I look at him and then I double take because he knows my language.

LUC: Zach 39:00
I guess I could respond. I responded. What’s the equivalent of common? Théan, I suppose.

BIANCA: Chi 39:08
Oh, Okay. But you understood what?

LUC: Zach 39:11
But I understood.

BIANCA: Chi 39:17
I give you a squinty look.

GAWAIN: Mason 39:20
I didn’t catch that.

LUC: Zach 39:23
You didn’t expect a Montaigne to speak multiple languages, did you?

BIANCA: Chi 39:25
No, and then I look at Gawain and it doesn’t look like he understood any of that.

GAWAIN: Mason 39:32
I mean the part Théan, yeah. I did not the Vodacce was like (mic goes in and out) It seemed angry from context clues.

BIANCA: Chi 39:42
I mean, she was like “baaaaaahhhh!!!”

GAWAIN: Mason 39:45
Yean and there were clues and tone. Clues and tone.

LUC: Zach 39:47
Fists just covered in chocolate.

GAWAIN: Mason 39:49
Yeah. He said something about a quail and I was like what?

BIANCA: Chi 39:54
I’m gonna wipe my hands on my trousers.

LUC: Zach 39:57
I’m gonna give you a handkerchief

BIANCA: Chi 40:01
I take the handkerchief, ball it up, and throw it down!

LUC: Zach 40:07

GAME MASTER: Desiree 40:09
Of course and he just picks it up, refolds it, and sticks it in his own coat pocket.

LUC: Zach 40:14
“Thank you.” I just like flick him a little coin.

BIANCA: Chi 40:20
I try to catch the coin.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 40:31
Oh, he catches it too fast for you, (overlapping) I don’t do this because it’s fun! (LUC: “Thank you Gaston.”) he holds a hand out is like “Sir,” and then you see that like you’re now all being you are being beckoned towards the Marquise. Marquise’ Estate, I’m sorry. Okay.

LUC: Zach 40:46
“Well, I bid you all Adieu.”

GAWAIN: Mason 40:49
“Now you look like you got important business to take care of I’ll just…” and I like back away.

BIANCA: Chi 40:56
Damn. I kind of look at one and then I look at the other one and I like the other one. Hhm…I really want to find out what they’re doing over there. But I guess it’s too obvious. So I’m just kind of shrug and do my vanish into the crowd thing.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 41:15
You vanish into the crowd. You’re very good at being unobtrusive. Luc, you are escorted up in your carriage up to the Marquise’ estate. And Gawain, we will you will find a pretty decently cheap tavern. And that has an inn that you can stay the night. Oh yeah. All right. We’re going to take a small break. I like 10 minutes, guys. 10 minutes. I will get it will pick up again to see what you guys do next. Okay.

GAWAIN: Mason 47:20
It’s my little (unintelligible) mascot.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 47:23
And…We’re back. What is the mascot?

GAWAIN: Mason 47:26
It’s a little death tyrant I got out of a booster thing.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 47:29
It’s nice. All right. Well, we’re back now. Everybody’s good. Everybody’s good. We’re going to jump back in.

We’re going to assume that the night was pretty uneventful. Gawain, Bianca, well Bianca what kind of lodgings are you looking for?

BIANCA: Chi 47:48
Um, I would say…like stables in an inn, not a not skeezy…say low middle, you know low middle class inn and then I’ll just see if I can shack up in the stables. I’m pretty small. So hopefully they win. Okay,

GAME MASTER: Desiree 48:10
So, we’ll say that you…there’s an inn by the tavern. That’s called the…The Trolls Beard. And there’s an inn nearby. That’s pretty cheap. Not the cheapest place in town. But both of you we’re not going to sacrifice your you know your necks out to save a couple of coin. So yeah. I’ll say that it actually the evening goes pretty uneventful. You get lodgings you get food, Luc, you are invited to have dinner obviously and stay at the Marquise’ estate. Um, do you does anybody do anything at night? Other than sleep? I suppose

LUC: Zach 48:54
I suppose I’d schmooze.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 48:56
Schmoozing. You’re schmoozing. Who are you schmoozing with?

LUC: Zach 49:00
Basically, anybody and everybody at the estate.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 49:06
Okay. We’re gonna, you know, we’ll let’s roll a trait and a skill for that one. And then for every raise that you’ve got, we’ll talk about people that you meet there and who you want to schmooze with.

BIANCA: Chi 49:18
I want to do something after he’s done.

LUC: Zach 49:21
Would it be empathy? Yeah, it was empathy. With I guess it’d be panache wouldn’t it? makes most sense?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 49:34
That does makes a lot of sense. I don’t think we’ve used panache yet. So give it a roll.
All right. So how many raises we looking at?

LUC: Zach 49:49
Okay, let me do math. *counts softly* one, two…I think three…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 49:54
Just three raises. You have any dice left over?

LUC: Zach 49:59
I don’t want…I don’t think so.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 50:01
Okay, no problem.

LUC: Zach 50:06
Um, oh, yes, I do. 11 11, plus an extra three…

(Overlapping) 50:12
I know. They they do it like dice. Oh, yeah.

(Overlapping) 50:19
So many. Okay, so yeah, i have

LUC: Zach 50:24
I’ve pared six of the seven dice to make above a 10. And then there’s one dice left over. That’s a three.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 50:29
All right. I will you sell me that one die, and I will give you an extra hero point?

LUC: Zach 50:35

GAME MASTER: Desiree 50:37
Okay. So, what happens is that I forgot to distribute it. But everybody has a hero point and how you spend those hero points is up to you, you can use them to activate certain powers, or to disable some of my powers, that sort of thing. You get one for each session, and then you can gain more hero points through the play. So, you know, you’ll do something interesting that if I’m particularly like inventive, I might give you here a point or you’ll use a power, but that will give you a hero point back. Another way to gain hero point is if I buy them off of you when you’re not using your raises. The problem with that is when I buy your dice, it also gives me a danger point. Yes, it is as as bad as it sounds like I could use it to just to mess with all of your plans at any time. So great. Yeah, but you still get your hero point I just get an extra point myself. Okay…
So, you have three raises, you were schmoozing up at the estates, who do you want to schmooze to? And I will say if you want to schmooze the Marquise herself, she’s gonna cost two raises. Like she’s, she’s, she’s friendly with you because of who you are. But we’re talking like getting in there.

LUC: Zach 51:56
I don’t think I’m going to go for the Marquise right now. I think I would like to schmooze with the head Butler.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 52:02
The head Butler, the head Butler’s name, should have had a thing up…is uh. Antoine. The head butler’s name is Antione. Um, do you want any particular information from him?

LUC: Zach 52:18
Um, I just kinda wanna you know, get on his good side. Okay. That’s about it.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 52:24
Okay. He’s an older gentleman, maybe about 50s and 60s, early 60s if that. He has been with the household for all basically all of his life. So, he knows the ins and outs of this place. The Marquise herself. And so therefore, this household has been here in Altamira for about three years now. So that’s how long he’s been situated in this exact house. Okay, is there anything else you want? Who else do want to be we have two more raises? You can use a raise to gain more information from your contact or get a new contact?

LUC: Zach 53:06
I’m going to see if I can schmooze with hold on… Can I schmooze with Maréchal Laurent Dupont…uh Maréchal Laurent Pointu?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 53:26
The Maréchal? Yes, that’s…Yes. Okay. So, he is there at the dinner, although he’s not. He’s not like the most noble of people if you wouldn’t, he sits pretty in a favorite seat next to the Marquise. He’s about you know, he’s kind of tall with long features of a very stern sort of look and when he introduces himself and one for the gossip that you hear it that he is the one who is really in charge of the troops here in Altamira not that the Marquise isn’t it said he she has commands he…he…he executes them. Is there anything else you want to know anybody else you want to meet?

LUC: Zach 54:26
Could I use a raise? Oh, man, it’s so. Oooh. Okay. So, would the surgeon that or other player will be to tutelaging under? Is he at this dinner?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 54:53
Yes, I will say he’s at this dinner. I’m…more out of of courtesy for you, then actually, him usually being at this dinner, you know, because like you are visiting, you’re obviously a favored guest of the Emperor. So they want to bring the important people of Altamira to you. And one of them is the most famed surgeon here in the city.

LUC: Zach 55:21
I would just like to acquaint myself with him as well.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 55:26
Oh, he’s very…He’s an older gentleman, but very nice, kind of definitely is out of his element with you and with this party, but he knows better. He’s on his best behavior. So, he, he’s obviously, someone have not necessarily of noble birth.

LUC: Zach 55:47

GAME MASTER: Desiree 55:49
All right. But the dinner goes without too much, you know, interest. It is exactly what you would expect it to be.

LUC: Zach 55:59

GAME MASTER: Desiree 56:01
Bianca, you said you wanted to do something?

BIANCA: Chi 56:04
Yes. I had a question to begin with how long has Altamira been…been held by Montaigne forces? You said that they’ve been there for three years longer?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 56:16
They’ve been there. The state has been there for three years. But the occupation has been about five years now.

BIANCA: Chi 56:24
Oh, okay. So, a considerable amount of time.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 56:26

BIANCA: Chi 56:27
And is the rest of Castile also under Montaigne rule? (DES: No.) No, so, are they still working on it? Like, are they still fighting?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 56:38
They’re not fighting with Castile at the moment, but they aren’t retreating from Altamira at this point.

BIANCA: Chi 56:47
Okay, how long has the stalemate been in place? Like ballpark?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 56:54
As long as the Marquise has been there?

BIANCA: Chi 57:00
Okay. (DES: Yes.) Okay. Okay, um, and then, so I wanted to, in The Trolls Beard, see if I can, one, see if I can score some ale to see if there’s anyone who traveled on the same boat as Luc, and see if I could get some gossip on him. And then I don’t know if Gawain is in the tavern or not, but I’m trying to do those two things.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 57:31
Alright, Gawain, are you in the tavern?

GAWAIN: Mason 57:33
Yes, I am in the tavern. I actually on a similar vein, am…am doing some like socializing and intel gathering. Okay, um, I kind of want to because this is more of a local color bar. And I am an able drinker. So, I’m not really worried about getting to sloshed to remember anything, but I want to get pretty deep, deep in my cups, make friends, some locals and figure out like, what life is is like here under occupation versus not under occupation. And literally just like, in that very sense of I’m trying to learn about the world like trying to learn about what people are actually going through, not just on paper, like the invasion began so many in so many years ago, at a certain point, Altamira, because I know that part, I know that a certain part Altamira was taken I know the administration has control. I know that the noble family sequestered away hell if I run into anyone who used to be a servant at the estate before you know became a Montaigne estate, that’d be even cooler.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 58:35
Okay. All right. So, um, Gawain and Bianca you can use since you’re both in the same like area in the same scene, you can choose to whether or not you want to pull your dice together, or you need a rolls and you do your approaches but like you know, if you have like some struggling dice leftover, you could probably put those two together and you know, use them collectively. (GAWAIN: Okay.) And I just want to make a point of note. Nobody from the…the Altamira previously ruling family is at this dinner.

LUC: Zach 59:10
No, no, like the Castilian…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 59:13
No, the nobles who are imprisoned or not at this dinner? Yes, they are at if you do ask any of you probably have asked around. Or you might notice in general, they’re at their estate. No one has no one sees them because they’re under guard. (LUC: Gotcha.) Okay. Back to you two at The Trolls Beard. Yes, there is a for Bianca looking for some ale that you have some ale they’re more of a mead sort of a tavern. But they have something for you. If you want to grab something there. The bartender is a bit confused because you are very young looking. But who is he to say so he just gives it to you? What do you what do you ask for?

BIANCA: Chi 59:52
Well, I mean, is it back? Is it a kind of tired than I can get wine?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 59:57
They do have like, two bottles of wine.

BIANCA: Chi 1:00:02
Well, if it’s trashy wine, then I don’t want it.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:00:06
It’s gonna be trashy wine.

BIANCA: Chi 1:00:08
Okay. All right. Okay, so and then I’m also trying to like get some intel so, do I get to choose which skill I use?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:00:21
You’re…you’re…you’re always running your…your trait and your skill. So whichever one you guys want to use, will be good for that.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:00:29

BIANCA: Chi 1:00:30
Can I use perform for that as I kind of try to get people talking about what I want to hear? (DES: Absolutely.)

GAWAIN: Mason 1:00:41
All right, man, I’m trying to decide if this is wits or panache?

BIANCA: Chi 1:00:47
I use perform and wits. The bonus die is that for the first time we use a skill or the first time we use a trait?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:00:57
Uh, I’ll go with trade. Well…use it I’m gonna go with trait for now. I can never remember to be honest.

BIANCA: Chi 1:01:06
Okay, I think I need to subtract one. Should I reroll?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:01:09
No, no, just subtract one. So how many raises you got?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:01:20
Is it a choice of…oh…(mumbles)…do I choose do or do I get to choose whether this is a wits or panache thing this is probably also empathy, I imagine.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:01:29
Yes. You…You get to choose I you know, whichever you want to use that time because remember, we’re using…um…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:01:37
doesn’t feel this doesn’t feel like wits I’m not like hyper manipulative.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:01:41
Right, right. I trust you guys. It’s less about like, I need to make sure you’re above board and more like you don’t get your extra bonus if you’ve already used a trait. So, if you want to hold on to it, you know,

GAWAIN: Mason 1:01:52
well, this is my first time using panache it’s also my first time rolling so submit.

BIANCA: Chi 1:01:57
Okay, so I’ll take a five out here. And then I get three raises. I think.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:02:03
three raises for Bianca.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:02:09
Did my role go through?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:02:11
No, it hasn’t come through yet.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:02:14
I have a bonus of one and then I hit Submit right? Neat. Okay, so that’s two raises. Wait, did it even give me my bonus. No.

BIANCA: Chi 1:02:31
It looks like you subtracted one.

LUC: Zach 1:02:33
It looks like you gave yourself (BIANCA:did you give yourself a penalty.?) a penalty.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:02:35
I believe that might be what I did. I’ll try it one more time. (GAME MASTER: I’ll re-roll ya.) So I hit I hit the button. Oh, that’s a penalty. Penalty is zero. Bonuses one…AH! Okay. Neato. So that’s….two raises…two raises with a hanging seven.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:03:00
Two raises and hanging seven. (GAWAIN: Yeah.) And three raises with a hanging…with a hang for Chi or no?

BIANCA: Chi 1:02:07
No, no, no hang cuz I had to, because I recently added a bonus initiative.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:03:15
Okay, so, Bianca. Let’s start declaring things about like what you find it kind of information you’re finding. So who are you schmoozing? And what are you looking for?

BIANCA: Chi 1:03:22
I’m schmoozing specifically sai…sailors that traveled with Luc. (GAME MASTER: Luc. The crew…) So, I want through then anybody and then you said that they travel together. So you know, with the Marquise’s, people so I’m just trying to get like, what did they think of these people, but they sailed over with?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:03:42
Okay, um, you meet some of the crew members that were hired by Luc. So they’re not part of his his household, per se. But they they spent some time with him. And, but they don’t know the Marquise. They only know him because he hired them. But they can tell you like, what are you looking at? Like, what are you looking for in terms of Luc’s boat?

BIANCA: Chi 1:04:11
Like, what kind of like what kind of person he is like? What? Like, what kind of stuff does he have? Like what you know, like, you know, I’m just trying to dig some dig up some dirt. Just Yeah, him bringing any whores with him. Like I man, I’m trying to figure out what kind of person is (GAWAIN: How many whores?) Yeah.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:04:30
How many whores did you bring with you, Luc?

LUC: Zach 1:04:33
Probably zero.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:04:34
Very good. What you find it really is that Luc isn’t. You were expecting horror stories about him. And we’re actually not finding any not that he’s like everything’s all sunshine and roses. But as for everybody who’s very quick to point out like as far as nobles that they’ve worked for, or that they’ve been, you know, tasked to be helping Luc it’s pretty good. In fact, he actually cares about them as human beings.

BIANCA: Chi 1:04:58
Not what I wanted to hear.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:04:59
I know! It’s awful you hate this!

BIANCA: Chi 1:05:01
So irritating.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:05:05
Confirm my biases!!!

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:05:11
Both of you, now are at two raises. What do you, who wants to…

LUC: Zach 1:05:15
*Whispers* Des! Can you switch the twitch overlay?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:05:17
Sorry. Thank you.

So you have two raises each. Who wants to choose what…what you find out next? (BIANCA: Go ahead.) Gawain?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:05:33
Um, I guess I’d like to use my first raise to basically if I can meet someone who maybe at some time was there when everyone was ousted from the estate and like, learn something about like the current situation of the ruling family. (DES: Okay, well…) like a former Butler or a former like maid or a former cook even that just like his in a little bit of the know about what happened. And then I would really love to know like, if just like in my drinking with these locals, one of them just blabbers like something like, Hey, you know, people don’t…don’t always believe me, but the Marquise is up to this. (DES: Oh! You want one of those!) Like, I, I…I think that these Montaigniens are like, like, I want to, I want to find I’m looking for evidence of something sinister.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:06:33
Oooh! Okay.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:06:34
That’s like, because, you know, something of this smacks of Avalon and Inish that like the occupation doesn’t sit well with me. I didn’t like the whole like, yeah, all look at our flag. That seems stupid. (DES: Yeah. Okay.) No one here seems to like it, who wasn’t wearing like a ruffled shirt.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:06:54
Yeah, that is definitely fi…what you find out like, near immediately is as you guys go into the tavern, after the, you know, after they pulled down the Montaigne flag, everybody’s so…like, once they’re away from the center…and you will notice like, now there’s no soldiers in this tavern. It’s more it is definitely a locals bar. When they get in there everyone’s just grumbling about it about how like every day, every day, they have to, you know, stand outside and pretend that they care about the Emperor, you know, who has taken their land and, you know, is basically subjected their, you know, the noble family under house arrest. You, you know, you’re, you’re kind of talking and you’re trying to see with people like, Oh, you know, have you were you there. And eventually you do find somebody who an older older woman who was a former cook, now that she’s a little bit too old, she’s, she had been retired. But she’s now at the tavern. And she’s telling you about you know, there was a huge riot and war that happened. That led to where that finally is when Altamira had to be surrendered to the Montaigniens. Lots of people died. But even some of the ruling the ruling noble family, of Altamira. And it has been a lot of so since then, because of the Montaignien occupation, the bloodshed has gone down significantly, and there are less uprisings, riots about the occupation since then, but they haven’t gone away. Simply…in fact, almost as if, like, the first year, it was pretty bad. And then the second year kind of trickled off. Now they’re kind of coming into like the third or the fifth year, depending on how you look at it. And people just getting antsy once more, you know, like, it was it sucked in the beginning, it’s fine. And now it’s like (GAWAIN: people are starting to…) Yes…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:09:01
Start to shit rattle their chains a little.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:09:06
Right. As you know, you’re also kind of looking for information about the Marquise and you know, a lot of people talk about how cruel she is. She’s a mean woman. And it’s also very scandalous that she’s as a Montaignien and she’s not very religious. Whereas everybody in Castile is. So she doesn’t attend church, you know, terrible things. And you can kind of hear somebody’s grumbling you know, kind of grumbling as he drinks and and no one pays him to mind because he says it first and you thought you heard it, but no one seemed to listen. And then when he said it again, people were pointedly ignoring. And you hear him grumble about how the Marquise likes to torture prisoners in her garden.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:09:55
I have this moment of like, like I’m taking a sip of my drink that’s that’s that’s that’s exceedingly dark.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:10:05
It kind of (mumbles) he looks at you and he says like that is just it is what it is. It is she’s an evil woman, the Marquise. But he says it very low. As he says they kind of like looks around to make sure that there are no soldiers around.

BIANCA: Chi 1:10:21
I’m like, at the end of the bar. Not that you’d be able to tell because I’m like the height of the stool, but…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:10:29
You’re listening in.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:10:32
There’s this much head sticking over,

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:10:35
Like and then the eyes pop up.

BIANCA: Chi 1:10:37
I can lean I can lean on like a stool.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:10:40

GAWAIN: Mason 1:10:42
I kind of have this (unintelligible) child in a bar. Some things don’t change.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:10:51
Bianca, do you have any more questions? Or do or Gawain would you like to follow up on that?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:10:56
Um. Yeah. How often do people wind up in prisoned?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:11:03
And again, I think you know, he kind of like leaned in close to you as well. And he says, the prisons full. The prisons always full and when they add more people, they just send them up to the Marquise house. And we haven’t seen them since.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:11:22
Aye, that’s… Terrible. Let me buy you around.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:11:26
Oh, of course. And yeah. And you know, hold up his hand I mean cups to get them refilled with more mead.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:11:37
That’s good mead. Good mead.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:11:39
Oh, Sigsvald, he makes the best Mead, you know, around town.

BIANCA: Chi 1:11:44
There’s no such thing as good mead.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:11:47
Child. Try the mead. What are you drinking? (GAWAIN: There’s plenty of kinds of drink!) What are you drinking?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:11:55
Most of them are good except for Gin.

BIANCA: Chi 1:11:57
Not mead.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:11:59
Drinking that wine swill!

BIANCA: Chi 1:12:02
It’s all you people have here.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:12:07
Vodacce children and their wine obsession. But he gladly takes the alcohol that you give him and everybody kind of just like shakes their head at you guys as well at the small child drinking at Gawain filling this, you know what they see the crazy man and his cup. And you know, he’ll drink to that.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:12:33
I’ll look over to the child, “So, are you crewed on one of the ships out there?”

BIANCA: Chi 1:12:40
I was. But now not.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:12:44
Oh, yeah. Making your own way hat that’d be it.

BIANCA: Chi 1:12:48
Actually, yeah, that’s exactly it.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:12:51
All right. Well, I can respect that meet anyone (BIANCA:You’re a long way from home.) You figured that did you

BIANCA: Chi 1:13:01
I think everybody has.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:13:02
Yeah, farthest I’ve ever been.

BIANCA: Chi 1:13:05
No kidding.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:13:06

BIANCA: Chi 1:13:09
I gotta roll my eyes. And so you’ve been in town for one day. And now you’re going to start shit with the Marquise?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:13:16
I’m not startin’ shit with the Marquise. I just, I’m a listener. I like to listen, I like to learn.

BIANCA: Chi 1:13:23
Mhm. Look over at the, the mead guy.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:13:27
I like to drink.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:13:29
He like raises his glass his cup at that.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:13:32
I only recently discovered I like to drink and I’m quite good at it.

BIANCA: Chi 1:13:37
Oh, boy. I just kind of shake my little head. SMH.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:13:47
you know, something about you? You know, I kind of give you like a drunken leer. You got like a a wisdom in the eyes.

BIANCA: Chi 1:13:57
Yeah, well don’t get any ideas. And I like potato peeler, like in his face.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:14:02
Oh, no. We all know the potato peeler is mightier than the sword. (DES: Oh, gosh.)

BIANCA: Chi 1:14:08
Don’t forget it. And then I put the potato peeler away.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:14:11
Believe me. It’s an Inish proverb.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:14:15
Bianca, you’ve got two raises.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:14:17
You haven’t heard of the Inish potato famine?

BIANCA: Chi 1:14:22
Can’t say that I have.
I think I I used one find out about Luc.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:14:34
Yes. You have one more. Oh, you had three raises. Oh, you originally had three raises. You used one to find about Luc. So you still have two of ‘em left.

BIANCA: Chi 1:14:41
Maybe a good way to get into the Marquise household?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:14:45
Marquise household?

BIANCA: Chi 1:14:46
Oh, yeah. Like still like, I mean, they’re short gardener/stable boys. You know what I mean? Just like they were I was up there. They were hiring for so and so like, yeah, just like a good way to get in there.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:15:01
Yeah…you hear that…You know, kitchen staff is always good, especially now that there’s an extra nobleman that’s in town. So, everybody’s kind of talking as it all with the nobleman don’t need more servants don’t need more kitchen maids. You know, in general, there’s a lot of openings that you’re hearing about. So, depending on how you want to get in the servant route actually isn’t a bad route.

BIANCA: Chi 1:15:27
Yeah, that sounds good. Okay, and then I kind of maybe I’ll go get a job that I tell this guy.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:15:38
I mean, it’s a good way to make coin. Wait, are you getting a job with the Marquise estate?

BIANCA: Chi 1:15:46
That’s where all the money is.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:15:48
All right, fair point. Fair point. It’s just sounds like a bad place to get involved, if you know what I mean. You know, torture, occupation, unrest. Moral gray areas.

BIANCA: Chi 1:16:04
Well, I live in those.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:16:06
Oh, that’s not a great place to live.

BIANCA: Chi 1:16:08
It’s actually a very comfortable.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:16:13
I don’t have a good response for that. I’m going to continue drinking. I don’t do more gray areas. In fact, you could say I’m not allowed to but yeah, I don’t do more gray areas.

BIANCA: Chi 1:16:23
What do you mean, you’re not allowed to?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:16:25
What do you mean you’re not allowed to, says the ale-drinking man.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:16:30
It’s important to have a code right?

BIANCA: Chi 1:16:32
It’s important to live a little!

GAWAIN: Mason 1:16:36
I mean, I’m…I’m in a I’m in an occupied Castilian port town drinking mead for the first time so well, not the first time I’m drinking this kind of mead for the first time. It’s got a little bit of a kick. And I’m talking to a potato peeler wielding…

BIANCA: Chi 1:16:54
B, You can call me B.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:16:58
B, Gawain Cullfairth.

BIANCA: Chi 1:17:02

GAWAIN: Mason 1:17:02
Sure you are.

BIANCA: Chi 1:17:07
What are you gonna do when you run out of coin in this town?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:17:11
Oh, I mean, I’ve been pretty conservative about it, but I’ll probably find a job doing something. I can hold something at the docks. I can do a little bit of fishin’ here and there. You know, I grew up roughin’ it a little bit, so I’m pretty sure I can handle it.

BIANCA: Chi 1:17:24
Yeah? Then you should get a job as a Marquise gardener.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:17:28
You know, I do like a good garden.

BIANCA: Chi 1:17:30
Mm hmm. One with dead bodies hanging in it.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:17:33
Oh, I forgot about that part. You know, someone…

BIANCA: Chi 1:17:36
(Overlapping/Mic cut out) had to be good.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:17:39
Yeah. Someone or someone good ought to do something about that.

BIANCA: Chi 1:17:42
Oh, yeah. You totally should do that.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:17:45
Mm hmm. I totally should.

BIANCA: Chi 1:17:47
(Mic cut out) be the kind of guy that would do gardening.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:17:50
Ha ha! Right. Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug.

BIANCA: Chi 1:17:56
Well, maybe I’ll see up there in the morning.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:17:58
Maybe maybe I will. Maybe I will. Maybe I’ll see maybe I’ll pilfer chocolates for Mr. Mr coiffed beard.

BIANCA: Chi 1:18:09
Oh, that bastard.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:18:10
Very well kept beard.

BIANCA: Chi 1:18:12
Yeah, well, I have reason to believe that Montaigne bastards just stay bastards no matter how they look.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:18:20
My dear sweet mum she had no she wasn’t fond of the rich folks neither.

BIANCA: Chi 1:18:28
I don’t have anything to say to that.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:18:32
Meh, she just didn’t like ‘em. Said they were…What was her word…conniving?

BIANCA: Chi 1:18:36
That’s a good word for it. I agree with your dear mom.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:18:42
She was right about a lot of things. And now I think I’ll just keep drinking into the night at a certain point.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:18:48

GAWAIN: Mason 1:18:50
Just stepping over drunk Castilians at the end of the night to go to my room.

BIANCA: Chi 1:18:53
Yeah, I just…see how long it takes to see if he’ll like fall off his stool. Just out of curiosity.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:18:58
Do you have any special skills going?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:19:01
I have a normal resolve but I have the able drinker advantage.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:19:05
Oh, you don’t see it ever happen? (Chi: Damn!) It is upsetting on so many levels.

BIANCA: Chi 1:19:11
When people tell you they don’t drink that much. And then they’re sitting there drinking you’re kind of like oh, this is gonna be good.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:19:17
Everybody was actually waiting for it because I was like, oh this lightweight, but it never happened. (GAWAIN: Nope.) And there yeah, there are several drunken Castilians on the floor now.

BIANCA: Chi 1:19:27
Any with some obvious coin just hanging out.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:19:32
If you want to use your last raise Sure, you can take some.

BIANCA: Chi 1:19:35
Yep, maybe I’ll pilfer like a few coins. I don’t empty a purse and I never take the full purse. I just kind of take a few coins. So they’re like did I spend that much. I guess I must have and then I pocket them. (DES: Okay.) Just a little bit. Just give a little bit off the top when they drop.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:19:52
Okay, well, you…you recognize this man you know who’s currently snoring up a storm as you take from his pockets. He mentioned that he was working at the at the estate of the not the Marquise of the the…the imprisoned La Grande family. He was working as a gardener. (BIANCA:Not the Marquise, but the who) the the…the imprisoned family, the noble family, he was working as a gardener in that estate. (BIANCA:Oh, and he does he have anything else in his pockets that might interest me) With his coins, which you know, you have to rifle around for looking for his like pocket, there’s a pocket there. A bag and then you look around for secret pocket is like oh, there’s this is actually where all the money is. So you find like his real money bag. You go through it. And there’s also a small parchment note that says “it is almost time.” And then it signed, G (BIANCA:G. And do I know of any of the noble family or anything like that, that that might match that name?) I’m would say would you? This is one of those things will do. What’s your what’s your history? Like? Like what in terms of your knowledge of history?

BIANCA: Chi 1:21:10
Moderate I mean, she was kind of like, she was kind of like a jock in school. She wasn’t really paying attention. (DES: And honestly, it’s probably very doubtful.) Yeah, my scholarship is like, no.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:21:20
So you don’t know, unfortunately. But you know, you can at least actually does Bianca read?

BIANCA: Chi 1:21:29
Um, no. (overlapping) (DES: Yeah, so most of the Vodacce can’t read. So, you just see that note.) Bianca can’t read that well, especially if it’s in Castilian, right? (DES: Yes.) Or sorry. I don’t know. Okay, so I grab it. It looks scribbly, (DES: and it seems important.) I did hear what this guy’s said. And it looks important. So I’m gonna go sneak off after the Inish guy.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:21:54
Okay, you are drunk, but you’re not messy. So you’re fine as you’re stepping over Castilians, Bianca runs up to you.

BIANCA: Chi 1:22:09
And I kind of start after you and then like, pull you into like and by pull. I mean, like, tug into a maybe like the hallway toward the rooms or something like that.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:22:22
Okay. I…I…I follow.

BIANCA: Chi 1:22:26
I said, “Hey, this guy had this on him. What’s it say?”

GAWAIN: Mason 1:22:30
It says

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:22:32
Well, Gawain, do you speak or read Castilian?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:22:37

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:22:38
Poorly. Okay, cool.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:22:41
I mean, I understood that we know a few languages. And like for this one, I I kind of selected that my other two languages are Castilian, or Montaigne (DES: that works…that works! So, you do know. I just wanted to make sure.) that and I that and I know like Inish that like, it’s just like, What the hell are you speaking? And it’s just like, too many consonants?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:22:55
No no no, that’s fair. I just wanna make sure otherwise, it’s like, okay, we gotta find one more person who could speak.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:23:00
I found the language I am of the language that gave us the the name Siobhan, yet spelling of Siobhan. So, there’s that?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:23:08
Yes. All right. Um, you do read? You’re able to read the letter?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:23:12
Yeah, I’m read it. Yeah, accent is terrible. If I try to speak this language, it’s terrible. It’s insulting. But yeah, I read it out loud.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:23:23
And then, um, do you have…what is your knowledge in the world like,

GAWAIN: Mason 1:23:28
I have, I have one rank in the skill of scholarship. And the way I kind of interpret that is I know very much the, I know my own history very well, and the history of my land of my people. And then I have the kind of the city, LAUSD public school, you know, like, what I was taught was what I really need to know about like, Eisen, Montaigne, and like, I have a vague knowledge of the other nations. I don’t really know who everyone’s key players are past a certain like I know, the king. I know, Queen Elaine, I know, the Grandes and the Cardinals. I know, like, I know who the major power players are. But once you break down into like, who serves who and who reports to the Emperor and who’s responsible for what that falls apart for me.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:24:17
I would…How old is Gawain?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:24:19
I’d say looking at like, 22, 23.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:24:21
Okay, I would say that you don’t know if they’re speaking to be honest question that you would inevitably ask is, don’t know if anybody’s name would fit this. But like, you only know who the major players are in Altamira, which is the Marquise and the head of the family. And his name does not start with a G.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:24:42
Yeah, so his name is not G and I didn’t sign this. So…

BIANCA: Chi 1:24:49
I think that maybe we’re going to have a rebellion in our hands pretty quick.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:24:53
I think you Yeah, I think you do. Right. Good job sniffing out the rebellion.

BIANCA: Chi 1:24:58
How fun.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:25:00
Yeah. Well, I’m. I’ll be going off to bed.
BIANCA: Chi 1:25:05
Yeah, I’ll see you at the Marquise’s in the morning, bye!

GAWAIN: Mason 1:25:08
Yeah, sure. Gardner right? (BIANCA: I head off to the stables.)

BIANCA: Chi 1:25:11
He’s still like talking about

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:25:15
the guy that you’ve been drinking with. He’s just shaking his head of both of you. He’s I told you not to go there.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:25:23
If you go to sleep,

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:25:25
Yes. You guys go. (BIANCA:Oh, wait, wait, the guy the bar still there?) Oh, he was kind of drinking with you. He might be kind of like, about to pass out.

BIANCA: Chi 1:25:33
Okay. Well, I’ll go back to him really quick. And I like, go and then it seems like it’s gonna be the potato peeler, but it’s actually not it’s a stiletto. And I put it in his face, like really close. And I’m like, you never saw me and we never spoke. And then I (mic cuts out)

GAWAIN: Mason 1:26:00
(unintelligible) knife daughter,

LUC: Zach 1:26:02
Daughter of the knife…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:26:04
Daughter of the knife…we’ll go to the next scene. Otherwise, other than you know, scaring the bejesus out of people. The morning comes. While you guys are sleeping at The Trolls Beard, you do hear like in the middle of the night, some ruckus outside. It’s just a lot of noise. People kind of like a couple of people kind of screaming and laughing. And then people giving chase and screaming for them. People put a stop and blah, blah, blah. But very quickly moves like beyond through the neighborhood. So, like, you hear it kind of coming down the street, people will laughing then stop Blah blah blah blah blah, and then it goes away. You never hear from it again.

BIANCA: Chi 1:26:50
When I stick my my head out the stable door do I see?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:26:54
You see retreating figures. But four like two a head and then following them. They are carrying bayonets on their back. So you can guess that those are soldiers. (BIANCA: Okay.) But other than the front two you don’t know who’s at the front.

BIANCA: Chi 1:27:13
And they’re running after someone?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:27:14
Yeah, two people.

BIANCA: Chi 1:27:18
I want to run after too. But quietly and hidey-hidey to just to see. I want to know how this town rolls. So okay, I was gonna right after

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:27:26
All right. Um, let’s, let’s do what do you what are you gonna role for that? Like, how do you want to approach that?

BIANCA: Chi 1:27:35
I just want to kind of like, run after them quickly in the shadows, just, I just want to run up quick enough so that I could see who they’re chasing. But I don’t need to interfere or anything like that.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:27:46
Okay. Um, I am going to spend one of my danger points to declare that by the time that you get out through the window, or through or through the thing, they’ve now gone, we they’re going to you won’t be able to catch them.

BIANCA: Chi 1:28:04
Okay, okay. All right. I go back in.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:28:06
You go back in your back in, but it weighs upon your mind for a bit.

BIANCA: Chi 1:28:10

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:28:11
The next morning. You’re awoken by the sun rising, and you sort of roosters nearby. And then also, if you’re Luc, you sleep through all of this, because this is all happening in town and you’re living the life. But in the town, you’re also once again, woken up. And as you as everybody goes to their morning routine, you hear the trumpets once more. Because it is time to raise the flag and as everybody files out, you guys at The Trolls Beard, along with all the other patrons that are staying there are also, you know, marched out to witness the raising of the flag. And when you go there, it will all the soldiers are lining up in their little lines and a little rows, and you wait for the the entourage to come in with the flag. And you wait.
And you start looking around at each other as you wait more. Because now for you guys, Bianca and Gawain, this has never happened before. You’ve never seen them raise the flag before. But eventually, (BIANCA:Is Luc there?) Luc is not there yet. But no one from the Marquise (LUC: Can I be?). Yeah, maybe you can be if you wanted to kind of wake up early. (LUC: Can I wake up early?) You woke up early. You came down. You decided wanted to go down to town early. And you see, (LUC: wanted to check out the port.) Yeah. You see everybody kind of like lining up as you expected them to be. And but after well, none of the flags that are the flag people show up. And then after a couple of like, you know, hushed words, because I was the troops just disperse the crowds. Like go back with your day. And that’s it the there’s no flag rolling up. Nothing of that sort.

BIANCA: Chi 1:30:08
I’m next to go in and I’m like somebody’s in trouble.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:30:20
Anything to do with our reading material from last night?

BIANCA: Chi 1:30:27
I don’t know that sounds a little bit more serious than this.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:30:30
I’m just kind of worried. I got a man trashed and he missed an important thing.

BIANCA: Chi 1:30:34
I think that guy was too stupid to do anything like this.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:30:38
That’s a lot of spite for someone who’s like what 12?

BIANCA: Chi 1:30:41
Heh! That’s all I say. Heh!

LUC: Zach 1:30:46
Now, can I can I see them in the crowd?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:30:49
Yes, you can. I mean, definitely. Bianca tends to blend in because of just her height and her demeanor but Gawain sticks out like a sore Inish thumb. So, you can see him.

LUC: Zach 1:31:00
Can I walk up behind them and then in Vodacce say first chocolates now flags?

BIANCA: Chi 1:31:08
And I like jump…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:31:10
In Inish, I turn to both you and I’m like *fake Gaelic/Inish speaking* and like that’s how it feels

BIANCA: Chi 1:31:17
I like move behind Gawain saying hey I didn’t do anything

LUC: Zach 1:31:23
Just a little jest.

BIANCA: Chi 1:31:25
It wasn’t funny.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:31:31
Um, fancy running into you

LUC: Zach 1:31:34
Yeah. Oh, and I’ve also I’m not in fancy clothes I’m in like traveling leathers I look less Montaigne.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:31:40
Yeah, obviously look less noble but do you still look like yourself? Or are you actively disguising? Like

LUC: Zach 1:31:46
You know like anyone who knows me can tell I’m me. I’m just like the Castilians probably won’t…super I’m not super obviously Montaigne.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:31:56
Yeah, and you didn’t you just arrived yesterday so it’s not like everybody knows who you are quite yet. Right? (LUC: Right.) Okay.

LUC: Zach 1:32:02
And so now I do have like my rapier strapped on and my traveling leather leathers…

BIANCA: Chi 1:32:12
I hide behind Gawain.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:32:17
One second. I’m having a technical difficulty as my microphone fell. (DES: Oh no!)

BIANCA: Chi 1:32:19
Very unfortunate.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:32:20
Yes. We’re good now.

BIANCA: Chi 1:32:28
So, as I said, I’m hiding behind Gawain.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:32:32
I wasn’t expecting to run into Gentry right in the morning.

LUC: Zach 1:32:37
I’m an early riser. I like to explore.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:32:43
There’s a lot to look at first time in Altamira

LUC: Zach 1:32:46
Is true.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:32:47
Myself as well.

BIANCA: Chi 1:32:49
Hey. Did you stay at the Marquise’s last night? (LUC: I did.) See any dead bodies hanging from the garden trees?

LUC: Zach 1:32:58
No. (GAWAIN: Oi, oi, wow!) Although I did not go into the garden so, who’s to say? (BIANCA:Oh well maybe it’s a yes then.)

GAWAIN: Mason 1:33:13
Well, uh, we were yeah enjoying some of the local color last night. It’s a rather, rather really good folk around here.

LUC: Zach 1:33:25
They seem to be

BIANCA: Chi 1:33:27
Yeah, just I think the both of us were looking to make a little coin while we’re in town. (LUC: Oh!) Yeah. gotta pay the way I’m make maybe I’ll maybe I’ll be able to afford a horse.

LUC: Zach 1:33:37
Oh, what a hearse? . (GAWAIN: A horse.) A horse. I gotcha. (GAWAIN: With hooves.) With hooves. Yes, yes. Back in my land we call those chevals.

BIANCA: Chi 1:33:52
I’m rolling my eyes behind both of them.

LUC: Zach 1:33:57
Well, I suppose I’ve gotten to know the head Butler at the Marquise. Maybe I could put in a good word if you really wanted.

GAWAIN: Mason1:34:11
I’d be much obliged if you would do such a thing for me and I consider it a kindness and I’d return one in like

LUC: Zach 1:34:24
And you little one?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:34:26
I step to the side. I really don’t think the man have any has any you know, dark or sinister intention for you.

BIANCA: Chi 1:34:34
I don’t know. I haven’t heard anything good about that…what was it? De la Monde? Something like that?

LUC: Zach 1:34:42
De la Morte?

BIANCA: Chi 1:34:44
That’s you right?

LUC: Zach 1:34:47
Me, Luc? Luc Gerard de la Morte?


BIANCA: Chi 1:34:49
Yeah, yeah.

LUC: Zach 1:34:54
That just means I’m from…

BIANCA: Chi 1:35:00
Yeah, okay.

LUC: Zach 1:35:02
Slow and steady as they say.

BIANCA: Chi 1:35:05
Slow is what I say.

LUC: Zach 1:35:07
Resilient from harm?

BIANCA: Chi 1:35:09

LUC: Zach 1:35:10
A home wherever he goes. (Bianca overlapping)

BIANCA: Chi 1:35:15
Well, listen home wherever you go. I’d watch out because I don’t think because I don’t think the Castilians are too happy with all your people trotting around.

LUC: Zach 1:35:23
I’d imagine they’re not. I wouldn’t like it if I was kicked out of my home either.

BIANCA: Chi 1:35:32
Squinty eyes.

LUC: Zach 1:35:36
Innocent expression. Pardon?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:35:44
You aren’t arguing that it’s become your people’s home. And I kind of like nod towards the direction of the estate.

LUC: Zach 1:35:53
It sure doesn’t seem like it’s my people’s home does it?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:35:57
No, I think we’d agree on that.

LUC: Zach 1:35:59
I’m kind of like glancing around as I talk, making sure there’s no like Montaigne’s around.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:36:13
Like minded folk in this land(?) bumbling into one another.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:36:18
Well, as you guys are talking, and you’re kind of giving each other the squinty eyes and the innocent faces and knowing glances, you hear the sounds of a scuffle, sort of come come over. And then all of a sudden, lots of yelling. If you guys were like over here, kind of talking, where you were looking towards the center of the square, the center of town, you hear people kind of starting to rush it, people kind of starting to swarm it, and then realizing what’s happening. There’s lots of screaming and lots of yelling. But we’re going to take a small break. We’ll hold off on that. Back in like five minutes, guys.

LUC: Zach 1:36:59

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:42:00
There we go. Sound is on! We are back. We are ready to jump right into it.
So last we left you guys. You were in the town square-ish. You just were talking and you had just witnessed the fact that there was no far up flag. There’s no flag. And after a while of like, chatting, glaring, that sort of thing. You come back. And now there are a group of people kind of swarming together and then screaming and yelling and trying to charge um, as they move kind of closer to where the center of the town was. Is anybody doing anything in particular, or just waiting to see how this kind of shakes out?

LUC: Zach 1:42:49
It appears there’s a kerfuffle.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:42:51
Yeah, I think we should move safe distance away. And just make sure no one gets trampled and maybe just get a just see what happens. (LUC: See what happens?) I mean, you’re going to go in there and draw steel yourself?

LUC: Zach 1:43:07
Mhm? No.

BIANCA: Chi 1:43:09
Not until I see more of what’s happening.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:43:12
Ok. So the swarm kind of like you know, moves, and weaves until finally it kind of stops at the center and people are being physically pushed back to make space until people are kind of like pushing back to where it’s closer to you guys now you can send it into the center. And you see are about a dozen of the soldiers kind of holding everybody back while two men hold two young boys by their backs, hands behind their backs. They both look like they’ve already been beaten up before you know They’ve got a bloody lip, they’ve got a start swolling, swelling in their eyebrow, and now they’re being moved forward. And who you see kind of come down through the middle now as everybody’s all the soldiers are giving him birth is Luc, you recognized him; you met him the night before. This is the Maréchal Pointu. He’s this, as I told Zack before, he was a tall kind of stern looking man. He’s now dressed in his military uniform befitting his stature. He looks around and he everybody’s kind of screaming you hear a woman cry a couple of women crying as their sons are um, pulled into the center of this. And the Maréchal here looks at everybody and says, “Last night, somebody stole the flag of Montaigne and decided to desecrate it.” And he kind of turns and you can see that the flag that was hanging up with last night or yesterday and was taken down in full view that was pristine is now dirty with both dirt and probably fecal matter strewn all over the the Golden Sun of that the Mont…that the Montaigniens use for their Emperor. And he says, and the Maréchal looks everybody says, “This will not stand. I don’t care how old you are, or who you think you are. This is the Emperor’s city. Make no mistake.” And he looks at the the two men who are holding the two boys and he nods at them and they start to pull the boys back and tie them up to the post that’s there. And everybody, you know, the people around you are now just yelling. These boys don’t look any more than like 12, 13 years old. You know, Bianca when you heard the laughing you couldn’t tell because you know, it’s a very faraway laughter. But now, in retrospect, I think yeah, that was the sound of children laughing not actually like, you know, grown adults. And they’re being put to, uh, being tied to the post. And as one of the soldiers raised his hand he backhands the one of the boys who falls to the ground starts crying. And then he proceeds to beat him. This is…what do you…what do you your reactions, your gut reactions?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:46:36
Can I activate my Virtue, Altruistic, and jump in front of the meeting?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:46:41
Okay, so do you want to…you’ll get to…you…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:46:46
I end up taking the wounds for the beating but he’s he’s beaten up a kid in front of me. I don’t think my character even with under confidence is okay with that.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:46:53
Right? Um, you activate your, your Virtue, which means in you spend a hero point to do it?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:47:02
Let me see I believe so. Yeah, I do. I spend I technically I’m supposed to if I’m looking at it, I’m pulling it up right now.

BIANCA: Chi 1:47:09
As he’s about to do that. Bianca was just commenting. Like we’re about to see what happens when people in power. Get to wield it. (GAWAIN: Yeah.) And then and then this fool was about to…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:47:23
Well, it says activate your Virtue to suffer a risk consequences in place of another hero. I don’t know if you’ll allow this in place of an NPC child.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:47:30
I won’t allow it. Well, I’ll allow it. I’m…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:47:35
But, not as like the I’m not spending a hero point.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:47:38
Yeah. Well, you…(BIANCA:That’s how you get the hero point. I think) We’ll double check that but well, we’ll hold up your we’ll…we’ll…we’ll give you something. Um,

GAWAIN: Mason 1:47:48
I yeah, I’m getting involved, I don’t care how…

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:47:49
I will give…That’s actually a good point. I’ll give you a hero point cuz you’re using it on an NPC. You would use it if like you wanted to protect one of the PCs. Okay. Okay. But since your using on an NPC, and because it’s very, you know, I find it very dashing. I’m going to give you an extra hero point for that. (GAWAIN: All right.) Okay. So you go in there he he’s about to raise his fist to hit the the the 12 year old boy. And you immediately…How do you stop him? You are going to stop it. So just do it. Tell me how.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:48:19
I think I’m going to just, man, if that’s…I’m just gonna shoulder check this guy. (DES: Okay.) I might not be that heavy, but I’m athletic. And I know how to hurl myself at someone in a combat. I also know the (mumbles) And so yeah, I’m just going to shoulder check him before he beats the kid again.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:48:35

GAWAIN: Mason 1:48:36
(overlapping) He said, he says I’m like, I like in his face. “Not bloody enough for you frickin monster.”

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:48:42
Ah, you…Very cool. I like it. Um, he, unfortunately you do will end up getting taking the wounds that were for the boy for yourself. So, you’re going to take three wounds.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:48:55

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:48:56
but, you know, but it’s, but you honestly you take the hit. And then you check him so hard. he stumbles to the ground. All right. Who else wants to move? or do anything?

BIANCA: Chi 1:49:12
Bianca just says, “Oh shit!” in but in Vodacce, obviously. As she just stands there…

LUC: Zach 1:49:18
Yeah. Luc’s gonna whisper to himself, like just talking to himself, “Now is not the time…”

GAWAIN: Mason 1:49:25
“I’ve done something incredibly stupid,” I think to myself.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:49:31
You know, honestly, your actions have emboldened all the people that are watching. (BIANCA:Oh no.) Yes. Yes. So now everybody has like a (mumbles) like no, we’re not gonna stand for it! And these are just kids. And so, people, not Luc or so people are now like screaming, they’re like, yeah, you know, you know, we’re not gonna watch this. And so they start to push against the soldiers who are holding them back, which is now making them push back as well. So, what started as like a, we are now at a riot tipping point. So, everybody, let’s talk about we’re going to move into like an action sequence. So, this is for lack of a better term. This is like your the combat initiative. But obviously, you can do things that are not combat related. So, we have about 12 we have a dozen soldiers just holding back the crowd. And we have two that were holding one each one of them are holding, or we have at least one of the boys and then the Maréchal himself. Okay? But we’re not gonna, honestly other than those three, we’re not we’re going to deal with the rest of ‘em as just like one big blob. So how do you guys want to move? You know, what do you guys are thinking about?

LUC: Zach 1:50:51
I would like to try and convince the Maréchal to release the boys to avoid a rebellion/a riot.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:51:06
Okay. So, you’re going to you’re you’re specifically trying to, like, bring down all the tension? (LUC: Yes.) Okay. Cool. We’ll hold on to that and think about what you want to roll for that. And, um, Gawain, what about you? What are you thinking about?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:51:24
I think I want to knock out these two guards, so I could let these two boys run.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:51:28
Okay. So, you have one down on the ground already. But he’s not like out he’s just like, made him stumble to the ground.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:51:35
I think I’m gonna free the boys so they can flee.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:51:36
All right. So, you’re, you want to free the boys.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:51:38
Yeah. And I’ll do it by cutting them out with my sword. And the whole time I do it. There’s this look on my face. Like muttering to myself in my hand is shaking. And then as soon as the sword is like out all the sudden, it’s super steady.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:51:53
I’m into it. Bianca, how ‘bout you?

BIANCA: Chi 1:51:57
Bianca wants to to use her Arcana. And read so that she can get basically a feel for the for the Virtue and Hubris of these two, two men, and then also the strands of fate of like boys and the people around her. She would do that first, before making a decision on what she would want to do. But she definitely doesn’t want to jump in there or make any spectacle of herself whatsoever.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:52:31
Okay. Now, I’m, you know, activating your Arcana yet, it will still be able to…

BIANCA: Chi 1:52:39
Yeah, to do a read costs are raised during an action sequence. I don’t I didn’t say that I read either of these two when I met them. So, I guess it would cost me a raise now.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:52:51
Now, I will say that like the Arcana that works with like, the PCs mechanically and other and other NOC’s it’s only necessary. You only really see it with people of note. So, it’s a mechanic of like, you know, you only see it in heroes and villains. So, you won’t be able to (BIANCA:Right.) see it from the two guys. But you will have I will say you can see it from the Maréchal.

BIANCA: Chi 1:53:13
Okay, (DES: *overlapping* Because he’s important enough…) because she doesn’t know that until she does it.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:53:17
Exactly. So, we’re gonna we’re gonna find that out. Okay, so, everybody, let’s roll your raises and your roaches(???) actually. So, think about what you want to do and and how you want to do that.

LUC: Zach 1:53:28
Okay, so I’m going to do Convince using Resolve. Would I get any penalties or bonuses?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:53:41
Are you using anything that would that would give you bonuses? Like, like, if you have an Arcana that you want to use? That might give you an extra bonus for like what you’re trying to do? You could do that? (LUC: I don’t…)

BIANCA: Chi 1:53:54
How do you know, if you get a bonus for your Arcana?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:53:58
It will usually say in the description of what you’ve got. So, let’s see. I have a listing. Uh, Luc, I would say right now you don’t have anything that would be useful to you to give you an extra bonus. (LUC: Yeah. But also, no penalties?) No penalties at the moment. Correct.

LUC: Zach 1:54:24
So it’s two raises with a hanging three and a hanging one.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:54:33
Two raises. Okay. How about Bianca?

BIANCA: Chi 1:54:41
I’m trying to figure out if, if I get anything, would I have gotten stuff if I had put more points into it?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:54:52
Sometimes. Like there’s like, there are some skills that like you know, once you are traited far into it, then they start exploding. So, like your 10s become worth more things like that.

BIANCA: Chi 1:55:03
I don’t think that I have that. (DES: Okay.) Okay, so I guess I just I’m just going to use Read, which is I’m ranked three. I don’t know if that matters.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:55:24
No, it’s above three…

LUC: Zach 1:55:27
Wait…So if you have a skill at rank three, you can reroll a single die when you take that risk using that skill.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:55:35
Oooh! There you go!

LUC: Zach 1:55:40
Oh! (BIANCA:Wow, Des.) So those are the soldiers?

BIANCA: Chi 1:55:43
That was Des, yeah, um, okay, so I guess I’m going to use…

LUC: Zach 1:55:50
So, I could reroll my one since I have a three in Convince? (DES: Yes.) Is that right? (DES: Yes.) Okay, okay. How do I roll just one?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:56:02
Oh, just one D10? You should be able to use it on the left hand side which is like the the dice marker or just roll one? Yeah.

LUC: Zach 1:56:13
Okay. Oh, does that change anything? Okay, so now I have three raises.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:56:17
Okay, so I’m gonna mark you down as three raises. Okay, Gawain, How about you?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:56:23
I guess I’m going to use my sword to cut the bonds and subdue these two guards so they don’t chase after the boys.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:56:31
Right but how many raises but…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:56:32
Oh, I have not rolled yet. (DES: Okay.) I shall roll them now this is going to be with Quick Reflexes Weaponry and this is going to be yeah Finesse Weaponry Quick Reflexes that’s going to be a five for Finesse…Weaponry…I have three ranks and it’s going to be four because the thing so it’s going to be nine D10. Alrighty, one second I just hit the wrong button. Alright, so I

BIANCA: Chi 1:57:08
So, while he is figuring it out, Um, can I I don’t know what I should roll. I’m at a loss. So, I’m trying to do sorcery but there’s not like a sorcery skill?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:57:18
Okay, well, I would say (BIANCA:Is there?) No, there isn’t. Like, what you will learn from your sorcery is just information. So you know, I’ll tell you like, okay, you know, I’ll tell you about like what someone’s Arcana is. Ok, then now that that’s given because you’re activating your Arcana. Now I want you to think about okay with that information, what am I going to do with it?

BIANCA: Chi 1:57:46
Okay, well I mean, I’ll probably do do some activating of the

(Overlapping) GAWAIN: Mason & GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:57:55
So what… Oh, I’m sorry…

GAWAIN: Mason 1:57:58
What is the rule for my Finesse if I roll why can do something with fifteen’s with this with this stat?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:58:04
Oh, your…ten…I think…it’s your…Isn’t it your tens that become fifteens?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:58:08
Or my fifteens count as raises or something like that. I’m trying to find it really quickly in the PDF and it’s not working out for me.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:58:13
Give me one second, Chi. I’ll tell you his Arcana, you may…I just lost my page.

LUC: Zach 1:58:21
At four ranks, you gain the ability to earn two raises per set by creating sets of 15 rather than one raise per set of 10.

GAWAIN: Mason 1:58:28
Okay, so…so that’s two…three…that makes it four raises then.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:58:48
Okay. Bianca, the Arcana of the Maréchal is his Virtue is the Magician. Which means he’s willful and his Hubris is the Beggar which means he’s envious.

BIANCA: Chi 1:59:05
Sorry, beggar. envious. (DES: Yes.) And what was the first one?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:59:08
His his Virtue is Willful the Magician.
Unknown Speaker 1:59:16
Okay. And then also just FYI, I see that the two boys don’t have and then I also see both the the for these for Luc I mean and Zach as well. And I’m astonished at frickin Luc’s moonless night. What the hell?

GAWAIN: Mason 1:59:42
Mine are the Hanged Man and the Road?

BIANCA: Chi 1:59:45
Yeah, well, that one doesn’t surprise me as much.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 1:59:50
Okay, so now that you have this information, now we can talk about like, what is your approach? What are you going to do with this information?

BIANCA: Chi 1:59:56
Yeah, I’m trying to figure out what to do with it. What’s the benefit of your Virtue, Luc?

LUC: Zach 2:00:10
Um. my Virtue, I can activate my Virtue when I act behind the scenes from the shadows or through a proxy for the next risk when you determine raises every die counts as the raise.

BIANCA: Chi 2:00:25
And then I guess Maréchal already activated his or not Maréchal Gawain already activated his.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:00:32
Yes, it’s already been activated.

BIANCA: Chi 2:00:40
Wow, this is complicated. Try to figure out what…what does Marsh the Maréchal’s Hubris do to him?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:00:51
His Hubris, of course, like let me switch back to the thing that I was looking for. He…if you activated it on him, then he’s going to find something that he wants. And even though it’s not in his best interest, he will go for it in this moment.

BIANCA: Chi 2:01:15
Okay, I’m going to spend a hero point. (DES: Okay.) and activate that to try to hopefully he’ll go for a Luc’s suggestion. Because it’s might not be the best for him. But Right, right?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:01:33
Right. Yeah. I mean,

LUC: Zach 2:01:34
(stutters) we can like work together.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:01:36
You can…(stutters) (BIANCA:Well, you don’t know what I’m…)

LUC: Zach 2:01:39
I know but like I could,

BIANCA: Chi 2:01:41
What I hear him going over, like heading that direction. And I just read his Arcana and so I know that he kind of does things behind the scenes. And so, I can kind of I will say that I kind of figured out what he’s going to do. And so, I will activate the Maréchal’s Hubris in an effort to kind of de-escalate the situation. (DES: Okay.) rather than letting the Maréchal do his willful thing.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:02:12
Right. Okay. So, you want to activate his Arcana, so you spend your hero point, and he will be more susceptible to things that he wants.

BIANCA: Chi 2:02:21
Yeah, I’ll activate his Hubris. Got it.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:02:23
Okay. Is there anything else? (unintelligible) lash? He will take a Lash. Okay, got it. Perfect. Okay.

BIANCA: Chi 2:02:35
That’s it for for now. Okay. So, what do I need to roll what what what do I do?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:02:39
You’re doing the Lash of it, I would say will count that as your full action in this round. You know, no need to roll anything.

BIANCA: Chi 2:02:46
Okay, I just take full action on it. Okay, and the two of you walked away. So, you don’t see the effect. You don’t know what I’m doing. I assume. (DES: No.) (LUC: Okay.)

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:02:57
All right. So, Luc…Gawain, you both have three raises, unfortunately, (unintelligible) (LUC: Gawain has four raises.) Oh! You have four raises! Gawain has four raises! guess what, I still have more raises than you. And so that means I get to go first. But don’t worry. It’s like, you know, the, so the soldiers are now trying to busy themselves with the crowd. Thankfully, this turn, there, everybody’s being there just kind of being harried from all corners by by these farmers. And these crewman, and just like these regular people are now emboldened by this complete stranger, who was just like, try to stand up for the kids. That’s good…(GAWAIN: Do it for the kids!) Doing it for the Kids!!! Um, unfortunately, it’s also kind of like, furthering this, this tension that in this square. So, you start to see people kind of like, you know, get punched or get pushed, people falling, people screaming. So, unfortunately, Luc, you you’re like, I need to de-escalate the situation. But everybody’s moving faster than you. So, you know, it’s just the situation was here well, started here was here now is like somewhere about here. I fortunately for you. Gawain, you get to go. You wanted to rescue the children like actually free them. So, we’ll use one of your raises tell us you know, describe how you cut them free.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:04:33
The hands stop shaking. As soon as it hits the hilt of the sword. There’s kind of this I pull it out I flourish it. I cut their bonds really quick, at the end of that force, where I cut their bonds, I kind of just point the sword at the throat of the one that’s on the ground, and then turn to the one who is like, armed and up on his feet. And then I’d like to basically, like between the two of them, I’d like to subdue these two, or at least show them that they’re not going to beat me in a sword fight. So that these kids can run way.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:05:01
Okay. Your action? Okay, so your action is immediately absorbed by like, freeing the kids

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:05:09
Yeah, so I’m freeing the kids. Yes. And point the sword over there.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:05:12
Right now it’s three. I will say like if you want to intimidate them enough to kind of actually take you seriously because like, that is like, essentially, an action to do more…

GAWAIN: Mason 2:05:22
To just free the kids. Okay.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:05:24
Yeah, to do more you can do it, but it will start requiring more raises.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:05:28
Okay, so I spent one round one action to just free him. (DES: Yes.) And another and then I’ll just spend a second raise to to do the flourish and kinda like intimidate them and try and give these kids an opening.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:05:39
Okay, cool. So you know, you’ve got the one on the floor, the one there, and you’ve done enough room so the kids can like, oh, free themselves, you know, take realize what is happening and rush, run off.

GAWAIN: Mason 2:05:51
You mean like in overdrive: GO RUN!

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:05:52
Yeah. So that gets you down to two raises. But that means, Luc with your three you get to go.

LUC: Zach 2:06:01
So, I would like to spend my raise. Getting Hold on do I have to spend a raise to get to the Maréchal that’s so hectic and crowded?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:06:12
Yes, yes. And honestly, I would say you’re gonna have to spend a raise to get to the Maréchal, and then spend another raise to if you want to not get any injuries, because now this is like people are just fighting in the streets now. I would say like, Yeah, well, yeah, we’re gonna have to take a raise just to not get hurt.

LUC: Zach 2:06:37
Here’s another idea. (DES: Yes?) Can I use a raise to throw a fist full of gold? (DES: Okay…) like, as a distraction over there.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:06:51

GAWAIN: Mason 2:06:52
Lessons we learned from Assassin’s Creed.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:06:56
Um, yes, you can. Okay, so, let’s go with whatever you’re sending your raises. All you’re raising, you’re spending your raise to get to the Maréchal.

LUC: Zach 2:07:05
Okay, I want to…Okay, I would throwing gold. do anything for me?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:07:10
Yes. I mean, if you want to distract…

LUC: Zach 2:07:13
Would it distract them like enough for me to like, get to the Maréchal faster?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:07:15
Yes, I will allow that. So you throw your gold. And immediately people who the the pressure to push against the soldiers is abating that people are just like, “Wait a minute, that’s money.” Even the soldiers are like, “Wait a minute, that is money.” Um, so there’s a whole section that is immediately distracted enough that like, you can slip through easier than you anticipated.

LUC: Zach 2:07:42
Okay, should I mark down (unintelligible)?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:07:45
Yes. (LUC: Okay.) You just threw a bag full of gold into a riotous crowd? That’s gonna be a whole other thing.

LUC: Zach 2:07:54
Okay, so now I can approach the Maréchal?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:07:57
Yes. So. Approaching the Maréchal in general still a raise itself.

LUC: Zach 2:08:02
So I still have another one. (DES: Yes.) I have one left to convince him or try to convince him?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:08:05
Correct. (LUC: Okay.) You wanna do it? (LUC: All right now?) Absolutely. Do it all right now.

LUC: Zach 2:08:12
All or nothing. (DES: Yeah!) So, I’m gonna make it up to the Maréchal. And I’m going to try and convince him to rally the guards to go away. But not not rally them, but leash them in.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:08:27
Yeah. What do you think is a good way? Like will like he obviously, is looking at this situation? What do you think is going to be a good way to kind of suggest they reign it back in? Because he’s not currently?

LUC: Zach 2:08:38
Right? There is a resource strain going on in Altamira. Right?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:08:41

LUC: Zach 2:08:42
I’m going to try and spin it that since there’s a strain on resources, avoiding this riot and showing some mercy, this this one time, I’ll say that it will help. It’ll avoid overspending more resources to like, whipped them down back into shape, you know?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:09:04
Yeah, I will say like, normally he would dismiss you because this is a Maréchal matter. And you’re a noble, but Bianca has activated this. So he kind of fights again, so he merely just like, it’s just like, you know, he’s got a point, you know, and yet, if you kind of get a sense of like, you’ve got a point, he says it begrudgingly as if he like, he doesn’t want to admit it, just because you are a noble, there’s something against nobles, but you can’t quite suss that out in this exact moment. But thanks to Bianca he’s at least listening to you. So, he turns around, it will turn to the (????) like he calls his bed to like you know, to to stand their ground but also to conduct themselves as men and that’s that’s like so so like they’re just kind of standing there and taking it instead of visibly pushing back against everybody else. You know, they’re they they they have to maintain this this guard but they don’t have to push back against the people. Okay.

LUC: Zach 2:10:06
Okay, that’s all I can do.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:10:11
Yeah, that’s all you can do! Gawain? You have anything left?

GAWAIN: Mason 2:10:12
I’m you guys those kids are…I got two left.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:10:16
Yes. You have two left.
Unknown Speaker 2:10:22
Hmm. I kinda…if the kids are escaping I kind of want to escape too now that I’ve gone vigilante accidentally. Um, can I scramble up to a rooftop

LUC: Zach 2:10:41
Go full Batman.


GAWAIN: Mason 2:10:46
I’m trying to figure out like what to do!


Arrest that that red haired 

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:10:52
Yeah, cuz he’s gonna! You’re definitely going to…you spend your raise to kind of like leave this immediate scene… (GAWAIN: The situation, yeah.) Yeah. But if you want to, like something the thing, like just just pull a grappling hook out of your bag? I bet just…

GAWAIN: Mason 2:11:09
No, no. See, you know, he threw gold and I’m like, maybe, if I hold x and rented a wall, I could just fly into it…um…But no…yeah, I think I need to start slipping. I think I need to get lost in the crowd is what I need to do. Now. I need to pull up the hood and get lost in the crowd.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:11:26
Okay, um,

GAWAIN: Mason 2:11:28
I don’t really want to like these two guards. But if I have to, I will.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:11:33
Okay. So you know, you’ll spend your two raises to leave the exact scene and um, manage to shake off anybody who’s looking for you. (GAWAIN: Yeah.) Okay, that’d absolutely…

GAWAIN: Mason 2:11:42
You just want to shake shake, shake etc.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:11:45
All right. I’m

GAWAIN: Mason 2:11:47
Here to only say “shite.” 

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:11:50
So we finish this round right now. The people are still agitated, like, their blood is up there screaming the kids are in the kids are safe. But now the the Montaigne guard are just like standing there trying to calm down everybody to standing with their bayonets. But uh, everybody else still wants blood. Does anybody want to do anything?

LUC: Zach 2:12:18
I can’t.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:12:21
No, no, no! This is…this is a new round. (overlapping/unintelligible) This is a new, new approach.

LUC: Zach 2:12:29
SO the guards are situated?

Can I? Okay, but that would…okay. So did you say the mothers were like screaming for their children?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:12:52
They were now they (overlapping/unintelligible) riot has calmed down and now it’s just people like, who had who were fighting are now just still fighting.

LUC: Zach 2:13:01
They’re still fighting. Okay. (DES: Yes.) See, I want to do things but I don’t I can’t blow my cover.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:13:13
Okay. Well, I say that, at this moment. You know, the Maréchal is still trying to kind of like, get his composure. He’s done what you’ve asked. He’s told the men to kind of stand out. And then as he’s about to he’s, he, you know, he’s, he’s, he’s saying like, no, we’re showing the town. The Emperor is showing the town mercy. But we will not stand for this kind of treason once more. And people are screaming, they’re like, you know, once again, they’re like, the Emperor is not here. The Emperor doesn’t and some people think that he doesn’t belong here. You know, just this, this general outcry. And who is really good at, I would say Bianca, since you are you just noticing and looking around the crowd?

BIANCA: Chi 2:14:02
Yeah, because I was I was I was fate. I was reading the streets of fate. That’s how it was going. So.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:14:07
Yeah. Okay. You notice. Can you describe for me when you look at the world and see the threads? How does it look to Bianca?

BIANCA: Chi 2:14:20
so when Bianca use, she has to use read and she she takes damage doing it, like she gets like, bloodied up like a bloody eye. She sees the Arcana as kind of like, they’re, they’re like, they’re like Halo figures kind of (DES: Okay.) And they’re usually like a, kind of a phantom picture of the of the Arcana of the embodiment of that, of that trait, um, and, you know, kind of like, kind of like, in pictures of paintings when there’s a saint behind someone (overlapping with Des) and they’re like doing your daily do something you have, it’s kind of like, there’s usually a like shape in a dark shape, depending on the Hubris and the Virtue. So those and those appear around people that have them. So, they tend the movers and the shakers usually. And then usually there’s a series of like, they’re, they’re metallic threads, and they range from like, tin, to like, like a reddish copper, different different colors of metallic covers, stringing people and going also in locations too, if they’re more likely to go in those locations, like there will be a more of their, their, their threads going in certain direction or connecting them to a certain person say like, if they’re about to, if there are eventually going to be married, they’ll be a whole bunch of multicolored threads between those two people. So it’s it’s like a Yeah, it’s it’s she doesn’t very you know, like if you made a face it or something she probably wouldn’t even notice because there’s just so much colored junk in between her and everybody else.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:16:07
So you’re, you know, as you’re looking, you’re kind of like you’re stuck on finishing reading the Maréchal making sure that your work was done. And out of the corner of your eye you see a figure approach with a golden halo around them. (BIANCA:Okay. Uh oh!) Um, wearing a dark dark clothes dark cloak black cloak over what looks to be with some dark embroidery, some embellishments within our stream within black and purple. And as this figure approaches…

BIANCA: Chi 2:16:45
Are they approaching me? Are they approaching the Maréchal or where are they going?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:16:50
If you’re about here, you see like the Maréchal’s like right about here they’re kind of on the other side over here.

LUC: Zach 2:16:56
Okay, behind the Maréchal?

BIANCA: Chi 2:16:58
Yes, the Maréchal is between me in it.

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:17:00
And he…the Maréchal is trying to calm down the people raising his hands tried to get order and…

LUC: Zach 2:17:10
Now, since I’m near the Maréchal right next to the Maréchal and I’ve a three and notice what I also see this man approaching just without the Halo and things?

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:17:18
Yes, you will you see a figure in black approach. And when you with your your your abilities to check things or you notice things you look and you will you see very quickly is what looks to be a white mask. Does that feature your like just like a plain white mask. And right as that as you notice them they move their arm and a dagger shoots out. And the Maréchal is wearing like this ornate Montaigne military hat. It flies off his head and it impales in a tree near nearby with this dagger through it. So..um…and this figure with its mask, and its dark clothing says, “The people will not stand for Montaigniens boots on their neck any longer.” And then the people the people around there who have who are fighting all start to cheer. You know, and you hear whispers especially you, Bianca and you Gawain, because you were kind of in the middle of like a towards the people. And you hear people say, “It’s…it’s him. It’s El Vagabundo.” (gasping and whispering) And you see, the Maréchal’s…

GAWAIN: Mason 2:18:40
Looking like the locals are like, “This seems to be a good thing.”

GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:18:43

The Maréchal’s sneer, I’d say it kind of like look over at it and tell you, Luc you hear it because you’re right there. But you hear him to the guards were holding us like, “Forget the peasants. Kill him.”

And that’s where we’re gonna end at for today.

(Collective) 2:19:03


GAME MASTER: Desiree 2:19:05
Yes. So, thanks for joining us, everybody. I’m sorry that we had so many technical problems in the beginning, but hopefully it’s fixed itself. It will fix itself. We’ll figure this out. They’ll be good one day. We’ll see you in two weeks on a Sunday starting at 12.

(Everyone) 2:19:22
All right. Thank you for joining. Thanks so much. Goodbye.